DB Personal home Answer machine

My home answer machine answer the phone but doesn't hang up or records a beeping sound. When calling the phone You hear people in the back ground but you know there is no one there.

DB Powershell Script : Add mulitple users to different OU in same domain

How to add multiple users, while also adding them to different OUs (in one script) in the same domain?

Thanks in advance!

DB Problem in using fpm.getMessageManager().reportMessage()

Hi ,

I am trying to use fpm.getMessageManager().reportMessage( to print a message on the screen

I put the message in the message pool as

warn_rej ---employee has been rejected and mail has been sent to for employee

I am writing the following code to call getMessageManger() as follows

String[] employeeName = new String[2];

employeeName[0] = this.getEmployeeName(pernr);

employeeName[1] = Manager;










But the output is like this

employee AAAA has been rejected and mail has been sent to for employee

How will I print the entire message.How do i need to pass the parameters to the method


Bala Duvvuri

DB Scott Pilgrim VS The World not appearing anywhere on my PS3

I've just purchased Scott Pilgrim VS The World on PSN on the special offer section. Downloaded which was 6 KB on the system, after it downloaded and installed I could not find the game anywhere.

DB VMware Converter brings down network


We tried to P2V one of our server to our test VMware Server setup. We tried this twice today and both time it flooded the entire network and there were major spikes in traffic. I have attached a graph of the activity. It looked like every port on every switch (about 10 Cisco switches) was going crazy. Once we canceled the P2V the traffic settled back down to normal.

See the graph here:


I am no idea how to explain this. It is so strange. It happend both timed we tried to use VMconveter and saw the same behavior both times. As soon as we cancel it, the network returns to normal traffic levels.

Any ideas?

I am glad we discovered this now, not when we were in the middle of P2Ving 20 servers.

DB Nokia z Symbian Belle - pytanie

Witam, od dzisiejszego dnia mam problem z odpaleniem radia internetowego w telefonie NOKIA 500 , wyświetla mi komunikat "nie znaleziono pasujących stacji , dodatkowo jak chce wyszukac stacje, wyświetla mi dodatkowy komunikat" Niestety usługa nie jest już dostępna..." . Czy to jakaś chwilowa awaria czy może już na stałe? Może ktoś też się z tym spotkał?


DB Re: HELP! with Joints in this EZ assembly

OK! WHAT am I doing incorrectly?

Seems so intuitive yet my understanding of joints and constraints is not quite there and because of this I am having a hard time producing the desired motion in inventor 2015 professional.

What I am attempting to accomplish is relatively simple, the two side braces will remain parallel as will the top brace and the welded piece of steel connecting the side struts to the frame (at the bottom)

I've placed bolts through the holes and am trying to have the suspension lean 30 deg both ways for a total of 60 deg leaning capabilities.

Someone please walk me through the correct method, i've been trying with limited success rotational joints and my side struts are ending up 180 out of place or the entire frame is rotating some crazy amt of degrees ---basically I was hoping to have a parallelogram that leans a total of 60 deg, seemingly quite simple with my model but inventor constraints and joints are tough to get down despite nearly a decade of CAD knowledge!

Totally different ballgame!

Sure would appreciate the shortening of my learning curve.



1) front view showing frame already leaning. Would also like to know how to straighten this out! so it's sitting "flat" but you can see here the side braces and top brace in relation to the frame.

2) heres a custom view where i've selected the top strut and side struts. You can see at the bottom where the bolt extends through and my thinking is the joint would need to be at the back end where you can barely see the frame touching the back of the right side strut, with the bolt extending through. Why wont joints recognize solids? Was this an error in modeling that I can fix with relative ease? Please let me know if this is the case and source of my frustration!

3) Okay here you can see how the entire frame is one part, which is yet another source of annoyment. How can I seperate pieces of a part into another part file? In CAD it'd be as simple as typing EXPLODE! But edges, faces, trying to delete out and getting errors---argh!! Surely there is a better way. Don't get me wrong- the frame is correct the pieces are welded on that the suspension struts connect to, but I was unsuccessful in seperating the connection points from the entirety of the frame a while earlier. Again, shortening my learning curve here would be surely amazing and appreciated.

4) And the final image is a top view with the frame selected so that you can see what im trying to accomplish. The sides will stay parallel and so will the top strut and "bottom" portion of the frame(which will cause the entire frame to lean). Should I be using these bolts in my joints/constraints? Are they hindering me? They were inserted via the content center, fyi. Basically, looking at this picture, applying force to the right side pushing left should cause the parallel-o-gram of a suspension to "lean". Hopefully this was clear enough to gain some insight and answers!

Thank you very much!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Please use code tags and credit where credit is due. Accept as solution, if solved. Let's keep it trim people!

DB wont turn on

I was listening to music and my tablet ju shut off and it won't turn on I tried plugging my tablet to my charger and t want turn on -_-


hi all
using on Win 2003

can somebody tell me how to create user in JAZN i.e how to access the iSQl*PLUS as sysdba

can somebody tell me the right steps to allow access


DB Using RB2 (or BIDS) to create PL Report against SSAS financial Cube

Being a bit of a newbie to SSRS Reporting against SSAS, I'm trying to create a simple PL type report against an SSAS financial statements type cube - and looking for some advice as to how to approach this from somebody that have done this before.  Seems like there are various limitations in SSRS 2008 when reporting against SSAS and everybody is complaining about it :-).  

DB Authenticate RMI client on server using JAAS?


I am currently trying (and I'm very unsuccessfull in this) to set up a client authentication for an RMI server using server-side JAAS.

My idea was as follows:
1. Have the client ask for username and passwort
2. Establish an SSL connection to the server and give the provided username/password combination to the login-Method on the server.
3. Authenticate the user and if he supplied the correct arguments, give him access to the other objects on the server; if not, throw a LoginException

Where I fail is at point 2, because I can't give the arguments provided by the user to the JAAS LoginContext or LoginModule.

Can anyone of you point me to another solution or supply me with a code example?

Best regards,

DB What is the easiest way to send photos to friends

what is the easyist way to sen photo's to friends
Original title: how to send photo's

DB UCM 7.1 QoS Report - all call legs in bucket NA

I have UCM 7.1 setup with SIP trunking to xo.com.  It's been working well but I had a complaint today about a couple of users

hearing no voice the the opening seconds of a connected call.  So - I went to try and pull up some QoS information via

Servicability/Tools/CDR analysis - System Reports/QoS/Detail.  All of the call legs are in the NA category while nothing is in

Good Acceptable Fair of Poor categories. 

What do I need to do to get this reporting to work properly?  And any thoughts on approaching the missing opening

seconds of audio problem is appreciated too!  I am attaching a screen grab of my useless QoS report.

DB Output Type for Outbound Delivery in VL02N

Hi All,

Could you please tell me how to maintain output types for a specific outbound delivery in ECC , so that inbound delivery is created automatically from it? is it maintained in VL02N? I actually searched this on various forums but did not find the correct answer, as everywhere only the customizing is given.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,


DB Windows media player

Downloaded from flip4mac wm components in order to get windows media player for quicktime. From Apple System Preference which shows download on harddrive I have clicked on browser in popup box. It shows media player has not been plugged in ie the checkbox is greyed out, although the box does have a check in it. I went through the download process a second time with same results. Have played the test from Windows Media Center(PR News) which works but the is no sound. HELP!

DB Dimension 8250 BIOS Upgrade Fixes Boot Failure

I had a hard drive failure on my Dimension 8250 a few months ago and tried replacing theWD 120GB drive with a Maxtor 250GB I had alreadypreviously installed as a backup. The 250 GB drive had files already on it. I could install Windows, but it would not boot up. I bought a second Maxtor 250 GB drive, formated it NTFS and I was back in business, still using the original Maxtor as backup.

Three months later, with no warning after a normal shutdown the night before, the BIOS splash screen would come up, run the POST and then hang on a black screen with only a flashing cursor at the upper left corner. No Windows splash screen, no message, no nothing.I had been running TrendMicro AV all along on our network so I did not think it was avirus.

I tried eveything I could think of, checked all the forum postings here, Googled, etc.for 48 hours sraight (except sleep). I could use the CD/DVD to run Windows setup from CD. In the Recovery Console, I was able to see the files on the c:\ drive, and everything looked okay. Same with the old Maxtor, since it had a Windows system installed on it. Still wouldn't boot. I triedFIXMBR and FIXBOOT. Still nothing, but the same hanging startup after the BIOS splash screen. I copiedNTLDR and did eveything else I could find. Still nothing. Then I finally came across an other Dell forum item about someone adding a larger hard drive to their system and having problems. They were told that the original BIOS for the 8250 only allowed 137GB hard drives to be read and to try upgrading the BIOS using the flash program on floppy using a download from the Driver and Download support site. Well I finally tried it, because if you mess up or the power glithces, etc. you can make your system permanently inoperable.

Well, it wassolved the problem. Once I downloaded the BIOS update and installed it per instructions (I went from version A01 to A04), it solved the problem immediately. I got the Windows splash screen on the first boot and had to reinstall Windows, but I got alll my settings back and the files were alll there! Praise God!

Hope this helps y'all.

DB RH9 PDF Review - Send For Shared Review is greyed out (reader X)


I am starting to figure out the PDF stuff. When I select Review Create PDF for Review, the "Send PDF for Shared Review" option is not available/greyed out.

Windows XP, RoboHelp9, Acrobat Reader X

Thanks for any help on this


DB fix it wont run

every time i try to run it, it says update is required so I try to install update and it just goes back to saying update is required

DB mac pro and imovie

I have just purchased the mac pro and moved an imovie (latest version) to it via firewire. I started to work on it and was surprised that it took 7 minutes to save a 16 minute video with no transitions, audio and only pistabilize effect. Is this what I should expect?

it also seemed to take almost the same time to render clips as it did on my G4.

Could I have screwed something up when moving the movie to mac pro?


DB New Dorkbot malware

Earlierthisweek,anewvariantofDorkbot/Ruskillmalwarehasbeenidentified attacking Skypeusersbyhijackingtheiruser account.Toaddmoredamage,itcanalsoaffectweb browsers and other programs such as MSN. What is very crazy about this is the fact that it can also spread other malwares such as Ransomware/LockScreen to steal your username and password of your PayPal, twitter, Facebook, etc.

Should you see a suspicious phishing message including from your contacts, pleasedo not clickon the link. If you do, your computer will become infected and become a part of the botnet. This malware spreads itself by contacting all contacts with the same phishing message.

Sample phishing messages as provided by avast!:

Spoiler (Highlight to read)lol is this your new profile pic?hey é essa sua foto de perfil? rsrsrsrsrsrsrshej je to vasa nova slika profila?hey c’est votre nouvelle photo de profil??hey esta es tu nueva foto de perfil?hey ini foto profil?hei er dette din nye profil bilde?hej to jest twój nowy obraz profil?hey ito sa iyong larawan sa profile??aquesta és la teva nova foto de perfil?hej detta är din nya profilbild?hej jeli ovo vasa nova profil skila?hey la anh tieucua ban?sa k’vo profili lusankaryhey e la tua immagine del profilo nuovo?tas ir jusu jauna profila bildes?moin, kaum zu glauben was für schöne fotos von dir auf deinem profilhei zhe shi ni de gerén ziliao zhaopian ma?hey bu yeni profil pic?ni phaph porfil khxng khun?hej er det din nye profil billede?hoi schöni fotis hesch du uf dim profil öppe nöd?hé ez az új profil kép?on tämä uusi profiilikuva?eínai aftí i néa fotografía profíl sas?hej je to tvuj nový obrázek profilu?hey is dit je nieuwe profielfoto?tung, cka paske lyp ti nket fotografi?
Arabic (html/js form):



Russian (html/js form):

это новый аватар вашего профего ))

\u044D\u0442\u043E \u043D\u043E\u0432\u044B\u0439 \u0430\u0432\u0430\u0442\u0430\u0440 \u0432\u0430\u0448\u0435\u0433\u043E \u043F\u0440\u043E\u0444\u0435\u0433\u043E ))

Japanese (html/js form):



DB modalPanel + region +rendering

Hello,I have the following problem:I have a page that has a modalPanel defined in it, outside of the page form. in the modal panel content I use a4j:include to include another xhtml that contains the modalpanel content. in the modal panel xhtml, there is another form, which inside of it I use a4j:support to catch an 'onclick' event and to reRender another component on that same modalpanel xhtml.the problem is that whatever I do, the a4j/richfaces components on the main page gets reRendered as well. putting a4j:region selfRendered=false and/or a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered=flase on the main page, and/or limitToList=true on the a4j:support on the modalPanel page, does not help.What am I missing?I am using rich3.1.2GA, myfaces 1.2 and facelets 1.1.13.please find attached a code examplemain page:

rich:modalPanel id="modalPanel" width="400" height="300"
f:facet name="header"h:outputText value="Modal Panel"//f:facet
f:facet name="controls"
a href="#" style="cursor:pointer" onclick="Richfaces.hideModalPanel('modalPanel')"X/a
a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="false"
a4j:include viewId="modalPanel.xhtml"/

value="open modal panel"
a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="false"
a4j:repeat value="#{mainBean.items}" var="item"
h:outputText value="#{item}"/

DB Auto Updating Report Using Change Data Capture

Hello All.

I am using Apex 3.0.1 and have put together a report page in which I use Carl Backstrom's example code that uses AJAX to automatically update a report region
that returns a SQL query via a PLSQL return statement.

I've set up Oracle Change Data Capture (CDC) to place newly inserted table rows into a CDC change table and then I am selecting these new rows from the CDC view that is set up as part of CDC. I am doing this (using Carl's code) every one second.

Within my PLSQL report region, I am invoking the CDC procedures that purge the change window and then extend this window in order to capture the next second's worth of data. I then select from the CDC view via a variable. It is this variable containing this select statement that is returned from the plsql report region.

And so, my PLSQL report region looks like this:

==== Begin Code ====
temp varchar2(600);
dbms_logmnr_cdc_subscribe.purge_window (subscription_handle =1);
dbms_logmnr_cdc_subscribe.extend_window (subscription_handle =1);

temp :=
select operation$,
to_char(sysdate, ''Dy DD-Mon-YYYY HH24:MI:SS'') as time
from cdc#cv$1119553

return temp;
==== End Code ====

I placed column "time" in the returned SQL query just to see if this report region is being updated every second. To my surprise, it is being updated every second because I see the "second part" being updated. However, I cannot get the other fields to be refreshed when new data rows are being added. I have even slowed down the refresh rate to 10 seconds to no avail. It acts as though the calls to the CDC procedures are somehow being ignored. However, if I manually refresh the page, then I can get these CDC procedures to be run and the page refreshes with the newest set of rows.

Am I doing something wrong here. If so, I am stumped. I even tried using a metatag in the page header section. This works. However, it is quite annoying to see the entire page refreshed every second.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


DB cant log into owa with ie8

Hi, I've recently updated exchange server 2003 with exchange service pack 2. I've had problems logging into OWA - it prompts me 3x before giving me access denied (using ie8 vista). Funny thing is I can log into OWA with Firefox and chrome (prompts me only 2x) before I get in.  Why can't I access my account (or others on our network) using IE8 (or 7/6).  Thanks, JG

DB Reglas de deteccion de duplicados

Hola a todos!!! quisiera hacer una regla de deteccin de duplicados que cada que se meta el mismo nombre lo detecte pero no me sale :( me pueden ayudar, gracias.

DB removing ip inspect..smtp

Does anyone know of the risk of removing an 'ip inspect..' statement from an IOS firewall feature set? Particulary the 'ip inspect..smtp or esmtp statement. We are having issue's between exchange servers through our site-to-site vpn and the solution is recomending removing the ip inspect statement for smtp to fix. What is the risk not having that statement?


- Ted

DB Windows LIVE mail NOT Working

The following is the error message received

The host 'mail.att.net' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.

Subject 'Comcast' Server: 'mail.att.net' Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0D Protocol: SMTP Port: 25 Secure(SSL): No Socket Error: 11004

DB E-mail bolqueado e senha esquecida

Não lembro da minha senha e o e-mail alternativo não existe mais, tentei conseguir a senha preenchendo um formulário, mas o link que é fornecido, aparece a 4 dias TENTE NOVAMENTE MAIS TARDE; desta forma em várias tentativas meu e-mail foi bloqueado e
ainda não consegui a senha. Preciso muito entrar deste e-mail.O que faço?

DB Download File larger than 1GB

Hi we want to download file larger than 1GB ( 1 to 1.5 GB) from the Unix server using java.
We are looking for what all the the better possiblities to accomplish this. I feel HTTP approach wont works here while concidering the size of the file. We are open for any better and Quick solution.


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DB Nokia Lumia 720 random automatic reboots

This is really annoying and I think there is something really wrong with Lumia 720 after AMBER UPDATE.

It reboots randomly and automatically without any warning after amber update. Before amber update everything seemed fine and this never occured.

Generally updates are released to improve the phone, here the opposite is happening.

Its not just for me but for three of my peers who owns Lumia 720, the same thing is happening,

You cannot blame an installed app (which will be Nokia or Microsoft's first and favorite answer) for this as we tested it for two three days after ressetting, didn't install any app and this occured.

Also the Phone takes one to two seconds to respond when I scroll on my start screen and generally opens the first app that my finger touched instead of scrolling down, this never occured before AMBER, again not just on my Lumia 720.

Please Advice.


DB Outlook 2007 receive problem

I can send the mail to others successfully. when I receive mails from my colleague here comes the problem. as usual, i opened the Outlook and clicked the receive button. at the bottom of the window shows the receiving progress. but the download speedwas
extremly slow!!! specially when i m receiving some big attachment from the mail. anyone can help? THX

DB Installed new harddrive, and now having trouble downloading updates.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L675 and I recently had to install a new harddrive. Installed a Seagate Momentous 500 gb harddrive and used the recovery disc to install the drivers and windows 7 onto the new drive. However, i can not download any updates
for Windows or Microsoft Security Essentials. Any help y'all can give me will be greatly appreciated.

DB One website blocked

There aren't any issues connecting to my Uverse home WiFi or visiting various websites via my laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, there is one website that I cannot access on all three devices: thefest.com.( I receive the following message, "Safari can't open the page "thefest.com" because the server where the page is located isn't responding." I have an iPhone, MacBook, and Samsung tablet. I even tried the site on a Kindle and it still won't come up.

The only way I can connect to thefest.com is by using my iPhone's cellular network (which is not ATT). I was on chat help with a Uverse specialist for over an hour and he couldn't diagnose the issue.Here is the conversation with the online help specialist:

ATT:How can I help you today?

ME:My internet is working fine, and I can access all websites except for one. I keep receiving the error message, "Safari can't open the page because the server where the page is located isn't responding." I have tried accessing the page over my home wifi and hardwired with my laptop. I have tried accessing the page over my home wifi with my smart phone. I cannot access the page. HOWEVER I can access the page over the cell network with my smartphone.

ATT:I can help you with that.Did you try accessing the page with any other browser?

ME:yes, with firefox and i still cannot access it

ATT:Okay.Please give me two minutes while I check with the information.

ATT:Could you pleaser provide me with the website?

ME: I am running OSX 10.8.5 on a mac

ME: thefest.com

ATT:Okay.Please give me two minutes while I pull up the information.

ATT:We need to check website through command prompts, do you know how to use command prompt on Mac?


ATT:I will guide you through the steps.

ATT:Open finder and open the Applications folder.

ATT:look at the bottom there is a folder calledUtilities: open it; Terminal that looks like an old TV.

ATT:Open the Terminal application.

ATT:Now type inpingand give space andthefest.comand pressEnter.

ATT:Now, please copy paste the result which it shows.

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DB How to use notepad as backend database in Vb 6.0?

I am having a Visual basic 6.0 application and in that I have designed a form with text box command button. Having a notepad separately in drive like (E or F or G) and that notepad is having a data around 2000 row like (1332, 7063413205). Now I want to connect notepad from Visual Basic 6.0 as a backend and want to fetch data by giving 4 digit numbers in one text box and matching 10 digit numbers in another text box in VB 6.0 by clicking a button in the form. Whether it is possible to get that! Please let me know whether it is possible to use notepad (*.txt) file as database (we can do with Excel sheet but I need to use notepad). Thanks for your support.

DB Vaio SZ6

Just wondered if there was any news as to when the Vaio SZ6 (already shipping in the US) will be available in the UK.Thanks

DB webmail does not work

This morning I ran an upgrade for Plesk 8 released on April 25 and since then I can not access my webmail.

Regular address for our webmail used to be: webmail.domain.com now displays the site (domain.com)

I am on a dedicated server with Red Hat Fedora Core 2.
Originally Ive upgraded to Plesk 8 a few weeks ago and webmail worked fine. The reason I decided to run this latest upgrade, weve had some backup issues for a domain.

Any suggestions what needs to be done to get to our Horde?

DB Aproval workflow modifications

I'm having some hard times with workflows. Is there a book you could recommend which has some usefull examples building workflows? All the books I've read are just too basic and never really go deep enough.
We need to create an aproval workflow to aprove a list item by any 2 out of 3 aprovers. I dont think I can use the build in aproval workflow.
Thanks for any help,

DB Re: Overloading

I have one more question ...

When overriding a method why we cannot make the overriden method more private??? y overridden in java enforces such a rule??

For Eg:

Class Test1
protected void method1()

Class Test2 extends Test1
// will thorw exception in the below line as this method cannot be private.
private void method1()

DB how to add properties and methods into automation interface by vc++2005?

in vc++6.0,i can add properties and methods into automation interface by the property page "automation" of class wizard, but there is not a class wizard in vc++2005. how can i add property and method into automation interface? do i have to edit the code?

DB ESS Transactions by Country


I am just trying to find out what are the most common ESS tranactions normally implemented in different countries.

For example in USA, clients normally go for the following :

1. Personal Data Change

2. Life or Work Event creation

3. US Address Change

4. Emergency contact information

5. Benefits Enrollment

6. View benefits

7. Tax Withholdings etc etc..

So, If i take example of France, what would be the common ESS transactions there ???

Any help highly appreciatable.

Best regards,