DB unable to change the document date when creating Purchase order

Dear Expert,

Do you know how to disable the document date field so that we cannot change or overwrite the date when we creating new purchase order.

the date is current date automatically filled in by the system

btw guys, i have tried to use new transaction variant (SHD0) but i could not save it due to blocking by LDVK900258, and i checked that transport number LDVK900258 is affected some of the screen variant (ex: ZME21N_0014, ZME21N_0016, ZME21N_0030)

is this mean that the LDVK900258 is affecting those screens so that i cant use that screens to create new transaction variant?



DB Convert Folder to Branch via command-line?


Both VS and Eclipse plugin have a GUI option for converting source control folders into branches. Unfortunately, something like:
tf branch $/Project/Folder $/Project/Folder /checkin
cannot be used to convert project folder to a branch.

I've tried all options available for tf branch and was unable to achieve this functionality via the command-line client. I need this to automate project branching structure creation as repeating branch creation manually for more than five dozen projects
is not quite optimal.

Has anyone been able to replicate the Convert Folder to Branch GUI feature using the command-line client?

Thanks in advance for your help!

DB trouble updating iphoto 9.3.1

i m trying updating iphoto 9.3.1, but it tells i couldn't complete because of not enough disk space. i actually still have 1.55gb available. are there any explains and solutions for this problem. i do appreciate 4 your helps

DB how to insert xmltype instance into another xmltype instance?

Dear experts!

I have got two xmltype instances:

xmltype address
xmltype person

address contains:

person contains:

Now I want to merge these two instances - the address instance should be inserted after the "name" element of the person instance!

Do I need the dbms_xmldom package or is there a more simple way???


DB Seagate hard drive update

Had the Seagate hard drive update performed on the 21.5" iMac. Reinstalled data from external hard drive. Followed prompts and logged in to airport wireless network. Completed registration information page. Will not allow to continue. (continue icon stays grey)


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DB Building custom reports

Dear aall,
In our on premise version of CRM we have build different custom report based on our requirement. We actually moving to On line verision.
Any good linke tutorial on how to build and upload custom report in CRM online 2013 ?

DB downgrade windowsphone 8.1

youIf I upgrade a Lumia 925 to windowsphone 8.1 can I downgrade 8.0. Thank you

DB My Cell Phone phone number removed was stolen one month ago need help can i still retrieve my pictures,documents etc. wo having access to it

Hello, i am new to this site excuse me if i am not doing this according to procedure TY. I had my Cell Phone stolen about one month ago the new att LG smartphone can i still retrieve my information picture's,document's,Location if i dn't know who where?
I would really appreciate it if anyone out their could offer some assistance on this issue :)

DB Us Airways Mastercard Platinum phase out.

All kinds of phase outs going on, this one has an interesting twist, and has probably already been talked about..... but...

Every year on the aniversary of the my usairways master card, I always call in and see if I can get it bumped up to a world card.

Did so yesterday, and was told no. I would have to re apply., the platinum card no longer exists, and those account numbers were retired.

I did some looking around on the internet, and there seems to be some conflicting information on the status of Barclay after the merger.

Barclay says they will continue to issue American Airline cards up to a point, and in fact a concerted effort is going on right now to get as many new card holders as possible before a certain date. (This was stated in a Barclay PR release)

At that point they can keep what they have, but CITI takes over from there out.

Now CITI is saying there taking the whole thing, so I guess this still has a way to go before it shakes out.

But I did decide to roll the dice as I have not apped in a while and applied for the Barclay's version of the world card, Approved for 10K on the spot . And a new world MC.

The interesting part was at the end the guy says, oh and by the way, just go ahead and keep your old card too were not cancelling them just not issuing any more. LOL.

Anyways I hope this does not get moved to the approval forum, as I posted it not for the approval, but for the other information, and curious as to what you guys think about how this will end.

Personally, I think in the end Barclay caves and gives it to CITI.... jut my 2 cents.

Scores: EQ (FICO) - 730 | EX (FICO) - 722 | TU (FICO) - 713 - 06/25/2014

US Airways MC (5 K) | US Airways World MC (10 K) | Chase United Airlines Sig VISA (5K) | BOA Rewards Sig Visa (10K) Citi Dividend Plat MC (5.6K) | Discover Miles (6.6K) | AMEX BCE (7 K) | AMEX Plat Delta (11 K) | BOA PLAT (7.5K)

DB How to display thru I/O queried data in a front panel ?

I am pretty new ( needless to say :-) I guess ) to LabView 7.After some practice I can write/read and query my various GPIB instruments thru the I/O Assistant.vi.I can query the data ( e.g. center frequency and span in MHz of the spectrum analyzer, signal amplitude in --Db with respect to the reference level etcetera ) in the I/O Assistant's popping up token screens.Now I want to have these A/N data display in the front panel automatically after executing the I/O.vi.No specialized front panel indicator ( e.g. metering with pointers ) is needed in this stage, just a simple alpha numeric text screen .I guess I have to use for that a front panel indicator terminal of the " string " type but I fail to manage that.Actually, I haven't made any front panel at all as yet.I guessed a A/N string text front panel indicator would be easiest but obviously I need help even for this.I have most of the relevant LabView documentation here and I did study a lot but the wealth on information still confuses me.Please give me some hints how to make a start.Thanks !

DB iPhone 4S can't rotate

I have had that iPhone for 4 months, but for 2 times during this period I have had a problem with rotation. It can't rotate on any app, I tried to reset all settings and to switch it off also I tried to restart it but nothing worked. At the first time I knocked on its back and it worked but this time it's not working. What can I do?Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DB PA30 - How to restict users from deleting data

We have a bespoke master data ( P_ORGIN) Infotype that records information. Obvviously the data here needs to be 'kept' and and changes will be logged by the overview facility so the 'history ' is not lost.

The end user has access to PA30 just to this besopke infotype but can delete data, how do we stop the deletion of data.

The end user has been told to use the 'copy and create ' method for changes so that the history is kept but could delete the data bu using the 'dustbin' delete icon.

P_ORGIN has ben set as * so that when changes to the data are made there is an automatic delimit end date set on the previous data, If P_ORGIN is set as E,M,R,S, then the delete action is stopped but the delimit date is not put on to any changes.

We don't use 'locking and unlocking of rercords for HR we operate update as * which measn includes all other auth levels simultaneously

IS the delete icon just part of PA30, ot can this be 'hidden ,removed for certain users ?

DB Cearting an Applet to read files on a client file system

I want to develop a sound processing applet for people to load and run in a browser. How can I develop such an applet that will be able to read sound files on the client machine?

DB BB desktop software 5.0

I'm trying to install my software on the PC but it keeps saying the installation files cannot be validated. Please verify the installer package and try again. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please help me rectify this?

DB Error: Invalid response code received from server


some users if tried to send an email to one domain (testdomain.com) through webmail
they got this error

There was an error sending your message: unable to add recipient [test@testdomain.com]: Invalid response code received from server

please help

DB Z22 died

My palm Z22 just died on me. I only use it for geocaching. Is it worth my trouble to contact palm to fix it? I'd call and ask but it looks like they want to charge me $20+ just to speak to someone.

Just to let you know what happened, I was geocaching and had set my palm aside while replacing a recently found cache. When I went to log it on my palm, it had died. It had been recently charged and I''ve tried to charging it since then too. No luck.

Post relates to: Palm Z22

DB Hotmail doesn't load mails on iPad

Hello! My iPad (3rd gen) doesn't load any mail from Hotmail. Hotmail server went down yesterday, but its back to normal now. I can still see mails that were loaded onto my iPad, but I am unable to load new mails. Every time I scroll up, the circle just show up and then disappear right away and says that it's already updated. However, the mail does load on Safari and on my iPhone, works normally. I delete my mail account and reinstall onto my iPad. However the mail just push up a notification saying "cannot connect to server". Any helps will be very appreciated.

DB Flashboard service is not starting on our Environment(QA)

Hi Everyone,

We are on Windows Environment with ARS,ITSM 8.1.

Flash-board service is not starting since few days,apart from that things with the server and functionality is normal.

As per the blogs and KB's on communities and ARS blogs we have checked all the test cases mentioned.

Screen capture of the error attached for reference.

Appreciate response at your earliest availability.

Regards;--Abdul Moid

DB I can not open you tube

I can not open You tube and some video files for the reason given Safari can not open this page since it can not find the server. Have tried resetting Safari, downloading the most current software, reported a bug, fixed cookies etc all that show up on troubleshooting. I am very comptuer illiterate and have no idea what to try next... any suggestions??

DB How do I convert Entourage for Mac data to Outlook for Windows

I need to shift contact, mail and calander info from my mac back to outlook.
I run fusion on the mac so have access to both PC and Mac.

DB Disappearing Navigation Pane

Vista Home Premium SP1 on a Dell XPS 430

My navigation pane has just vanished from all my folders. The folder options does not have any control the removes /restores the navigation pane. Where is this control located?

DB Problem Installing Office 7

I'm unable to install Office 7 in Windows 7 Build 7000. After I enter the product key and choose which options I like the install commences but then is unable to find specific files (usually but not always) setup.xml although it's definitely there. I have tried copying the files from the disc and installing from hard disc but get the same result. I have tried downloading a different edition but still the same. I have tried re-installing Windows 7 and get the same result on a virgin install. What is wrong?

DB transfering to new device

My phone quit working but my friend had one she let me use. It's a verizion phone that she recently upgraded from. I activated it and it shows on my account that it's active however it won't work. It says "searching for service" like it's out of service range and it's not. Any suggestions? I'm trying this as I've been on "hold" with verizon for over an hour already....

DB Reading PDOs from buffer with multiple NODEs?

I am running 5 nodes, and have each node simultaneously move a motor. When all motors complete, my CAN receive buffer should have 5 PDOs each indicating a move completion. When I read a PDO, it is removed from the CAN buffer, correct?

Now, If Node 1 is set up to begin reading PDOs (waiting for the right PDO), will it read all PDOs or only the ones with the correct COB-ID? I would like to be certain that anytime a PDO is read with the CANOpen Library, it does not read(and remove from the buffer) PDOs meant for other nodes. I assume since I create a PDO object specifing a Node ID, that this PDO-Read will only pull PDOs with matching NODE ID from the central can receive buffer.

DB Thread: migration from Exchange 2003


Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but if not

I\'m sure someone will point me in the right direction.

We are seriously looking at migrating from Exchange 2003 to Groupwise

and I was wondering if anyone has a justification for migration they

wouldn\'t mind sharing with me.

Our most important issue is cost, both initial cost and ongoing

maintenance. In addition tot he standard features of both systems we

also need instant messaging where the messages are held on our server

so that we can backup/restore etc....


Blinky Bill

e- mbrown at evanspeck dot com

DB Question About Getting First Credit Card

Hey everybody, I signed up on here because it seems to be a great resource for information on how to keep building my credit score. First, I wanted to ask a question for my friend who is trying to get his first credit card. I suggested he apply for the Citi Forward Card because it is for students (which he is) and it has been a good card for me. They responded to his application within a day or two, and denied him because he does not have previous credit history. What should he do from here? I first had an mtvU citi card before getting the Forward card, so should he try to get the mtvU card as his first one? Are there any other cards that will accept a student who has income, but does not have credit history? Thanks so much for any help that you all can provide and I look forward to becoming a frequent participant in this community.

DB create an installer for SAP B1 add-on project

Hello every body

i want to create an installer for my SAP B1 addon project .. I tried to follow all steps explained in the video by Bryan Gomez but no success ,every thing works just fine until I start the installation process It comes a message error telling me "cannot create an existing file "

i even tried to create an empty SAP B1 addon project in the both cases c# and VB .. but i still get the same error

PS : the installer for hello world provided by the SDK samples works fine

Did any body encounter this problem..??

please help ..I'm out of ideas

thanks in advance and best regards,


DB Xorg Problems with Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset

Hello,I have an eMachines E525, with an Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller. It was performing slowly under Windows 7, so I decided to install Arch instead. My first problem on installing Arch was that I would constantly get a black screen on boot. I worked around that by adding i915.modeset=0 in GRUB. I followed the beginners guide exactly, installing the xf86-video-intel-sna drivers. However, then when I tried to start X, I was getting errors about there being no screens. I saw a forum post suggesting to install the xf86-video-fbdev and xf86-video-vesa as well, which caused X to work. I then followed this in an attempt to permanently fix the black-screen-on-boot issue (it didnt). I then finished the beginners guide, installing Xfce and SLiM. However, when I started Xfce, I could only display in 1024x768, not my native resolution (1366x768). Ive been browsing the forums and Google, with no success, and Im getting rather fed up of everything not working. If anybody could give me some help regarding the constant black screen and resolution problems I would really appreciate it.


DB converso de arquivos-SlideConverterPDF.dot

Olá eu tive uma infestação de virus no pc, e quando consegui resolver o problema, fazendo uma verificação geral, ao tentar abrir os docx Word 2007, sempre abre uma janela que me informa que eu devo
escolher a codificação que faz com que meu documento fique legivel(codificação de texto) e eu já tentei todas as opções dando ok e os docs abrem mas antes do problema isso não acontecia (esta janela
pedindo para escolher a codificação correta). Ai eu tentei reparar a instalação do office com cd, e ai me pedem para localizar o arquivo que esta o
Shellui.mst mas quando eu indico e vem uma informação que é local invalido. Na duvida copiei o Office 2007 para o disco c: e tentei mas dá no mesmo

DB recall email

any way to recall an unread email?

DB aircontrol scan problem

dear friends,i want to change scan port.when i scan new devices , i couldnt reach my devices because i m not using default 80 and 22 port. i want to change aircontrol scan port. how can i do? thank you...

DB Sign in Issue

When we want to sign in to the msdn forums with a live or hotmail ID, an asp.net error shown.
It willoccurwhen you sign in to your email too by the same browser.
So we must sign out from our hotmail.
Otherwise you can't post a comment or edit your profile!
I test it with my to live and hotmail IDs and IE, FireFox, Chrome browsers.

DB Combining Record Rejection Criteria

Hi everyone,I need to reject records with negative balances for all my accounts except one from being loaded into Essbase. I've set up rejection criteria on balance field (balance 0) and account field (account != "123456") but the criteria are getting OR'd instead of AND'd therefore rejecting everything except positive balances for account "123456"Is there a way to make this work the way I need?Thanks in advance for your help,Igorigor.heifetz@gs.com

DB Problems loading data with sql loader (shp2sdo)

Hi Guys,

This is my first attemp at getting data into Oracle 9i Spatial. I converted a shapefile to sql loader files, created the tables etc with the resultant sql and then loaded the data using sql loader. The problem is that 50% of the features seem to have vertexes that have been droped. I then went back and tried the load with just 2 features, this also prodused the same result. Below is the data file for sqlldr and a resultant query on the data:

0.000000000| |0.000000000|4900313|

SQL select * from parcel;

---------- -------- ---------- -------
6430060 238873 2 4900314
405.281, 5548217.05, 605413.782, 5548266.68, 605433.086, 5548263.15))

0 0 4900313
444.886, 5548209.84, 605424.378, 5548213.38, 605433.086, 5548263.15))

4 points are input in the sqlldr file however only 3 points are loaded.

Any help would be appreciated.


Stuart Fletcher