DB Error while running an Odata service in Advanced Rest Client

Hi Experts,

We have created one simple OData model (using Integration gateway) with datasource as SOAP web service. We are able to test the SOAP Web service in STORM tool and getting desired response. But when we run the converted OData URL in Advanced REST Client we are getting the following exceptions/errors.

Could not send message

Also, while looking at SMP3 server log, we came across below error logs:

+0530#ERROR#com.sap.gateway.core.ip.odata.ODataErrorCallbackImpl##anonymous#http-bio-8080-exec-1###handleError(): failed to serve request for URI http://ip:8080/gateway/odata/sap/REL2;v=1/GetUserDets(Applid='****',Applpwd='****',Fund='***',Userid='****.***@gmail.com',Password='***@1234'), message = Could not instantiate data provider based on class null |

+0530#ERROR#com.sap.gateway.core.ip.runtime.PathInfoExtractor##anonymous#http-bio-8080-exec-1###null java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null

Any help?



DB urgent stored procedure


This table contains 1lack records.
here user passwords contain alpha numeric.
we like to change all old users passwords
and new users as 4 digit numeric password.
So,I need a stord procedure by check the old passwords when
they login and convert that one into numeric.

details of stored procedure
inputparameter mobno
outputparameter : password
: status

if the password not existed(new users) for a particuler user, new random 4 digit password
will be returned.

if the password existed and in the form of alpha-numeric, new random 4 digit

password will be returned.

if 4 digit password existed for that user, initial password will be returned.



here password and password1 are nulls for new users registration.

many thanks,i need this procedure soon,
any one can send me soon.

DB HP Deskjet 2542 Setup Problem


Just bought aHP Deskjet 2542 an unpacked it. After performing steps 1,2, 3 in the install guide and plugging it in. I found that the power button does not light up, but there is a white light next to the Wireless Direct button and the Attention Light and Cartridge lights are lit but not blinking. So I have power but the printer does not do anything or calibrate itself. I didn't see any obstructions. Installing the printer cartridges does not help. What can be causing this problem?



DB Drop User and Create User on db

Currently we have db's that are versions of our intranet db's on a different server. We have been experiencing problems with the main User on those duplicate databases after an backup and restore of the db's. The user exists on the db and the
user mappings are correct for that user but the user cannot access the db and as a result the application fails. The fix is to go into the db, drop the user, then add the user back in with the correct roles in the User Mappings. This has been happening
sporadically since SQL 2005.
We are still sometimes having this issue in SQL2008 and have implemented a server job to address the issue should it happen. The server job runs the following script in a step for each db.

SET destination_server=myServerName
SET db_name=myDBName

sqlcmd -S %destination_server% -V10 -m1 -Q USE %db_name%; DROP USER [myUserName]; CREATE USER [myUserName]; EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', N'myUserName';
The type is an 'Operating system [CmdExec]' and is run as 'SQL Server Agent Service Account'.
This code executes without issue, but as a test I took away all the roles for the user, then executed the script and even though it executed successfully, the user was not dropped and the role of db_owner was not reapplied. I can only assume from that,
the script failed.
Can someone shed some light on this for me?

DB Error 43 when copying files to MacBook Air

I have a 13 GB folder which resides on an iMac running OS 10.4.11, containing many subfolders and various files (Word docs, Entourage messages, pdfs etc). I regularly back this up (over ethernet) to other Macs (running OS 10.3.9 and even OS 9.2) without problem.

However, when copying over ethernet to the MacBook Air running OS 10.5.5 using its USB/ethernet adaptor, most files copy, but at various points (not always the same point if I repeat the operation) the copying comes to a halt with the message: "The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found. (Error Code -43)".

I have tried running Disk Utility on the source volume and have repaired all erroneous permissions but does not solve the problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.

DB Need Assistance with regards to the creation of Frames

Dear Everyone:

I would like to ask you a question in regards to Frames in Java. As you know, each time we create a Frame in Java, the name for the Frame is explicitly specified in the "super" statement of the constructor such as the following:

public class TheFrame extends JFrame{

Public TheFrame (String title){

super ("GoodFrame");

which will display an empty frame with the name "GoodFrame" written on the left corner of it. Now, I would like to do something else with it. I am intending to add a button, a Label, and a TextField, BUT not embedded inside the frame, but rather next to the writing where it says "Good Frame". So I am intending to create the Textfield right next to the writing with the Label just under it and then the button right before the "minimize, square and X" signs of the window. I hope my question doesn't appear to be very cumbersome. Can anyone render me his/her assitance in this realm? I would be much obliged and grateful.

Best Regards,
Vahid Isabeigi

DB ipod won't restore and is running REALLY HOT

I have both the folder icon and the sad ipod icon. I decided to restore. But when I try I keep getting "There was an error " while restoring. Also, I have both charged with the ac adapter and connected via firewire; this causes the ipod to get extremely hot. I have had this ipod click wheel for at least 18 months, it has never gotten this hot.

What now? What are my options besides running it over with my car.

DB Help! WebCam Instant

I just bought this webcam for my kids, WebCam Instant it looked greatThe games worked great, but once I tried locating the creative dri'veI couldnt find it, and when I did it said the computer didnt have therequirements. I have the new Vista , Im thinking it could work cause it does say 2000or higher but it doesnt. Is there a download update I can get ??I just want to know before I return the item. Thanks in advance!

DB Encore build stops

Hi...when I try to build the DVD, the Build Progress always stops with the Transcoding...bar in the audio or video build process. All my video/audio content is dynamic linked from Premiere...any ideas what I'm doing wrong?I've tried this like 5 times and it keeps stopping...grrrrrrr...

DB Screenshot for submission

Hi, I am wondering how you guys are creating screenshots for submission.

The VMWare doesn't seem have take snapshot options so I'm printing screen then cropping in photoshop individually. Is there a better way to do this?

----------------------------------------------------------Twitter: @gyubok

DB M7-S7331 DVD

I need to remove an M7 DVD drive. So far I haven't found a disassembly guide on the Internet for the M7.

It looks like the screw under the drive (one of several labeled F6) has something to do with it, but there seems to be more to it. I noticed some Toshiba notebook computers also have a screw under the keyboard that holds the optical drive in place. Any one know how to remove an M7 optical drive?

Thanks in advance!

DB Windows Media Player doesnt play full songs

I just purchased a Dell studio computer with microsoft products loaded onto it. I've downloaded CD's onto it and when playing them back, I have problems with Medial Player only playing part of asong then cycling to another song. There is also an issue
with the sound automatically adjusting. Don't know if it's the same problem or a different one.

DB Attivazione Seven HP

Volevo sapere se c'era un modo per evitare che ogni volta si telefoni al numero 800531042 per attivare il O.S. visto che è la quarta volta che faccio l'attivazione on line (prima non mi capitava)!!! Penso che abbia finito le possibilità diattivare il
prodotto via internet. Comunque esiste un modo???

DB do not see wireless network monitor icon

Hi, I just installed a WRT 160 N express card, and I am connected to my network.

However, I do not see the network monitor icon (I just have the Vista network connection). In Start, I do not get a linkys folder.

Any ideas on how to get into the monitor?



DB Window list in Gnome-Shell

Hi, Im looking for a window list type extension in Gnome Shell and Arch.

Saw this one in the AUR but it seems to be outdated.

http://www.ubunturoot.com/2011/08/windo … nsion.html

I was wondering if there was another one that would work in Gnome Shell 3.2. Ive seen a couple screenshots of window lists in Gnome but cant find the right extension for it.


DB New Memory Advised by Crucial Memory Scanner Not Working

Hiya everone, new to the site and hoping for a little bit advice.

I have been thinking about memory upgrade for a while for my Medion Akoya P4020 D.

I ran the Crucial Memory Scanner which showed the Memory below as a suitable upgrade

8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 PC3-12800 Unbuffered NON-ECC 1.35V

Ive wiped my HD, installed Windows 7 64gb, but when I put the new Memory in, the Windows boot either hangs, or I get the blue screen. I have also tried 1 at a time, but it does not work.

Does anyone have any idea's, I am quite good on Compys, but I am totally stumped on this one. The Crucial Tool aadvised this memory.

Appreciate your help and support!!!!

DB External hard drive not recognized by LR 3.6

I'm running Mac OS 10.8.2.

One of my external image storage drives is not being recognized by LR 3.6. The drive shows up on my desktop and can easily be accessed by other apps. But it's not included in the list of drives in my Folders. All other external drives show up fine.

Interestingly, if I boot up with my back-up external boot drive, it shows up! The back-up and the regular boot-up are identical in every way.

DB Aside from ME5K, is there an alternate way to display open Purchase Requisitions/POs related to a certain Internal order?

Is there anyone who could suggest an alternate way to display open Purchase Requisitions/POs related to an Internal Order?

Thank you!

DB invoke always returns 0

Hi everyone,
I have a head scratching issue with a domain service class performing a count on the server side and its supposed to return that count to the client side and i can't get it to work, it always returns 0 - here's the client side code:

Dim username As String = tbUserName.Text
Dim password As String = pbPassword.Password
Dim totalcount As Integer = -1
Dim context = New LoginContext()

context.Load(context.GetLoginsByNameQuery(username, password))
totalcount = context.countloginsmatching(username, password).Value

Dim invokeop As InvokeOperation(Of Integer)
invokeop = context.countloginsmatching(username, password)
Label3.Content = invokeop.Value

DataGrid1.ItemsSource = context.logins
and here's the server side code in the domainservice:
Public Function countloginsmatching(ByVal username As String, ByVal password As String) As Integer
Dim credentials As List(Of login)
credentials = Me.ObjectContext.logins.Where(Function(t) t.username = username AndAlso t.password = password).ToList()
Return credentials.Count
End Function

The datagrid and the label are just for debugging purposes so that i can see the values being passed....any insight would be helpful - thanks folks.

DB Shared Services Administration Issue

I successfully configured the central administration sharepoint services and Shared services administration. the url like: http://sharepointportal/ssp/admin.
But it is not working.
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
error displayed.
please give me the solution for this issue

DB How to find duration of netStream?


I am trying to get the duration of my netstream video .. anybody knows the solution of this prblem please help me



Go to Solution.

DB The 1st time I played this game, I downloaded...

What mods did you download when you first started playing MNR...

I remember downloading all 4 Ninja Turtles, the TMNT Van, the tasmanian devil "Taz" and the 1960's Batman and his Classic Batmobile.

What about you ?

DB Thread: Where to download the zfd agent?

Does anybody have a link for the download of the latest zfd agent 4.0.1

SP1B? I\'ve searched on on the public download page and looked in the

Customer Care upgrade fulfillment tool.


Tim Williams

DB Sure Sigan V3 connection probs

Hi. Bought the new device yesterday, wired it up as per instructions and plugged in. After intial lights it settled down to stady red light and flashing internet light... no other lights on. This indicates "connection in progress"... its been like that 24 hours now... so I suspect it is not going to connect. I have confirmation that it is registered OK. My serial number is 40131963940; my router is a Netgear DGND3700, IP adress and is running internet fine.

Can you help please..?

DB Avaya 3641 IP-Phones and Aruba controller

We faced allot of trouble fixing the connection of avaya ip telephony with Aruba's controller, seems like there is a few thing to take in consideration before opining ticket :)So here is the configuration made between Avaya 3641 IP-Phones and Aruba controller 3600;From The IP-Phone side :1- Network Configuration à IP-Address à Static IP à2- Network Configuration à SSID à write the SSID assigned name on the controller(V and U look the same on the screen! Be aware.3- Network Configuration à WLAN settings à Custom à Security à WPA2-PSK à PassPhrase4- Network Configuration à WLAN settings à Custom à QoS à Wi-Fi Standard à Admission Control à Optional5- Network Configuration à Reg. Domain à 02 à b b/g mixed6- Diagnostics à Run Site Survey ( Just to make sure AP is visible by the Phone)From The Controller side (Eng.Ahmed Enaya Did most of the below:1- Updating the IOS of the controller to the latest version2- Making all the VLans as trusted3- Removing the firewall and moving the security to be from the switch side in case there is no PEFNG license.4- Enabling WMM (a,g Netowrks)

DB general item category group

Dear Experts,

In Material Master Basic Data 1 General Item Category Group is there what is the difference between item category group and gen item cat group please explain ....



DB Keyboard filter for Pavillion dv 2410us

I need the drivers for keyboard filter for a Pavillion dv 2410us in order to upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Premium.Can somebody tell me where can I find them?


DB Re:

We are having a bit of a problem. Our QA department would like to insert
MCAD drawings in his Word documents using AutoCAD 2000i. No problem
inserting thhe drawing, but the colours are yellow, red etc... and he would
like the colours to be all black. We tried selecting all the layers and then
changing the colour to black, but the dims are still red and the model
outline is yellow. I know how to do it in MCAD, but not in AutoCAD.
Any ideas? QA does not have access to MCAD only AutoCAD.

DB error Miscrsoft Visual CRuntime Library on Internet Explorer 8.

Original Title: Runtime Error
On most sites I try to visit on IE 8, I get a run time error: Miscrsoft Visual C++Runtime Library. How can I stop this?

DB Omg

i try to send a payment to this guy and every time it say its unclaimed and he said that he has no clue how to claim it and that he talk to ebay and paypal and they have no clue why it is saying that and now he wants me to send a check by mail to him and i dont have any checks and this has been going on for 3 weeks now??

i just want to send the item back to him at this piont!!!!!

i have try to have him request a payment and still does not work there is nno problem on my side

DB BT Business Prices

I have BT Business broadband and I am paying £94.20 per quarter. I've been contacted recently and the prices are 50% less. I want to know why I was not offered a cheaper package when these were available.

DB how can i start my winrt xaml column chart from 0 axis in middle if there is values in (- )mins/negetive or from bottom if values in positive

how can i start my winrt xaml column chart from 0 axis in middle if there is values in (- )mins/negetive or from bottom if values in positive

i am using this code to fix bar width and color of each bar
private static Style GetNewDataPointStyle2(int it)

if (it == 0)
background = Colors.SkyBlue;
if (it == 1)
background = Colors.LightGreen;
if (it == 2)
background = Colors.IndianRed;
if (it == 3)
background = Colors.Goldenrod;
if (it == 4)
background = Colors.Chocolate;
if (it == 5)
background = Colors.Aqua;
if (it == 6)
background = Colors.Brown;

Style style = new Style(typeof(Control));
Setter st1 = new Setter(Control.BackgroundProperty, new SolidColorBrush(background));
Setter st2 = new Setter(Control.BorderBrushProperty, new SolidColorBrush(Colors.White));
Setter st3 = new Setter(Control.BorderThicknessProperty, new Thickness(0));
Setter st4 = new Setter(Control.HeightProperty, 0);
Setter st5 = new Setter(Control.WidthProperty, 0);
Setter st6 = new Setter(Control.MaxWidthProperty, 30);
Setter st7 = new Setter(Control.MinWidthProperty, 30);
Setter st8 = new Setter(Control.MarginProperty, new Thickness(5,0,5,0));
Setter st9 = new Setter(Control.PaddingProperty, new Thickness(2, 2, 2, 2));

//Setter st6 = new Setter(DataPoint.TemplateProperty, null); // causes exception
style.Setters.Add(st1); style.Setters.Add(st2); style.Setters.Add(st3); style.Setters.Add(st4); style.Setters.Add(st5); style.Setters.Add(st6); style.Setters.Add(st7); style.Setters.Add(st8); style.Setters.Add(st9);
return style;

current output is.....
but i need

or.. starting 0 from bottom if all values are positive

DB how find where a file is used as link for indd files

good evening, If i used a text file or an image as a link in more than one indd file, is it possible to know in which and how many files indd this files is a link? if yes, how can i do?

DB Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator no Windows 8 MKLC no NT 6.2 x64

Boa noite, usuários e funcionários da Microsoft!

Preciso criar/editar layouts de teclado no Windows, e infelizmente a única opção que tenho é o Windows 8 x64 (NT 6.2).
Eu consigui instalar e executar o programa com perfeição. Crio meus layouts com todo o esmero e os salvo. O problema vem quando tento construir o setup e os DLLs: o seguinte erro ocorre em todos os tipos de teclado (i386, amd64, WoW64 etc...):

Halp D=

DB New blackberry - set-up

I just bought a SIM-free blackberry 9720, i.e. it's not part of a contract with a modile servie provider,and it's not recognising any of the WIFI or e-mail passwords I'm putting in when trying to set up the phone. Am I missing an important step?

DB Reset of Fixed Deposite Interest Accrual

Dear All,

We have configured the Fexed Deposite Component in the Treasure Module and we have been able to process all transaction properly starting from creating the FD till posting the accounting entry. But while we execute the accruals the reset entry in the following month is not posting the reversal entry instead it is repeating the same entry as the reset entry in the following month.

Please if anybody can suggest the rught process to set up the reset of accrual process.

THanks Regards