DB ready share not working randomly

Hoping to get some help with a problem I have with this router. Here goes...

I watch shows via a HDD connected via USB to the router. In the front room it is wirelessly through the PS3, in the back room it is ethernet cable to the TV. For a long time it worked flawlessly. But recently it started playing up, does things like not show the full list of shows or not connect at all, I mean 'not connect at all' because it doesn't show up on the TV. Sometimes just turning off then on again bring it back to normal. Other times, I'll just have to leave it.

I thought it may have been a problem with the PS3 but because it is happening in both front and back room tells me it is likely problem with the router.

I am probably leaving out some details in my explanation to get help. Please let me know what other details I can provide.

Looking forward to some suggestions to break down the problem and hopefully find a solution.

By the way, no problems with the wireless. I never have issues with surfing around on laptop or iPad. I think the issue is with ready share.

DB Updates


What the is wrong with update packages in the Netherlands (provider Hi)? Today i tried to update my Torch 9810 again. This time it's package 1149. After the update is installed, I find out that BB protect does not work anymore, the touchscreen freezes every 10 seconds, iconselection is an absolute drama!

I've had simulare problems before with update package 2406 and visited the repair centre three times without results. Even the centre didn't know what to do. I tried everything; battery pulls, reinstalling the OS several times, deleting all 3rd party software etc. etc. etc. etc.

Is there any chance (please!!) that RIM will make an update that will actually work?! I'm a big blackberry fan but i'm beginning to lose my patience. I'm putting package 1465 back on the device as it seems to be the only working package. I guess i'll have to do without the extra's, gadgets and other applications i paid for....

RIM, get your business back on track, your going to lose a lot of customers this way.


DB Need a declaration of honor signed by Windows Azure legal representative.

Is it possible for a legal Windows Azure representative to sign a declaration of Honour, so that services hosted on Azure can be offered to governmental bodies that demand such documents?

DB DecryptByPassPhrase not decrypting varchar columns after copying a database

I have an encrypted column of data that is encrypted by a passphrase.  The passphrase was encrypted by a symetric key in a key pair.  The passphrase also is stored in a table.  I can get the passphrase as needed to encrypt/decrypt the columns. I copied the production database to a new database for development.  Subsequently I had to create a new symmetric/asymmetic key pair and recreated my passphrase with the new key pair.  Now the passphrase will decrypt a text column but it will not decrypt two other columns which are of type varchar in the database.  Here is an example:
DECLARE @pss varchar(30)EXEC [dbo].[uspPassPhraseGet] @pss OUTPUTSELECT DISTINCT contactid, uissueid, createdby, created_dt,CONVERT(varchar(max),DecryptByPassPhrase(@pss, CONVERT(varchar(max),dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry.title), 1, CONVERT(varbinary, 23))) as title,CONVERT(varchar(max),DecryptByPassPhrase(@pss, CONVERT(varchar(max),dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry.description), 1, CONVERT(varbinary, 23))) as description,CONVERT(varchar(max),DecryptByPassPhrase(@pss, CONVERT(varchar(max),dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry.shortdesc), 1, CONVERT(varbinary, 23))) as shortdesc,closed_dt, confidential, statusid, due_dt, deleted_dt,deletedbyid, highrisk, dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry.designator, dbo.tbl_ref_sys_status.description AS statusdescFROM dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry INNER JOINdbo.tbl_ref_sys_status ON statusid = dbo.tbl_ref_sys_status.ustatusid INNER JOINdbo.tbl_gbl_lkp_security ON uissueid = dbo.tbl_gbl_lkp_security.msgid AND dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry.designator = dbo.tbl_gbl_lkp_security.designator
Like I said I can execute the uspPassPhraseGet stored procedure and I get my passphrase.  It will correctly decrypt the dbo.tbl_msg_app_legislativeinquiry.description field which is great but the other two fields will not decrypt.  When i copied the database over the encrypted fields do not display the same on the new database.  The old database shows a box character followed by a bunch of junk (as expected).  The new copied table on the new database shows only a single box (not the same as the original).  Is there a known bug with copying a table with varchar fields that are encrypted to a new database?  I tried to run a test and got the same result.  I also tried to convert the varchar columns to text to see if that solved the problem and it didn't.  The description field however is a text type column and it reads exactly as the original. The problem I think is that the Copy Database didn't actually copy my data correctly.  How can I get the original encrypted data from the production into my development.  I also tried just dropping the table and reimporting the table but that didnt take either.  Scratching my head on this one.

DB Compiler not erroring IFORT 9.0

I'm working with a mixed language (F90,C,C++,Ada) project, thus many !DEC$ ATTRIBUTES ALIAS : 'some_var_' :: SOME_VAR statements. Occasionally a file will get into the Linux port that still has the Windows-style name decoration in the ATTRIBUTES ALIAS statement. Usually, the linker will identify these for me with an "unresolved external symbol" error. Sometime in the process of upgrading ifort 9.0, this ceased to happen. I tracked down several problems this week to variables with incorrect alias decoration, but the linker wasn't giving an error. Help? We're running IFORT 9.0 20050624.

DB Second DVI Port not working?


I just purchased a HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1224 (windows 7 home premium) and an having problems hooking up 2 monitors via the built-in DVI outputs.

I have a monitor plugged into each of the DVI ports. The computer doesn't seem to detect any monitor plugged into the lower DVI port. I've tried switching a number of times; if a monitor is plugged into the top port, it works fine; if it's plugged into the bottom port, the computer doesn't detect it. I've tried going to the "screen resolution" menu to manually detect the second monitor, but hitting the "detect" button doesn't find the second monitor.

Is there some sort of trick to get dual-monitors working with this computer?


DB ASA 5510 RAM upgrade with active/failover pair

We are planning to upgrade the RAM from 256 to 512 MB each on our two ASA's 5510 which are in active/standby mode. I was wondering if anyone has done this and how can this be done with minimum or no downtime.

My thoughts were to shut the standby and replace the memory and bring it back up. However at this time the two ASA's will have different memory configs so will the active/failover work?If it works then I can make the standby active by shutting down the primary(active) and then upgrade the memory on that.

Let me know if there are documents anywhere on this or if anyone has successfully done it.



DB Preference named layout.css.devPixelsPerPx

I wanted to make the standard zoom in Firefox a little smaller, so I went to the preference named layout.css.devPixelsPerPx in about:config and messed around with it a bit. I wanted to change it from -1.0 to 1.2, but I accidentally typed 12 or 102 instead of 1.2, and now the Firefox screen is so huge, I can't do ANYTHING on it, so I can't change the preference back to 1.0 or 1.2 or whatever.

Is there any way to fix this without having to completely uninstall firefox? I'm loath to lose my settings and favourites...

DB No Audio while playing MPEG4 video

I don't hear any audio while playing MPEG4 video. It gives error saying codec not installed.

DB Cannot update Sophos Anti-Virus

It seems that I cannot update Sophos Anti-Virus. I have version 8.0.23C.

What do I do. I have a quarantined virus but cannot eliminate.Must I buy the license? If yes, how do I do so?

Please review and respond.

DB Re: Missing PDF overlays when printing


I have a problem with a drawing that has a PDF as an overlay. I've inserted it using xref manager, I can see it in the model space, I can see it in the paper space. When I come to print it I can see it in the print preview, but when the hardcopy comes out there is no PDF. I've tried it on other PC's in the office and same outcome, but a person in a different office connecting to the same plotter has printed it out with success. Is there a setting I’m missing to engage?


DB Which is role provided to agency as a Business Partners in SAP e-Rec System

Which is role provided to agency as a Business Partners in SAP e-Rec System

DB help with an advance mysql query

I'm using CF 7 to query a MySQL 5 DB.

I was wondering if it's possible to add an OR operator in a
subquery or at the end of a conditional statment. Let's say that in
my conditional WHERE statement after a few inclusive conditions, I
wanted to add an "AND OR" logic.
maybe by including part of my code I can be a little more

cfquery name="domysearch" ...
a.id as id,
b.company as company,
c.add_line1 as add_line1,
FROM registratn_contacts a, registratn b,
registratn_addresses c
WHERE a.owner = #arguments.owner#
AND b.id = a.master_record
AND c.id = a.address_id
AND c.state = 'NY'
OR c.state = 'CA'

I would like to know if I can or should accomplish this in my
query or if I should have this logic outside the query?

Thanks for any help!!!!


DB How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone 4?

I am leaving USA in month and I heard Verizon can unlock iPhone 4 for free or small cost....help please

DB first I was not receving messages. Have yet to receive messages that were sent yesterday. Did a "hard reset" and now have constantly scrolling list of system applications on my screen. Also have constant issues with low storage space.

first I was not receving messages. Have yet to receive messages that were sent yesterday. Did a "hard reset" and now have constantly scrolling list of system applications on my screen. Also have constant issues with low storage space. ?

DB Domandina

qualcuno mi sa dire se il jpad con cavo usb della ps2 puo' essere usato con la ps3?

Io vorrei giocare a re5 con un mio amico possessore di ps2 slime non vorrei comprare un altro jpad solo

per qualche partita ogni tanto .

Grazie a tutti


DB Newsletter fonts printing issues

Hi guys,

I am designing a newsletter in InDesign. Then i exported to a PDF and send it to a group of people. My questions are

1) I am using Adobe Garamond font for text. I would like the font to be embedded and be able to anybody who open the pdf to print with that font. Is that possible? If is not what are my options?

2) Is there any command or script which would make the PDF to open to a certain size when viewing on the internet? Most of the people who will receive the PDF are either older (not very good eyesight) and very little knowledge of computer (they might even don't know how to zoom in). I would like to open it to full with page. The other option is to upload the PDF to


Thanks for any help



DB iCal, Public Folders Exchange: How to?

Hi Everyone!

I've only been able to find fragments of info on this subject. Does anyone have a definitive method for sharing calendars between Exchange 2010 users and iCal users on 10.6?

Not just other people's calendars but shared resources (like a meeting room).

Currently my organization is using Public Folders in Exchange to accomplish this. However, nobody using iCal can view/edit those Public Folders.

Thanks in advance for any info.

DB DPM 2012 R2 - Volume de point de rcupration : xx GB allou, 0 KB utilis

Serveur 2012 R2 Sdt SQL2012 DPM 2012 R2
Après créations de mes différents groupes de protection, mes sauvegardes sur disque, mes points de récupération fonctionnent correctement.
Par contre dans la console DPM, en affichage, la taille utilisée pour les Volumes de point de récupération restent figés à 0 KB.
Via la gestion des disques je constate que tout est cohérent, les points de récup utilisent bien de la place....
Embêtant... pour évaluer rapidement, la saturations des volumes.
Dans l'attente de votre aide, merci

DB Publisher Reloads Fast, But Distribution to Server Mount SLOW

I've got Publisher installed and running on a server. It reloads my 400 Meg file in a couple of minutes, but then takes close to 20 minutes to distribute the file to the server mount that I have set up in the "Distribute" tab in the Publisher Task.

I have see a couple of other post about this, but no response as to a resolution.

Has any one had this issue and found a fix or is it a "bug".

DB Regarding 4.0.4 update in NEO V


I have Xperia Neo V. I have just recieve an update from my phone's update center that " 4.1.B.0.431 " is available.

My phone's current version is 4.0.3 and build number " 4.1.A.0.562 " . And my SI number is also in list.

So , should i go with it ? or will wait to update via PCC or SUS ?

Please guys suggest for the same.

Thanx in advance.

DB Build Done Of V5.3 With OSPFD

HiI have just compiled a build of v5.3 with quagga ospfd included.If anybody is interested in trying it out PM me.Config of zebra.conf and ospfd.conf is in /etc/persistentSo you need to know what you are doing with quagga to try it.KR'sMark

DB 10.6.8 to 10.8 after software update??

My neighobur called me over to see her iMac because apps were quiting unexpectedly. She told me she had a software update the night before.In doing a problem solving process I checked her system software and it was 10.8. Didn't occur to me until after hours of searching for other problems, that her current software was 10.6.8.How in the world did she get 10.8 installed as the current software from an update? All of the installed applications were non functional after this update. I had to back up her HDD to an external I had (she had no time machine) then erase, reformat and reinstall 10.6.8 from her disc.Anyone else heard of this issue? Was it a fubar update from Apple or something else? It just doesn't seem possible to go from Snow Leopard to Lion from an Apple update.

DB SUM function problem

Dear All,

May i know how to SUM the data in one LINE ?

based on below result i had sum the data, but the result show in two LINE.
the actual result i want is sum all in one LINE.
example - total days is 6











DB Do you kno how to make setup file which users use to setup my vspackage project?

I am almost done my project. but I just wanna know how to make setup file.
When I build and run my project there is a new toolbar in my menu and then If I click it, my project will be showing in my VS 2010 as a addin program like Visual assist.

So I need to apply same thing in user computer same as a running my project.
Let me know how to make setup file to do same thing as building project.

DB Embedding flash gallery

I'm using CS4 and trying to embed a slide show program called flash-gallery.org. Everytime i try to run the html file, it gives an error message saying i don't have flash player installed but i know it is. I thought maybe teh flash gallery file was corrupt but still get teh same message. Has anyone knowledge of this program? I'm trying to embed a slide show into a website.


Last Monday I had a technician do a port swap for me at the exchange. Anyway, since then (6 days ago) everytime I go to My Account to change my ADSL profile I get this message:

You cannot make changes to your configuration at the moment.
You already have a line configuration change in progress, or you have changed you configuration 3 times in the last 24 hours.
Please try again in 24 hours.

So, it's been 6 days (not 24hrs) and this message is the same everytime I go into do a profile change.
I had Telstra follow up the port swap and ensure that went all ok. I then informed them about this problem and was told I would get a follow up phone call but that was 4 days ago and still have not heard anything.

Can a Telstra rep PM me to find out why I have no access to my ADSL profile changer.


DB creating a shortcut a home to an unavailable print server

I'd like to set up a shortcut on my desktop to my night school's print server. Unfortunately, Vista won't let me make the shortcut because the server can't be found. When I was doing it, I hadn't even bothered connecting to a network yet (I Have no wireless
at home and I hadn't connected the Ethernet cable).

Is is possible to create a shortcut to a server that isn't up and running or do I have to wait until tomorrow when I'm in class?

DB Ik kom niet in mijn hotmail account via explorer maar wel via chrome____Hij blijft vragen naar veilig netwerk of zoiets ik druk op ja__maar blijft opspringen en ook als ik op nee druk blijft het hokje opspringen.__wat te doen

Kan hotmail niet openen via explorer maar wel via chrome???
het hokje of ik veilig wil werken ofzoiets blijft opspringen, als ik op "ja" druk maar ook als ik op "nee'" druk
Wat te doen, wie kan mij helpen?

DB Toner Catridges

I have a HP Laser Jet Pro CM1415fnw color and I only print black is it okay if I don't replace the color toner catridges

DB audio mix

I'm confused about levels. When I directly import an audio cd into my timeline it often seems too hot. Is there a standard amount I need to reduce the levels in order for it to not be too hot?

When I get an audio final mix from logic it often seems to be hot. Instead of being up around -6 it seems to be at 0. Is there something I'm not understanding? I thought -12 is on the digital scale what 0 is on the analog.



DB 141 number on SPA504G to hide caller ID

Hi everyone,

I am faced with a problem when trying to dial an external number with 141 in front of it to hide the caller ID ( in the UK ).

I am always getting the error ( invalid number ) and showing me the number with the two last digits missing. But, if I do this without typing the regional code ( giving me a shorter number ), it is working fine and hiding the caller ID.

I have tried to modify the handset dial plan without much succed. I first thought that maybe the handset would have some type of restriction on the length of digits to dial, but it works fine dialing an International number that is longer than a number with 141 in front.

Any sugestions would be much appreciated.

Current phone dial plan:


Many thanks,


DB Manipulating dynamically created qml components in C++


I've dynamically create a qml page using the following code:
onClicked: {
var favPage = favPageDef.createObject();
attachedObjects: ComponentDefinition {
id: favPageDef
source: "FavPage.qml"
I would now like to manipulate components in this newly created qml page in c++. How do access these components?

I have been able to access qml components quite easily if they were created when the app initialized but obviously this is not the case.

Go to Solution.

DB Lenovo 3000 V100 = Project: "Maximum upgrade"

Hi,recently i bought a 3000 V100, and i would like to upgrade it to the max of its capabilities CPU:now: T5600what is the best CPU that would work with the MB? I found some information that the max i could put in would be T7200... but on the other hand the latest BIOS supports "new Merom CPU"... so maybe it would be possible to put in even the T7800?RAM:now: 2x1GBI want to install 64bit win7 here... and i was hoping i could install 2x2GB. I found information that V100 supports only up to 2GB... but on the other hand i found some info about a guy who was running 3GB on 32bit OS... So would it support 4GB on 64bit OS?HDD:now: 120GBI was hoping to install 500GB or 640GB HDD... what is the max capacity that V100 will support?i hope that all of you will share your knowladge with me

DB SQL querry to QVW

I have a SQL querry, where there is filter for date and branches, the querry works fine in qvw application

but whn i remove the filter for date and branch ( Bold letters ),

the querry doesnt work in qvw,

pls find the querry, need help/suggestions on this Error Msg : Execution failed Reload old data



DB the o key isnt working! HELP

good evening!
i have had my bb curve 8520 for about a year now. and today, suddenly the o (O) key refuses to register. it "clicks" as you press it but fails to register on the screen. I am now having to use the zero key to fill in the o's. the alt key also seems to be malfunctioning. I am aware that at least 2 other people also have this problem. I have tried battery pull etc with no effect.
What can I do? please help as it is incredibly irritating and unprofessional typing emails that look like this: unpr0fessi0nal typing emails that l00k like this.
look forward to your smart and insightful replies!

DB Problemas com o Insert e Update

Oi Pessoal!Estou tendo problemas no atualizar da minha tabela. Estou atualizando a Tab_2 com os dados da Tab_1.Na Tab_1 tenho os seguintes registros:1 ___ 02/03/2009 ___ 10,001 ___ 03/03/2009 ___ 20,002 ___ 05/02/2009 ___ 50,002 ___ 10/03/2009 ___ 70,002 ___ 23/04/2009 ___ 15,00Na Tab_2 ñ tenho nenhum cadastrado (vazia)Rodo o código a baixo:

        Set DB = CurrentDb 


        status = PROGRAMADA         

        strSQL = SELECT Lib_Total.Num_Operacao, Lib_Total.Dat_Liberacao, Lib_Total.Val_Liberacao_UM  _                 FROM Lib_Total Where Lib_Total.Sit_Liberacao='  status  ';  


        Set RSCop = DB.OpenRecordset(strSQL)  


        Set RSNor = DB.OpenRecordset(Lib_Nova)  



        Do While Not RSCop.EOF  

            Conta = RSCop!Num_Operacao  


            'variáveis para salvar os valores e adaptar a tabela Lib_Nova  

            ID = RSCop!Num_Operacao  

            ID = Replace(ID, /, )  

            Data = RSCop!Dat_Liberacao  

            Valor = RSCop!Val_Liberacao_UM  

            Valor = Replace(Valor, ,, .)  


            RSNor.Index = ID_Projeto 

            RSNor.Seek =, ID  


            If RSNor.NoMatch Then             

                DoCmd.SetWarnings False  

                    DoCmd.RunSQL INSERT INTO Lib_Nova (ID_Operacao,  Data_do_Planejamento, Valor_Planejado)   _  

                                 VALUES ('  ID  ', #  Data  #,   Valor  );  

                DoCmd.SetWarnings True  


            Debug.Print ID  

                RSNor.Edit ' O Cliente já está cadastrado na tabela - Inclui  

                RSNor!Data_do_Planejamento = RSCop!Dat_Liberacao  

                RSNor!Valor_Planejado = RSCop!Val_Liberacao_UM  


            End If  





    Set RSCop = Nothing 

    Set RSNor = Nothing 

DB Downgrading Hardware after Fusion 4 demo

Hey all,

I tried Fusion v4 but didn't really see much of a gain and had a few additional issues. So I let the trial run to the end then tried to switch back to Fusion v3 for which I have a license.

Problem - I need to downgrade my hardware in order to run my VMs on Fusion3. However since the trial period for v4 is expired it won't let me run Fusion 4 to downgrade the VM hardware.

Has anyone got any ideas? A little stand alone tool to downgrade the VMs would be great.