DB Faxe issues

i can send faxes but i cant receive them, what could i be doing wrong? i have gone over everything. Brand new printer.

HP Officejet Pro 8600

Windows 7 system

Comcast internet provider

DB How to register an online account WITHOUT SSN?

Hi everyone, I don't have SSN and I paid extra deposit to ATT to get my plan and cell phone. Now I'm trying to pay the bill online but the system requires me to enter last 4 digits of SSN (which I don't have). I tried "1111" and "1141", they don't work. Does anyone can help? I just want to pay the bill online.

DB age registriction

tried to register my phone online as Samsung c300 typed in imei code and it wouldn't register also when try to go on internet it has an age restriction i'm 21 and this is 2nd time this has happened to me I've already verified my ago in store but i'm too far away from a store now to do it again no car can you help please ???

DB Turning LV exe into a Service under Win2k

I know you can do that for WinNT, but i want to turn LV exe into a service on Win2000. Has anyone tried that?Which resource kit files are needed and where to get those for Win2k?

DB Missing version filed in response from server when accessing resource

Hello all,

I am getting the following error when trying to do jar version download in webstart.

Missing version field in response from server when accessing resource(http://lo alhost:8080/jdc/jnlp/new/SimpleGUI.jar,1.0)

I am using Tomcat 5.5.

My web.xml looks like this,
display-nameTomcat Examples/display-name
Tomcat Example servlets and JSP pages.








My version.xml file.




My jnlp file is as follows,
?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?
jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://localhost:8080/jdc/jnlp/new" href="SimpleGUI.jnlp"
vendorJava Developer Connection/vendor
homepage href="/jdc/jnlp/new/index.html" /
descriptionDemonstration of JNLP/description

j2se href="http://java.sun.com/products/autodl/j2se" version="1.5+ " /
jar href="SimpleGUI_v1.0.jar" version="1.0"/
jar href="AddLogic_v1.0.jar"/
jar href="SimpleGUI_v2.0.jar" version="2.0"/
jar href="AddLogic_v2.0.jar"/
application-desc main-class="com.logic.SimpleGUI" /

For the codebase if I use $$codebase then it reports an error showing,

The field jnlp codebase has an invalid value:$$codebase

I think the JnlpDpwnloadServlet is not getting invoked. I cant figure out my mistake. I am tired searching in forums and there is no proper answer to this problem. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


DB [EVENT] Nerf and Matts Comedy Club

Me and Mattaio19 are doing a Comedy Club this saturday and every saturday in his club The Iceberg Lounge so if you want in sent a join request to The Iceberg Lounge and msg either me or matt.

we might start at 5 pm maybe later

I see you through my scope

DB Receiving the Station [source MAC address] Associated with Encryption, then attempted to send an Unencrypted packet to [destination MAC address] (length length) error message

ResolutionYou get this message when a client configured with no authentication settings  associates to an  access point configured with Open authentication with WEP or Open Authentication with  EAP.
Since the access point is configured with open authentication client initially associates . But later when it sends a packet with no encryption this message  is logged in the access point. Client might be another access point configured as a repeater or any wireless client. It can also happen in Bridge-Bridge topology.
Note: Even when a rogue client tries to associate you get this message . If so locate and remove the rogue. Chedck the Mac address in the error message to locate the rogue.
To address this issue,

Match  the security settings on the devices.  Upgrade the firmware of the device.

Problem Type

Error message

AP 340, 350

AP 1200

BR 340

BR 350

WLAN adapters (wireless card) / ACU (Aironet Client Utility)

DB Como quitar el nombre de una persona que uso mi skpe

Hola, deseo y no se como quitar el nombre de una persona que uso mi skype con su cuenta, cuando entro me aparece el nombre de usuario de ella y deseo quitarla para que solo aparezca el mio, ojala puedan ayudarme, muchas gracias por su atencion

DB Too Many Pages

I built a template by placing an image of my letterhead on a master page. When i switch over to the document, everytime i hit return, it goes to a second page. what am I doing wrong.

DB How do you tell when the battery is done charging?

I read it somewhere but I can't find it again.

4 GB Red Fuze, Black Silicon Case, Red JVC Marshmallow Headphones. A 1 GB m240 as well, those were the days.

DB 8gb cruzer micro recognized as 1.97gb


i own 8gb cruzer micro,

the original partition was 8gb in fat32.

to store big files (bigger than 2gb each) i had to format to ntfs.

i didnt notice that it had created a smaller partition, only 1.97gb and now i dont know how to re-create or expand the existing to 8gb.

i tried to do it with "disk management" but i can not delete or extend the volume.

Thanks in advance.

DB SPRY submenus not working when copied to other pages

Please help! I am very new to Dreamweaver and HTML. I created a SPRY menu bar using Dreamweaver from CS4. Drop down submenus work fine on HOME page. Copied the menu bar code, (including the two sectons of code that links to the SPRY Assets folder that are just before the /HEAD tag and just before the /BODY tag) to another page (ABOUT). The submenus don't drop down on the ABOUT destination page, even though they are still in the SPRY Properties window. I'm attaching the HOME page and ABOUT page files as reference. This is a very old site that I inherited. All help is appreciated.

DB current OMWB with 9i?

we have previously done migrations from MS Access to Oracle 9i with the previous version of OMWB. We've lost the previous version of OMWB however, and when starting a migration with the current OWMB to the existing Oracle 9i repository, the wizard says: "This schema contains an old version of the Oracle Migration Workbench Repository. Would you like to re-create the repository and lose the captured information?"

If we say "yes", what will happen? Will we trash our existing database? Will we lose our data?

Second question: is there an archived version of OMWB available to download?


DB Lockwood Gift Machine v2.0

just spotted this info about v2.0 on Lockwoods facebook page

New features include:


Friend filter


Bigger token packs

Free gifts

'New' tab so you can check out the latest releases with ease

full info here:


DB wont play purchased songs

ok I just got this nano for xmas today.it will play all of my songs EXCEPT the purchased one.i've bought 64 (with the last ipod I had) and when I go to the "purchased" playlist it runs through all of them without playing them.whats the problem here?

DB Can RAC support Oracle VMs ONLY ?

Can RAC support Oracle VMs (virtual servers only) ? ie No physical servers.
or must have a mix of physical and virtual servers for RAC ?


DB what should I do with first premier?

Well I've had this secured card for about 3 months now after that I got 2 better ones (see sig) anyways would it be wise to keep them for a full year so I have that tradeline or should I fire them now? I took their offer before I joined this forum so obviously I knew nothing about them and their fees!

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DB Capture more then 2 Audio Sources in FCP7

I was reading some older posts about this topic but was wondering if I could capture more then 2 audio sources in FCP7. I am capturing video from a sony fx1000 using a shotgun mic and wireless mics and am using the HDV - 1080i60 settings in the Easy Setup menu and connecting with Firewire. Is there a way to capture and seperate both audio sources?

DB Windoes NTP Client -- Cisco NTP Server


I want to synchronize my windows servers time to a Cisco 6500 (NTP server), can anybody recommend a stable free NTP client? i tried some but not work very well.


DB How to move Luns from SG (in a MV) to another SG


Customer with who i'm working with want to put in place the concept of "Cascaded Storage Group" that became available from symmetrix code 5876. Customer has allready assigned around 100 Luns (meaning :Masking View X= IG, PG, SG) to different ESX clusters using standard SG (not cascaded).

I'm looking for the best way to move the allready assigned Luns from from the SG (not cascaded) to the new cascaded SG structure that the customer want to be put in place in order to activate FASTVP.

Note: No or minimal interruption is the goal.

Any help would be much appreciated,


DB How to Script SYSMAN User

hi all,

This is 10g.

I lost the SYSMAN user - this is preventing me from rec-configuring the dbcontrol because it prompts for the sysman password then fails becasue sysman user is not found.

So.... I have the SYSMAN user in another database. Can I script that user and all his permissions, roles ?

How would I do that, please?

Thanks, John

DB How do I log in via a webbrowser?

When I tried to log in to check my mail, I suddenly got an error message stating that I must log in via a web browser and since I cannot log in.I did not change any settings and do not know what's actually wrong.

DB USB Modem (serial) communication question

What I want to do and I wonder how I can do it through VFP is to communicate with my US Robotics 56K USB modem.
My PC see the modem as a serial device in a COM. So I suppose what I need is a way to communicate with the serial port, right? But how can I achieve that in VFP?
Can someone please help me? Any source code, links etc is welcome (as freeware as possible please  - I m talking about the links - I ve seen a lot of Active-X you need to pay 150-200$ around that says it does the job, but I cant see the way why you cant do the job for free when VB can or C++ can !!! )

DB How do you deauthorize an iPhone or ipad

How do you de authorize an iPhone or iPad

DB Thank you for trying VMware Workstation for Windows.

Thank you for trying VMware Workstation for Windows.

We hope you enjoy your free 30-day evaluation. You can start downloading your software immediately. However, evaluation license information will not be displayed until you can confirm receipt of your evaluation email

EMAIL VMware Customer Service lt;[mailto:customer_service@vmware.com]gt;

The following account has been successfully created:

Email: *********@*****.com

Password: **********

where the S**K is activation link?

DB Anyone had top border of image distorted capturing HDV?

Hi All,

I've been capturing HDV footage from my HC1 into FCP 5.1.1. All the setting are correct, as far as I can tell. The image looks great and I've got no problems - except that the top border of my image is fluctuating, creating a kind of wavy line at the very top of the image. It's terribly distracting and doesn't do this on the bottom or anywhere else.

Any ideas?

MAC Mac OS X (10.4.6)

MAC Mac OS X (10.4.6)

DB Wireless internet with wrt54gc behind a router modem.

Hi. Here is my problem : I have a DSL modem router from m ISP and i want to get wireless internet from my Linksys router. So far i tried several configurations the best one was having wireless network but no internet. If someone can help me i run on windows vista on a HP pavillon laptop and the connection to internet is working fine if i'm directly connected to the router/modem. Regards.

DB JOptionPane Problem: Pl Help

I am trying to change the default selected option of showConfirmDialog to cancel instead of ok. Please suggest how i can do it.

DB no puedo cargar castellville en zynga desde hace 3 dias gracias

no puedo cargar ningun juego de zylom cuando antes si lo he hecho y ahora despues de 1 año jugando a castellville no se carga desde hace 3 dias cuando accedo a internet sin problemas gracias

DB 8

I cant believe it but one plus is good to me. I got one invitation back in July follow by another one three days later. Than I got three more and today! Tata 3 more invitation. That makes 8 for me. Which is crazy because others didnt even get one.

DB Installing ISE 13.2 Fails with Visual C++ Error [Win 7 x64]

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to the forum. I have ISE v12.1 installed and running. Due to the exceedingly frustrating vertical wire selection problems I am trying to update to ISE 13.2. I am running into further problems here, however. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64. When I attempt to run the installer (_xsetup.exe) it immediately crashes. It get the following error.

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: _xsetup.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 4e00273d

Fault Module Name: btmmhook.dll

Fault Module Version:

Fault Module Timestamp: 4a4c1276

Exception Code: 40000015

Exception Offset: 000000000001a3ee

OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Locale ID: 3081

Additional Information 1: 45df

Additional Information 2: 45df8fd57c1d6d9f6d1cb71fa3e7415b

Additional Information 3: 67d1

Additional Information 4: 67d1c7cb665b39ed096b84da29728686

So I foundbtmmhook.dll to be some bluetooth dll, go figure. I renamed it for interest's sake and attempted to rerun the installation only to get this error.

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:APPCRASH

Application Name:_xsetup.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp:4e00273d

Fault Module Name:MSVCR90.dll

Fault Module Version:9.0.30729.4926

Fault Module Timestamp:4a1750b0

Exception Code:40000015

Exception Offset:0000000000042366

OS Version:6.1.7600.

Locale ID:3081

Additional Information 1:d11f

Additional Information 2:d11fa56abba1592be0b799d513418051

Additional Information 3:9820

Additional Information 4:9820a1adb71ac06de0fd390cc0d84d74

I tried it on another PC of mine with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 only to get the same problem (excluding the bluetooth error). I believe the Fault Module "MSVCR90.dll " to be the Run Time Libraries forVisual Studio 2008, so I tried to update these butthis didn't help.

Is this Windows 7 x64 OS configuration not supported? Can anybody suggest anything?



DB Hello, in former Versions it was available to mark text in a pdf file and change it. How do I have

Hello, in further Versions it was available to mark text in a pdf file and change it. How do I have to act, to do the same in Acrobat XI? Also I need to now, how can I import a graphic file into a pdf to add my handwrote signature or a picture of mine? Please help me soon. It is urgent.

DB Custom Install Lion

Hi Looking at the install procedure of Lion there seems to be no custom option. Like I like to not install a bunch of language options, or printers etc. How to go about this?

DB Report

I am working with small application, I am using vb.net and sql 2005 express... I want to create a report based on my table values..
for example my db like:
FirstName, LastName, Age, MembershipFee, perMonths
I want my report look like:
my Logo
First Name: xxxx
Last Name: xxxx
Membership Fees: USD 60
Per Month Fees: USD 15
I know there are many ways to do that like crystal report,, but I need easy way and free to do that ... like using microsoft word pre formated page ..
anyone has any idea about this or can guide me to a diffrent way,, or even can help with a sample programm I can follow ...