DB Unlocking iPhone 4s

Last friday i bought an iPhone 4s from a Verizon custumer (no contract). I'm from Argentina and i cant use my iphone with Verizon here, i would like to know what do i have to do i orden to be able to use it.

Please help me.

Thanks for your time

DB export sql insert generates to_date('1987-04-19','DD-MON-RR')

export sql insert generates buggy dates :

Scott -- Tables -- EMP -- export -- sql inserts
Columns -- ALL

Insert into "EMP" ("EMPNO","ENAME","JOB","MGR","HIREDATE","SAL","COMM","DEPTNO") values (7788,'SCOTT','ANALYST',7566,to_date('1987-04-19','DD-MON-RR'),3000,null,20);

the to_date is invalid.

this bug happens only when selecting ALL columns


DB working with WriteableBitmap

I am working with Window 8/WinRT and for reason WriteableBitmap is not working. I looked the code from
I am just trying a look the result but I don't see anything. Here is my code.
I would like to Blit some bitmap but how can I load WriteableBitmap as bitmap. Please look the syntax for Blit.
void MainPage_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
WriteableBitmap bitmap;
WriteableBitmap writeableBmp = BitmapFactory.New(512, 512);
// Load an image from the calling Assembly's resources only by passing the relative path
// writeableBmp = BitmapFactory.New(1, 1).
writeableBmp.DrawLine(1, 2, 30, 40, Colors.Green);
Rect sourceRect = new Rect(0.0,0.0,194.0,224.0);
// Blit a bitmap using the additive blend mode at P1(10, 10)
// writeableBmp.Blit(new Point(0, 0), bitmap, sourceRect, Colors.White, WriteableBitmapExtensions.BlendMode.Additive);
MyImage.Source = writeableBmp;
Any help will be very much appreciated.
Agha Khan

Agha Khan

DB Are downloads the latest patch level?

Are the versions of Tuxedo that are available for download at the latest (or close to latest) patch level, or do they remain the original release? Furthermore, if a later (patched) version is available for download, will it display RP information on the first line of the ULOG? (In other words, can it be assumed that if there is no RP information displayed (and no patchlev file in udataobj) that you are using the original GA release?)


DB Login to imported vhd

I have imported a VHD to azure and I try to connect to it I can connect to RDC but cannot get into the computer. It will not take the password. Before importing the VHD I ran sysprep. Any suggestion would be helpful.

DB No consigo comprar o Office 365.

indique outra forma de pagamento que náo cartáo Visa do Banco do Brasil
o meu cartão Visa do Banco do Brasil náo é aceito por vosso sistema

DB Future iPhones?

I am in the process of talking my girlfriend into purchasing the iPhone for me for Christmas (wish me luck!) and I was hoping someone could give me more information on if there is a possibility of a new iPhone coming out that works with the faster 3G network? From what I understand the iPhone is highly upgradeable due to the UI software. I understand if there is a possibility of a newer, faster iPhone coming out you wouldn't be able to tell me about it, so I guess my question would come down to this: if the iPhone was upgraded strictly through software would it work on the 3G network?

Obviously I don't know much about how the different networks work with different phones, so any help would be great.

DB case of missing movies

I went to my Movies folder to export to imovie,but thye screen keeps alerting me to th fact that ....."the volume for MOVIES cannot be found"........MY DOUMENTS ..PICTURES AND OTHER VOLUMES ARE THERE BUT NOT MOVIES....WHAT CAN I DO!thank you.

DB How do I delete emails form iOS 6

I deleted emails from my servers (i.e. went on gmail and comcast and permentanlty delted emails) however, when I do a spotlight search on my iPhone 5 emails that I deleted (both from the servers and from the phone) appear. I tried to remove the acocunts and all their information but when I put them back on the emails re-appear in the spotlight serach. Is there a way to delete these emails from my phone? They have been deleted everywhere else and I cannot figure out how to get rid of the ones on the phone. Thanks.

DB OCS 2007 R2 Remote Access - Puzzling??

HeyThe OCS 2007 R2 remote access implementation is puzzling to me. From what I understand, one would need an independent Public IP and associated A records for each of the three (3) OCS Edge roles and HTTP proxy. However, the Office Communicator (OC) settings only has a single field to enter an external server name. How do all these Public names for each role fit in the OC client configuration.RegardsJKjk

DB signing problem!!

I have a password field and sign-on button,my problem is that once i finish entering my password and enter(pressing enter key in keyboard),i want Sign-on button to be activated.So,please help me regarding this.
This is normal process in all sign-on screens,but i am facing the problem in Swing GUI.


DB Union Query If Then statement

This is my Union Query:
SELECT [Thing1],[Thing2],[Time],[Price1],[Price2],[IfPriceResult]
FROM [33Q]
UNION ALL SELECT [Thing1],[Thing2],[Date],[Price3],[Price4],[2ndIfPriceResult]
FROM [3Q];
I need [IfPriceResult] to show Price1 unless Price1 is Null, then it should show Price2
the same fr Price3 and Price4
If Price3 is Null, show Price4, else Price3

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

DB Unable to update table column value(resides in other database table) using ssis

Hi ,
I created a SSIS package ,which creates the CSV file with the required fields. I am calling the stored procedure(created in DB1 database) through OLEDB source as follow:
There are 2 input parameters(startdate,enddate) in stored procedure. startdate and enddate are type of varchar.
startdate: contains value reading from the table called T1(value varchar(20)) resides in other database(DB2 database) using execute sql task.

ex: startdate = '2012-01-06 12:13:12.876'
enddate: is getdate()
Both the databases (DB1 DB2) are in one server S1.
In my stored procedure , i am updating column value of table T1(resides in DB2) with some date ex: '2013-02-06 12:13:12.876' and i want to use this value as input parameter for startdate variable in SSIS package in next execution.

when i am executing stored procedure seperately,i am getting the result set and table T1 value(resides in other database DB2) is also updaing properly.
But when i am executing stored procedure through SSIS , table T1 value(resides in other database DB2) is not updating .getting Null in the Table column value

My Assumption is :
I have provided connection as DB1(stored procedure created in this Database), In stored procedure i am updating another table value(resides in DB2 database). so i am missing connection of DB2. but my package is executing successfully.
Can anyone suggest me the solution?

DB Exposing COM objects through ThinAPP


I'm trying to get a working example of an exposed COM object in ThinAPP.

I'd written a tiny ActiveX DLL using .NET and I'm trying to expose it through ThinAPP so it may be used as an embedded object inside a webpage.

Apparently I'm still missing some of the dots, for example:

What kind of object should I use? a DLL? an EXE?

Is it possible to incorporate a DLL into the Hosts registry so it may be used regardless of the actual .EXE package I've created with ThinAPP?

Should I have the packaged .EXE running at all times to get access to this object?

I'd appreciate any help or comment.

Thanks in advance,


DB No led lights after Vista Ultimate installation

Hi all

just installed Vista ultimate on my laptop and now the led lights on the keyboard don't light up

Any ideas as to why??

DB Apache suexec question

Hi all !

I am ready to switch to Arch Linux now ( hopefully competent enough :-) Pretty impressed with the Wiki!

But I still have one question :-)

I would like to install Apache and suexec. This basically means I want/need an httpd version compiled --with-suexec-docroot=/home (/var/www is the default). But I dont want to recompile myself.

On Ubuntu there is a package for this: apache2-suexec-custom

But I couldnt find anything like this for Arch Linux. May I didnt look at the right place? Any ideas?

thanks a lot in advance! dave

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DB Thread: Client Software location

Hi, can someone tell me where files are served from to show up in the Novell Client Software list of Available Downloads.

i.e. browse to the OES2 server\'s web page / ip address.

Menu on left has Home, Management Services and Client Software.

Is there somewhere I can copy the relevant files that I want to make available? Example use: new computer could download the Novell client from the server...


DB Swapping controls/pages in and out of a grid (like MDI)

Hi. I have an application with a Grid split into two rows. The top row of the grip holds the menu choices. The bottom grid is where I'd like to swap the various controls depending upon the menu selection (kind of like a MDI application).
I don't want to have to build all my controls in one big page and control them by the visibility (which would get messy ina hurry). I would much prefer to be able to swap controls in and out as required (like a Windows MDI application).
Does anyone have any ideas? I looked at the Child Window but that is modal. I'd like to lock a control into the Grid with just the items necessary.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

DB No bootable devices message on my Inspiron 5100

When I turn on my Inspiron 5100 No bootable devices appears.  It wasn't showing a hard drive so I ordered and replaced the hard drive today but am still getting the same message. 


I booted from the CD Rom drive.  As instructed I placed the XP Operating System CD in the cd rom drive and pressed F6 to ad 3rd party drivers at the start of the XP install.  I put the Drivers and utilities CD in to reinstall the Dell Inspiron and XPS System Software.  Still won't boot.  I don't understand what is wrong.


The laptop is out of warranty, of course, and I am hoping someone can help me out here.  Thanks so much.

DB My name

Some dood stole LordZero AND Zero *cries*

PS I'm back who missed me 8)

But what do i know?

AKA LordZero to all the oldies who remember me..

DB jBPM GPD: transitions not drawn -- is GPD 3.1.0.alpha2 backw

I was about to submit the following as a bug, but I'm not too sure if I'm using GPD as expected.So: is GPD 3.1.0.alpha2 supposed to be backwards compatible with And which versions of Eclipse are supported?The websales example as shipped with http://downloads.sourceforge.net/jbpm/jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.Beta2.zip (2007-02-06), which includes jBPM Designer Plugin, cannot be opened in http://downloads.sourceforge.net/jbpm/jbpm-jpdl-designer-3.1.0.alpha2.zip that was released 4 days earlier (2007-02-02).Trying to open the example first shows the error below. When retrying one will eventually see the diagram, but any transitions are not drawn. Manually adding any new component and saving the diagram results in the root element process-diagram in gpd.xml being replaced with root-container, at which point a lot of information seems to be lost (the new gpd.xml is a lot smaller than the version supplied with the sample code).The very same websales example is handled fine with jBPM Designer Plugin test 3.1.0.alpha2 I extracted a fresh copy of jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.Beta2.zip, then replaced \designer\eclipse\features and \designer\eclipse\plugins with the contents of 3.1.0.alpha2, and unzipped http://repository.jboss.com/eclipse/sdk/3.2/eclipse-SDK-3.2-win32.zip into \designer\eclipse. The same results, without any errors in the error log though, for Eclipse 3.2.1, M20060921-0945.Environment: Eclipse 3.2.0 (M20060629-1905) or 3.2.1 (M20060921-0945), GPD 3.1.0.alpha2, JDK 1.5.0_11, WinXP,Error log:eclipse.buildId=M20060629-1905java.version=1.5.0_11java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=en_USCommand-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86 -data ../workspaceErrorThu Feb 15 16:50:29 CET 2007Could not create graphical viewerorg.eclipse.ui.PartInitException: Error reading contents of file : gpd.xml.at org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui.editor.JpdlContentProvider.addGraphicalInfo(Unknown Source)at org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui.editor.JpdlGraphicalEditorPage.initInput(Unknown Source)at org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui.editor.JpdlGraphicalEditorPage.init(Unknown Source)at org.eclipse.ui.part.MultiPageEditorPart.addPage(MultiPageEditorPart.java:179)at org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui.editor.JpdlEditor.addGraphPage(Unknown Source)at org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui.editor.JpdlEditor.createPages(Unknown Source)at org.eclipse.ui.part.MultiPageEditorPart.createPartControl(MultiPageEditorPart.java:276)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorReference.createPartHelper(EditorReference.java:596)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorReference.createPart(EditorReference.java:372)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPartReference.getPart(WorkbenchPartReference.java:566)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartPane.setVisible(PartPane.java:290)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.presentations.PresentablePart.setVisible(PresentablePart.java:140)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.presentations.util.PresentablePartFolder.select(PresentablePartFolder.java:268)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.presentations.util.LeftToRightTabOrder.select(LeftToRightTabOrder.java:65)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.presentations.util.TabbedStackPresentation.selectPart(TabbedStackPresentation.java:394)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartStack.refreshPresentationSelection(PartStack.java:1144)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartStack.setSelection(PartStack.java:1097)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartStack.showPart(PartStack.java:1311)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartStack.add(PartStack.java:455)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorStack.add(EditorStack.java:102)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartStack.add(PartStack.java:441)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorStack.add(EditorStack.java:111)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorSashContainer.addEditor(EditorSashContainer.java:60)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorAreaHelper.addToLayout(EditorAreaHelper.java:217)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorAreaHelper.addEditor(EditorAreaHelper.java:207)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorManager.createEditorTab(EditorManager.java:819)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorManager.openEditorFromDescriptor(EditorManager.java:718)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.EditorManager.openEditor(EditorManager.java:679)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPage.busyOpenEditorBatched(WorkbenchPage.java:2586)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPage.busyOpenEditor(WorkbenchPage.java:2521)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPage.access$10(WorkbenchPage.java:2513)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPage$9.run(WorkbenchPage.java:2498)at org.eclipse.swt.custom.BusyIndicator.showWhile(BusyIndicator.java:67)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPage.openEditor(WorkbenchPage.java:2493)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkbenchPage.openEditor(WorkbenchPage.java:2478)at org.eclipse.ui.ide.IDE.openEditor(IDE.java:388)at org.eclipse.ui.ide.IDE.openEditor(IDE.java:350)at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.javaeditor.EditorUtility.openInEditor(EditorUtility.java:275)at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.javaeditor.EditorUtility.openInEditor(EditorUtility.java:139)at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.actions.OpenActionUtil.open(OpenActionUtil.java:49)at org.eclipse.jdt.ui.actions.OpenAction.run(OpenAction.java:190)at org.eclipse.jdt.ui.actions.OpenAction.run(OpenAction.java:174)at org.eclipse.jdt.ui.actions.SelectionDispatchAction.dispatchRun(SelectionDispatchAction.java:267)at org.eclipse.jdt.ui.actions.SelectionDispatchAction.run(SelectionDispatchAction.java:243)at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.packageview.PackageExplorerActionGroup.handleOpen(PackageExplorerActionGroup.java:306)at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.packageview.PackageExplorerPart$4.open(PackageExplorerPart.java:651)at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.StructuredViewer$2.run(StructuredViewer.java:817)at org.eclipse.core.runtime.SafeRunner.run(SafeRunner.java:37)at org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.run(Platform.java:843)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.JFaceUtil$1.run(JFaceUtil.java:44)at org.eclipse.jface.util.SafeRunnable.run(SafeRunnable.java:149)at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.StructuredViewer.fireOpen(StructuredViewer.java:815)at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.StructuredViewer.handleOpen(StructuredViewer.java:1069)at org.eclipse.jface.viewers.StructuredViewer$6.handleOpen(StructuredViewer.java:1168)at org.eclipse.jface.util.OpenStrategy.fireOpenEvent(OpenStrategy.java:249)at org.eclipse.jface.util.OpenStrategy.access$2(OpenStrategy.java:243)at org.eclipse.jface.util.OpenStrategy$1.handleEvent(OpenStrategy.java:283)at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.EventTable.sendEvent(EventTable.java:66)at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Widget.sendEvent(Widget.java:928)at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.runDeferredEvents(Display.java:3348)at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.readAndDispatch(Display.java:2968)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.runEventLoop(Workbench.java:1914)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.runUI(Workbench.java:1878)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createAndRunWorkbench(Workbench.java:419)at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench(PlatformUI.java:149)at org.eclipse.ui.internal.ide.IDEApplication.run(IDEApplication.java:95)at org.eclipse.core.internal.runtime.PlatformActivator$1.run(PlatformActivator.java:78)at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication(EclipseAppLauncher.java:92)at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.start(EclipseAppLauncher.java:68)at org.eclipse.core.runtime.adaptor.EclipseStarter.run(EclipseStarter.java:400)at org.eclipse.core.runtime.adaptor.EclipseStarter.run(EclipseStarter.java:177)at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)at org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main.invokeFramework(Main.java:336)at org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main.basicRun(Main.java:280)at org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main.run(Main.java:977)at org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main.main(Main.java:952)eclipse.buildId=M20060629-1905java.version=1.5.0_11java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=en_USCommand-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86 -data ../workspaceErrorThu Feb 15 16:50:29 CET 2007Error reading contents of file : gpd.xml.[/url]

DB Why on error resume next and on error goto 0 have to be placed where they are in this sub


Below isa simple sub to get user selected range - this is an example from John Walkenbach's book.

What I can't understand here is that why in this program, "On error resume next" and "On error goto 0" have to be placed exactly where they are. I tried to place these two statements in different places within the procedure, then I got errors. Please explain
your thoughts - think about those early days when you just started to learn VBAdid this kind of question bother you as well?

Apologies if this question sounds stupid to you. And, thanks!
Sub GetUserRange()
Dim UserRange As Range

Prompt = "Select a range for the random numbers."
Title = "Select a range"
' Display the Input Box
On Error Resume Next

Set UserRange = Application.InputBox( _
Prompt:=Prompt, _
Title:=Title, _
Default:=ActiveCell.Address, _
Type:=8) 'Range selection

On Error GoTo 0
' Was the Input Box canceled?
If UserRange Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Canceled."
UserRange.Formula = "=RAND()"
End If
End Sub

DB Having import problem in Eclipse 3.1

I'm using jBPM designer in Eclipse 3.1. I installed jBPM 3.0.4. When I create a new jBPM project I get an error in the import org.jpm cannot be resolved. I see the jPBM core jar file in the plugin directory.Any ideas what I'm doing wrong.

DB Outlook Leave copy of messages on server option downloads duplicates

I have used Outlook for many years. Have been on 2003 for quite a while. I download from my POP3 email accounts with Outlook only on my desktop computer. I use the "Leave copy of messages on server" option so I can access the last 30 days of emails from
my phone, webmail, etc. My host is IXWEBHOSTING. All email accounts are POP3.

We recently decided to do the Office365 thing. I was quite please with how well the new Outlook imported all the rules and settings, email, additional data files where I keep my archives, etc.

Since then, however, the Leave Messages On Server option is not working properly. Every time I restart Outlook, it will download all emails on the server regardless of whether they are new or old. As long as I do not restart outlook all is well - only
new messages will be downloaded when they arrive. If close outlook and re-open, however, everything is downloaded again.

I have found MANY reports of folks complaining about duplicate emails, and the solution seems to be to disable the "Leave messages on server" option - but this is exactly what I need to be able to do and it was working without issue in Outlook 2003.

I disabled the Leave Messages option on all the email accounts so it could clean off the server and start fresh. The cleaned the emails from the server, but I still get duplicates when Outlook is started.

I tried creating a new PST file and remapped my email account settings to the new PST - that did not help.

What do I need to change to allow the "Leave copy of messages on server" option without getting duplicate downloads every time I run Outlook.

DB cucm 8.5 bulk edit extension numbers.

Hi guys

We have a customer who is moving from 4 digit extension to a 6 digit plan. I have phones registered to call manager with 4 digit number already.

What is the best way to update the extension numbers to adhere new dial plan.

Can anyone share the ideas please.

I was trying to export the config. Update it. And import it. But what I have noticed is that in the export config directory number option doesn't even exists.

Thanks in advance.

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DB Collection Question--Federated Collection Buero

There is a "joint" collection on my equifax report for $6600 from 2011--basically my husband and myself went to a "free" vacation time-share event and got jipped into signing up for a time-share. After review we decided it was more of a SCAM then a good deal so we called and cancelled. Well because we signed a paper, I guess they just reported it to a collection agency. After much research I realized this collection agency does not have a "bond" in place to collect in Texas. I reported them to the attorny general in Texas but haven't heard back. This company did sent me a copy of the signed paper BUT again we were not fully aware of what we signed up for. (too good to be true) Anyhow I am just confused on what I should do about this?

Make arrangements to pay for something that we were basically conned into to a company that is not lawfully able to collect in my state? We will be applying for a morgtage soon and I am not sure if this will be an issue that needs to be resolved.

In My Wallet: Barlclay NFL $4500 | Capital One Secured $300 | First Progress Secured $300| Walmart $600| New York Company $500| Kohls $300| Discover IT $3000| Sears Citi|$4000|Walmart $800First car lease $370 month August 2013Signed First Mortgage August 2013Starting Score: 581 EQCurrent Score: 658 EQGoal Score: 750

DB Safari crashes flash player 10.4-10.5 plugin

Hello everybody,

Safari crashes sometimes...where can I find the report for posting to the forum ?

DB How to display "time elapse after SLA breach" in report?


Is it possible to display "time elapse after SLA breach" in a report from joining of SLA and incident table?

DB InfoPath 2003

I want to do some coding for InfoPath 2003. The download for Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio 2005 now directs you to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System which does not apparently provide support for InfoPath 2003, only InfoPath 2007.
How can I get the tools for InfoPath 2003?
Kevin Winegardner

DB Pref Mgmt - Revoke Vendor declaration - Object SLL_PREVD number interval

Hey guys,

My problem:

For object SLL_PREVD, number range interval 03 does not exist.

-- Occurs when trying to revoke a vendor declaration. Works without problems in simulation mode.

My question:

Yes I know, solution is to maintain number range interval 03

But where can I do that?

Thank you very much for your appreciated input!


DB HttpWebRequest.KeepAlive Property Problem

I am using VS2003 SP1 (Framework 1.1) on XP SP2 laptop, and when I set the HttpWebRequest.KeepAlive property equal to true, it isn't adding a Connection: Keep-Alive header.  I have to use http protocol version 1.1 in my web app, so I can't use the 1.0 version (which does create the Connection header by default).  Is that a bug with it, or am I just missing something?  Documentation says if the KeepAlive property is true, then the Connection header is included.  If anyone knows a way to access restricted headers like Connection, or a way I can create the entire Header collection without running into restricted header error's, pls let me know.

DB Publlic IP cannot access the Server Port


I have problem with a particular subnet. It is not able to access a server port from this particular subnet only.Other public IP subnet can access without any problem. The server port is 829. I checked the firewall configuration, nothing is blocking this subnet in the firewall. Please help me if anyone have solution.


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The Nokia Lumia 925 on 4G with Telstra is here and we've asked two of our community members to put it through it's paces over the next two weeks.

Although you will get to know more about our reviewers in due time, let me take a moment to quickly introduce, Honoured Contributor on CrowdSupport -Lathania(@Lathania) and lover of all Window's conversations - GlennL(@Mobilenova).

To kick things off, we've got a few questions for our reviewers.

What phone were you using before starting the Nokia Lumia 925 review and what features did you most like about that phone?
What steps were involved in setting up your Lumia, and were you able to set it up with ease?
Can you video and share on CrowdSupport the Lumia “un-boxing” experience?
What do you think about the “Smile Select “and “Object Removal” camera features?

If you're thinking about buying this phone and have questions about it, ask them in this thread

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have found the answer, don't forget to mark the post as a Accepted Solution this will help other members find solutions faster.You can also find us on:

DB A few problems...

Hey guys;
First let me say that YES I AM AWARE that this ain't microsoft tech support, I'm just hopefully looking for some useful help... I won't blame anyone for my problems as I know at times problems may only happen in one computer and not all... So allow me to
start with my problems:

So as many of you may know I have posted on this forum before with problems like system out of memory which yes I still do get, HOWEVER ever since SP2 for EW4 I have gotten something I have not seen in a long long time, I keep getting the Blue Screen Of Death
(BSOD) and it would reboot my computer automatically... I couldn't believe it... So after getting frustrated with things I went back to...

In which I find that it would crash more than EW4...

So I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me, as EW3 would crash randomly doing anything or even uploading... I don't have any of the crash files handy anymore as I have gotten annoyed with things and frankly I have gone back to FP2003, although like
most people I want to use what I pay for, and by that I mean... I want to use EW3 or EW4.

I'm currently running on vista (I was running on 7 but I was missing out on a few of my fav games/progs that wouldn't run in 7)
Any other questions I would gladly answer in order to make this easier for anyone to help... I also don't have EW3 or EW4 installed on the computer like I said above, but if anyone can give me suggestions for potential fixes, I would gladly install to try
out the fixes.
Thanks to everyone who helps out:

DB Tips for shaving a few bytes off a byte array?

Hi, before you give me the standard solution using Inflator and Deflator, Im doing this on a J2ME device (of which there is no solution already implemented for both compression and decompression).
I have a few byte arrays of length 150-300 bytes and just want to squeeze things all tighter if possible. The header information for decoding them should be stored in the resulting byte[] array also.

I know storing a huffman tree would probably be too large for this so I just want suggestions for any tiny things that can be done (ie looking for repetitions of bytes or nibbles in the array)

Thanks in advance!

DB how do I get my hp officejet 4500 wireless download to my upgraded MacBook leopard

I purchased a new hp officejet 4500 wireless printer and needed help to make it work as the disc did not help, it worked for a time and since then (last week) I upgraded my macbook from 10.4.11 to the leopard. I need to download this so it can work with this system.