DB Should I purchase the removable hdd 750 GB for the Y500 series laptop ?

i know that it includes a 1TB hard drive inside the laptopbut you do think it is necessary to buy one ?

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DB Classpath setting for XML parser (JAXP-1.1 & Tomcat4.0)

i'm using tomcat4.0 for jsp, jaxp-1.1 for xml ,
there are 3 jar files crimson,jaxp,xalan jar files in jaxp-1.1.
Tomcat 4 is shipped with modified versions of jaxp.jar,crimson.jar .
These jar files are present in these directories $TOMCAT_HOME\common\lib
These jar files should NOT be replaced specified in the tomcat documentation.
so i don't think crimson,jaxp jar files in jaxp-1.1 should be used, if used they throw java.security exception:sealing violation
but xalan.jar should be placed somewhere i believe
pls resolve classpath problem
thanks in advance

DB Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray player

I saw this player on samsung Canada's webiste, and it let's you go to the dealer locater for the product. But every postal code I try in montreal or toronto it says there are no dealers? Anyone have any idea when this player is going to come to future shop or some stores in canada?

DB Creation of SAP CRM Incident using function module

Dear ,

Currenlty i am using the function module "SUP_STSUP_NOTIFICATION_CREATE" for creation of 'SMIN" Notifications...

But using this I am not able to update the categories ( which are created using CRM categorization Schema ) ..

The notifications are also not getting updated in "DNOD_NOTIF" table

kindly advice how to achive this ,

Thanks and Regards,


DB webmail outlook

esiste per caso qualche componente in grado di creare la classica interfaccia (e intera struttura) di una webmail outlook?

DB Avatar Download shows the wrong picture...

I've downloaded an avatar from the "Darkstalkers" section called "Felica Avatar" but the problem is when I go to my avatar selection screen it shows a completely different picture to what I've downloaded and stays the same if I use it.

Whats happened???

DB Windows Phone 7 devices can be purchased directly from Microsoft

If phones are sold out in your area, you can also purchae them directly from the Microsoft store.

DB Sophos is not working

So I've updated sophos AV to 9.0.11 on my MacBook Pro running 0S 10.9.4 however I keep receiving a message regularly stating that sophos is not running/working.It will also not complete a scan this mac and regularly stops /freezes and I'm worries that my mac is not protected or is receiving viruses. Please can someone help?

DB Captivate + PDF + Web

Is there a way to open a Captivate film from a PDF file
accessed from a web page?

I have a PDF document in which I have included links to
Captivate films that demonstrate various procedural steps. When I
place the PDF doc, SWF file, and JS file in the same folder on my
web site, the Captivate films do not start. If the PDF and SWF
files are on my local drive, they work fine.

I've set up the link in the PDF file with Tools Advanced
Editing Link Tool. My guess is that you can't set relative
paths with this method and the PDF file can't "find" the Captivate

Thanks for your help.

DB Impairment Functionality in Fixed Asset

Impairment Functionality Question

I would appreciate your input regarding these questions:

1- Is WebADI the only way to upload impairment assets? Can we use ADI instead? We are looking for other possibilities because we don't use WebADI.

2- When I click on the "Assign Cash Generating Units" from the menu, I get the following message "Please resolve the following error to continue. 140:FA_IMPAIR_ASSIGN_INTG is an invalid Integrator Key." Also, when I click on the "create and Post" menu, I get a message stating that I should contact my system administrator. I would like to know if those error messages are due to the fact that WEB ADI is not installed in our environment.

Thank you for sharing your input with us.

DB software reference for download oracle11g R2 for Redhat

Hi Gurus

Would you please give me software reference for download oracle11g R2 for Redhat.



DB Error 80073cf6 on app install

I created an app for 8.1 that was upgraded from 8.0 (upgraded from 7.1 previously).
When I install it from the app store (already certified) everyone is getting a Error 80073cf6.
I've checked my logo icons in the app manifest and done a soft reboot of my phone. But this should NOT be required, especially for other people. I can't tell all users to soft reboot..

Any help is appreciated.

DB oracle 10g dba


what is new features come in oracle 10g?

what is dataguard?what is the purpose we can use?

what is import and export utility?can u send me documents about import and export utilities?

what is datapump?

what is streams?what is the purpose we can use?

what is ASM?

and oracle 11g new features?

DB Automatic refresh of Planning form after HBR calculation is finished?

Let's say that there is a Planning web form in which the user should run a business rule manually.
The business rule contains a runtime prompt where the user selects the member he wants to calculate.

After running the rule, the result of the calculation is not visible until the user clicks the "Refresh" button thereafter.
Is it possible to automate such a refresh in any way, so that it happenes automatically after the calculation is finished?

Planning version

DB Server crashing *constantly* with hfs_vnop_link error?

Hello all,

I'm getting consistent (and annoying) crashes on our primary production mail server (dual G5 XServe, 4GB RAM, XServe RAID) with the following error:

Tue Aug 15 11:42:55 2006
panic(cpu 1 caller 0x0022765C): hfsvnoplink: error 2 updating vp @ 0x6d6db58

Latest stack backtrace for cpu 1:
0x00095718 0x00095C30 0x0002683C 0x0022765C 0x000FCC58 0x000EDF64 0x002AAF98 0x000ABF30
Proceeding back via exception chain:
Exception state (sv=0x5CBA2500)
PC=0x9003CDCC; MSR=0x0000D030; DAR=0x422C2000; DSISR=0x02200000; LR=0x00246CF8; R1=0xF03DD7E0; XCP=0x00000030 (0xC00 - System call)

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 8.7.0: Fri May 26 15:20:53 PDT 2006; root:xnu-792.6.76.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC

Presumably this is a file system error, but I can find no information on it. I'd like to isolate it to the boot volume, or the Xserve RAID (our data volume). Aside from the crashes, the system is working fine ... The data is backed up nightly w/ no errors, and I notice no issues interacting with the machine myself. This is a high volume Communigate Server and before I take it offline, I want to have a plan for actually solving the problem.

Oh yes, Disk Utility reports no errors on either the internal boot drive or the XServe RAID partition.

ANY advice would be appreciated!

DB AGP Card Gone Haywire?

After 7 trouble-free years, my 21-inch Apple Studio Display (mated to a 500mhz PowerMac G4 AGP) suddenly started displaying white horizontal scan lines that quickly worsened into a distorted, jittery mess. I could barely find the menu command to shut things down. I don't know if the problem is caused by my original AGP graphics card or by the display, or both. I ran a little test by hooking up the Studio Display to my Powerbook. When I did so, the CRT displayed a steady, clear mirror image of the Powerbooks LCD screen, though the image on the CRT was still compressed sideways. Is the PowerMac AGP graphics card shot or is the Cinema Display shot? Thanks.

DB where we get DomainId,Accepoint of remote,local At tuxedo server

Hi xu he

We had Tuxedo Client Code which written in c language ,Its working while sending messages
which it was earlier developed by others .Now we need to develope using with Jca adapter ,For Those we need
Domainid,and Accepoint of remote and local,Plz Suggest me Where i
Can get Those information at existing code,I had Tuxedo Server Code of remote Machine,and client code of c language

\tuxedo(Main Folder)

in jca adapter configuration ,where can i get those information At existed code Please suggest me.


DB Row Selection Highlight

Hi All,

I have a table in my window . In that some columns are non editable .Here I want to implement the
row selection for the editable columns and the cursor column background need to be highlighted when the
cursor is in any editable field . pls suggest some samples .....

Thanks in advance

DB DVD to iPod Help for PC Users

Hello, my iPod is being shipped as we speak but I have some questions. Those questions pertain to converting a dvd and getting it onto the ipod successfully and w/o any problems. I am a WinXP user and would like to know how some of you did your conversions. Avi to mp4 is a tad slow for me when converting large files in Videroa, but it gets the job done. So, any help would be great.


DB Nokia Media Transfer, how to delete device

How can I delete a defined device from the Nokia Multimedia Transfer drop down menu????


DB Lasso Issue

One of my users is using Photoshop CS (1) and he is using the lasso issue. Every now and again while he is drawing w/ the tool it stops drawing and if he lets go of the mouse the lasso closes and he has an incomplete selection. This so far has only happened to one user so far. What I have done already is repair the install(no luck) complete uninstall and reinstall(no luck) made sure that none of his preferences were applied and yet we still have the issue. I have looked for this problem before but didn't find anything so I wanted to post. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

DB Airport Disk Logon Problems with SyncbackSE

Hei - looking for a little assistance with this...

Essentially I am having trouble working out what username/password I should use to access my airport disk, and what settings need to be selected on Airport Utilities.

I have an Airport Extreme setup with a Maxtor One touch USB drive.
I have two PCs running XP/Vista - boh can access the disk through the Airport Base Station Agent. My problem is that I am attempting to use this drive for synchronised back up using SyncbackSE. Syncback is syncing "My Documents\Music" with "\\\MaxtorOneTouch\Music". This gives an 'invalid password' error...

Syncback offers the option to enter a username/password for network drives, but i am unsure what this should be. Under Airport Utils - Disks - File Sharing I have ticked Enable File Sharing, Secued shared disks with device password and chosen read/wite acess for guest access. Should this be enough to access my drive with username: \\\guest, password: default ax password?
Do i need to use username: \\\MaxtorOneTouch\guest?
Am I going about this the wrong way entirely?

Any advice? Many thanks in advance.


DB i was using my computer as a default administrator i made an other administrator account but my previous account got lost that account gots my all data pls help me as soon as possible

i was using my computer as a default administrator i made an other administrator account but my previous account got lost that account gots my all data pls help me as soon as possible

DB how to create drill down report in sap query

how to create drill down report in sap query ,

DB Email account on work blackberry

Question Summary
Other Windows Live Mail issues
Please provide your impacted Email address :

DB Check fields after 'COMPLETE' in iw32 Tcode.

Hello Experts ,

I push in button 'COMPLETE' in iw32 tcode , and i get screen with some fields like "VIQMEL-AUSVN" and "VIQMEL-AUSBS"

and i want to check this fields , i didnt find user exit that suit to this target , can any have idea how can i do this ?

Thanks for the help,


DB Which devices will receive Windows Phone 7.8

Which devices that are confirmed that will have the update 7.8

DB go phone model ATT U2800A -WHERE IS THE OK BUTTION!!

Just purchased a go phone from best buy. I have the new phone number trying to make callthe screen says to press unlock then ok....I have presseed unlock...but where is the ok button?

DB can't connect to NFS share

I have shared out an NFS share as /vol/NFStest and then set the access to be 'root access granted to all hosts'. Then I'm on my Windows 7 machine and I've mounted the share as a drive but when I click on it I get 'access denied'. How can I setup the access for this share so that I can get to it myself from my machine and create a folder there?

DB JBossESB Orchestration not working properly


We are using standalone jbossesb-server-4.10. We have built the ESB application and deployed in the jboss server. The application is published as a webservice. When we invoke the webservice, esb action handler process the webservice data and starts the JBPM Orchestration. The orchestration calls the esb method to process the data and return the message. After doing this, the orchestration service node is not moving to another service node. We are not getting any error messages also.

Actually the same application is working properly on a server. This problem is occurring only in the cloned server.

DB Strip time from Date/Time field in OBIEE

I'm doing calculations that determine the number of incidents from one year to the next...it's critical to compare the exact same year to date ie (1/1/2008 12AM to 6/25/08 11:59 PM to 1/1/2007 12AM to 6/25/07 11:59 PM ........if I do the code below for the previous year, it doesn't return the correct period for 2007.

sum(CASE WHEN dtcrash between '01/01/2007 00:00:00' and timestampadd (sql_tsi_year, -1, timestampadd (sql_tsi_day, -1, current_timestamp)) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

The above gives me 1/1/2007 12 AM to 6/25/07 11:19AM - I need it to be for the entire day on 6/25/07....How can I accomplish?

DB Windows 7 - lost user account and everything in it.

Original Title : PLEASE HELP!!!
My boyfriend installed process explorer on my net book for obvious reasons and its been a big help. As for me, Im not as smart when it comes to computers (windows 7) and i guess i kill processed the wrong thing. It deleted my whole user account and everything
in it!! any way to reverse it????

DB Medienserver

Guten morgen,

was muss ich machen damit die PS3 meinen PC erkennt ? PS3 ist genauso wie die PC´s über einen Switch verbunden.

DB Touch 20G Randomly turns on - Help please!

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forums and this is my first post.
I've had my zen Touch (20G) for about 3 months now with no problems whatsoever (apart from a few freezes which were easily fixed) however something strange is happening which I cannot explain and I'm hoping perhaps one of you fellow forum members can before I have to contact support or JBHIFI (I'm from Perth, Western Australia btw).

My zen has a habit of switching itself on randomly. Now, we all know quite well that the touch doesn't have an alarm or sleep function, so thats not it. The lock button certainly works, and each time I've found my zen randomly switched on I am certain that I shut it down properly and the lock was definitely clicked over. Although its happened sometimes when I'm out and about and its in my bag, even if it was bumped it wouldn't be enough to switch it on especially with the lock on, and the last time it switched on it was in my bag, immobile, on the floor when I was asleep!

Its a mystery to me so has anyone got any clues as to whats going on?

Excuse the lengthy story

nymphetamine. :smileytongue:

DB Query Criteria supplied by Combo Box

I previously posted a question on this subject, but I have changed my goals to accomplish the same task.I would like to check my combo boxes for nulls and apply a filter to the recordset of my subform.
I have 16 combo boxes (all unbound) on frmSearch (also unbound). These 16 boxes are in four groups and named similarly to an array (ie cboRes1, cboRes2, cboRes3, cboLoc1, cboLoc2, cboLoc3, etc.).There is also a tab control with four pages;
each one contains a subform.
Now this is where I have trouble explaining my obstacle: The subforms' recordsets are all SQL statements. Each subform's recordset has four subqueries. Each subquery looks to a different group of combo boxes on the main form.
Previously I had posted looking for a way to dynamically build the subqueries. Today I am simply looking to inspect each group of combo boxes for a value and apply a pre-written string as the filter. I don't want to build the string as I go, because it is
simply far too complex. All I want is to inspect the combo boxes for a value, and if there is one apply the filter.
Thus far I have come close, but to no avail. I have tried looping through the combo boxes using a For Each...Next loop, but that applies the filter each time a combo box has a value. On my previous post David.H_Orlando provided me with a function meant to
build the filter string. Again, my new strategy is simply to inspect for a value, and apply the filter.Please advise.

DB SQLDMO can not find most of the SQL servers on the network

SQLCMD -L run from my system returns 6 unnamed instances and 4 named instances (including 1 named and 1 unamed on the local system). This list is actually correct and appears to be reproducable.
SQLDMO only retuns 5 unamed and "local". The named instances are not shown at all.
SOMETIMES when I run the same code from another system, 1 of the named instances will show up in the list, but if I call ListAvailableSQLServers again, it is usually not there after the 2nd call.
All SQL servers involved are 2000 SP3(a) or the equivalent install of MSDE.
Any ideas on how to do the enumeration correctly and findmost if not all of the SQL servers.

DB SNR fails when user called with Cell Phone


1: If I call a user directly using a land line (through PSTN), SNR works fine.

2: If I call the same user directly from a Cell Phone (through PSTN) SNR does NOT work.

Customer is using UC540 with 8.0 code.  Has been happening since installed.

SIP is configured.

Using 509/508 sets. With latest code, Single line, NO hunt group or anything else configured on line, .

I am just wondering if anyone has seen this behavior.

Cannot image it is a Cisco issue.  Would appreciate suggestions on what to debug or

what I can ask a Service provider to look for.

Very weird.