DB Problems with sorting on drill down dimension

I have a line graph on a drill down dimension (month - day). The data shows up fine at first (when showing months) but when I drill down into a month (select a month and click confirm) the dates are not sorted properly but appears in what seem as random order. I have tried different sorting options in the chart configuration but without any luck.

Before selection:

After selecting a month:

Any help is appreciated!



I need to know how to export a clip with the alpha channel intact. I keyed a green screen shot and exported it, but everytime i open it in final cut it has a black background. Need help asap it is the last shot I have to do for a music video that has to be done by monday, thanks.

DB Gmail and the iPhone

My business uses Gmail as their email platform. I have two email addresses with them, one is my alias. I have setup my pc to default to send from my alias, but cannot figure out how to do it on my iPhone 4S and iPad. Thank you in advance for any help!

DB Reconciliao Interna / Imposto Retido na Fonte

Boa tarde,

Estou tentando fazer uma reconciliao Interna para um PN (Fornecedor) e exibida a seguinte mensagem de erro no rodap do SAP B1:

"O imposto retido na fonte tem de ser processado para pelo menos uma das transaes selecionadas. Isto s possivel restingindo a reconciliao a transaes com o mesmo cdigo IRF."

O que pode estar havendo?


DB [SOLVED]No Sound in Savage2

I found the other thread for this, but the solution was in another forum I cant enter without registration, and registration is disabled.......So, what should I do to fix Savage2 sound? I dont get anything, and I know my alsa device is free. Everything else works great

SOLUTION: Change sound settings from default to ALSA

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DB How to disable tabs in tabcontrol?

Hi All, I need to know how to disable the tabs in tabcontrol. I have 5 tabpages in a tabcontrol. I want only the first tabpage to be enabled and all others do be disabled. Only when the user selects some controls then he must be able to navigate to the
next tabpage. But from 2nd tabpage he must be able to go back to the previous tabpage and change his selections. And similary for all other tabpages. How do i do this? Urgent hel needed. Regards sahana

DB chr(10) in sql

i have comment column in a table. where user can enter multiple rows(ie. new line character also included.).

when i select in sql newline character also comming ..
i just replace with other character chr(14) in full string (many occurence).

with user defiend function we can achive this !!! with out that how can we achive this? any idea ???

With instr and replace or translate function ??


DB Onboard sound card doesnt seem to like Vista

So here's the deal, back in XP I had sound, it was pretty awesome. When I upgraded to vista it starts telling me no audio output device installed so I checked the drivers, tried to update them, uninstalled them and reinstalled, installed a different set of drivers, had Vista relocate my hardware, checked the BIOS to see if it was still seeing my audio device made sure I had all the windows updates, googled it and checked every vista website I could find.Still no luck, it's telling me that my on board sound card on my P5GD2 ASUS Mother Board doesn't exist. and Asus tells me that my mother board isn't in there product catalog (I can find it in google and in several hardware websites such as memory express) Suggestions?

DB Installation error

Trying to install Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000.  During software installation, i get the following error message which prevents me from installing error installing iKernel.exe: (Ox10000).

DB weblogic-ejb-jar problem for weblogic 9.1 sever

I have a question about weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file entries.

weblogic 9.1 server says it is invalid while deploying my file

my file is as under,

?xml version="1.0"?!DOCTYPE weblogic-ejb-jar PUBLIC '-//BEA Systems,
Inc.//DTD WebLogic 8.1.0 EJB//EN'

weblogic-ejb-jar xmlns="http://www.bea.com/ns/weblogic/910"





can anybody help what is wrong with it?

DB HT3281 I try to play my iTunes on my computer.It tells me I have a newer version of iTunes and con not play on the one I have. What do i do?

I try to play music through my iTunes on my computer.It say it can not because I have a newer version of iTunes. I don't know what this means. Do I have to download a newer version or what?

DB Can I use a read only memory in my circuit without an MCR

I am doing a logic simulation. I want to present test vectors to my circuit but only when my circuit is ready for the next vector. I can't use the built in word generator trigger since it triggers a complete stream versus one word at a time. I would prefer to put the data in a read only memory and have my circuit address this memory (not an MCU) for the input(and result vectors). This is a fairly basic requirement and as such I would think there must be a way to do this. Or am I the first person who has ever tried to use a memory device in a logic simulation without an MCU???

DB YouTube changes the #FFFFFF background of my icon on my channel page to something like #F8F8F8.

I have created an icon for my youtube channel and the background is white (#FFFFFF) however when I upload the icon through google+ the icons background doesn't appear pure white and when I screenshot it and sample the colour it works out something like #F8F8F8.

Any ideas how to fix this issue, I know it isn't really a Photoshop question but I couldn't find any other place to post.


DB Error: "Missing Operating System" on Windows 7, HP Pavilion HPE series

Hey guys, I've been getting a "Missing Operating System" error during boot up.

I have an HP Pavilion HPE h8-1214 running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I've already tried using a Windows 7 disk to repair, but I don't think it recognized my hard drive even though in BIOS I could see it.

Right now I'm using an Ubuntu Linux Live CD on the affected machine and it's working just fine. I can even see all my old files!

So I'm asking for help to fix my "Missing Operating System" because I'm stumped.

DB PLAY.com Uncharted beta code?

Got the game but didn't receive the code for U2, did anyone else receive it or not?sorry if this has been mentioned!

DB Help on ScatterViewItem and Element menu

Dear all,
I want to build a scatterview item which contains a picture for instance and also an element menu.
When trying to doing so, I get message that content is set more than once and could not find proper way to define this.
The code I use is the follwoing :
s:ScatterView x:Name=Sante ItemContainerStyle={StaticResource ScatterRestoItemContainerStyle}

Background=#FF4D4D4D Content={StaticResource Resto}

ActivationHost={Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, AncestorType={x:Type s:ScatterViewItem}}}
!-- Position the ElementMenu partially off the top edge. --
TranslateTransform X=0 Y=-27.5/
s:ElementMenuItem Header=Restauration
s:ElementMenuItem Header=Menu/
s:ElementMenuItem Header=Reservation/

What is the way to change my code in order that it accept a scatterview content of anything as well as ElementMenu ?
As a second question, I am creating scatterview items dynamically, how can I add element menu dynamically as well ?
Thnaks for you help
sergeYour knowledge is enhanced by that of others.

DB Template

Hello,I can't find the template which is discussed in the QuickStart Draft3 ?Where can I get it ?Thx

DB Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 factory default recovery not working

I have run the factory deafult recovery using the discs I made when I got the computer, but when it is complete and attempts to load windows it keeps going to a "TOSHIBA Configuring System" page and appears to be running something, then it reboots itself and the process repeats itself. It won't stop doing this..... HELP!!

DB Programmatically create datamodel

HIwe want to programmatically generate a data model inside bi publisher .i Want to specify a SQL query and connection and save it as the XML data model. THe columns of query should show as logical columns and query should show as logical table inside bi publisher report designer we app how do I do it?i Know that there is createObject in the catalogue web service api but it takes binary dataIt seems there is metadata service api but don't want to generate xml for an existing repository. I want to populate an empy repository with XML model created from a query. thanks in advance

DB About to sort a list alphabetically

Hello, I would like to know how it's possible with Pages 08 (3.0.3) to sort a list alphabetically (I pasted a list of vocabulary and would like to sort it) ? I installed Wordservice but there isn't this option in the version. Thanks in advance.

DB Officejet 6700 Premium says color cartridge is depleted and won't print at all

My HP6700 was bought less than a year ago and I've had to purchase color cartridges multiple times and I rarely print in color. I have the setting 'print black and white only' What a SCAM!

DB Re: ORA- 01033: ORACLE intialization or shutdown in progress.


ORA- 01033: ORACLE intialization or shutdown in progress. This error indicates that the database is not up, so please startup the database and check then. If you receive any errors in bringing the database up, please check the alert_SID.log file for details.


DB no bayes in spamassassin

Hi there,

spamassassin works fine, but the bayes-filter does not. i trained the bayes-filter via sa-learn with about 3.000 spam and over 1500 ham mails.

use_bayes is set in local.cf and so in /var/qmail/mailnames/domain/usermail/user_prefs.

my /var/qmail/mailnames/domain/usermail.qmail looks like

| if [ -z $SA ]; then export SA=1; /usr/local/psa/bin/psa-spamc -f -u user@domain.com -U /tmp/spamd_full.sock spamcheck$$; /var/qmail/bin/qmail-local $USER $HOME $LOCAL $HOST $SENDER $DEFAULT spamcheck$$; retval=$?; rm -f spamcheck$$; [ $retval = 0 ] exit 99; exit $?; fi
| /usr/bin/odeiavir
| true
| /usr/bin/spamc -f -u user@domain.com -U /tmp/spamd_full.sock | /usr/bin/maildir ./Maildir/
| /usr/bin/sguardstat user@domain.com 0

so, whats wrong, why isnt the filter working?

DB oracle 9.2 installation on AIX-unix version 5.2


I need to install oracle 9.2 on AIX server whose OS is version 5.2 and hardware is IBM P-Series P615 . Will there be any problem in doing this activity or successfully it can be installed ?

DB To create a bluetooth connection using winsock

I am trying to run the sample application that has been given for creating a Bluetooth connection between two devices using the winsock library.
I am running the sample bluetooth application a client and a CSR development board as a server. I want to transfer the data using the spp profile and display that data on the server side's terminal. On the client side, I am passing the address of the server
through the command line. The connection has been established and i could see the spp server connect confirm message on the server side but unable to receive the packet with the spp data. I have also used a air sniffer to check whether the spp data packet
is sent or not and i could see the spp data packet on the server side page inquiry but unable to receive the message in the handler of the server side. When trying to connect twoCSR development board's using the spp profile i could see the data being
transferred through the spp. Please help me with this as soon as possible. I am attaching the client side code in which i have made changes to the port of the server from 0 to 1.

#include stdio.h
#include initguid.h
#include winsock2.h
#include ws2bth.h
#include strsafe.h
#include intsafe.h

// {B62C4E8D-62CC-404b-BBBF-BF3E3BBB1374}
DEFINE_GUID(g_guidServiceClass, 0xb62c4e8d, 0x62cc, 0x404b, 0xbb, 0xbf, 0xbf, 0x3e, 0x3b, 0xbb, 0x13, 0x74);


#define CXN_BDADDR_STR_LEN 17 // 6 two-digit hex values plus 5 colons
#define CXN_SUCCESS 0
#define CXN_ERROR 1

wchar_t g_szRemoteAddr[CXN_BDADDR_STR_LEN 1] = {0}; // 1 extra for trailing NULL character
int g_ulMaxCxnCycles = 1;

ULONG RunClientMode(__in SOCKADDR_BTH ululRemoteBthAddr, __in int iMaxCxnCycles = 1);
void ShowCmdLineHelp(void);
ULONG ParseCmdLine(__in int argc, __in_ecount(argc) wchar_t * argv[]);

int _cdecl wmain(__in int argc, __in_ecount(argc)wchar_t *argv[])
WSADATA WSAData = {0};
SOCKADDR_BTH RemoteBthAddr = {0};

// Parse the command line
ulRetCode = ParseCmdLine(argc, argv);
if ( CXN_ERROR == ulRetCode ) {
// Command line syntax error. Display cmd line help
} else if ( CXN_SUCCESS != ulRetCode) {
wprintf(L-FATAL- | Error in parsing command line\n);

// Ask for Winsock version 2.2.
if ( CXN_SUCCESS == ulRetCode) {
ulRetCode = WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2, 2), WSAData);
if (CXN_SUCCESS != ulRetCode) {
wprintf(L-FATAL- | Unable to initialize Winsock version 2.2\n);

if ( CXN_SUCCESS == ulRetCode) {

// Note, this app prefers the name if provided, but it is app-specific
// Other applications may provide more generic treatment.
// Get address from formated address-string of the remote device and
// run the application in client mode
int iAddrLen = sizeof(RemoteBthAddr);
ulRetCode = WSAStringToAddressW(g_szRemoteAddr,
if ( CXN_SUCCESS != ulRetCode ) {
wprintf(L-FATAL- | Unable to get address of the remote radio having formated address-string %s\n, g_szRemoteAddr);

if ( CXN_SUCCESS == ulRetCode ) {
ulRetCode = RunClientMode(RemoteBthAddr, g_ulMaxCxnCycles);


// RunClientMode runs the application in client mode. It opens a socket, connects it to a
// remote socket, transfer some data over the connection and closes the connection.
ULONG RunClientMode(__in SOCKADDR_BTH RemoteAddr, __in int iMaxCxnCycles)
int iCxnCount = 0;
wchar_t *pszData = NULL;
SOCKADDR_BTH SockAddrBthServer = RemoteAddr;

pszData = (wchar_t *) HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(),
if ( NULL == pszData ) {
wprintf(L=CRITICAL= | HeapAlloc failed | out of memory, gle = [%d] \n, GetLastError());
if ( CXN_SUCCESS == ulRetCode ) {
// Setting address family to AF_BTH indicates winsock2 to use Bluetooth sockets
// Port should be set to 0 if ServiceClassId is spesified.
SockAddrBthServer.addressFamily = AF_BTH;
SockAddrBthServer.serviceClassId = g_guidServiceClass;
SockAddrBthServer.port = 1;

// Create a static data-string, which will be transferred to the remote
// Bluetooth device

if ( FAILED(res) ) {
wprintf(L=CRITICAL= | Creating a static data string failed\n);
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;


if ( CXN_SUCCESS == ulRetCode ) {

pszData[(CXN_TRANSFER_DATA_LENGTH/sizeof(wchar_t)) - 1] = 0;

// Run the connection/data-transfer for user specified number of cycles
for ( iCxnCount = 0;
(0 == ulRetCode) (iCxnCount iMaxCxnCycles || iMaxCxnCycles == 0);
iCxnCount ) {


// Open a bluetooth socket using RFCOMM protocol
if ( INVALID_SOCKET == LocalSocket ) {
wprintf(L=CRITICAL= | socket() call failed. WSAGetLastError = [%d]\n, WSAGetLastError());
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(Lpassed socket creation\n);
// Connect the socket (pSocket) to a given remote socket represented by address (pServerAddr)
if ( SOCKET_ERROR == connect(LocalSocket,
(struct sockaddr *) SockAddrBthServer,
sizeof(SOCKADDR_BTH)) ) {
wprintf(L=CRITICAL= | connect() call failed. WSAGetLastError=[%d]\n, WSAGetLastError());
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;

// send() call indicates winsock2 to send the given data
// of a specified length over a given connection.

wprintf(L*INFO* | Sending following data string: %s \n, str );

int ret = 0;
ret = send(LocalSocket,
if ( SOCKET_ERROR == ret ) {
wprintf(L=CRITICAL= | send() call failed w/socket = [0x%I64X], szData = [%p], dataLen = [%I64d]. WSAGetLastError=[%d]\n, LocalSocket, pszData, CXN_TRANSFER_DATA_LENGTH, WSAGetLastError());

ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(Lreturn value %d\n,ret);
int i;
// Close the socket
if ( SOCKET_ERROR == closesocket(LocalSocket) ) {
wprintf(L=CRITICAL= | closesocket() call failed w/socket = [0x%I64X]. WSAGetLastError=[%d]\n, LocalSocket, WSAGetLastError());
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;



if ( INVALID_SOCKET != LocalSocket ) {

if ( NULL != pszData ) {
HeapFree(GetProcessHeap(), 0, pszData);
pszData = NULL;


// ShowCmdLineSyntaxHelp displays the command line usage
void ShowCmdLineHelp(void)
L\n Bluetooth Connection Sample application for demonstrating connection and data transfer.
L\n BTHCxn.exe [-nRemoteName | -aRemoteAddress]
L\n [-cConnectionCycles]
L\n Switches applicable for Client mode:
L\n -nRemoteName Specifies name of remote BlueTooth-Device.
L\n -aRemoteAddress Specifies address of remote BlueTooth-Device.
L\n The address is in form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
L\n where XX is a hexidecimal byte
L\n One of the above two switches is required for client.
L\n Switches applicable for both Client and Server mode:
L\n -cConnectionCycles Specifies number of connection cycles.
L\n Default value for this parameter is 1. Specify 0 to
L\n run infinite number of connection cycles.
L\n Command Line Examples:
L\n \BTHCxn.exe -c0\
L\n Runs the BTHCxn server for infinite connection cycles.
L\n The application reports minimal information onto the cmd window.
L\n \BTHCxn.exe -nServerDevice -c50\
L\n Runs the BTHCxn client connecting to remote device (having name
L\n \ServerDevice\ for 50 connection cycles.
L\n The application reports minimal information onto the cmd window.

// ParseCmdLine parses the command line and sets the global variables accordingly.
// It returns CXN_SUCCESS if successful and CXN_ERROR if it detected a mistake in the
// command line parameter used.
ULONG ParseCmdLine (__in int argc, __in_ecount(argc) wchar_t * argv[])
int cbStrLen = 0;

for ( int i = 1; i argc; i ) {
wchar_t * pszToken = argv[i];
if ( *pszToken == L'-' || *pszToken == L'/' ) {
wchar_t token;

// skip over the - or /

// Get the command line option
token = *pszToken;

// Go one past the option the option-data

// Get the option-data
switch ( token ) {
/*case L'n':
cbStrLen = lstrlen(pszToken);
if ( ( 0 cbStrLen ) ( BTH_MAX_NAME_SIZE = cbStrLen ) ) {
res = StringCbCopy(g_szRemoteName, sizeof(g_szRemoteName), pszToken);
if ( FAILED(res) ) {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Unable to parse -nRemoteName, length error (min 1 char, max %d chars)\n, BTH_MAX_NAME_SIZE);
} else {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Unable to parse -nRemoteName, length error (min 1 char, max %d chars)\n, BTH_MAX_NAME_SIZE);
case L'a':
cbStrLen = lstrlen(pszToken);
if ( CXN_BDADDR_STR_LEN == cbStrLen ) {
res = StringCbCopy(g_szRemoteAddr, sizeof(g_szRemoteAddr), pszToken);
if ( FAILED(res) ) {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Unable to parse -aRemoteAddress, Remote bluetooth radio address string length expected %d | Found: %d)\n, CXN_BDADDR_STR_LEN,
} else {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Unable to parse -aRemoteAddress, Remote bluetooth radio address string length expected %d | Found: %d)\n, CXN_BDADDR_STR_LEN, cbStrLen);

case L'c':
if ( 0 lstrlen(pszToken) ) {
swscanf_s(pszToken, L%d, g_ulMaxCxnCycles);
if ( 0 g_ulMaxCxnCycles ) {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Must provide ve or 0 value with -c option\n);
} else {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Must provide a value with -c option\n);

case L'?':
case L'h':
case L'H':
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
} else {
ulRetCode = CXN_ERROR;
wprintf(L!ERROR! | cmd line | Bad option prefix, use '/' or '-' \n);


DB White screen, audio but no video after upgrading to QT7

I was doing fine with the QT version I had but after upgrading to QT 7.1, I can't see the video, or it has a few yellow lines sometimes. The audio is fine. Help!

DB why i cant update my vaio update or run it/

please my windows is 7

my laptop is vpccw15fg

shift key is not working, vaio update is not running and i cant update it as if there no old version of the vaio update


DB issue in wcm s set prepared

hi experts ,

when i am going to set prepared WCM object as set prepared sap doesnot give an error. it just stuck at that screen and does not give any error and any dump also it does not goes forward.

kindly suggest how to reslove this issue.

DB Question: How do I prevent the debugger from stopping in isr_default


I am debugging some small code. My problem is that the debugger keeps getting stopped when it hits the isr_default.

PE_ISR(isr_default){/* Write your interrupt code here ... */}

Is there someway to understand where this interrupt comes from? (In the interrupt vector almost everything except PIT gets directed to this, so I cannot see the origin of the interrupt).

Is there anyway for me to "select" that the debugger should not stop here, just keep going?

I should mention that I am newbie.

Best regards


DB Print Screen on Inspiron 600M

Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.  30 years in the computer industry but I can't seem to get this to work.   Have a Inspiron 600M and cannot seem to get the Prnt Scrn to do it's function.    Any suggestions?   I've tried Ctrl Prnt Scrn,  Ctrl-Alt Prnt Scrn.   Nothing.

DB REAL Permanent solution to ALL of your Noise Problems

Since I've noticed over time that everyone and anyone has some specific noise concern, I've devoted a lot of my time to try to solve this problem.

I have found 2 very reliable options to combat ALL of the whines, not just 1 of them:

1. Set volume at greater then or equal to 8 bars. Open iTunes. Play music. Just like that, the whine is gone!!!

2. Return your mac book pro to an apple store so you can complain to them of hardware issues for repair or return.

I've found stunning results with solution #1. It doesn't require any time waiting in line at an apple store, nor time without your computer! It has also boasted a 100% success rate in suppressing the hardware components (mainly regarding your tympanic membrane and associated conductive and sensorineural hearing components) that perceive the whine.

Good Luck with this fix!!

DB Getting HV Networking to work Invalid Ehternet IP configuration

Win 8.1 with HV manger running, virtual switch created and attached to the correct network adapter. Installed a new win 8.1 virtual machine connect to the new switch). I keep getting Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration
which troubleshooter (As admin) cannot fix.

I have tried disabling firewall, changing switch from external to internal, tried a different net work adapter (wifi).
Of course I have re-started the VM, Manager (after any change) etc.

I suspect it is something simple but I am stumped.

The hardware is an i7 with 8 gigs of ram and 750GB HD.

Any ideas?

DB f14 bios upgrade

I have a DV7 3162nr and I'm trying to do two things. One is to be able to do "wake on Lan" in the bios (which I don't see) and the other is upgrade the Bio which is Version F14. I did down load the latest upgrade and ran it but it gave me an error "cannot check platform Id"? I'm running win7 home Premium. Does this bios even support Wake on lan? I already did the windows side of w-lan just need to do Bios.