DB How to get font color automatically changed if the value in a cell gets changed.

i have a formula in a cell(say C3) which gives me numbers 6, 5 or 0 accordingly in cell C3. I want to change fontcolor to red if formula in cell C3 gives number 6, to green if formula in cell C3 gives number 5 and yellow if formula in cell C3 gives
number 0

DB Windows vista keeps hibernating

Windows vista keeps hibernating and then won't come out of it. Mouse won't respond despite the fact that tower is still on. What should I do?

DB reference to a form control from outside the form

I've researched this in the net, and received instructions from folks here, and yet I still can't seem to get this right. The snippet of code pasted below has to work in 2 different places. One is from within frmLogin, and there I simply reference
the control as Me.cboUser.Column(4), and it works fine.
But in the other case I need to reference it from a second form. There I used the qualified syntax below, which I
thought was what I was taught was the fool-proof way to do it
' open dashboard for levels 1—4
If [Forms]![frmLogin]![cboUser.Column(4)] 5 Then
DoCmd.OpenForm dashboard
' Or open Servc Input for level 5
If [Forms]![frmLogin]![cboUser.Column(4)] = 5 Then
DoCmd.OpenForm Services input form
End If
End If

When I try to run this I get an error message saying Access can't find cboUser.Column(4)

(BTW, frmLogin is open when I'm trying to run this)
Is something wrong with my syntax here?


DB Mesh Upload Status Question

Could you please help me regarding the update of my mesh upload status?

I completed the Intellectual Property Tutorial in order to be able to sell a mesh product on the Marketplace and also my payment info is on file. They appear both on green on my "Mesh Upload Status" page. But I still cannot mark as "MESH" the products I want to sell on the Marketplace. Is there anything else I should do? I couldn't find any other notification about it.

Thank you very much for your time!

DB Please Bring Back Front Row!!!

I am sure many are missing it in Lio

DB Promised email in January about migration

Did anyone get the email in January that BT promised about the email migration?


DB BIW Infoproviders for Tc.:MB51

Hi experts,

Is there any standard BusinessContent Infoproviders available in BIW relevent to the MB51 transaction?


Is there any standard query that does the same job as the tc. MB51?

Thanks in advance.

DB How to access a variable of a collider?

I don't know if I get you correctly, but if SurfactantParticle script is attached to a game object you collided with (`other`), then you can retrieve it using:

var surfactantParticle = other.GetComponentSurfactantParticle();

and then you can use

var id = surfactantParticle.GetMicelID();

DB Invert Data Graph

I´m trying to use a MaxSonar ultrasonic Range to meter water level on a reservatory.

The sensor is on the to of the reservatory, then with no water, the graph is highest, and when water fills the reservatory the distance to the sensor decreases and also the graph.

Is possible to invert the graph ?

Any suggestions ?


Go to Solution.

DB InfoPath Document XML--Selectsinglenode return null with Namespace

I have an InfoPath browser form that I process after user submitted to the document library.

Here is code how I do it:
XmlDocument dataDocument = new XmlDocument();
XmlNamespaceManager dataNamespaceManager = new XmlNamespaceManager(dataDocument.NameTable);
dataNamespaceManager.AddNamespace(mynamespace, www.mysite.com);
XmlNode updateNode = dataDocument.SelectSingleNode(/mynamespace:myForm/mynamespace:myFirstnode/mynamespace:mySecondNode, dataNamespaceManager);
The updateNode returns null. If I strip out
the namespace, I have no problem get the node back.
One wired thing I find out is that the
XmlNamespaceManager I created based on Infopath Xml document has node information that is not namespaces under NameTable/entries/non-public members.

I doubt that namespace manager did not correctly read the name spaces in the document.

Pretty struggle on this please help!
PS, here is the sample of my InfoPth doc:

?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?
?mso-infoPathSolution name=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:Change-Personal-Information-Form:http---www-Procentrixinc-com-schemas-EmployeeCenterChangeInfo solutionVersion= productVersion= PIVersion= href=http://devintranet.pcx.procentrixinc.com/apps/EmployeeCenter/FormServerTemplates/Change%20Personal%20Information%20Form.xsn?
?mso-application progid=InfoPath.Document versionProgid=InfoPath.Document.3?
pcx:pcxForm xmlns:xsi=http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance xmlns:pcx=http://www.Procentrixinc.com/schemas/EmployeeCenterChangeInfo
xmlns:d=http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices xmlns:m=http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/metadata
xmlns:ns1=http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom xmlns:my=http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/infopath/2003/myXSD/2012-04-25T13:46:26
xmlns:xd=http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/infopath/2003 xml:lang=en-US
pcx:CreatedDate xsi:nil=true/

yuhong Liu

DB Material Staging Time in Sales Order


I wanted to know from where the material staging time in the sales order is picked. In my case, Iam doing a MTO wherein the material is not available, but when the order is raised, lets say at 12:00 noon, the system is picking the material staging time at around 8:00 AM the same day and it is calculating the loading time pick/pack time which is mentioned in the shipping point, whereas the material is not available in stock.

Pls. let me know from where it is picking the material staging time

Thanks in advance


DB ISE Vulnerabilities?

My customer ran an scan to ISE and tell us some vulnerabilites were found:

Nessus UDP Scanner and SSL/TLS Renegotiation (both referenced as CVE-2011-1473). I found at cisco.com some bugs that mention the SSL/TLS issue, but they are for other equipments not the ISE.

I wonder if Cisco is aware about this vulnerabilites in the ISE appliance ...


Daniel Escalante

DB Targhette BBC2 by Sigg-O-MATIC

Per aggiungere in firma le targhette di Battlefield Bad Company 2, c'è un sito apposito con 16 diverse tag. A voi link (CLICCAMI) e alcune delle tag personalizzabili....


Hello, savvy folks out there -

I have a huge ArcSDE database that I want to query using Oracle Spatial's SQL API. I imagine that I need to add an SDO_GEOMETRY column to each feature class (a spatial table, really) and replicate into it the geometry data serialized in the SHAPE column of the feature class. Then, I would basically have regular spatial tables the Oracle way and play from there (spatial indexes, metadata, SQL, etc. good stuff).

Is this the right general idea? If anyone has gone thru a similar excercise, please share.


DB Printing a dashboard analysis as multiple separate reports

Hi,I have a report showing data pertaining to various different workers. Is it possibile to setup OBI to print different pdf reports, each for every worker. Or, at least, to set it up to print a single PDF report with different pages for every worker (then I'll split the PDF myself)If that is feasible, would it be feasible also on a dashboard scale (i.e., a dashboard with 4 different analyses) ?Thanks a lot in advance

DB update the controls in xap dynamically when values in DB changes.

Hi All,
The Scenario is like this:-
I am using various 3rd party controls(gauges) to show values from DB.
after that I build the SilverLight Application.
I have takenthe Xap of the application
and used silverlight control and specified Sourceto thisXap in my some other Website.
Question :-
I want to updateonly the part of the XAP display which has changed values in DB while other values remaing the same.
Ihave a timer which refreshesthe page in every 15 min.
I hope I am talking sense...is some thing like this possible...
Please Do help ...Thanks in Advance.

DB y570 System Resume Fail

Up until a couple of weeks ago each time my computer would shut off after a period of inactivity the system resume option whenever I would turn it back on fails, it freezes on the Windows logo and fails to load. As of late even Starting up my computer freezes, I'm forced to restart my machine and system restore is a temporary fix.

DB Tegels kunnen geen verbinding maken met internet

Windows 8 tegels die van internet gebruik maken,zoals bijv. de Weer-app maar ook de e-mail tegelgeven, na aanklikken de melding dar er geen verbinding is met internet. De charm Instellingen rapporteert dat Wi-Fi uit staat.
Het internettoegangssymbool wijst op een bekabelde verbinding tussen router en computer maar die is er niet wel een draadloze verbinding.
Het vreemde is echter dat ik wel gewoon op het web kan surfen via mijn Wi-Fi verbinding en ook dat ik een goede Wlan-verbinding zie als ik die oproep.
IE 10 terugzetten naar de standaard fabrieksinstellingen geeft geen resultaat, vernieuwen van de installatie evenmin.

Wat moet ik doen om dit probleem op te lossen?

DB Blank Topics in OHJ4

For the first time ever in a product we've been using OHJ for years in, I am getting reports from testers of occasional blank context-sensitive topics.
When 3 of more than 100 context-sensitive links are clicked, the helpset comes up as expected, but the space where the topic should appear is blank.
All the other presumably identically coded links work as expected.
The topic does exist, the map file is correct, and the developer swears these links are properly coded.
Any ideas what could be causing this behavior? I don't know where to start looking.
TIA for your help.
Stan Stansbury

DB Centro bluetooth pairing with Palm GPS unit

I've got a Palm Centro (with Verizon service) plus the Garmin Mobile XT+GPS Receiver purchased from the Palm Website. The GPS receiver is the silver, square one about the size of two boxes of matches set atop one another.

This was working just peachy until I decided to install the Centro 1.03 for Verizon update.

The update went swell, but afterwards my Centro didn't know about the GPS receiver.

No matter what I do it can't seem to find it anymore. There's no reset button on the receiver whatsoever, just a power button and three lights.

The bluetooth light is doing the slow blink that (according to the docs) indicates "normal standby mode".

I've set the Centro to visible, no go.

Turned the bluetooth on and off, no go.

Removed the battery from the GPS receiver for a few hours, put it back, no go.

There's a really odd looking port on the side of the receiver, almost looks like a miniature F-type connector. There's no hardware manual for this thing at all, so I don't know how to put it back in pairing mode. According to the inside label, it's model: 180-10242-00, made by Holux.

Any clues? This is rather frustrating...

Thanks in advance.

Post relates to: Centro (Verizon)

DB Dead hard drive, cant get music

I have used itunes on my old hard drive with my ipod touch until the hard drive died, then I bought a new hard drive and installed itunes, and cant get any of my music back. I have a backup of the default itunes folder, but if I set ti as the default folder in preferences it wont show any of the music, and if I sync my ipod touch and click transfer purchases, it wont let me cause it says its already synced with itunes on another computer (on my dead hard drive) So how can I get my music, videos and apps back?

DB How to Allow Different Versions of DLLs to Co-Exist in Same Process

We are working on a VB.NET DLL “MyDLL” for product “MyProduct” that references DLLs “Utility1DLL” and “Utility2DLL”, which another company creates.
Our customers will create EXEs and DLLs that reference MyDLL, Utility1DLL, and Utility2DLL.
MyDLL contains class “MyClass1” that implements interface “IMyClass1”.
We originally thought that the customer EXEs and DLLs will instantiate a class “MyClass1” from MyDLL and call methods on it.
However our customers’ EXEs and DLLs sometimes will reference versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL than differ from the versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL referenced by MyDLL.
Also, on customer computers, Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL sometimes will be installed in the directory that contains the customer’s EXE or DLL and sometimes will be installed in the GAC.
Unfortunately, the creators of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL did not make the different versions compatible.
The preceding situation causes errors when the following happens:
- MyDLL references version 2.0 of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL.
- The customer EXE or DLL that references MyDLL also references version 1.0 of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL.
As a result, MyDLL at runtime employs version 1.0 of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL, which causes errors because MyDLL is dependent on version 2.0 of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL.
We thought that we might work around this problem through the following plan:
[1] Create a wrapper DLL “MyWrapperDLL” that our product’s setup would install in the GAC.
[2] Put in MyWrapperDLL a class “MyWrapperClass1” that implements interface “IMyClass1”.
[3] Make the New method for MyWrapperClass1 create an AppDomain, load MyDLL into it, and create an instance of MyDLL’s MyClass1.
[4] Make the IMyClass1 methods of MyWrapperClass1 call the IMyClass1 methods of the instance of MyClass1 created by MyWrapperClass1’s New.
[5] Have the customer EXEs and DLLs instantiate “MyWrapperClass1” and call methods on it.
We hoped to install MyDLL and the versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL that MyDLL requires to the product directory for MyProduct.
MyProduct’s product directory would be different from the various directories containing the various customer EXEs and DLLs.
We hoped that doing so would result in MyDLL’s employing the versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL in MyProduct’s product directory rather than the versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL employed by the customer EXEs and DLLs.
We implemented [1] and [2]. For [3], we created the following in MyWrapperDLL:
Imports System.Reflection
Public Class MyWrapperClass1
Implements IMyClass1
Private mAppDomainMyDLL As AppDomain
Private mMyClass1 as IMyClass1
Public Sub New()
Dim AppDomainSetupMyDLL As New AppDomainSetup()
AppDomainSetupMyDLL.ApplicationBase = C:\Program Files\MyProduct
mAppDomainMyDLL = AppDomain.CreateDomain(AppDomainMyDLL, Nothing, AppDomainSetupMyDLL)
Dim mMyClass1 = DirectCast(mAppDomainMyDLL.CreateInstanceFromAndUnwrap(MyDLL.dll, MyDLLNamespace.MyClass1), IMyClass1)
End Sub
End Class
Our first problem that is that the ApplicationBase value is ignored.
MyDLL.dll only is found if the file is in the same directory as the customer EXE that references MyWrapperDLL, which is not C:\Program Files\MyProduct.
This is a problem because we cannot install MyDLL.dll to the directory containing the customer EXE.
Furthermore, the directory containing the customer EXE presumably contains the customer’s versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL, which could not co-exist with MyDll’s versions of Utility1DLL and Utility2DLL.
Is there a way to accomplish our plan? Is there a way to avoid the version problem through some mechanism other than an AppDomain?

DB When I try to buy something on line I cannot put the item in the shopping bag. Any suggestions?

I logged into Land's End and tried to place an order. When I tried to place my order in the shopping bag I found that there was no send to shopping bag area on the page. It also happened on the Amazon page.

DB Combining 2 bytes


I have a thermal camera with 16 pixel where each pixel is 2 byte ( High/low)Id like to combine these to and show it in a intensity graph.Having issues with how I should do this....I have succeeded receiving 32 bytes from the "string to byte array" I tried with a FOR loop where I put an index array inside.,I've added the VI.Does anyone have experience combing a high and low byte?


Modded Advanced Serial Write and Read_test2.vi ‏50 KB

DB What will JIT in .Net 5 bring? What should it bring?

I was hoping someone working on the next version of .Net would be able to provide insight into future JIT improvements. While many applications just need to work, there are times when performance is (not necessarily critical but) a big consideration
before and during development. .Net was not intended to be a high performance platform but rather a highly compatible and stable one, and all performance critical situations are supposed to be handled by native code using high performance compilers.
But it is becoming increasingly difficult to manually support the different sub-architecturesof x64 and especially x86. .Net has the potential to solve some of these problems:
(1) Much of the time the 2.0/4.0 JIT compiler produces x86 that is almost as fast as the VC x86 build. However, this is not the case for the x64 version of the JIT compiler. Many times the JIT produced x64 code is slower than the JIT
produced x86, VC x86, and especially the VC x64 bytecode. Will the next version of the x64 JIT compiler catch up with VC x64 compiler similarly to how the x86 JIT compiler currently stands with respect to the VC x86 compiler? If yes, to
what degree?
(2) How aggressively will the next version of the JIT compiler optimize for different registers/cache on newer processors? There are attempts out there like GCC's LLVM to do this well, but so far all VM attempts (on average) lag behind the current
C/C compilers.
(3) Whether x86 or x64 is the target, the .Net JIT compiler currently uses MMX extensions. Taking a brief look at an MSDN page called MMX, SSE, and SSE2 Intrinsics (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/y0dh78ez(v=VS.80).aspx),
it is clear why certain algorithms (ex. ones using heavy math) could benefit
quite a bit from SSEx (ex. using ADDPS and MULPS). Can we ever expect to see SSE/SSE2/... brought to the .Net platform?
There are plenty of libraries out there for .Net, and the current install of .Net 4.0 (3.5 3.0) is huge. I think many other developers would rather see improvements in the JIT compiler rather than adding more and more libraries to the standard .Net
library collection as they could just use libraries of Codeplex or from vendor web sites to bundle with their application whether it is a client or server application. Write once, run anywhere is great, but Write once, run anywhere just as fast as
natively compiled code sounds a lot better. I also think this is where the future of Windows software development should be headed.
I would be interested to get a response from people at Microsoft or other developers who work in industry as they may have their own opinions of where .Net should be headed.

DB Web Services Qlikview

Hi there,

I have notice that using a Web Services is possible through a macro in Qlikview, as the exemple dowloadable in "Share Qlikviews".

I want to know if it was possible to call a Web Services using SqlValue or equivalent in order to call it directly in an expression.

Thx for your answer.

DB Thread: Remote Home Directories, Long filenames, which web server will work?

Hi All,

Have been trying to find a solution for our problem:

2 clusters of 3 NW6SP4 (eDir 8.6.2) servers each, one cluster has home

directories for employee contexts, one cluster has home directories for

student contexts.

Would like to be able to have a single web server that would serve all

user\'s public_html directories.

Currently we are using Novonyx/NES on two of the servers and have a

proxy set up on a linux box that directs to the appropriate server.


1. I would like to have remote directory support (with long filenames.)

so that I do not have to run all home directory volumes in the cluster

on the same server with the web server. (for performance, scalability

and stability)

2. I would like it to run in protected memory. (security and


I have tried

1. NES/Novonyx (won\'t load protected, no long filename support for

remote directories, strange slowdowns that are causing problems with

XP\'s stupid attempt to open webDAV connections to servers it has file

sharing connections to)

2. Apache 1.3 with mod_hdirs. (seems to be very unstable in protected

memory, no long file name support for remote directories.)

Any suggestions?

Will Apache 2/mod_edirs meet these requirements? Can I use Apache

2/mod_edirs on Netware 6? ( I tried this back a while ago and the beta

CLIB\'s and overall instability scared me so badly that I am even afraid

to try it in NW6.5)

Should I just give up and load the Apache 1.3/mod_hdirs home directory

directives into the adminserv.conf, load it into the OS memory and hope

that this is stable? Is anyone doing this successfully on a heavily

loaded server? There was a recent TID about a buffer overflow

problem in mod_hdirs that scared me again.

Thanks in advance,

John Wade

DB When dropping in Livetype titles into sequence, my music gets split

And puts a gap for the duration of the Livetype title I just dropped in. I'm sure it's a simple fix for something I haven't found yet in the manual.

Any advice is appreciated,

DB Whether use of SSD disks for OLAP of bases is justified?

Whether use of SSD disks for OLAP of bases is justified?
Or it is better to use for these purposes of Fibre Channel Disks?

DB iMovie 2.0.0 PLEASE HELP!

I have an Lime Green iBook Clamshell, and am a video editor, writer, producer. and i am using iMovie HD and iMovie 9 on my eMac (10.5.8), but i would also like to edit videos on my ibook (running 10.4.11) i know that iMovie HD came with 10.4 but it needs 1024x768 to work. which that resolution, sadly, my ibook can't achieve.Anyway, so i know that apple had iMovie 2 (full) As a download in early 2003 or so. and to be able to edit on my iBook i would need iMovie 2 which CAN use 800x600 (iBook clamshell native res).

So, in Conclusion I NEED iMOVIE 2! is there anyway i could get it as a free download, As Apple had it in 2003?

P.S. Please Help

DB create a database in Linux ES3

How to create a database on Linux ES 3?

Please provide me a latest document for this ...

Thanks in advance

DB Cursor focus in HTML text field in JEditorPane

How do I make cursor focus go into an HTML text field in a JEditorPane?

My test appplication is a JPanel containing a JEditorPane and nothing else. The content type is text/html. The HTML text contains a form and an INPUT TYPE=TEXT tag. I use setEditable(false) because I do not want the user to edit the paragraph text, only to type in the text field.

The text field does not get cursor focus. Tab does nothing. The user can click with the mouse to place focus in the text field, so the field is capable of receiving focus. I guess the field is in a View that stops it participating in the component hierarchy.

Is there a way to make this work?


DB Need help with Concatenated Disk Issue

I have three USB disks I want to arrange into a concatenated disk set. One is Western Digital 2TB and is 'always on'. The other two are LaCie and have on-off switches 1 TB each.When I power the two drives up (one at a time), the first one fails 50 percent of the time, regardless of which one is first. It shows up "red" in Disk Utility, and an error message comes up. I can power it off again, power it on again and it's fine. They worked great (as single drives) until I tried this so I figure I'm doing something wrong.Thoughts?

DB Inspiron 15 will not boot.

Does Dell warranty cover the evaluation of my Inspiron 15? It will not boot it displays a message on the screen,

No Boot Device Found

This item was purchased less than a month ago and wasnt used much.

DB password Stored procedure

login table :UserID  ,Password, Role (Manager,staff,Customer)

for passwordchange ....????????????????
input is: user id and oldpassword ,changepassword,confirmpasswordWhen it is for customer,staff ,manager?

DB Open PDF File

Hi all,

How can i open a pdf file, from clicking in a buton?


DB BPEL PM Dehydration Store

Hi All,

I could not find guide to setup Oracle DB as dehydration store for BPEL PM .
There is a guide for setting up SQL Server as dehydration store.


DB Logic disk read error on macbook pro live


My band is using a macbook pro live running a click track and one wave track.
If we are unlucky we get a disk read error, most likely because of the stutter and shaking on the stage. We have tested this in a car running over a few bumps, giving us the same result.

I have talked to other musicians experiencing the same thing, giving us tips to put the laptop on foam and set the preload amount to a few seconds. These are however tips meant for cubase, not logic.

Im wondering if Logic has any functions for this, anti-lag or whatever you wish to call it.

The soundcard is a TC electronic external device (can get model info), running on 1024 buffersize.
We will as soon as possible switch to SSD, but we do have a show this weekend so we need a stable but temporary solution.

Any ideas?

DB Deleted Drivers of Hp

Dear Sir,

Good am Sir,my kids accidentally delete the devise driver software and now we cant connect to internet..what were using right now is broadband..How cant I restore the driver in this Hp WINDOW 7 Pro OA?