DB Raw files will not Import from Camera?

I have Elements 6 and Canon XSI. I took photos that I can view in my camera, when I attempted to import them into Elements 6 I'm getting the following messages: Not Imported- the files or folders seletect to import did not contain any supported file types.

also: The file is damaged or is a format that cannot be included in the organizer?

I have no idea what is happening or what to do?

Thank you.

DB digest authentication

Hi folks,
I've some question.

Does WLS6.1Sp2 support digest authentication?

Kimura Shunji
BEA Systems Japan, Ltd.(http://www.beasys.co.jp/)
TeleSales SE

DB Windows Live Messenger uninstall/repair on a Vista 64 SP1 system

I am unable to figure out how to do a full uninstall and reinstall of WL Messenger on my system.  My tool is obviously frozen (it keeps reopening in exactly the same status for my contacts, no one seems to have signed in or out, nor do their status messages change, and nor do they respond to my attempts to chat with them).  I tried running repair on WL Essentials, and got a message that there were errors and I should uninstall the software, download a fresh copy, and reinstall them.  So, I used the Control Panel to uninstall and reinstall WL essentials.  Of course, after I finished uninstalling WL Essentials, Messenger was still installed.  I have yet to find a way to uninstall it.  I went ahead and reinstalled the install package wlsetup-custom.exe anyway, but it has not corrected the problem.I am frustrated that something which should be a simple task has now taken me parts of 3 days to correct.  Why is WL Messenger not showing up on the program list?  It also is not on the Windows Components add/remove list.  Nor is there an uninstall option that I could find in the program group or in the menus of the application itself.If anyone has insight or can put me in touch with the appropriate customer service person, that would be good.  I bought this computer about a month ago, despite my misgivings about Windows Vista.  For the most part it has worked well, but now my old doubts about Microsoft are beginning to surface once again.Thank you,Ed

DB No "Add Contacts" Option?

Hello. So I just downloaded and installed Skype this morning and I'm trying to use it for the first time. I signed in fine through facebook.

However, the screen seems rather blank, with no option to add contacts anywhere. It looks like this:

Is there a solution to this? Maybe I'm missing something but I don't even recall setting up any sort of username (unless it's through Facebook).

I need to speak with someone using Skype and know what there username is, I just can't figure out how to add anyone. Is there something else I need to install or a sidebar that I need to activate? The help section on this site shows a dialogue box of the program that looks completely different than mine.

Any help is appreciated,


DB Your Professional Information....

Lets try this for a change...Your reply to this thread should contain following information....1.) Full Name2.) Professional course pursuing or completed ( with current semester)3.) College4.) Dream Company to be working with5.) Area of Interest...Everyone replying will be marked as answer

DB Why no Thunderbolt yet?

Ok Verizon, why dont you release the Thunderbolt already?

seriously, you guys are such a tease.

at least give us the date which it will be released. some of us actually need phones for business and would love the Thunderbolt, but may have to go with the Evo 4G for sprint.

you want people to buy your device correct? why not actually give us some useful information.

also, i havent seen any commercials for it. or at least not many, but with your other phones you guys aired the commercials like crazy. this is the first 4G phone from you guys, so why not advertise it? it almost seems like you guys are keeping it hush hush.

unless the whole thing about Steve Jobs paying you guys off is true...

DB Citi Platinum Select to Dividends World Elite

I called in this morning to PC my Citi Platinum Select card that I have had since 2005 to a Citi Dividends World Mastercard. Eventually I want to try to get the Dividends World Elite version.The account manager gave me the product change without problems, but said my card wouldn't be switched over until November 30 (she said that it has to be that way to allow me to change my mind).Is there anyway to get the PC to happen now, instead of waiting until November 30?

DB App error via Apex Listener

When I try to open some (but not all) of my apps when I connect via Apex Listener I get the following error:

init: # headers=45
nm owa.vc_arr := ?;
vl owa.vc_arr := ?;
owa.init_cgi_env( ?, nm, vl );
htp.init; htp.HTBUF_LEN := 63;
? := sys_context('USERENV','SID');

p:4000:1:925006996647465::NO:RP:FB_FLOW_ID,F4000_P1_FLOW,P1_FIND,P0_FLOWPAGE,RECENT_PAGES:114,114,,114;|,PAGE CALL:
nlns number := 999999;
l_clob CLOB;
lines htp.htbuf_arr;
l_buff varchar2(32676);
l_clob_init boolean:= false;
l_file varchar2(5);
OWA.GET_PAGE(lines, nlns);
if (nlns 1) then
for i in 1..nlns loop
if ( length(lines(i)) 0 ) then
if ( ( lengthb(l_buff) + lengthb(lines(i))) 32676) then
if (NOT l_clob_init) then
dbms_lob.createtemporary(l_clob, TRUE);
dbms_lob.open(l_clob, dbms_lob.lob_readwrite);
end if;
l_buff := lines(i);
l_buff := l_buff || lines(i);
end if;
end if;
end loop;
end if;
if (l_clob_init) then
l_buff := '';
end if;
? := l_clob;
? := l_buff;
if (wpg_docload.is_file_download) then l_file:='TRUE'; else l_file := 'FALSE'; end if; ? := l_file;
? := sys_context('USERENV','SID');
get_page FAILED:ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
ORA-06512: at line 32

ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
ORA-06512: at line 32

DB Downloads hanging up

whenever I try to do any downloads, IE hangs up at the 99% verifying and refuses to go any further. I cannot download any patches, software or fixes for this problem. I have reset IE but no luck. I cannot remove IV because I need it to reconnect to
the internet. Please help

DB configuation 3620


I have just set up a 3620 onto a network that was using a speedtouch PRO adsl modem. The current configuration has been setup that the speed touch is now fuctioning as a transparent bridge and the PPPOE authenticatin is being done by the router via one of the ethernet ports.

I have created nat rules to allow user on the internet to get access to a mail and web server sitting on th private network.

There is a problem that I Ihave run into and this problem has to do with users on the local network not being able to access the web and mail server on the local LAN.

The users need to be able to access this server via the internet front end address and not directly fom the lan. I know there is a way with nat to do this setup I believe it is called Inside to Inside NAT - NAT Virtual Interface Support but I cant seem to get this working.

I have attached my setup and would appreciate if you guru would be able to tell me where I am going wrong.


version 12.3

service timestamps debug uptime

service timestamps log uptime

no service password-encryption


hostname router1





enable secret 5 password

enable password password


no aaa new-model

ip subnet-zero



ip cef

ip name-server 192.x.203.132

no ip dhcp conflict logging


ip dhcp pool localnet


domain-name xyz.com

dns-server 192.x.203.132


lease 30


vpdn enable


vpdn-group 1


protocol pppoe


interface Serial0/0

no ip address


serial restart-delay 0


interface Serial0/1

no ip address


serial restart-delay 0

no cdp enable


interface Serial0/2

no ip address


serial restart-delay 0

no cdp enable


interface Serial0/3

no ip address


serial restart-delay 0

no cdp enable


interface Ethernet1/0

description ADSL WAN

no ip address

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

no ip mroute-cache


pppoe enable

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

no cdp enable


interface Ethernet1/1

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

ip nat inside

no ip mroute-cache


no cdp enable


interface Ethernet1/2

no ip address


no cdp enable


interface Ethernet1/3

no ip address


no cdp enable


interface Dialer1

description ADSL WAN Dialer

mtu 1492

ip address negotiated

no ip unreachables

ip nat outside

encapsulation ppp

no ip mroute-cache

dialer pool 1

dialer-group 1

no cdp enable

ppp authentication chap callin

ppp chap hostname username@isp

ppp chap password 0 isppassword

ppp pap sent-username username@isp password 0 isppassword


ip nat inside source list 10 interface Dialer1 overload

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface Dialer1 80

ip nat inside source static tcp 25 interface Dialer1 25

ip nat inside source static tcp 32000 interface Dialer1 32000

ip nat inside source static tcp 32001 interface Dialer1 32001

ip nat inside source static tcp 110 interface Dialer1 110

ip nat inside source static tcp 143 interface Dialer1 143

ip nat inside source static tcp 995 interface Dialer1 995

ip nat inside source static tcp 993 interface Dialer1 993

ip nat inside source static udp 53 interface Dialer1 53

ip nat inside source static tcp 1143 interface Dialer1 1143

no ip http server

ip classless

ip route Dialer1



access-list 10 permit any

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit

no cdp run


snmp-server community public RO

snmp-server enable traps tty



dial-peer cor custom





line con 0

exec-timeout 0 0

line aux 0

line vty 0 4

password password




Thanks for your help


LOGIC 9 is here? i haven't tried 8 yet,7 works fine

DB Anyone?? Problem with OA VO/VL - accessor method does not retrieve data


I'm attempting to access a detail VO using a View Link accessor. Both of the underlying VO's are part of the OA framework (PORequistionsLinesVO and POReqDistributionsVO) and the VL between them ( ReqLineToDistributionVL ) was also generated by the framework . I'm not sure if I'm approaching this the right way, but here is what I am doing:

oaAcctVORowImpl = (PoRequisitionLinesVORowImpl)aaAcctVO.getRowAtRangeIndex(q);

RowIterator distRS = oaAcctVORowImpl.getPoReqDistributionsVO();

No rows are returned although I am expecting rows.

The getPoReqDistributionsVO is the accessor method of the Destination on the View Link (i.e. the detail VO).

under oracle\apps\icx\por\req\server

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



DB RV082 freezing up and has to be restarted multiple times throughout the day

We have a RV082 V03 being used as a gateway that was bought in mid 2011. The firmware version that came with it was v4.0.0.07. Up until we upgraded to firmware v4.2.1.02(Upgraded in Jan.2013), we would have to restart the router once every month due to loss of internet connectvity and it locking up. After I upgraded it to the, it gradually starting increasing from rebooting the router once a month, to once a week, then to multiple times a day. Today, I upgraded the firmware to the latest version being v4.2.2.08 and it has not froze up since the upgrade, but then again, it happens randomly through the day so it might not happen until tomorrow morning so we will see how this goes. During the time when it looses connectivity, I CANNOT get to the web gui or even ping the RV082 device. The lights on the RV082 are blinking like it is working though.This router is not even 2 years old yet and cannot believe that it would be dying already. Has anyone else ran into this problem and/or have any suggestions on things I could do to troubleshoot if it is hardware, etc.?

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,


DB Help with ipod touch and Wi-Fi!!

ok, i am having a little bit of trouble with my iPod touch. First of all, it is brand new, i only got it today as a birthday gift, and its 32 gig. Anyways, i have a home network, and i am pretty sure that i have the code entered right, but when i try Youtube, Mail, or Safari, it says, " Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server." If anyone can help me, please do, because i want to keep this iPod.

DB How do I Uninstall NFL Mobile

I am having a problem with my Razr Maxx. I came loaded with NFL Mobile. I have no interest in keeping this app, so I "uninstalled" it. For some reason, it did not go away, it landed in my "Update" section of Google Play. So I updated it and then tried to uninstall it again. Same result. It won't completely uninstall. The Netflix preloaded app is doing the same thing. Does anyone have help for me on this?

DB Why wont the three bottom buttons work on my htc hd7 Please help

I got this phone on christmas and its worked great till now, my three bottom buttons wont work, and i dont know why i didnt drop it or anything they randomly stopped working.

DB issue on installation

The .Net Framework installed on this machine does not meet the minimum required version: 4.5.50709......this is d issue when i am trying to install the trial version of visual studio can u please help me?????

navy kumar

DB Consulta Variable Escalar

Hola a todos. Al querer llenar un DDL a partir de otro, me sale el error Debe declarar la variable escalar xxxx. Mi cdigo es el siguiente:

sender, EventArgs

IdCurso = DDCurso.SelectedValue;

AS Nombre
FROM Alumno Where CUR_ID = @IdCurso


DAAlumnos = new
DSAlumnos = new


//en esta linea me manda el error

DDRutal.DataSource = DSAlumnos.Tables[


DDRutal.DataTextField =


DDRutal.DataValueField =



Agradecido desde ya por alguna respuesta.

DB 3rd IDE channel again...different board this time

I cant get the single IDE channel that uses the promise sata controller to function to allow my other HD to work.

I installed the drivers both from the CD and via the f6 method from the win xp cd and floppy.

I look in the hardware config and the controller is working and active but i still cannot get this 80gig to be recognized.

What am i not doing?

Thanks again

specs are in my sig

PSU are as follows (Antec 400watt)
3.3v = 2.38v
5v = 4.98v
12v = 11.89v

DB Windows 8 X Windows Phone 7

Olá Amigos
Fiz a atualização para o Windows 8, porém o Zune não está sincronizando com meu celular com Windows Phone 7. O que devo fazer?

DB Re: 2011

is the "what's new" out yet on 2011?

win xp 2002 sp3
xeon cpu 3.00 GHz
4 gig of ram
AutoCAD 2010
nvida quadro fx3500
Inventor 2010 sp2

DB select case verus overloading

select case versus overloading, is there an actual advantage to using a overloading structure to accomplish the same thing as a select case?

This is not actual syntax

Select case MyInputResult
Case is boolean
Case is Decimal
Case is String
Case else
end select


overloadsfunction ProcessResult(result as boolean)
overloads function ProcessResult(result as Decimal)
overloads function ProcessResult(result as String)
overloads function ProcessResult(result as object)

DB unable to delete call history even upgraded to IOS5

noted that the IOS 5 can delete single call history but after upgrading the Iphone to IOS 5 version, the single call history delete function is not working... pls help!!

DB ***new motorola sb6120***

hello, just gotsb6120 installed. got a quick question about channel bonding.

modem has bonded to receive. download (led has turn blue) however the send hasnt bonded yet. (green led)

i have read online that upstream channel bonding is not availible, would like to confirm that. tnks

im in chicago zip code 60630

DB Performance with external display

when I'm connecting my 19'' TFT to the MacBook the performance (with the same applications runnig) is realy bad. It tooks longer to switch between apps and if I don't use an app for some time, it can took up to 30 sec to "reactivate" the app.
Because the HD is working when I switch apps, it looks like the OS is swapping. My question: Would it help to upgrade the MacBook to 2GB ram? AFAIC the intel card uses shared memory.

Thanks for your help

MacBook 1.83 GHz/1GB Mac OS X (10.4.8)

DB Web GUI hangs


I am trying to access Web GUI using the URL "http://mydomain.com:8102/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui".

I can get the login page and prompt, but after keying in the ID password, it hangs. It's a valid ID password as there's no problem logging in via the LogonPad.

The port number is as per what was configured in SMICM.

Anything else that I need to configure?


DB Load Magazine

whens the new load magazine comin out because i really like it. if its out can you please give me the website adress.


DB The new version of Thunderbird doesnt show quotes around a persons name in To: line

The new version of Thunderbird doesn't show quotes around the name of the person in the header part of the composition window. For example it now displays the e-mail address as
Smith, John john.smith@nowhere.com
instead of
"Smith, John" john.smith@nowhere.com
even though the quotes are there in the mail that is sent. How can I change the behavior back to show the quotes?

DB 720p or 1080p


I'm just wondering if there is a big difference, or, will I see a difference between a 50 inch. plasma 720p and 1080p. Basicly, I have Bell express vue HD for the hockey games and I and using (sometimes) the PS3 for my blueray's movie....Other then that, I it's basicly regulars DVDs and regular satelitte tv...so, is it realy worth the pay the extra money for the 1080p or will I'll be ok with the 720p ? In case it's important, it's about 8 to 10 feet between the TV and the sofa....

Thanks !

DB aucun affichage du sigle antivirus que dois-je faire

Bonsoir, j'avais installé l'antivirus microsoft security essentials gratuit et je pouvais vérifier régulièrement car je voyais l'affichage au bas de l'écran( vert ou orange). Depuis ce matin, il n'y a plus rien. J'ai essayé de le réinstallet et toujours
rien. Qui peut m'aider? merci d'avance

DB Problem while recording C011n

I am doing recording for production order confirmation using CO11N ,

in this i want to create new batch by using path Menu-- Component -- Batch Management -- Batch Create

But it is giving message as 'Error when creating a new batch' and it is not allowing to proceed.

Please it is urgent.

Thanks in advance.

with regards,

Rajesh C

DB Socket Exception

Hi I am using a Tomcat Server. But after using for a while, I will got the following error:

java.net.SocketException: Unexpected end of file from server

How should i solve this problem?


DB how do i list open ports and find out which program is using them please

how do i list open ports and find out which program is using them please

DB Third-party JNI Call missing?

I have been successfully running a third-party application that uses JNI under J2SE 1.3.1 but when I try to run it under J2SE 1.4.2 I get the following error:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getPrimitiveClass (Ljava.lang.String;)Ljava.lang.Class;

I do not seem to get this error when running it under gcj 4.1.1. This is Fedora Core 6 and the application runs under Tomcat 5.5 (through Apache).