DB Windows Media Center has stopped working error message when accessing movies burned to a Windows Home Server.

I've burned some of my DVDs onto a Windows Home Server and access them through My Movies in Windows Media Center. On a new build HTPC running W7 Pro that has no issue accessing the server, I get an error message when I click play to start a movie that
says Windows Media Center has stopped working. It's worked on this HTPC on occasion, but doesn't most of the time. It's also not any specific movie that does it. Help!

DB Lead / Cycle time for procurement


Is there a T Code which gives me the lead time / cycle time for the complete process from PR-PO-GR. Or I need to develop a report. FS for any Report developped will be appreciated.



DB Word add in (Attach-Detach)

I need to create add in at word, i have the following issue :
I'm opening documents through my application, i want to add the add in to the opened document and when the documnet being closed i need to remove the add in, that said (when opening the document not throught my application i don't want it tobe visible
for the user).
How can i do this ?

DB Approval chances for Amex bce and prg???

A little bit about my history. Opened my 1st credit card, First Permier, on Aug. 2013 and my second card on Nov. 2013 ,Vic. Secret (Shopping Cart Trick). Inq. are exp=2, eq=5, tu=4. I plan on app for gold prg in May. My aaoa now is 6 months. i have no derogs whatsover. If approved for prg i will immediatly app for bce in hopes of getting 2 for 1 HP, if not approved for bce it will at least be a SP. My first permier cc will have a balnce of 0 while my Vic secet will have a $25 balance. My Util will be 3% at time of app. My scores are Ex=690, tu=680 eq=680. My concernis im hoping my first premier cc will not prevent me from being approved for any of these cc?? What do ya'll think my friends??

DB Cannot record or pause

Have just moved house and using my old sky+HD box. When I try to pause or record it says this service is not available.

I have checked that this is included in my subscription and have also checked that remote record is activated. Have rebuild the planner as suggested on the help page.

What else can I do?


DB IDOC for Sales Order


I am creating an ORDERS02 IDOC for a Configured Item . When the IDOC is processed no Sales Order is created and I get the message

There is no article description for item 000010

Does anyone know which field I need to populate in the IDOC for the Article Description ?



DB Problem with email notification

Hi guys,

I'm using the PWA 2010 and I cant send the email. I have configured the server, but I'm receiving this error.
NotificationEMailDeliveryFailed (16080) - Fail to deliver the email using the SMTP server 'smtp.gmail.com' on port '25'.. Details: id='16080' name='NotificationEMailDeliveryFailed' uid='e113e646-a0ef-4c67-872a-7b87a0d5d0db' EmailTypeUID='820cde05-8535-4b5e-8c2f-6b64b2719934'
Error='Fail to deliver the email using the SMTP server 'smtp.gmail.com' on port '25'.'.

I already installed the SMTP on IIS, but I dont use the Exchange, I'm using gamsil's smtp.

Does anyone can help me?


DB Help me

Necesito convertir cualquier archivo a XML alguna idea que me puedan dar?

DB Comment faire une mise niveau de la clef Win 7 Intgrale sur mon systme qui lui est Win 7 dition Pro. La clef que je me suis procur est en version Edition Familiale win 7 vers win 7 Intgrale

Ma première mise à niveau a été de vista édition familiale vers win7 édition Pro et cela s'est avéré une catastrophe....heureusement Microsoft m'a aidé et le tout fonctionne très bien maintenant. Après m'être muni de la version win 7 Intégrale je voudrais
l'installer sur mon laptop en partant de ma version actuelle de Win 7 Pro. Croyez-vous que cela sera possible et comment m'y prendre. Mon adress courriel est: *** Adresse électronique supprimée pour cause de confidentialité ***Merci

DB Rede celular no encontrada

olá, meu lumia 520 não encontra rede celular e fica sempre sem serviço. Seleciono a busca manual mas ele não encontra nenhuma rede. Já troquei o micro chip e continua sem encontrar nenhuma rede. em outro aparelho (lumia 620) o chip funciona normalmente.
A operadora é TIM, mas ele não encontra nenhuma das outras o que é estranho porque quando funcionava normalmente aparecia as outras redes inclusive a da TIM. TTY/TDD está desativado. Todas as demais funções do aparelho estão em perfeito estado.


DB off topic - Password Recovery

My brother recently lost his account to a hacker. We've been trying to retrieve his password but everytime we go through the options, it tells us there's an error and we should try again later. Can anyone help me?

DB re 645

desole je ne sai pas bien me servir de l ordi mai s a cause de l erreure 645 ca plante de + en+ c est framework 3.5 sp1 help svp

DB ADF BC bound selectedOneChoice


I am using a page with two af:selectOneChoice in it. Both of them are bounded to a VO Iterator

The first one is bounded to the master Iterator and the second one to the detail iterator. I need to make that when a value in the first selectOneChoice is selected, the second selectOneChoice displays the values related to the selection made

How can i do this ????

DB how to change password programatically in LDAPRealm


Can anyone give suggestion how to change the password programatically in the
LDAPRealm and also in the LDAP server


DB how to run java code?

I have implemented a 4 java classes and they currently run in borland jbuilders IDE (the main class of the Program I call MainProgram. They are in a package I created call MyPackage

If i wanted to run my program on another machine what exactly do i have to do to get it to run. please be specific.

I am assuming I just drop my 4 .class files into a directory and execute java MyPackage
Is this correct or do I first need to do something since my classes are part of a package I call MyPackage

DB Trying to Sync Bold and new MacBook 13" with Entourage


I am having issues trying to sync my Bold with Entourage 2008 running on new MacBook.

PocketMac bugs immediately at start.

I have bought "the missing Sync". It runs okay, but it rejects my recurring tasks as they are not accepted by iCal.

As a heavy task user (including recuring tasks), I begin to be a little desesperate. I would like to avoid going back to the PC world.

Thanks for your help.

DB Bug reports by Test Suite

I have created a new Team Query that essentially looks for all 'Active' bugs irrespective of user, butthere is a field that I'd like to filter on - Test Suite - but don't see that. In order to accomplish this, must I modify the Project Template to
make that an additional field available within the Project or is there a different (or more preferred) method to accomplish this?
Michael Gardipee

DB Migration of server booting from SAN to ESX

Hi all,

We have a server that is booting from SAN. Can we do an image that we then

migrate to an ESX server using P2V or powerconvert

Thanks a lot

DB Movie Maker loses video when uploaded to Facebook

I have tried several methods, and every time I upload a video to Facebook, when you play it back, there is no video, just audio.
This also happens when I try to upload the raw file from my camera - without any rendering by Movie Maker. So, what's the deal?
Is this a problem with my PC, or a problem with Facebook? Video from my Android phone uploads just fine. I just got the latest
Windows updates, tried it again, and still doesn't work. Any ideas?? This used to work when I had just the plain old Movie Maker
that came with Win7 (not the Live version).
Is there any way I can uninstall Windows Live Movie Maker, and replace it with the old Win7 Movie Maker?

DB My son has an iPhone, but when I try to FaceTime him with my iPad there is a red exclamation mark that pops up by his name. Can someone explain?

My son has a iPhone and I have a iPad. When I try to facetime him a red exclamation mark comes ip and I can't FT. Can someone explain?

DB BAPI gives error through JCo and works fine with JRA

I am trying to execute a BAPI - BAPI_PROCORD_RELEASE through MII. When i execute it through JCo it throws an error "Function not possible for the object" and when i execute it through JRA connection it runs fine. Can somebody help me why does this happen, i checked the request xml of both and found it to be same



DB How Update A SQL Server Database File From An Azure WCF Service Role?

Hi I am working on a simple app in the Azure Emulator and VS 2010, I am working against a SQL Server 2008 R2 Express database file which is located in the App_Data folder in the Azure service role.
Now I am trying to upload photo to blob storage and it actually works fine, the problem is when I try to update the database with the new blob URI, I do that in this method:
public bool SaveImageUri(int salesItemId, string imageBlobUri)
var salesItem = context.SalesItems.SingleOrDefault(si = si.SalesItemID == salesItemId);
if (salesItem != null)
salesItem.ImageBlobUri = imageBlobUri;
salesItem.CreateUpdateDate = DateTime.Now;
return true;
return false;
When I debug I can see that everything is as it should be, I retrieve the SalesItem which is about to be updated and the blob URI to be inserted is also there, but when the method is run the update is simply not entered into the database, no error is thrown,
but the database simply ignores the update. I can't understand why?
I have uploaded my files to skydrive, It consists of3 files:
- SHAWebservice, which is the Azure project which is hosting the Azure WCF service role. The database is in the App_Data folder. The location of the method pasted above is SHAServiceRole.BusinessLogicLayer.SalesItemsBL
- HackedTwo - This is an ASP.NET MVC client, when it is started up it presents a page to upload a photo file.
- Lastly there is a Word document with a screen shot I have taken during debugging it shows clearly that the blob URI is just where it should be.
Lastly I paste the connection string from the Azure service role:
add name=SHADBEntities connectionString=metadata=res://*/EntityFramework.SHADB.csdl|res://*/EntityFramework.SHADB.ssdl|res://*/EntityFramework.SHADB.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string=quot;Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\SHADB.mdf;Integrated
Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=Truequot; providerName=System.Data.EntityClient /
So to summarize my question: As far as I can see I am doing everything right to update the SQL Server Express R2 database file, why is my update ignored by the database?

DB when sync apps, message Are you sure you want to sync apps? All existing apps and their data on the iphone will be replaced with apps from the itune library. how to fix this issue

when sync apps, message Are you sure you want to sync apps? All existing apps and their data on the iphone will be replaced with apps from the itune library. how to fix this issue

DB M58p USFF CPU and Ram

I just would like to know if the M58p USFF would be able to support any of the TDP 65W C2Q processors? The Q-9550S ..... ???What about 1333 So_Dimm's??? 4 or 8 GB?Any BIOS update in the near future if there are answers "No" ????Many thanks

DB Windows XP logon buttons

Each of the account logon buttons has a different picture. Is there any way that the picture for each logon button can be changed or selected?

DB Getting the active grid id coordinates in metro style application

We have Gridview page in Metro style application. In this page we can able to see so many grids which comes by default when we add this page to the solution. So when I do scrolling on this page by mouse this page scrolls towards left or right according to
the scroll wheel direction.
Here i want to know the grid name of the current grid which is currently visible to the user from left side. By this name i want to get the coordinates of that grid dynamically when do scrolling.


DB We can't hear each other while calling


After updating my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I can't hear my girlfriend (or anyone else) and she can't hear me either. Everything else works impeccably, including camera connection. We can see each other but we can't hear each other only during the call, because I can hear the sound when I call or whenever someone becomes available on Skype. She has Windows 7 and when she calls to someone else, everything's OK. The problem starts when she calls me. I've tried to call to the Echo Sound/Service and I didn't even hear the service voice. I've checked all settings, I downloaded the newest version for Windows 8.1 but nothing's changed. Do you have any idea how to solve the problem? I would be grateful

DB youtube non funziona pi

Youtube fino a due giorni fa funzionava perfettamente, adesso invece si blocca nella pagine iniziale dopo pochi secondie non fa inserire il testo di ricerca video

tutti gli altri siti funzionano bene e si aprono e funzionano anche i filmati. (Windows 8.1 explorer11)

DB Required Drivers in PI AEX

Hi ,

We have installed PI AEX 7.4 SPS5 and have completed the initial Setup CTC successfully.

We can see all the below Adapters in the SLD (CIM instances) in XI Adapter Service with the required Associated/class instances

Axis, BC, CIDX, File, HTTP_AAE, IDoc_AAE, JDBC, JMS, Mail, Marketplace, RFC, RNIF, RNIF11, SOAP, WS and XIRA

My question is, do we need to install any additional Drivers in the PI system so that we can use these Adapters

to Connect to Third Party System.

As I know we have to download and apply the JDBC driver (for example ) for MSSQL using SUM if we have to connect

our PI system to the MS SQL Server.

In the same way do we need any additional Drivers that needs to be installed for any of the Above adapters ?

I understand we cannot use WS adapter in AEX.

Please let us know about other Adapter Types.



Ahmed Mohammed

DB Resource Sync with a different AD - Project Server 2010

Has anyone had experience of synchronising Project Server 2010 resources with groups from another AD (not the AD the Project Server sits in)? I gather the only way to do thisis to use an FQDN but I have tried a number of combinations and nothing
worked. Can someone give me an example or tips?

DB AutoDeploy New-DeployRule Pattern paramter


I am trying to find documentation on what patterns can be filtered on for the New-DeployRule in Autodeploy. So far i have identified vendor and ipv4 rules, but I can't seem to find a list to search for. Any help?

New-DeployRule -Name "testrule" -Item "My Profile25" -Pattern "vendor=Acme,Zven", "ipv4=192.XXX.1.10-192.XXX.1.20"

DB setting layout

I can't figure out how to set the layout of the textfields in my program. I don't know what layout type to use. I want this program to look like this




The login button is find I just need to set the layout for id and password with the textfields.

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class PasswordApplet extends Applet implements ActionListener
//Declaring variables
String id, password;
boolean success;

String idArray[ ]={"id", "Admin", "Student", "Guest"};
String passwordArray[ ]={"password", "ad06", "stud06", "gu06" };

//Create components for applet
Label headerLabel = new Label("Please type your ID and Password");

Label idLabel = new Label("ID:");
TextField idField = new TextField(7);

Label passwordLabel = new Label("Password:");
TextField passwordField = new TextField(7);

Button loginButton = new Button("Login");

public void init()
//Set color, layout, and add components

setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.LEFT,40,30));





public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
//Assigning data
id = idField.getText();
password = passwordField.getText();
success = false;

//Sequential search
for (int i=0; i4; i++)
if ((idArray.compareTo(id)==0)


if (success==true)
{headerLabel.setText("Login Successful");
{ headerLabel.setText("Invalid. Try again.");
idField.setText ("");

DB Erreur 4105 ,TerminalServices-Licensing

j'ai des erreurs
Erreur 4105 ,TerminalServices-Licensing
Le serveur de licences des services Bureau à distance ne peut pas mettre à jour les attributs de licence pour l’utilisateur « prot » dans le domaine Active Directory « tsemontargis.tseaulnay.fr ». Assurez-vous que le compte d’ordinateur pour le serveur
de licences est membre du groupe Serveurs de licences Terminal Server dans le domaine Active Directory « tsemontargis.tseaulnay.fr ».
Si le serveur de licences est installé sur un contrôleur de domaine, le compte de service réseau doit également être membre du groupe Serveurs de licences Terminal Server.
Si le serveur de licences est installé sur un contrôleur de domaine, après avoir ajouté les comptes appropriés au groupe Serveurs de licences Terminal Server, vous devez redémarrer le Gestionnaire de licences des services Bureau à distance en vue de suivre
ou de consigner dans un rapport l’utilisation des licences d’accès client aux services Bureau à distance par utilisateur.
Code d’erreur Win32 : 0x80070005

Sur mon serveur TSE qui est en WINDOWS 2008 R2 Standard.
Merci d'avance pour votre aide.

DB wrap lines in TextArea ?? (not JTextArea)

hi, i want to wrap text in TextArea (AWT)
but without using swing (JTextArea)
and without using \n

is it possible ????