DB Hyper-V different Domain usage for RD Virtualization Host

we have 2 AD-Domains (2012-R2):
management.local and production.local. Our Hyper-V Failover-Cluster (3 phys. machines) is placed in management.local. Our Remote-Desktop-Services are placed in production.local (Connection Broker, RD-Session-Host, ...).
We would like to add our Hyper-V-Failover-Cluster Machines as RD Virtualizations-Hosts to our production.local-RD-Environment.
Is that possible? No trusts between production.local and managment.local.
thanks in advance,

DB Stumble Button Help

I am trying to incorporate the Stumble Upon button on my site.

I used this script cut and pasted from the Stumble site:
script src="http://www.stumbleupon.com/hostedbadge.php?s=1"/script

But when the script submits the URL (http://web.me.com/engboy/worldaccordingtoe/Eblog/Eblog.html) it instead submits (http://web.me.com/engboy/worldaccordingtoe/Eblog/Eblogfiles/widget4markup.html)

and if you submit that, all that comes up is the widget. Is this an iWeb incompatibility or am I doing something wrong? Please help!


DB X2-01 Nokia Mail application

I was unable to run my nokia mail application in nokia X2-01
please tell me where can i download it again
not find in nokia store too

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DB really, really basic question

I have taken on a new position that requires maintaining/configuring three PIX 501 VPN routers. I have never done this before and nobody seems to have a clue where the book/manual for this router is. I understand that they configured them by telnetting into the box but I cannont figure out how they did it. I have a single RJ45 connected to the console port and my NIC card, the unit is plugged in to a power source. I have the IP address (internal and external) and when I try to telnet into the box I get a "Unable to open connection: No route to host". What do I do on this? How do I get into this router. Would Cisco send me out another manual on this? Any help greatly needed.


DB abrir o painel de controle, vem sempre a mensagem que o windows eplore deixou de funcionar.

Ideias:não funciona o painel de controle

Programas com os quais você está tendo problemas Mensagens de erro Alterações recentes feitas em seu computador O que você tentou fazer para corrigir o problema
Lembre-se de que este é um fórum público; portanto, nunca poste informações pessoais, como email ou números de telefone!

DB solid amber

I recently had this error occur to my Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset. I've had the headset since July 3, 2012 and it's been working excellent. However, today while I was wearing the headset with the charging cable connected I received a Windows driver failure. The headset stopped functioning.

DB App in "all tab" Adam 160kb moto x

When you click on settings apps all tab I have an adam 160kb running. Is that supposed to be there?

DB For the Hosts ::  Spammer in iPod Forum

For the hosts:

This user, mitchell long is consistently spamming the iPod forums advertising software. The nature of his posts suggest he is most likely affiliated with the developer in some way.

DB seria la REPANOCHA!!!

vale tios a poco no seria la 0stia lo mas friki el santogrial de los mazos personalizados de que os hablo pues de poder integrar a nuestras barajas personajes del universo PLAYSTATION solo imaginen las posibilidades: por ejemplo algo parecido al asceta de las llamas o a didi tener a DANTE o a KRATOS eso en fuego y en biolito a un METAL GEAR REX o un GRAY FOX si ya se es imposible pero se vale soñar alguna otra idea

DB Will a 3945 used as a Voice GW pass ISDN PN to SIP as well as CLI

I am using a 3945 to take a PRI 2M input from a auto dialler, I am then converting this to SIP to pass to a VoIP switch which is doing the PSTN breakout.  I need to set a network CLI as one number, however also pass a presentation number which will be different.  If the dialler sends both numbers (or just a PN and I set the network cli on the GW) will the GW pass it by default or do I need to add some config?  Will a PN be passed into SIP at all?

DB bt net protect plus keeps turning off

I have BT Net Protect Plus (McAfee) installed on my laptop, but it keeps turning itself off. I have tried checking it 3 times today, and twice it was on, now it's turned itself off again. I keep checking the security settings, one minute it's off, the next it's on. I am fairly new to computing, and I have no idea why that's happening. How can I fix it so that it stays on?

DB How do I change my discussion alias?

I just signed in to Apple Discussions and was greeted by a new TOS. Standard blah blah blah, check accept and click Ok. As the screen started to refresh I see something about a new alias. Too late, Apple has stuck me with a lame alias. My searches seem to indicate that the alias can not be change. Is that correct?If so, why the F*** would Apple so blithely fabricate an alias for people without making it very clear that a new online id was being created. Do they care that little for our individuality that they feel they can automatically asign us a name, and with very little notice, stick us with that name?It brings to mind the famous 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial. Except the shoe is on the other foot.Sigh.

DB Reading REST results with SAS

Hello all,

I have done some research and discovered that SAS can interact with SOAP-based XML WEB Services, however I am looking at developing a REST-based architecture. We want to be able to read a string that is returned by visiting a URL into a SAS dataset and then using that string to determine what data to download.

I asked this question in a separate post and the response was to use FILENAME URL to read from the link. I tried this but it seemed unreliable in that it only worked for my test string if the record length was set to = record length and the record format was fixed. Varying length records didn't seem to work.

What I'm wondering is if anyone else has tried to utilise a REST architecture with SAS and what has their experience been? I would also like to know how to process XML data received from a REST request?

DB Join master yoda

Join my alliance so we can take Vader DOWN

DB Consulta A Base de Datos

Hola estimados, tengo una duda les planteo de inmediato, tengo una aplicacion web c# con base de datos Sql Server, el tema es el siguiente necesito realizar un update pero hay no tengo problemas, el tema es que para realizar este update necesito saber
si mi tabla tiene o no los datos por lo que realizo un select si encuentra me realiza el update y todo bien, pero si el select no encuentra nada necesito que el programa continue y no me de este error No hay ninguna fila en la posición 0 desde
ya muchas gracias.

Sebastian Peralta

DB Orthographic camera size question

The vertical half size defines the distance from the center of the field of view to the top in world units.

If you've got a half-size of 3.8, then it should be 3.8 units from the center of the screen to the top.

If you've got a plane that's 0.75 units tall, it shouldn't take up the whole space; make sure you haven't got any scaling on it I guess, and make sure (this is a no brainer, but I guess it's worth saying) you've actually set both:

cam.orthographicSize = (float) height;
cam.orthographic = true;

Or modified the settings in the editor.

...but it sounds like you've got a scale factor of 10 on the plane. shrug

DB No help with Bill

So having had EE for a few months I have had no problems until now, I have been cut off this morning after receiving no e-mails letters or texts saying my bill was over due I was unaware they bill hadn't been taken from my bank, anyway after calling them to make someArrangement as I don't get paid for another 12 days I was happy to pay half now and half when I get paid I get told its not possible!In this day and age when they know people rely solely on there phones, I have work a family and a young son now I am cut off from been able to contact these people if needed! I am appalled at this lack of help I don't feel I'm asking for the world here

DB Problem with update record

I have been trying to figure out how to set up a database on
my website which will be a "standings" table for my sports league.
Therefore, my goal is to have the database be update-able on a
weekly basis. I have been playing with the Update Record Wizard on
DW, but must be missing something. When I try to work with it in
Explorer, rather than overwrite the team that is entered in the
team name, it just overwrites the first entry, no matter what team
name I put in. I basically followed the tutorial
Developing a Web
Application, however where it employs the insert record form I
used the update record form. Any suggestions as to how exactly to
properly use the Update record form wizard to do what I am trying
to do?

DB Running a form on the web....

I've tried that link (http://otn.oracle.com/products/forms/htdocs/upgrade/roadmap.html) but I'm a little bit lost because I could not find an specific answer to what steps do I have to take too run a form on the web (as a web page).

Does anybody can help me to do so?

if you have a more detailed link about how do I start, please send it to me!

DB Is this hardware setup possible with Networker?? Please help.

Here is my question: Could I run one networker server with an autochanger at my main site and back up clients at another site and point those clients to an autochanger in that site???

DB como cerrar sesion de correo hotmail en el movil desde mi pc

Hola, quisiera saber como cerrar la sesion de correo que esta abierta desde mi celular ya que me lo han robado, es un samsung galaxy SIII mini es un android, es necesario cambiar la contraseña? o lo pueden hacer por el sistema, me parece muy importante
esta herramienta ya que otras aplicaciones lo permiten con un click, gracias

DB Unable to re-download apps...

OK - here's one for you..

I've just rebuilt my Torch; and need to re-download some of the apps.

The apps show in the App World (in the Uninstalled list), however, when I select one, nothing happens.

Interestingly, there are no icons against these apps (but there are if I go directly into App World).

Not sure what's happened here, but I'd love to be able to get my apps back.

Any ideas anyone. Thanks.

Love Me - Love My BlackBerry-------Z10 OS Version: Software Release: 10.10.90PlayBook -

DB auto fill text

Is there a way to turn off the auto fill when typing text message? this feature drives me crazy!!

DB Do's and Dont's handling with XI

Hi,i want to prepare a little dissertation. Where do you see do's and dont's handling with XI?Regards,Udo

DB Re:

Is there a way to lock CAD2002 drawings, so that if I sent someone a drawing they could not manipulate it in any way? I only want them to be able to open the drawing in AutoCAD2002 and view the contents.

DB Performance Pack Unable to load - WLS6.1 on RH7.3

When booting WLS 6.1 SP3
with JAVA_HOME=/home/bea/jdk1.3.1_02
I get an IncompatibleVMException

is this because WLS 6.1 is not supported on RedHat 7.3?
(WLS70 boot ok:)

Sep 9, 2002 5:10:24 PM CLT Error Performance Pack Unable to load
performance pack, using Java I/O instead.
weblogic.socket.IncompatibleVMException: LD_LIBRARY_PATH suggests that
this VM uses green threads, not native threads
at weblogic.socket.PosixSocketMuxer.init(PosixSocketMuxer.java:93)
at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Class.java:237)
at weblogic.socket.SocketMuxer.makeTheMuxer(SocketMuxer.java:192)
at weblogic.socket.SocketMuxer.getMuxer(SocketMuxer.java:144)
at weblogic.t3.srvr.ListenThread.run(ListenThread.java:233)

thank you

DB T410 palmrest creaking driving me insane

Hi all,Is anyone else experiencing this creaking issue on the left side of the Thinkpad T410 palmrest? Every time I type something and I set my palm on the palmrest it makes this creaking sound that is driving me bonkers. Any ideas what's causing it and how to fix it?Thanks,Oren

DB IT0021 Family Member's Occupation (V_T7HK01)

Hi all,

I have a question regarding family member's occupation.

In the IMG it is possible to "Maintain the family member's occupation".

Path: IMG - Personne Management - Personnel Administration - Personal Data - Family - Maintain the family member's occupation.

The IMG activity documentation says: "In this step, you maintain an employee's family member's occupation (Infotype 0021)."

However, I am not able to find the Occupation field on any IT0021 screen/view.

Can anybody tell me how and where I can maintain the Occupation field (OCCUP) for family members?

Thanks in advance.



DB problem with rows height better explanation of the problem

I wanted to create a style of a textbox that shows a message in a textblock below the text box
I tried to create a control for that, The control is a greed with two rows
one row is a textbox, and the second is a textblock, that will be visible when the message is shown
this control I want to use as a textbox in my form
the problem is, that when the message is shown, it makes the textbox smaller, its take down its height
only when I set the MinHeightof the first rowof the control to the height of the row where this control should be used it looks fine and the textbox keep it size showing the textblock in addition, as it should be. setting every row height mentioned here,
to auto height, didn't help

is there a solution to that?

DB Change default program that opens images?

Im having trouble with this. Been digging through gconf all day and still no avail. Im looking for a way to change which program opens images. Ever since I installed gimp it has been opening them instead of eog. How can I change this?

DB Error: The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect

I am having an issue accessing the UniFi Controller software web interface. Every time I try to access the interface by going to localhost:8843 I receive the following error:HTTP Status 400 -type Status reportmessagedescription The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect ().Apache Tomcat/6.0.20I am able to get to the login.jsp directly if I connect to localhost:8843/login.jsp but upon submitting my login credentials I receive the same error as above.Here are the details of my installation of UniFi Controller:Operating System: Slackware Linux 13.0Kernel Version: Version: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_16-b01)MongoDB Version: 2.0.2UniFI Version: UniFi.unix.zip 2.2.0I have also tried installing the UniFi.uniz.zip package on a Ubuntu workstation of mine and have run into the same problem.Has anyone else come across this issue? Any help would be much appreciated.Thank You

DB number of authorized Computer ???

HiI have actually 3 computers authorized in my itune account, I'm actually using my laptop, my Iphone, my wife's iphone, but I suspected that old laptops are on that list.Only option I have is: Unauthorize all ??? what will happen? Is my actual Laptop will stay in? Next project will be to install my daughters Ipod touch (2)What I can do???Should I clic on Unauthorize all?

DB scross-reference stream

I'm developing pdf parser,i'm in trouble.
6 0 obj
/DecodeParms/Columns 4/Predictor 12/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[D0D1F903C5032042884E61B2933652DAF929944EC68A3543A18A40F2E7630A9D]/Info 23 0 R/Length 59/Root 25 0 R/Size 24/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]stream

DB Modify the query to see opposing results.

In ACCESS 2003, I created the query that selects premises that were billed from the table, but I need to see premises that
were not billed ( in other words, all premises that left in the table after this selection). I use EXCEL to see them now. Is it possible to modify my query in ACCESS to see these results?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!