Original Title: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit having porblem BSOD KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE

As mentioned above ...Hope can solve this problem asap.

DB My.Application Force Shutdown?

Using the Application Framework in a WinForms Project, I need to check conditions to determine whether the application should run at all and if it shouldn't run then I need to kill it before it even shows the main form. My conditional checking is occurring
at the MyApplication.Startup event handler, so all I need is the method that shuts down or kills the current application.
I'm pretty sure this question's been asked a thousand times, a few of those even by me, but I can never remember the right language to get any useful info out of a Google or MSDN Search string.

It never hurts to try. In a worst case scenario, you'll learn from it.

DB report layout problem

i am facing very strange problem,
some times in report layout the field ,frame etc movement not exactely accoring to the
cursor movement(this happend only in some reports others work properly),
due to this ,layout designing is difficult

DB Some Soundfonts play, then don't

I have been having problems with some sf2 files that will seem to load fine as you choose them in the Track Info/Generator/DLSMusicDevise or SoundFont Synth/Soundbank and choose the sf2 file. If you leave the track palying as you do this it plays the sf2. If you pause the playhead then hit play again it stops playing, choose it again and it plays again.

In other words, it seems to somehow loose the link. If you close, save and reopen the file it will not play the sf2.

Anyone experience this with some sf2 files? Any suggestions?

Ddin't see this on another thread.


g5 iMac Mac OS X (10.4.6)

DB Accounts hit during different MM transactions

Could anybody help in knowing the accounts hit during below transactions in MM.

With Std price method of valuation, during different scenarios - GR, IR Payment

Normal procurement from vendor - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

STO between plants - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

STO between co codes - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

Subcontracting - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference, accounting of bi product scrap

Consignment - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

With MAP method of valuation, during different scenarios - GR, IR Payment

Normal procurement from vendor - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

STO between plants - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

STO between co codes - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference

Subcontracting - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference, accounting of bi product scrap

Consignment - accounts debited, credited, accounts hit in case of price difference


Muralidharan B

DB Can't share iTunes between Users

Trying to share iTunes between users on a Powebook 15" 1.6 Ghz running Leopard.

I followed the instructions in this link:

As instructed I moved the administrators iTunes Music folder to the computer / Users / Shared folder.
Then I changed the Preference in the admin's iTunes to choose the new location of the folder as instructed. (I chose the Shared folder as the location, not the iTunes Music folder itself)
Then I got a dialog box asking if I wanted iTunes to organize the files and I clicked Yes.
(then I rebooted iTunes)

Then I looked in the Shared folder and was surprised to see that the Shared folder was full of lots of folders of artists names which contain music files. Also in there was the iTunes Music folder which contained a few folders of artists names.
Is this correct? Should all the artist folders be inside the iTunes Music folder?

Lastly the sharing does not seem to have worked. When I log in as one of the other (non admin) users, and change their iTunes Preferences to locate their ITunes Music folder as the computer Shared folder, then reboot iTunes, the music is NOT accessible to them. (no music showing in their library)

In the link instructions it says to "follow the above steps for all users who want to share their music"
Well, as mentioned I changed the non admin users iTunes Preferences to specify the new location inside the Shared folder
but if I also try to follow the step of moving the non admin users iTunes Music folder to the computer Shared folder it asks me if I want to replace it - so I assume I should not duplicate this step.


Also I noticed in the admins home folder there is also a Shared folder which seems to be a different one to the computer Shared folder. (this one contains other music files)


DB internet explorer problems

internet explorer keeps shutting down because of some error, it tells me to send and error message or not

DB Draadloze hoofdtelefoon

Ik wil mijn draadloze hoofdtelefoon van Sennheiser (RS 125) gebruiken voor beluisteren CD's, films you-tube. Ik krijg dat niet voor elkaar. Kan iemand me helpen aub? Dank u.

DB Online

Hi, does anyone know how to get your webpages actually up and running online - so the public can view the site?

- DDur

DB DEP keeps closing just about everything on my PC, including Internet Explorer, Rhapsody, etc.

I don't understand why DEP keeps closing just about everything on my PC, including Internet Explorer, Rhapsody, etc. What can I do to fix this?

DB Mediasource & Screensaver

Hey all,

Recently switched to using Mediasource instead of WMP- my only beef is that I haven't been able to find an option to disable the screensaver during playback? Is there any way to do this? Thanks!


DB Cannot map a SQL Response schema to a custom schema

Hi, I am new in biztalk. I have created a simple orchestration which execute a stored procedure using SQL adapter to get some data, map them to a new schema and send them to a flat file. if I send the original message created by the adapter, I can see that the data, but if I map it to a new message, I just see an empty XML document with no data. so I have something wrong in my map file which I can't find. here is the auto generated schema from my SQL adapter:


xs:element name=SSO_DB_Response



xs:element minOccurs=0 maxOccurs=unbounded name=dbo.SystemMembership xmlns:q1=http://ssodb type=q1:dbo.SystemMembershipType /




xs:complexType name=dbo.SystemMembershipType

xs:choice minOccurs=0 maxOccurs=unbounded

xs:element maxOccurs=unbounded name=dbo.Systems xmlns:q2=http://ssodb type=q2:dbo.SystemsType /


xs:attribute name=MembershipName type=xs:string /

xs:attribute name=MembershipValue type=xs:string /


xs:complexType name=dbo.SystemsType

xs:attribute name=SystemName type=xs:string /

xs:attribute name=SystemID type=xs:string /



DB gunzip

I have received oracle export dump file scp_dump_test.gz . thro windows

I need to extract this file, how to extract, this file

DB Advice on Closing recently opened cards

Hey all,

I recently opened an amex green as that's all I had pre-approval for and was dying to become an amex cardholder. I didn't want to chance apping for a higher tier card with the chance of rejection. Today I had pre-approval for the premier rewards gold which is a much better card. I applied and got approved. I suppose i could have waited and just upgraded the green, but the reward are so much better i didn't want to waste them on the green.

My question is this. I literally just opened the green card a month ago, and clearly have no need for it anymore. I don't really have a need for two amex cards, especially two with fees. Is it a bad idea to close it down in favor of the gold? Does amex frown upon that in the relationship? I'm assuming it won't hurt my credit too badly being that it has no age, and it's a charge so i'm not losing the limit? What do you guys recommend I do?

I appreciate any advice you can give...

DB PKCS#7 file (.p7s)

i have a PKSC#7 file which contains
1. certificate of the signer (can be more than one certificate)
2.original message
3.digital signature
4.and the hash algorithm

I need to extract the certifcate and the original message from this .p7s file

How can i do this ?
If possible, using only java native classes and the Sun provider



I got this message last night on my computer. I tried to insert my recovery disk like it said, but it wont let me get to that point. It did last night, but now its just going straight to the windows boot screen and then if I hit enter or esc
it will just restart and do the same thing over again. How can I make it so i can do the start up repair to try and fix it. Last night it said something about fixing drives. Please help!

DB Issues with Microsoft Outlook 2013 signature when using a picture and replying to a message

So I am using a new dell touch laptop running windows 8.1 and office 2013. I have two accounts on outlook 2013. My personal one and my business/non profit one. I have a signature I created using some text and our logo. The default account for my signature
is stuck on my personal one and I cant change it to my non profit one. When I open up a new email, the signature automatically loads which is great on both accounts. When I reply it automatically loads on the personal one but no matter how much I try,
it wont on my non profit one beyond the text meaning the text will load but not the picture. I have now twice deleted the signature with no effect. I have it set so that way the signature is supposed
to load on replies but it doesnt work for the non profit one(it wont on my non profit one beyond the text meaning the text will load but not the picture.) and I cant change the default email.
It automatically reverts to my personal account upon saving.

DB Disque dur compatible ps3?

Bonjour je souhaite acheter un disque dur interne pour remplacer mon 60GO de base mais je ne sais pas si il est compatible avec la ps3.

C'est un Samsung - SpinPoint M7E - Disque Dur Interne 2,5" - SATA 5400TPM - 640 Go il est visible sur ce site:


Merci beaucoup

DB Why i can not assign value on instance variable?

Please my code below
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
class Program
public static int a = 10;
static void Main(string[] args)
int a is declared outside of method , it's called instance variable not local variable, am i right??
so, why i can not assign value to it??
int a = 10; give error : A field initializer can not reference the non static field, method or property
BUT, if i used this below code, it works well.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
class Program
public static int a;
static void Main(string[] args)
a = 10;

Note that i used visual studio 2013, it always get error, but i think there is no problem occured when i used visual studio 2010.

I'm Okie Eko Wardoyo Owner of http://www.mediatutorial.web.id

DB The iTunes library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access priviledges for this operation

The iTunes library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access priviledges for this operation

DB Qmail instances to manage greylisting

Hi everyone!

I wanted to know how to make double qmail instances like this:

mailin.domain.com (SMTPIn,POP,IMAP conections only), listening on standard port
mailout.domain.com (SMTP Out conections with SMTP-AUTH Only) sending through non-standard port

So that I can put mailin.domain.com under qgreylisting.

I have used qgreylisting before but it doesnt really work with SMTP-AUTH, and I cannot stop using that nor either change to another method like Pop before SMTP.

I have tried to search for information on this subject, but didnt really find much. I think separating the 2 services would be a nice solution for people wanting to use qgreylisting and not stopping using smtp-auth.

Any ideas on that??


DB Photostream management: avoiding multiple directories and keeping photos

HiSorry in advance for a stupid question but I can't find any way of moving forward.We take a lot of pictures with our iDevices and we are happy to see it automaticaly on our iMac (Aperture).But, Aperture creates one directory per month (Photostream Jan 2013, Feb 2013...) and we like to manage our photos by themas so we drag and drop photos from photostream monthly directories to our own directories.Once all photos from a month have been copied into the right directories, we would like to remove photostream dir in order to avoid 12 new dir per year.We don't care if photos are removed from photostream on our devices but if we remove the Monthly dir, then photos are deleted from Aperture librabry :-(Not sure to be crystal clear with my explanation.If someone can help it will be great.Thanks in advance.P.

DB Draggable Scrollbar For Text (No Arrows)

I am attempting to create a draggable scrollbar for a dynamic
text field including only a sliding thumb and track (no arrows).
ex. www.ultimavez.com

I am new to Flash 8 and have a relatively good understanding
for the program based on the length of time Ive been using
it, with the exception of creating/customizing components. If
someone is able to assist me, please break the solution down as
though you were explaining it to a 10 year old.

I greatly appreciate it.

DB Problem with Link Aggregation with an SG 200-26

Hello, I'm trying to setup Link Aggregation on this switch for an HP server with a 4-port NIC which is teamed.  I create the LAG and see in the HP Network Utility where each port in the team disconnects then reconnects and the server has internet access, but workstations cannot access the server (can't browse UNC, RDP, ping, etc.) and vice versa.  This is the only switch at the site, all the workstations are plugged into it.  Rebooting the switch after creating the group didn't have any effect.

DB A classpath error while importing a class with @page import property

Hi ,
I am using Tomcat contaniner for jsp applications. I have developed a page that i have import a class. when i use
%@ page import="myclass"
i got an error that myclass not found. I have placed into tomcat\webapps\myproject\web-inf\classes directory. So How will I set the classpath for myclass to work?

DB ISBN for Right to left (RTL) books

I would like to publish a foreign language book with right to left text orientation. If I create a one-piece-cover How do lulu assigned ISBN's work in this case? Is there a way to indicate which side the ISBN should be put?



Go to Solution.

DB 5 mins of inFAMOUS gameplay!

have to say its looking pretty sweet


DB Reload Time Sheet CAT with a user selected profile

I believe this was possible in older version. Users were able to select a profile from dropdown list and based on selected profile timesheet entry screen would be displayed. We are on EHP4 and using Webdynpro for JAVA basd application. We are trying to provide similar feature but unable to track where i can pass selected profile id to reload time sheet application

Any help/pointers is greatly appreciated.



DB Conntected to Internet unable to Connect to LN

This is a work laptopthathas wireless built into vs card.I am trying to get to LN so I can work vs connecting via cable (which works). Ipurchased at WRT54GV8 router. I can get onto the internet and VPN. However when I log into my LN and try to pull up my email..... it just sits and never connects. However, 2 doors down the router is not secured and I can conect with no problems and that is actually a very low connection at that.I have contacte Linksys 3 times and they keep changing the channel. They said that 1, 6, 11 are the least interference. If that doesn't work they will try something else. I thought I would use this communication resource first before calling them back.Many Thanks for your knowledge.P.S. One computer and one laptop in home.I

DB how to change apps password

dear all,

as all knows.

default password of APPS schema is APPS.

but i want to change this password. Is there any way to change

we are using 12.0.6 on red hat 5


it is secure to change the apps schema password? i mean you will recommended or not.

the reason to change the apps schema password is our enviourment is very big andi have doubt someone will not access database from TOAD.

DB Data extension does not support model generation

So I created a report in VS2005 thanks to some help from this forum, and ended up with a nice looking pie chart.
I wanted to go into my SharePoint list and re-create the datasource and create a model so that report builder would work through SharePoint. At first I tried uploading the data source I had created in VS, but that didn't work as it is of the type .rds, and SharePoint creates .rsds
I make New- Data Source, choose XML as my Type, http://[servername]/[subsite]/_vti_bin/lists.asmx as my Connection string with Windows Auth.
I go to make a Model, choosing that datasource, and get this error: 

Data extension does not support model generation. (rsModelGenerationNotSupported)
I tried searching on google and forums, but the only thing I found was this http://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=238816, and that didn't work for me.
Anyone know a workaround or solution? Thanks in advance!

DB Problem with internet

It seems as though this is a hugely common problem, and I have been unable to tackle this particular one by myself. I have an inspiron 9100 with the 1350 wireless card and broadcom 440x 10/100. I can get both of them to connect to the router (linksys 802.11b), but nothing as far as internet goes.

I know that the router is working because I am typing this through that router. I have tried reinstalling both the drivers, and updating them both, to no avail. i have run the ipconfig and this is a synopsis of what i have.

Description: Dell wireless 1350 WLAN ....
Physical Address: 00-90-96-c3-f2-47
Dhcp enabled: yes
Autoconfigure enabled: yes
Autoconfigure IP:
subnet mask:
Default gateway: (blank)

And pretty much the same stuff for the 10/100 line.

I have even reinstalled windows to try to get this to work.

Thanks for the help in advance.

DB Ordered quantity doubles

When the Planned delivery time maintained in the info record is 20 days, at the time of order creation an extra schedule line gets added to the existing schedule line which was resulting in the ordered quantity getting doubled.

If the Planned delivery time maintained in the info record is 0 days then the additional schedule line does not get added.

How do i avoid the problem of order quantity doubeling when planned delivery time in info record is 0 days.

Please help me out.

DB adding a second server for HA in a distributed deployment

hello. thanks for the time.
I wanted to run this by the experts (all of you). I am installing a 2 node SCOM2012 and i wanted to divide up the services and be still in the same management group.

Node 1:
-management server
-operations console
-web console

Node 2:
-management server
-reporting server

The question is can I split up the reporting server from the others? I don't want to setup another server just for reporting. however in this scenario I still have HA and reporting in a 2 node deployment.
thanks for the time.

DB css11500 question: ssl proxy list problem


can the proxy list crash?  if so, how can I fix it?

today, I need add a few ssl-server commands into the list, but, I can not active, the error is:

Error in ssl-server 38: RSA Cert/Key Verify

%% Key file is in valid.

which the ssl-server 38 is not the one I added.

I have verify them and error is;

file xxxcert.pem does not exist

%% invalid key xxxkey

but, the file is existed, I changed the file name, and use a new name again, it works, and complains another one faulty.

do I have any way to audit or fix it? if so, please advice?

Any comments  will be a preciated

Thanks in advance


DB Setting birthdays in contact section


I have added birthdays in my contact section of the I phone but I was wondering if their is a way to get a reminder tone for that so that the phone reminds me on the day of the birthday?

DB Business Packages EP 7.0

Hi Experts,

Im currently involved in EP 6.0 to EP 7.0 Upgrade. Im new to Portal. Can you please help me which are the business pacakages needs to be activated. We dont have LSO, E Rec rest we have in Portal.



DB GZIP Decompression


I'm currently struggling to decompress an object using GZIP decompression. My code goes something along the lines of.

bis = new ByteArrayInputStream(compressedMessage);
GZIPInputStream gis = new GZIPInputStream(bis);
ois = new ObjectInputStream(gis);
SignedMessage decompressedMessage = (SignedMessage) ois.readObject();

Where compressedMessage is a byte array (and is not empty).
The problem arises when trying to create the ObjectOutputStream, an EOFException is thrown signalling the end of the stream has been reached.

Any ideas?

DB Spot on then screen

Hi, I have recently bought a Curve 8520 (5 days) and a sort of little bubble has appeared on then screen as if there was a problem with the liquid crystal. It seems that other 8520 have the same problem (seen on the post).

I would like to notice that the blackberry has never fallen nor been chocked.

My BlackBerry is already under warranty (only 5 days).

Have you got a solution?