DB How do I send a page to my desktop like I did with IE

In IE I could go to File Send Desktop. A link to the page was sent to my desktop. This was very useful for a web-page I wanted to visit often or for use in the near future. I didn't have to remember where in my favorites or history the page was saved.

All I can see on the Firefox File menu is send link using email. Can't quite figure out how to send an email to my Desktop.

DB 8GB Nano Discharges unexpectedly

Ive got a 8GB nano which will discharge itself in a matter of a couple hours while on hold.

Im not too fussy so I dump it in the side pocket of my trousers with the head phones and a couple of times now i have gone to use it thinking it was fully charged only to find it dead flat (as in needs a wall charger to get it going again).

The only common element is that ive been sitting down with the nano in the pocket and im wondering if theres been pressure on the case which is somehow creating a short in the power circuit. The pocket is a loose one (cargo pants) and unless a earbud was pressing on the case somewhere there shouldnt have been any undue bending or pressure on the case.

Im dead sure its been on hold and its been attached to the computer all day so its fully charged.

8GB Nano Mac OS X (10.4.8)

DB CME 7.0 with Polycom SoundPoint IP 601

I have a CME and a few Polycom SoundPoint 601's that we need to get up and running on the system. The model of the polycom is a SoundPoint IP 601 SIP.

I've searched the forums and have been steared in the right direction, but every config I've tried doesn't work in my case. I've attached the config.

There's really nothing too special going on with the config at this point, I'm hoping there's something little I'm missing in the config or even something on the Polycom I need to configure.

*** I forgot to mention the Polycom gets an ip address from my dhcp pool, but during it's boot says "Could not contact boot server, using existing configuration", the phone procedes to 'loading application' and then to processing configuration, but just goes blank after a few minutes. The only thing I can do from here is unplug it to reset it.

Thanks in advance,


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DB Top 10 Skype failures that YOU want to have resolved

Hi all,

I'm a big Skype fan. Even a big Win 8 fan. But when I read this forum, I see that a lot of people have a lot of the same issues..

Now this forum has been created to resolve these issues. Or at least interact with customers about them. But to my opinion, this can be improved.

I'm going to start a top 10 of Skype issues that people run into, and post it on this forum. Get a dialogue going with you guys of Microsoft to see what can be done. Or what can't and why.

Come to @improveskype on Twitter to give me your grief and let's get crackin'.

DB Connection Loss and Huge Pings! - Maryland

My connection just randomly drops and now my pings are sky rocketing..

Pings are a constant 200 right now


Tracing route to midpointgaming503.sxpress.com
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 6 ms 5 ms 6 ms
2 4 ms 6 ms 5 ms ge-1-21-ur02.owingsmills.md.bad.comcast.net
3 6 ms 5 ms 7 ms te-9-2-ur01.towson.md.bad.comcast.net
4 5 ms 5 ms 6 ms te-9-1-ur02.towson.md.bad.comcast.net
5 6 ms 5 ms 5 ms te-9-2-ur01.parkville.md.bad.comcast.net
6 6 ms 6 ms 7 ms te-9-4-ur01.aberdeen.md.bad.comcast.net
7 6 ms 33 ms 6 ms te-9-3-ur01.churchville.md.bad.comcast.net
8 7 ms 5 ms 5 ms te-9-1-ur02.churchville.md.bad.comcast.net
9 7 ms 8 ms 12 ms te-8-4-ar01.whitemarsh.md.bad.comcast.net
10 9 ms 9 ms 9 ms po10-ar01.capitolhghts.md.bad.comcast.net
11 10 ms 10 ms 9 ms
12 80 ms 78 ms 81 ms pos-0-0-cr01.whitemarsh.md.core.comcast.net
13 198 ms 196 ms 194 ms
14 177 ms 180 ms 180 ms tbr1-p010101.n54ny.ip.att.net
15 203 ms 204 ms 205 ms ggr2-p310.n54ny.ip.att.net
16 223 ms 317 ms 217 ms dcr1-so-3-0-0.newyork.savvis.net
17 202 ms 241 ms 213 ms mar1-pos-5-0.NewYorknyd.savvis.net
18 181 ms 179 ms 179 ms
19 247 ms 222 ms 204 ms midpointgaming503.sxpress.com

Trace complete.

Please fix this. Its not just me, and its not my line. A friend near me has same problem and a friend in Columbia, MD has same problem. Fix this its not even just high ping, you cant' even use the internet for more then 5 minutes at a time.

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DB string manipulation from flat file into database

I'm used to DTS but new to SSIS.  What's a good reference/tutorial that deals with transforming columns of data (from a flat file) from one format to another when uploading into SQL2005?  Typically columns of data have around the values and spaces that I want to remove.
Presumably in SSIS I need the following:
A Data flow task containing:
Flat file source
Derived or Copy Column?
OLE DB Destination
Is this on the right track?

DB On a website I use often, there are buttons such as acancel or Yes and No. The Y and the N are underlined indicating you can use a keyboard shortcuts. But the keyboard shortcuts dont work on anything inside the site, just on Firefox. Please help?

On a website I use often, there are buttons such as a"cancel" or "Yes" and "No". The Y and the N are underlined indicating you can use a keyboard shortcuts. But the keyboard shortcuts don't work on anything inside the site, just on Firefox itself. Please help?

DB Issue with VPNs default gateway and netmask

I have two static Internet addresses that I have setup with Windows Server 2008 R2 so that I can remotely use them through a VPN. I can get connected to that VPN but I cannot go to any websites.
I think the issue is that on my client computer the VPN's default gateway shows up as, and netmask shows up as, both values are incorrect. If I go into the VPN settings on the client and choose not to use the VPN's default gateway
I am able to access websites, but my data doesn't go through the VPN like I want it to.
Can anyone help me out here? I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition on my server.

DB which game shall i choose?

out of 3 games;Soul Calibur IVOverlord Raising HellMonster Madness Grave Dangerplease no recommendations as i don't want anything else atm, i've tried the playable demos of each but still can't make up my mind, and i cannot afford all 3, i wish i could.

DB Please add Sync With Windows Mail Contacts

Since people from Microsoft probably browse this content once in a while...

I'm begging you Microsoft, please add Sync With Windows Mail / Contacts. I've been a loyal customer for ever but I feel a bit dissappointed this time. I went with windows mobile so it would sync seamlessly with my Vista machine. To my dismay, I find that
I have to purchase another app (Outlook) just to sync my contacts, etc. The worst part of this is that I can't even backup my existing phone contacts so if something goes wrong, I'm out of luck.

I know you want us to purchase Outlook, but for most non-business phones, people are not willing to purchase Outlook. I will not purchase it not matter what. I already paid for these features with Vista Ultimate and I actually prefer how "light" windows mail
/ contacts are on my system. I don't need or want Outlook.

Someone should be able to write a 3rd party app to do this sync for us right? I know there is an API for accessing your device using Windows Mobile Device Center (using the same old Active Sync calls). There is very likely an API in Vista for accessing contacts
and mail. Would it be all that difficult to write a sync app?



DB Tecra M4 - Doesn't recognize my printer anymore

I recently started to experience problems recognizing my Canon IP4500 printer.

Reinstalling printer driver worked once, not anymore. When I checked Device Manger I could not see any lpt ports, only a number of "Toshiba BT Ports".

Could this maybe indicate a hardware problem?


DB television stand/32 in

television stand/32 in

DB VMWare Server 2 on Win7 host 64bit


I recently installed VMWare Serve 2.0 on Win7 (RC) 64bit host and the installation went through successfully. I'ven't tried creating any VMs or playing around as yet.

Then when I opened up the documentation I saw that VMWare Server can only run on Windows "Server" OSes. I wasn't aware of that when I installed it on Win7.

So my question is, will it really work on Win7 ? .. can I trust it ? I thought I'd enquire before I put more time into this setup.




DB Le bureau clignotte

Depuis ce matin, mon bureau clignotte !... l'interface d'accueil fonctionne, ainsi que ses applications.
Mais le bureau, quant à lui, semble planter et se relancer toutes les 10 secondes environ. Impossible de l'utiliser...
Comment vérifier ce qui ne va pas ?
Merci !!!

DB Imac wifi connection

Hi i have a new imac which keeps losing wifi connection,i have to turn wifi off on computer then turn it back on for wifi to work,does anyone else have this problem and if so how do i fix it?I amcurrently using aol speedtouch modem if that helps anyone with an answer.

DB Issues with Compressor DVD encode

I've just come from the FCP forum where this has been much debated. Basically I'm having a problem with MPEG 2 encodes from Compressor for SD PAL DVD.

I usually start with DVCProHD 1080i50 but occasionally also use 720p25 and 576i.

The final encode is sometimes fine, very good, no problems. Increasingly, however, since version 3, I am seeing glitches such as pulsating screens and pulsating pixels in a specific part of the screen.

I have done a lot of tests to see if I can pinpoint the culprit to no avail. I have tried:

Change to 2 Pass VBR from VBR Best - seems to solve the problem sometimes but creates other quality problems
Change to CBR
Change the GOP
Use the maximum possible bitrate
Use a lower bitrate
Change formats using Compressor (1080i to 576i, DV50, Pro Res)
Change formats using a Kona Lhe and an AJA IO - going from 1080i to 720p solved a particular problem but not another
Use Frame Controls
Use Compression Markers in FCP
Use FCS 2 and 3
Render in FCP then export to Compressor
Don't Render in FCP then export to Compressor
Export from FCP then drop into Compressor
Apply various filter in FCP such as Guassian Blur and Flicker Filter

Some of these worked with a specific problem but not consistently with every instance.

Other possible causes could be the fact that I am encoding PAL or possibly it's a Quicktime issue.

I'm running FCP 6 and 7 with everything fully up to date. The glitches are consistent no matter which machine I use and I have several.

I might add I'm have no other problems with any other encodes (i.e. H.264) and I can't duplicate the problems in other software such as Bitvice and Squeeze so my source file is okay.

I can also use version 2.3 and get a perfect encode on exactly the same settings so the issue is with version 3 and later.

Any help appreciated.

DB dispatcher is not running


this is sekhar

when i am starting sap dispatcher is not connecting

please suggest me to solve this problem?

DB Refering PR number SO


I am Automating SO module through ecatt, and i got stucked at one point and i couldn't handle that scenario through ecatt.

The scenario is:

1. I created a SO and PR number generated automatically if i create a SO.

2.Now i need this PR number to be refered in PO.

3.I am unable to get this PR number to transfer it to the PO through ecatt.

Kindly help me on this,

Thanks in advance,


DB freeez

i was using my xperia that suddenly it froze and i could not do any thing's

so i tried to turn it off and on in order to solve problem

but when it turned off,i could not turn it on again

what i am supposed to do?

Go to Solution.

DB Memory leak using bundles.

What Unity version?

DB Filing a Bug Report

A general question as to how do I file a bug report in case I know there is bug in JBOSS?If anyone can point to a URL giving me details , it will be of great help.

DB top urgent


While running the programme its gets deup report, while debugging time its shows the error of error_message=4, kindly let me know what is the problem and please tell me the details reg. this.



DB No picture, no sound

I have just re-acticated my TV after being away for awhile, my PVR digital box and signal works just fine, but my regular digital box gives me the guide or the channel info but no picure, no sound - before I left everything was okay

What's the problem?


DB problema de inicio

hola tengo un problema ,cuando prendo skype en la pantalla de inicio se queda azul ,osea no me pide ni nombre si contraseña ,solo la pantalla azul ,que hago desintale e instale de vuelta y sigue igual.gracias

DB Deploy Add-ins and extensions unattended to clients

What is the best way to do this?
I didn't find anything about this in the technet library.
I am using SCCM 2007 and want to create unattended install package.

DB window hang

Recently I had installed a new harddisk to my computer.But I faced a big problem is my computer will automatically hang once the window came out.It looked like some loading can't operate well.Can anyone please give me some advise.Thanks

1.intel celeron 433MHz
2.msi 6163 pro
3.Maxtor DiamondMax Plus D740X
4.196 SD Ram
5.Creative 3DB TNT2 32MB
6.Creative SB Live Value-digital
7.Star ( switching power supply)

DB Error: Couldn't download flash driver file while trying to erase flash memory


I'm trying to erase flash using flash programmer task action, but I'm getting the following error:

Error: Couldn't download flash driver file.Not enough memory allocated for the flash driver. Please allocate at least 0x00004370 bytes of Target Memory Buffer Space on the Target Configuration page.

I've seen the Target Configuration Page on some very outdated documents on internet, but it seems it doesn't exist in my code warrior version - I have the latest. I'm using USP TAP in a board using MPC8323E and my flash memory is a JS28F256. I can read the memory fine - did a flash dump to save the actual content.

Other than that, is there any simpler software to use with USB TAP? Code Warrior is a heavy load on my computer and I don't need it since I'm building my envinronment using LTIB. I'm on Ubuntu 11.10. I just need USB TAP to erase/program my bootloader (using u-boot generated with ltib).


DB Table RSRWORKBOOK not updated


I want to delete some bookmark, but the bookmark id is not being in table RSRWORKBOOK.

I didn't find the reason why the table RSRWORKBOOK don't contain the bookmark ID.

can you help for this?

Best Regards,

DB SQL udf returns incorrect value

I have a UDF that returns the number of hours worked in a day from table.

@Consultant as nvarchar(20),
@DateofWork as Date
RETURNS decimal

DECLARE @TotalTime decimal(18,2)

SELECT @TotalTime = SUM(Hours_Actual)
FROM Time_Entry
Member_ID = @Consultant
AND Date_start = @DateofWork

RETURN @TotalTime

If I execute the following query
SELECT dbo.usp_GetDailyTime('bsmith', '07/05/2013') as Total
Returned value is 0
(SELECT SUM(Hours_Actual) as time
FROM Time_Entry
Member_ID = 'bsmith'
AND DateDiff(d, Date_start , '07/05/2013') = 0)
Returned value is 0.30 (This value is the total of time entries for the day. so this is correct)

The Field int he table is defined as a decimal(18.2)
If I modify the UDF to count the records it is seeing the correct number of records.
SQL version
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 11.0.2100.60 (X64)
Feb 10 2012 19:39:15
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
Enterprise Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.1 X64 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) (Hypervisor)

DB how do you put a memory card in??

im confused instructions are pretty rubbish i have a sd memory card for phone but have no idea where it goes??? please can someone help?



DB Scripted Installation Guide

I'm working on a 3 part series on how to do scripted installations, and thought y'all might find it useful:

Part 1: Generating functional ks.cfg:


If you notice anything missing from it let me know.


DB How to use Twist()?

Dear all,

I have a question regarding the Query. Suppose I have two classes, ObjA and ObjB. The relationship among them is:

ObjA -- 1 to M -- ObjB
ObjB has two attributes, attrC and attrD.

I want to build a query to select all ObjA, such that one of its ObjB comes with attrC = A1 and attrD = B1. Let said the primary key for the tables of ObjA and ObjB are both "oid" and the table of ObjB has a column "objAId", which refers to ObjA.oid. The SQL statment I expressed would be something like.

SELECT objA.* FROM ObjA objA, ObjB objB
WHERE objB.objAId = objA.oid
AND objB.attrC = 'A1'
AND objB.attrD = 'B1'

However, I cannot. The sql statement I got was:

SELECT objA.* FROM ObjA objA, ObjB objB1, ObjB objB2
WHERE (objB1.objAId = objA.oid AND
objB1.attrC = 'A1') AND
(objB2.objAId = objA.oid AND
objB2.attrD = 'B1')

I found that "Expression" has a method called "twist". It seems to be useful in this case. However, I am not quite understand its description. Would you mind to give me some example code of how to use it?

Thanks and regards,

DB create spool file

hi @all,

I search a way to create a spool file in a htmldb application (intranet) which writes a xls.file on a default place of the client filesystem.

I dont't know whether it works with pl/sql or javascript.

any ideas?

DB Get multiselect list values but can't insert all values into collection


I can't insert all multiselect list values into a collection.
This is my code :

loc_list := HTMLDB_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE(loc_string);
for i IN 1..loc__list.count
for r1 IN (SELECT id_protocol FROM wh_protocol
WHERE UPPER(protocol_name) = UPPER(loc_list(i))
htmldb_collection.add_member ('MY_COLLECTION', r1.id_protocol);
end loop;
end loop;

At the end of process, the collection contains only the last value of the multiselect list. For example, if loc_string = A:B:C:D, the collection contains only D.
Is this behaviour 'normal' or am i doing something wrong?


DB Envers + Firebird

Hello People,How Do I use Envers with Firebird ?So, o Firebird not permission to create field begin with underscore [_]And the Envers needs to create table with field with underscore [_].I don't know what I do...Help me

DB Removing duplicate contacts from iPhone Adress Book

Hi, I use a IPhone 3GS, newest firmware with Itunes newest IOS. In my Adressbook I fnd all my adresses twice and I don`t know how to fix it. I don`t use mobile me.

DB no puedo reconocer otra pc a traves de un puerto USB

hola, tengo una pc rota y creo q puedo repararla a traves de una conexion USB-USB. Agradeceria cualquier sugerencia practica.

DB iWeb 08 and Safari

For some reason I con no longer publish my web site with iWeb 08. It has worked fine for months and a few days ago just stopped working. I also have difficulty seeing my web pages using Safari, although they work perfectly with Firefox and Internet explorer. When I try to update my website, iWeb 08 just hangs with the message Logging in to .Mac and I have to force quit to exit iWeb 08. This happens even though I can get to my web site and my dot mac account all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

DB shock when printer attached ??


got my mbp 3 weeks ago, when i connected my priner the other day i got a shock when i touched the mbp

has anyone any ideas on this one ??