Hi, I am learning openGL and was trying to write code to display a simple openGL window. I included 'glut.h' in my code but when I run the code (F5), no window is displayed. The output says:Debugger:: An unhandled non-continuable STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND exception was thrown during process loadThe program '[1372] 2.exe: Native' has exited with code -1073741515 (0xc0000135).The platform is VS .Net2003.Can anyone help?Thanks a lot!

DB BAPI Calling error

Hi all,

I am working on scenario Jdbc to SAP.In SAP ,I am using Z_BAPI_SORDER which internally calls the BAPI_SALES_OREDR_CREATEFROMDAT2 and BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT. While sending the values it returns the following error message.

"Please enter Ship-To-Party or Sold-To-Party".

I am sending the following parameters..

1.Doc Type=TA

2.Sales organization =1000




Could anybody please help me.



DB SMS Software Server

i have a question i'm running SCOM 2012 and i would like to send a text sms to a mobile device when something

is wrong or go's down.
i already check out Ozeki NG SMS Gateway but this is a very expensive software. is there any other sms software that i can use?
and it would be nice if it can create a LDAP connection.


DB Photosmart 375

I'm having trouble printing pictures. I have done all the troubleshooting tests, replaced the cartridge and I'm still getting faded 1 to 2 inch vertical lines on the picture. It's random where they appear on the picture and it varies in width size each time I print.

DB Blackberry Bold 9000 Help With Sms / Device Memory Options

hi i updated my blackberry bold 9000's software online and since then most my sms have disappeared and v old messages from the sim card have appeared. how can i switch the sms memory to use both sim and phone device memory? a message keeps coming up saying my sim card is now full, a problem i didn't have before. please let me know thanks so much

DB Streets Trips App for iPhone 4

Does such an App exist? Thanks.

DB Cmo recuperar una presentacin no guardada de un archivo .tmp

Descargue una presentacion desde mi correo, el punto es que en vez de ponerle guardar, le puse abrir.... el problema es que trabaje sobre esa base, realicé un sin fin de modificaciones las cuales no guarde sino hasta el final del trabajo. El problema es
que luego de esto solo puse "guardar" y no puse "guardar como", por lo que no se donde quedó la presentación.
De antemano muchas gracias

DB Content creation problem in WP

Hi All,I am using web publisher 5.3sp2 installed on windows.I have created a prod_detail.xml file,a prod_detail.xsl file and a rules file.I put them under site manager.Then I go to category and click new content and select prod_detail.html.I am able to create content in web publisher editor.However,if I click new content and select prod_detail.xml file,instead of seeing the web publisher editor,I see the following error: The new content cannot be created. [DM_SYSOBJECT_E_CANT_SAVE_NO_LINK]error: "Cannot save prod_detail.xml sysobject without any link."My understanding is that I should be able to create content either through html file as well as xml file.However,I am unable to create content using xml file.I tried to copy,move or link my xml file to web cabinet or category but I am getting the following message: Error linking file prod_detail.xml [10066] The file 'prod_detail.xml' cannot be linked to this folder. Error linking file prod_detail.html [10066] The file 'prod_detail.html' cannot be linked to this folder. How I can solve this problem.Any suggestions/help will be appreciated.Thanks.

DB LCM usage for HSS 11.1.2

I am working on essbase Sys 11.1.2, need to import few users and native group to shared services using Lifecycle manager, from the oracle documents I had this information that the format of csv file should be like..

Group file import

id,provider,name,description, internal_id

Question is how can I populate internal id here , internal id is native dir. Id

DB Unable to Access My Computers! Please help!

I have been using Logmein Free for a long time and never had any problems. But now I just have a problem: when I click on one of my computer, it returned to the same screen with an error msg "Your session has timed out or the host went offline during your connection attempt. ". I am unable to access my remote computers. I would really appreciate if someone can share his/her experiences on how to fix this problem.

KA edit 8/6/10: Please avoid bold font

DB rainbow 6!

im getting Rainbow 6 (like many of us), but mainly for the online play.

i just wanna know if there will be any issues regarding ports, connections etc?

another words will i be able to put the disk in and start playing online straight away?

Because i really cant be bothered to start opening ports etc like i did for resistance fall of man.
Its too much hassle.

p.s what headsets is everyone hear using?

DB Everytime I try to down load Flash Player it tells me to shut down Incrdimail, it is shut down, but

Everytime I try to down load Flash Player it tells me to shut down Incredimail, it is shut down, but it still tells me to shut it down. How do I solve this problem???

DB M90 stopped working

When I plug in my M90 the cursor is able to move but when I click anything, it stops working.

DB strange music

Often after about 15 minutes on a Skype conference, strange music starts to play. I can still hear the voice of the other person, but the music is loud and makes it very difficult. The other person cannot hear the music. The music goes away if I hang up and call back.Where is it coming from? How can it be prevented?

DB My lock screen button broke. How do I get it fixed?

My lock screen button on my ipod broke and is in the down position. I can still operate it using the assistive touch function but i would like to get the button fixed. Does anyone know how much it would cost and where i have to get it fixed?

DB Install FCP 5 at Home Too?

Hi all. I'm just about to upgrade our systems to FCP Studio 5 and was wondering if I can still install a copy at home for the occasional homework project? Has Apple introduced that whole activation deal? I really can't buy a whole other copy just to work at home. Thanks for any advice.

DB Notify sender upon opening/viewing a notification by receiver?

Notify sender upon opening/viewing a notification by receiver?

Do you know of a way to add a WF participant so they are a "watcher-only"....meaning, they don't approve but are notified when, let's say, a PO Req. above $10K is created. Want to see that the "watcher" has opened the WF notificaton.

DB Quitar el boton cerrar de un form, quitar NO deshabilitar

buenos días,
mi pregunta es si puedo quitar el boton de cerrar sin necesidad de quitar los de max y min y sin necesidad de deshabilitarlo, se puede?carlos márquez

DB EM when creating DB diagram in IDE : no valid dbo user

Hello all,
I created a DB in support of my C# application. but when I try to create a relationship between 2 tables in my IDE. I get following EM
 This database does not have a valid dbo user or you do not have permissions to impersonate the dbo user,so db diagramming is not available. Do you want to make yourself the dbo of this database in order to use db diagramming.
I select yes and get following EM
This database does not have a valid dbo user or you do not have permissions to impersonate the dbo user,so db diagramming is not available. Ensure that the dbo is valid and ensure you have impersonate permissions on the dbo account.
PS: i'm a noobie...
Thanks in advance for your help.

DB Thread: Dots in mailbox ID


GW7.0.1 on Netware 6.5SP5

This is an very old unsolved problem: If I try to give users with names

like Donald.Duck a GroupWise mailbox, the ID is automatically set to

Donald\\.Duck. Changes to Donald.Duck are not successful.

A customer told me, that he asked someone at Novell in March this year,

and he said, this is in development.

Has someone information, if this is possibly solved in 7.0.1 IR1?

Thanks in advance,


DB Previous Level in flash?

Hello all,

i am a begginer to programming. I am making a simple maze game. When you touch the border you die. A new frame pops us saying you lose and has a retry button on it. I don't want the player to start the whole game over, just that specific level they were just on. Please help!

DB Several problems with my spotify

So i have a couple of problems with my spotify and i dont know why:

1) my spotify keeps closing/ exiting randomly while im using it

2) the playlist i have doesn't show all the tracks in the playlist...(when i play my playlist from my laptop i have 142 tracks but when my friends subscribe to my playlist it only shows 22 tracks)

3) my spotify skips songs randomly, i've uninstalled spotify and re-installed it but same thing happens

help someone

DB how i can add a datagridviewtextbox and datagridviewcombocell into a datagridview cell from database in vb 2010

hi every body,
i am newer in vb 2010,
i want add a textbox and combobox into cell of datagridview, so that i can get data from another table of database(sql 2008).
pls show me a complete example.
best regrds.

DB AMD Radeon Hybrid blocked driver problma megolds W 8.1 alatt


Ahogy korábban többször írtam, a W8.1 blokkolja az AMD HD 7670 M videokártya driverét, emiatt a nagyteljesítményű kártya - és ezzel együtt a video erőforrás-igényes játékok, grafikai programok - alig használhatók. Marad az integrált Intel video ...
A Samsung időközben kiadott egy drivert, amellyel a kártya működésre bírható. De nem teljes az öröm, mert a SW Update frissítő szoftver nem találja meg magától a meghajtó programot.
Az alábbi módon manuálisan elérhető a driver:
1. Nyisd meg az SW Update frissítő szoftvert
2. Típus keresése
3. Hungary
4. Series xxx (a notebookodnak megfelelően)
5. Válaszd ki a notebookod típusát
6. Op. rendszer W 8.1
7. AMD Videokártya driver
8. Exportálás - ekkor letölti a drivert
Telepítés előtt célszerű az UEFI-t (korábban BIOS) frissíteni a legutolsó P09ABE verzióra. Nálam nem okozott működési problémát, ellentétben az előző verziókkal, ahol frissítés után nem lehetett a képernyő fényerejét szabályozni. Az UEFI frissítése után a rendszer
valamivel gyorsabb is lett és a képernyő karakterek is mintha szebbek lennének.
Én ezután telepítettem az AMD drivert. Telepítés után már megjelenik a Váltható grafikus rendszer konfigurálása lehetőség, és minden alkalmazás erőforrás használata beállítható, ugyanúgy, ahogy korábban.

Mivel nemcsak Samsung, hanem más, két video kártyát használó notebookon is jelentkezik a blokkolási probléma, megadom a működőképes driver verziószámát: amely szerintem máshol is elérhető a neten és megoldható a blokkoltsági probléma.
Sok sikert, Laci

DB Importing Schema Error - Log File

I am trying to import a document schema based on GJXDM standard. The xsd in turn imports several other schemas. I am getting an error, cannot build schema for a particular target referenced in one of the imported schemas.
I am getting this error
Error Importing Schema, The following error was encountered while loading the schema 'myschema'
ERROR:Cannot build schema, "http:www.it.ojp......." locate at "file:D:/imported.xsd"
Please check to ensure that the document conforms to XML Schema specification.

If I import the imported.xsd file directly, the schema gets imported in the work bench without any issue

Are there any limitations on importing nested schemas?

Are there any logs to look for more information ?


Oracle Consulting

DB sound doesnt work after hybernating

Device manager shows there is no problem with the sound card or speakers. However, the sound has stopped working after doing routine maintenance on Windows Vista. How do I fix this?

DB digital input to J1,J2 and J4 headers in spartan 3E starter board


Can we give a direct digital input to the J1,J2 and J4 headers in the spartan 3E starter kit?

thank you


Go to Solution.

DB Win 7 Upgrades

How will I know if the upgrade software I buy is for a 32 or 64-bit pc

DB Problem with MediaElement and SetSource

Whenever MediaElement plays an audio file from IsolatedStorage using 'SetSource', I noticed that it appears to keep the file handle open. For example: string strFile = audio.wav; IsolatedStorageFile isoFile = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication();
if (isoFile.FileExists(@strFile)) { IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = isoFile.OpenFile(@strFile, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); mel.SetSource(stream); mel.Play(); } (where mel is a MediaElement), will work fine, and the file will play back multiple times.
But, if I subsequently try to delete audio.wav, or rewrite it with different content, I get an IsolatedStorage failure. It certainly looks like the MediaElement is holding the file open...so, my question is, how do I clear it? I've tried: stream.Close(); stream.Dispose();
mel.Stop(); to no avail... I've tried catching the MediaEnded event and doing the same there -- no luck. How do I get MediaElement to let go of the stream once playback is done???

DB Re: I need Help with dimension

I want to make an angular dimension, but just show me the lines without number or text, but I can't, any body knows how to do it.

Go to Solution.

DB Tutorials on Controls

Hello all,I am new to visual basic programming, how do i get indepth tutorials on properties, methods etc of individual controls. For instance, i need to use the serial port control and i am great difficulties. Regards,

DB Multithreaded Programming in Solaris

I'd like to ask a question regarding multithreaded programming using C/C++ on Solaris. I wanna write a program that can fork a child process to execute a command line call. How can the parent process terminate the child process if the child process cannot complete in a reasonable amount of time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

DB Measuring the size of loaded classes

I am trying to measure memory footprint occupied by the classes I create. I know that simply looking at the .class file size is not accurate. Is there any way to measure how much space a class occupies after it has been loaded?



DB RPD,Catalog upgrading from OBIEE to 7.0

Hi All,we install BI new machine.just we planing upgrade the RPD and Catalog And Security realms.1)how to upgrade RPD from 6.4 to How upgrade the security realms.Please any one share the Steps Or any url.Thanks,

DB When switching away from a particular web site, the audio often continues.

When switching away from an eagle cam web site, the audio often continues after leaving the site or will stop then restart later.
Only happens from this one web site but occurs on two different computers using Firefox browser but not others. This seemed to start with Firefox 10 and continues with FF 11. I have watched this particular web site off and on for a year and never had this experience with the audio restarting after leaving the site.

This is the only site I have found where this happens and it happens only with FF, not IE or Chrome. I also learned that a friend has the same problem on the same site on her computer.

Any help resolving this is appreciated.

DB judgement c1 as public record also included under bk

i filed bk in 11/04 discharged 1/05 my question is this i have a judgement from c1 where they tried to sue me but my atty called them and advise them that the acct was being included in bk, can i be hit twice like that or let me rephrase that i am being hit twice are they allowed to do that ?

~01/2008 Ficos TU 571-EX 647-EQ 652~~3/21/2009 Ficos TU 705 EX 702 EQ 692~~9/9/09 Ficos TU 718 EQ 693 EX???~06/25/12 Ficos TU 719 EQ 677 EX??