DB Error Power PC Applications are no longer supported

I did option 1 above
NOW when I try to run ms auto update, i get an error stating that "Power PC Applications are no longer supported"
any ideas?

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DB software problem: n78 corecodec player

hello guys... iam using n78...my problem is that i cant install symbian corecodec player on my phone....the version is 1.30...i hav try all the versions and cracked versions (including signed) but it didnt work for me....sometime it says" certificate error" or "cannot install a protected application from an untrusted supplier." How can I sign the application for my N78?... The previous versions which is 1.1 and 1.2.4 ....dont work smoothly on n78...but work fine on n73 ME....so i need help..........................please find a way for my n78....i want that player...its much better than all others.....

DB Always Display Recorded Actions

Is it possible to always show your recorded actions when you are recording? I find myself using it a lot when recording and often if i make a mistake i'll delete it to fix up the recording. I don't see a need to show itduringplayback but its
very useful when recording.

DB Ipod Touch 2nd Generation crashes after 1 song

Ipod Touch 2nd Generation crashes after 1 song (iOS 4) - Please help. I have 2 ipods (iOS 4), 1 iPhone 4s + 1 iphone 3GS (both phones iOS 5.1) - no problems with the iphones .

Please help.



DB HT1600 My slideshow will run for 5-6 minutes and then stops.  Is there a fix?

My slide show on my IPad will run on my Apple TV for 5-6 minutes and then stop. Am I doing something wrong or is it the system?

DB TMG SP1 user activity report

Hi all, hope you can help or at least nudge in the right direction , i have TMG array ( 2 servers ) and i was upgrade to SP1 to use user activity report and is working good , but if i add more then 3 users in same report give me this error :

Error: 0xc0040432

the report Users could not be generated. Report Server error information: The operation has timed out.
The error occurred on object 'Reports' of class 'Reports Configuration' in the scope of array.

Any help ???????

DB Latitude L400 CD-Rom/RW/DVD Part No

Dell Latitude L400 , Sr. Tag : 3CCZ80J

Can anybody provide me the correct Dell Part no for the CD-R/RW/DVD drive and the cable for this model ?

I don't have a docking station.

Thanks and Rgds


DB where clause with an item referencing a column?

I am trying to create a report based on a select statement. However the column name used in my where clause changes depending on a select list.

'P44_SEARCH1' =


report =

WHERE V('P44_SEARCH1') = V('P44_VAR1')

I need the V('P44_SEARCH1') part to be read as a column name not text

DB is it true about fallout 3....

i just watched the gamespot fallout 3 review and they said the ps3 version looks nowhere near as good as the xbox or pc version. just wondering if it still looks good cause im thinking of getting it but only have a ps3 lol


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DB DataSet Designer problem

On my Vista system I have:  .NET Framework 3.5 SP1  SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1  VB 2008 Express Edition with SP1
When I add a query in  the DataSet Designer (to the .xsd) it doesn't show up as part of my DataSet in the Data Sources window. I tried Refresh, Configure dataset wizard, edit DataSet with designer, and add new data source.
Because of this I cannot drag the query onto Form1 design view. I therefore get the error message:ScalarQuery is not a member of Project1.project1DataSet or ScalarQuery TableAdapter is not a member of Project1.Form1.
Any help will be welcome.Thanks in advance.mkarmali

DB i lost my iphone is there a way to delete everything

i lost my iphone at the mall and when i try calling it its turned off im sure someone found it and turned it off is there a way of deleting my information from my lost phone with out having the phone with me?????

DB Remommendation for capacity planning for ESX clustering

Hi any good practise or recommendations on how to manage resources for ESX cluster for capacity planning.

Thanks for any info

DB CISCO MSE installation

Can we install CISCO MSE in MS Hyper V ?

the minimum requirment for the MSE server is a dual processor server, can we install it on a server with single processor ?

DB 2 CD/DVD Drives - Only 1 Enable CD Recording

I have an internal CD-RW/DVD (original to the Dell) and a external CD-RW/DVD-RW-DL drive (connected via USB, recently installed).  Both drives show recording tabs in their properties, but Under Enable CD Recording, I can only enable one at a time.  If I enable one, the other automatically becomes disabled.  If I go back and enable the other, the first one automatically becomes disabled.

DB Netflow gathering with NAT

When gather incoming netflow traffic with NAT, the local outside address (before NAT) as the destination is represented there normaly. But this info is quite unuseful for the accounting. Does somebody know, how to determin the local inside address (after NAT) for such a flow record?

PS: What is the "IP address of the next hop router" field in the flow record?

DB Icone de Chamada de Video No aparece

Estou com um problema em minha estrutura, em alguns notebooks e pcs com webcam instalada o communicator por exemplo para o usuário A não mostra o icone de video call.. se eu logo com o usuário B ele mostra.. ai se eu logo com o Usuário A em outra estação ele aparece o icone de video call..

ja tentei reconfigurar as opções de audio e video no communicator mas mesmo assim não funciona..

alguem sabe o que pode ser esse problema??


DB How To Determine AAoA?

How do I figure out myAAoA? Is it something that is shown on my credit report or do I have to look over each account, figure out how long it's been open, come up with a total then devide that by the total # of accounts?


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DB Re: How to retrieve 2 values from a table in a LOV


v_query := 'SELECT * FROM EW_' || :p1_select_list;Just be (very!) aware that whenever you concatenate user input like this, then you'd better be sure that the user isn't going to do something malicious.

For example, imagine the user sets the value of P1_SELECT_LIST (via the URL or in the page post variabels etc) to something like -


that now makes your query -

'SELECT * FROM EW_345 UNION SELECT 1, 2, 3, CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER FROM YOUR_SECURE_TABLE"(Note the 1,2,3 is just to make the number of columns match in the union).

A much more secure method would be to check that the value of P1_SELECT_LIST matches some expected values, for example using IF statements, CASE statements etc. Or check that it exists in your lookup table (an EXISTS query etc).


DB Are asset store developers able to manually refund asset store purchase?

No, you cannot refund the purchaser directly. Instead drop assetstore@ an email and ask them to process the refund for you. (Well, you can, of course, refund the purchaser directly out of your own pocket, but I guess that's not what you meant.)

DB my iphone4 isnt receiving or sending sms messages

My husband text me this afternoon however, I never received text; I have since spoken to a couple of my contacts who have sent me additional texts today....but never received them. When I went to check my handset the menu was completely blank ie no archive texts at all!!! I tried to type a test text to my husband but when I pressed send it crashed out of the application and returned me to home screen without being prompted....??

DB Unreasonable?! Me?!!

I'm constructing a search string which is made up of many 'or' tests, and the number of those component tests varies. I'll give you a sample:

(({c1rdx160} or {c1rdx161} or {c1rdx162} or {c1rdx163} or {c1rdx164} or {c1rdx165} or {c1rdx166}) AND ({c1grx12} or {c1grx13} or {c1grx14} or {c1grx15} or {c1grx16} or {c1grx17} or {c1grx18}) AND ({c1blx2} or {c1blx3} or {c1blx4} or {c1blx5} or {c1blx6} or {c1blx7} or {c1blx8})) OR (({c2rdx160} or {c2rdx161} or {c2rdx162} or {c2rdx163} or {c2rdx164} or {c2rdx165} or {c2rdx166}) AND ({c2grx12} or {c2grx13} or {c2grx14} or {c2grx15} or {c2grx16} or {c2grx17} or {c2grx18}) AND ({c2blx2} or {c2blx3} or {c2blx4} or {c2blx5} or {c2blx6} or {c2blx7} or {c2blx8}))Most times, the query executes fast and fine, despite all appearances to the contrary!

Sometimes, though, when the inputs to the procedure cause multiple dozens of 'or' components to be bolted onto the sql statement, I get "unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested" error messages. I am assuming it's unreasonable because I breach some limit on the number of attributes you can ask an Oracle Text index to resolve? If that's true, what's the number (of characters? attributes?) at which Oracle Text does an ORA-01460 fit?

Any known workarounds for this?

I could hard-limit the inputs users have which causes the magic number of query attributes to be exceeded.
I could try and stop one query construction before it hits the limit, start another and ask for the two to be unioned.

Anything else I could do?

DB Using On Demand Network "Advanced Setup" with "Powerline" Connections

I have the "On Demand" service but, when calling Directv Technical Support they did not know how to use the Advanced Setup on the receiver to establish an Internet connection when the Default Setup would not work. They would tell me to contact "Geek Squad" but, they wanted a $150.00 service fee.I am using a Linksys WRVS4400N Wireless-N Router to establish my connections. Technically, when using the Default Setup you are supposed to be able to establish a connection when you press Connect Now but, I have found that it has not worked with this router or a WRT54GS Linksys router that I had previously. I had to configure the setup using the Advanced Setup.In the Advanced Setup I set a static IP Address of The Subnet Mask that I used was The Default Gateway is the IP Address of the router. In my case the Router IP is and this is what I also set the Default Gateway for in the Advanced Setup. Lastly, the the DNS will also be the same as the router IP address and again, in my case, it was Also, if your router has the ability to set specific IP addresses for specific MAC addresses you should also use this setting in the router. Having the router configured to distribute IP addresses to the computers and the HD receiver dynamically using DHCP I also set so that the receiver will always get the same IP address regardless of the DHCP setting. If you don't know if your router has this capability you will have to read the manual and it is usually referred to as "Static IP Mapping". On the "Advanced Setup" screen of your HD DVR under the DNS entry it will give you the MAC address of your HD DVR that you will need to set this up in your router configuration if it is capable. Once I did this I was able to establish a connection however, it was extremely slow when downloading any movies, music, etc. from On Demand. I had both Powerline units plug into surge protectors. After calling Technical Support again they recently received an email that stated that both Powerline unit that are at the receiver and the router MUST BE PHYSICALLY PLUGGED INTO A WALL SOCKET or you will be able to establish a network connection but, you will not be able to connect to the Internet. I was able to do both but, the download speed was extremely slow. I started a download at 8:00AM and it was only 25% complete at 2:30PM! I then plugged both Powerline units directly into a wall socket instead of the surge protector and tried the download again for the same movie and it only took 20 minutes from start to finish.

DB Major figures in FMS community?

Are there any major FMS or general Actionscript devs in general that specialize in Architecture and ServerSide code that blog / tweet?I know John Nack blogs, but he's a photoshop guy.

DB VLAN Trunking and External Routing b/w VLANs

Hello. This is my first time posting to this forum. Ok, I have a 3550 and a 2950 in two different closets. I have setup both 3550 and 2950 for VLANs 1 and 2. I have setup the first two ports on both switches as trunk ports and EtherChannel ports. I have an external firewall/router (Netscreen 10) that is connected to the 2950 (DMZ in Vlan2 and Trusted in Vlan 1). When I connect the two switches via copper, I can no longer get from one Vlan to the other. I feel that this is pretty straight forward and simple, but I could wrong. Does anyone have any clues to look for? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer.



DB Reports 10g to be printed using line printers

How do I send the report directly to line printer without converting the report into pdf files?
I want to preview the report as web page then send it to a line printer(PRINTRONIX700).

thanks in advance.

DB I cant delete temporary files

I can't delete the temporary files of disc (C:) in thedisc clean upfunction of my computer. I can delete the other functions like temporary internet files, but not the temporary files. Everytime I click delete the temporary files, they won't delete;
they remain. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

I also have Ccleaner software that deletes the temporary files. I have temporary files checked to be deleted.When I run the program, it says
the files have been deleted. However, when I go to the disc clean up function again, the temporary files are still there.

I have also gone to Internet Explorer-Tools-Internet Options-General-Delete Browsing History and selected delete history. I clicked delete and okay,
but the temporary filles are still in the disc clean up function.

DB How can I create a short-key of an iconic button in Developer-6i


How can I create a short-key of an iconic button in Developer-6i. Which works when I press the short-key the code execute which attach with button directly not just move the selection to this button and then need enter or click to execute the button.

I am using oracle-9i and Developer-6i

Thanks Regards

DB how to access system environment variable? Help!!!

I add a new variable in system environment variable table by hand, then I want to read its value in my program.but i can not find the suitable class(or method) to access system environment variable.Who can tell me how to do ? Thanks!
OS is windows .

DB Bapi to add new inspection characteristic in QA02?

Hi all,

I am looking for Bapi to add new inspection characteristic as it is possible in QA02.I am able to change the existing inspection characteristics by using QIRF_GET_ALL_DATA_VALUES2 Fm now i want to add new inspection characteristic ??

Thanks all

DB Xilinx Coregen does not appear in palette

I would like to use Xilinx Coregen to generate FIFOs for my LabVIEW FPGA project. The help file says to look on the programming palette inside an FPGA VI, but I don't have one. I have the IP Integration Node and all the FPGA functions, but no Coregen. The application itself is installed on my computer. Is there an installation option that I missed? How can I get this to show up?



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DB Pearl not turning on

So I believe I unplugged (by accident) while pearl was connected to computer BB program. When I did phone went black. Now when it is plugged in to computer it is not recognized as being a device.

My question is: Is there hope.

Short of reloading it or something it doesn't even register when plugged in. So I am calling on some "techy's" to help me please if they can.

thanks very much for any help

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DB Using Foreach Loop to schedule a package

I want to know if Foreach loop can be used to run a package in SSIS every given time, for example, every three days automatically. If so then how can I do it?

DB No option to upgrade library

Hello. I just updated to iTunes 8 and iTunes Plus, but there is no option to upgrade my library. I have one album that has DRM and I know it's available in iTunes Plus. How can I upgrade? Thanks.

DB P770 images

DearsCan someone please upload how do images look like in p770. One image taken in sunlight inside the home in evening (with without flash). Also, can you please take one image of a book handwriting your laptop / computer screen, to see if notes can be taken as screenshots ?Same about video of moving vehicles on road, is it clear enough ?Thanks,

DB How do I send from mail account

I want to be able to send mail from my
qmail account so that I have a record of what is being sent. Because I have
had times when the mail() function sent but it never made it. I assume that
I would do this with the imap functions but I cant find any examples with
sending mail I have found plenty with reading mail. Any help would be

DB MDF Fails to find its way to Bin/Debug folder

This is the error that I get;
An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file c:\Projects\Test2\Bin\Debug\Test2.mdf failed. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or is located on UNC share.
There is no database filein the Debug folder, it's in the project folder. I can copy the database file to the Debug folder and things work properly. With that being said, here's the history. I initially created a Test1 project, added a data source,
created a custom table adapter based on some SQL statements, added a datagrid with the navigator and so forth. Everything worked fine. Later after working through some scenarios in my test1 project it was time to create, what I'll call my production project.
Following the same procedures I recreated many of the features found in the test project. When running in debug this is when the above message started. I note that a copy of the database file found it's way into the debug folder on the test1 project, but no
such thing occured on the latter project. I shouldn't have to manually copy this file to Debug. I cannot find a setting or anything that makes this happen. I've been working this issue for hours now and I'm stumped. I'd appreciate some help with this as I'm
sure that my database will be going through several revisions.

DB why this powershell wont list all the users who does not have picture?

The script works but I am missing lots of other users. Also, If in the Title of the user profile is Temp then skip that user.

# Dynamic Settings
$mySiteUrl = http://mysite.site.com
$findProperty = PictureUrl

Write-Host Beginning Processing--`n

# Obtain Context based on site
$mySiteHostSite = Get-SPSite $mySiteUrl
$mySiteHostWeb = $mySiteHostSite.OpenWeb()
$context = Get-SPServiceContext $mySiteHostSite

# Obtain Profiles from the Profile Manager
$profileManager = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager($context)
$AllProfiles = $profileManager.GetEnumerator()
$outputCollection = @()

# Loop through profiles and retrieve the desired property
foreach ($profile in $AllProfiles)
$output = New-Object System.Object
$output | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -Name AccountName -Value $profile[AccountName].ToString()
$output | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -Name AccountName -Value $profile[Title].ToString()
# $output | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -Name $findProperty -Value $profile[$findProperty]
$outputCollection = $output

# List all Accounts that do not contain the property
$outputCollection | Where-Object {[bool]$_.($findProperty) -ne $true}