DB Rule Help

I am getting an error when I am trying to execute the following script.


Thanks in advance

DB Must Close Form Before Going Back to parent Form

In my application, I have created two forms.  The first form opens the second form.  When that happens, the second form pops up in front of the first form.  This is sort of what I want.  The thing that I don't know how to do is to make it so that while the second form is open, you can't click on or change the first form.  I know this is a common windows-ish sort of thing, but I don't know the correct terminology (modal?).  Is it possible to make this happen?
Thank you for all the help I get here.


There was error in SM21 while running a program as

Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLRSPC_BACKEND" - in


What can be the soluiton for it?

DB Error de microsoft outlook 2013

Hola a todos los moderadores, agradezco por anticipado sus respuesta y sugerencias:

DB Exchange 2007 install process

Hi gurus
Just needed to get a sanity check for process to upgrade my Exchange 2007 infrastructure to sp3.

1.) To the schemaprep and domain prep from the command line. Based on their being no Exchange 2007/Exchange 2003 servers this would be as follows:

Setup /prepareschema
Setup /prepareAD Do I need to put the Org name in here based on the fact that the Exchange org is already in place?
Setup /preapredomain
Once these schema updates have gone through to all my DC’s my next question is the sequence in which servers should be upgraded:
This is my plan thus far.
1.) I have a CAS/MBX?HT server which is where ActiveSync and Outlook Anywhere clients connect.
2.) I have a HT/CAS server in another site which is where the SMTP traffic enters the network.

3.) I have two other sites with a single CAS/HT/MBX Server.
My upgrade process is as follows:
1.) Upgrade the Internet facing server listed in line 1 above first.
2.) Then upgrade the server listed on line 2 above. This is the SMTP gateway server.
3.) Then upgrade the two downstream servers to SP3.
Have I missed anything here in my process? Any pointers would be appreciated as I’ve been looking at this for a while and need some fresh eyes on it.
Peter Johnson

DB can i access a block's text filed's value from another block?

hi all,
i have a master block and a detail block in my application...The blocks are linked to 2 seperate tables.I have a text field called pay_50 in my master block.It is a display item that gets its value from a calculation in a trigger. After it gets its value i have to save the block and then come to the detail block.

In the detail block,i need to access value in pay_50..Can i do that and if yes should i give the :pay_50 or prefix the master block also?

DB siriusxm mobil app

Does anyone know what siriusxm mobil app to use for this device.I downloaded one but it didn't work? Can anyone help.

DB Monitor CALs in Terminal Services

Hi All,Is there a way to monitor Client Access Licenses in Terminal Services?I would like to receive an alert whenever the server is about to run out of CALs so that I can buy additional CALs before the server go out of CALs.Any help would be appreciated.Regards,Keshav

DB HT2693 I have problem with Adobe acrobet reader

I can't read PDF files eventhough I have installed the updated version of adobe reader. So I need for your urgent need my friends

DB Activity Monitor blank

I've had this problem for a while. My Activity Monitor shows no processes - just a blank screen. I've tried:

- deleting the .plist file
- copying a new version of the application from my iMac
- copying a new version of the .plist file
- repeated permissions repair

Nothing seems to help. Any suggestions gratefully received!

DB Module implementation advise

Dear all,
I am building an application which is able to print to a Ticket printer A.
My customer is requesting to have 3 different type of printerof different Brand.
Actually I have build 2 different dll for 2 printers because they use different protocol.
But now my customer request is that in case Printer A is defect for instance and need to be change by Printer B ( of course all driver are alredy pre installed), what is the best way to know from my code if I need to use PrinterA.dll or PrinterB.dll ?
I need to load at that time one or the other based on the detected printer because they have there own configuration and environment
Thanks for advise or sample

DB Downgrading Envy DV6-72229nr to Windows 7

Hello everyone. I'm trying to downgrade my laptop DV6-72229nr from Windows 8 to Windows 7 using a USB flash drive (already created), not really sure if i need to include anything in it beside Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Could please someone guide me? Thanks in advance!

DB uccx 5 vs 7


I am trying to setup CCIE lab.

How much differ between uccx 5 and 7?

I only have media for 5 and knew enough to be dangerous. ;)


DB Every day Flash disappears from my extensions list and stops working.

Every day Flash disappears from my extensions list and stops working. I can reinstall it but the next day it disappears. I have FF 4.0.1.

DB Accessing IA value EmailSubject in codebehind


I am trying to capture the IA Value EmailSubject at the EmailImport step and perform string manipulations on it then store the resulting value in a Custom IA attribute, I have few questions regarding this -

1) How can I access the IA Value EmailSubject in Code behind for EmailImport module using C# ?

2) Should I place the code in EmailImport_Prepare or EmailImport_Finish?

Appreciate your help.


DB How to use Cingular 8525 as a network card via USB on laptop

I've seen a lot of posts regarding how to set up a WM5 pocketPC as a modem, but mine seems to be stuck in RNDIS mode (trying to turn off: USB to PC - enable advanced network functionality).Vista and XPcan't detect the phone as a modem and I do have the
USBMDM drivers handy if the device is ever recognized properly.

How can I switch it back to serial mode (instead of RNDIS) so I can use it as a modem?

If I'm stuck in the "advanced network functionality" (RNDIS)mode permanently for some reason, isthere a way to have Vista seethe 8525as a USB-attached network card instead that can be used for Internet access either via GPRS/Edge/Wi-Fi?


DB Difference between CT500401 and CT64M64S4W75

I am looking to upgrade a Brother Printer with more memory.

This site recommends CT500401, but I am buying the printer from elsewhere and would like to buy the memory at the same time. The printer site is offering CT64M64S4W75 - which seems to have an identical spec to the above.

Are they the same. Will CT64M64S4W75 work ok in a Brother HL-5340DN Printer



Go to Solution.

DB Can I Install Reporting Services Separately?

I installed Visual Studio 2010, which automatically installs SQL Server 2008 Express on the system. However, the reporting tools (and management studio) were not installed. Is there any way I can just install the reporting tools on a SQL server
express 2008 without reinstalling the SQL Server 2008 Express ADVANCED version? I'm a little leery of installing on top of what Visual Studio already installed.
Any ideas?

Rich Locus, Logicwurks, LLC


DB X-Fi & THX Console

So switching to the X-fi and hooking up my old 5. speakers. Now the channels are all messed up.

I read that the THX console allows you to calibrate and change the channels - and I should be able to just click on it.

For the life of me I cannot find THX console anywhere and in the standard creative console there is no calibrate area or THX console area/button.

Am I missing something? Can I reset channels in the regular console, but am just missing it's

Any helpful hits would be very welcome

DB Bex 7.0 Upgrade - variant updating

We are currently on BW7.0 and using Bex 3.5 and Bex Broadcasting with 3.5. We understand the sap 7.3 gui will no longer support Bex 3.5 and this will force us to upgrade to Bex7.0 or Business Objects analysis.

We currently have a program to update some of our variants in table rsrvariant for current month and year to date values. After the migration the variants will be stored in table rsrparamtriza and the data is stored in xml format. Before we begin to rewrite the program is there another strategy for updating variants in Bex 7.0?

thanks for all help


I was wondering if there was a way to remove one of the antenna's on this device and add a range extender that's not a Linksys brand. The range extender that i'm trying to add is a Hawking HA17SIP and connects through the Antenna port on the router.

DB Latest Stable Qt Version on i.MX53 QSB

Hello All,

What is the latest stable Qt version that will work on an i.MX53-START-R board?

DB Negative inventory

Dear gurus,

I want to display negative inventory in a report as a column. Can any of you tell me what base key figures to use, and what restrictions/calculations to use.

In my scenario, negative inventory occurs when:

GR is not done, and for the following moment types:

Receiving shortage,

Wrong item out,

Physical inventory adjustments.

I will appreciate any help. Thanks a lot in advance.

DB google update installer error code 0x80070032

i can not install google chrome browser on my vista computer and with a message that google update installer error code 0x80070032.
why and how i can install


Hi all,

I m totally new to the voip technology, so that I have many questions about this.

I have 2 voip devices (one with me and the second is with my brother in Greece).

The call between us is well and working fine.

Is this possible to use the cdma or gsm device to use with pap2t, actually I want to provide a line to my brother for cheep calling.

I was searching for many days,I found a dial plan command, but couldn't understand that command, what to write where to write?

Is this setting possible that if he picks up the phone and direct dial to Pakistan via voip like (009255xxxxxxx) using my cdma or gsm device. But dial plan should be configure as per that he dial complete number with country code. 0092 is the country code 55 is city code.

If these things r not possible with pap2t, so then which device I sould use for this function.

And please explain me the dial plan settings what are they and how can I configure.

Adrifting is a profession

DB WCF Transport

Hi,Before WCF we used to have a .NET Remoting to work between client and server side, which was a .dll in both sides that transport the objects, but now, using WCF, its like a WebService, because the client just knows a server reference and make calls to it.The problem is that we are having a lot of problems with serializations, and when we solve them, 5 minutes later a new one is found. So here im wondering how works binary transportation over TCP on WCF, can anyone enlighten it to me? Will we have a .dll on both sides or its made on a transparent way over the server reference?Thanks in advance.

DB Adding an attachment that is not a PDF (say a Word Doc)

Hello everyone,

I have a situation where I need to attach a word document, unaltered, to a form within my workflow.

The workflow is simple, a user initiates the flow by submitting a document. The filled doc arrives at a user inbox, and there I want the word document attached to that form.

I've tried various revisions of scripting, and I thought I could use the CreateDocumentList, but each to no avail. The script I have is based off code that attaches a PDF to a list variable. I tried to change the code to handle the DOC file but no success.

So basically is it possible to do this? And if so, could someone either point me to where I can see the code or paste it here?

Thank you!

DB help in sending service target email/actions

Hi all,

I want to send email to incident assignee @ 75% milestone in service target.

I have tried "set values action-notify incident assignee" template(z1Action=ESCALATEDBYSLA) but it's not working.

i have also created new email action but problem is -how to fetch the email of Assigee dynamically in "To" field.

===withaout any customization...



(now from my own A/C)

DB iPhoto 11 stable now?

Hi. I purchased iPhoto 11 when it first came out, but I never installed it. I saw all the postings on this thread saying how unstable iPhoto 11 was and all all the problems people were having with it. So I'm still on iPhoto 09. Now that a few months have gone by, I wanted to check if Apple has released any updates to iPhoto 11 to make it more stable. Is it a more stable product now?

Thank you

DB HP pavilion dv7 won't turn on.

My HP pavilion dv7 was upgrading BIOS when it just powered off, now when I trt booting it the screen remains blacks and it makes a noise like its booting, all while the caps lock blinks, PLEASE HELP!!!!!! PLEASE.

DB xc3s1400an MultiBoot Problem!

Hi, guys!

I'am trying to implement multiBooting with in-system flash memory in xc3s1400an !

I hope simply switch with two images.

I have just followed by the example of the "Spartan-3an starter kit" .

In other words, I have copied the source of "mb_trigger.vhd" and programmed it.

But the device locked after trying multiboot 3 times.

How can I solve this problem?

Kindly Reguards.

-- poor man --

DB Notebook Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabook modelo SVT13125CXS travando teclado quando roda o Windows 8

Meu notebook Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabook modelo SVT13125CXS adquirido nos EUA travou o teclado quando roda o Windows 8 (já veio instalado). Quando entro no modo assistent o tecaldo funciona normalmente. Já tentei o reparo no modo Assist e não deu resultado.

DB how to find which WFE server causing problem

Hi i had share point farm woth 6 wef ;s configured with NLB.
i had problem with 1 wef . how to identify that?


DB Jackhammer noise under keyboard :S

Roughly at the top right corner of my macbook pro, there is a noise like a jackhammer, and tilting the macbook differnt ways causes it to grow and fall, but regardless it is always there. What could this be? It is roughly top right, could just be right, but i don't htink its the optical drive. It kinda sounds like when your hard drive is about to fail bad, but im not sure where abouts it is mounted

Thanks for any help

DB unable to install skype on kubuntu 12.04 64bit

i have tried to install but it keeps on giving me

"Could not find skype.you need to install the original dynamic linked skype version 2.0 binary fromhttp://www.skype.com"

i have install some libraries also but its not working

DB how to modify predefined sap script with one example?


how to modify predefined sap script with one example?


paramesh kalluri

DB Cover Flow in iTunes 8

Last weekend, I was asked to DJ my company's Christmas party at a bowling alley. I took my computer and hooked it up to their PA System, and everything went well. But since returning home, my iTunes 8, in the Cover Flow view, says "iTunes is unable to browse covers on this computer." I have run dxdiag, testing both DirectDraw and Direct3D, and both are working fine. I have gone to the website for the manufacturer of my video card, but was unable to open any page with drivers on it. Does anyone have any more ideas?

DB is sunstudio creater code can itegrate with Myeclipse tool ???

hi to all
am developing web application and am using hibernate ,Spring and JSF for that...
1. for the UI designing part am using SunStudio Creater .
(Actually i am facing here , problem is after designing the UserInterface i am not able to integrate with MyEclipse tool)
i think there is computability miss match occurs.
so help me out of this problem and also give me suggestions...