DB Unit 13 needs a new update/patch!


Unit 13 needs a new patch because of freezing issues.

I could be in a coop game and it just freezes and messes up my vita forcing me to restart my vita.

Please fix!

DB Slow Name Resolution

I don't know if anyone has seen this problem before.

I am new to Macs. I just bought an iMac OS 10.4.8 (Tiger).

I have this Mac on a private network using NAT connected to Charter High Speed Internet. I also have three Windows including Windows that runs under Parallels on the Mac.

In the afternoon I find that performance on the browser degrades rather badly. It seems to hang on "Looking Up".

I get on a terminal and do a dig on a hostname and it is very slow. Sometimes it times out.

The problem is I don't seem to have the same problem on my Windows PC's and the problem started after I switched to Charter from Earthlink DSL.

The /etc/resolv.conf shows:


These are the correct Charter nameservers.

Dale Richards

iMac Mac OS X (10.4.8)

DB Re: Insall Inventor 2009 fails on Vista

I am trying to install IV 2009 Simulation on Vista Business 64 Bit. After it failed several times I started from scratch.

Reformatted hard drive and installed Vista fresh.

Disabled fire wall and all security programs (defender, UAC).

Run installation.

It comes to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express(AUTODESKVAULT). During this install windows crashes with "critical error" and installation aborted.

Tried to install again. This time changed "sa" password to my own. Same result.

The same set of installation DVD worked well on XP32 and XP64 on the same system.

System specifications: Dell Workstation Precision T5400, Intel Xeon Quad E5405 2.0GHz, 4.00 GB, Vista Busines 64Bit SP1, nVidia Quadro FX 570, 256 MB.

I found similar problem for IV 2008 solution did not help.

Can somebody help?



DB iphone 4s

can you unlock iphone 4s to any network?

DB Display words 4 through end of object

Is there a simple way to have a Word macro return all the text in a range except for the first few words? Conceptually this would be something like
myString = ActiveDocument.paragraphs(i).range.words(4, end)
which would return time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.
from the following paragraph:
Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.

DB How can I transfer my ringtone from my Pantech outbreak to my LG G2?

How can I transfer my ringtone from my Pantech outbreak to my LG G2?

DB Problemi con Home Student 2013

Ciao. installatoPROBLEMI con Home Student 2013 con Successo ma poi, improvvisamente il Programma Word, QUANDO APRO Una Pagina Nuova Appare:
Documento 1 - Word (Uso non commerciale) (Prodotto Senza Licenza).
ho Provato a reinstallarlo ma l'INSTALLAZIONE SI E Interrotta ed E apparso:
Codice errore: -2147023834-11. Che fare?

DB Win XP Pro fresh install wont boot

I'm upgrading an old computer from a 20gb harddrive to a 250gb drive.
The 250gb drive is a Western Digital USB external that I connected to another system and verified that it loaded properly and had been formatted before it was put in storage. I removed the IDE drive from the external USB housing and removed the 20gb drive
from the tower, then installed the 250gb drive into the tower.
After starting the machine back up, I set the BIOS boot order to: IDE0; CDROM; floppy (this computer is that old...)
The drive has the jumper setting at Master, and is plugged into the end of the ide cable, it is the only item on that cable. BIOS recognizes it during POST as being the primary master, and idetifies it as a 250gb WD drive.
I booted from my XP Pro install disc, and installed XP successfully using a 15gb partition for the install. When it boots up now, BIOS still identifies the HDD properly during POST, but it won't boot. I can only boot from CD.
I've tried using the Recovery console and the commands "bootcfg /rebuild" followed by "fixboot" followed by "fixmbr" and it still won't boot from the HDD.
If I don't go to the recovery console, the XP CD offers to repair the already installed system or install it fresh, I've tried repairing and I've tried deleting all partitions again and re-installing, no change.
ANyone have any ideas? This is driving me crazy and I'm sure it's gotta be a simple stupid fix that I'm overlooking, but I'm at my wit's end..


Hi,I am using oracle database 10g ( in OEL 5.I am trying to perform TSPITR and performed it successfully using the below command.run{recover tablespace USERS until time "to_date('28-JAN-14 21:30:00','dd-mon-rr hh24:mi:ss')"auxiliary destination '/u01';}Now i am trying to perform TSPITR UNTIL 20:00:00 but it shows the errorRMAN-20202: tablespace not found in the recovery catalogRMAN-06019: could not translate tablespace name "USERS"1.)Does TSPITR is performed successfully we cannot perform TSPITR again on same tablespace to time earlier than it was done before????2.)Does TSPITR uses backups or only archive log is enough??Regards,007

DB I/O Pin protection

Hi all,I have a question about the I/O pin protection og HCS12 microcontrollers. I am designing additional board which will be used along the CARDS12 board from elektronikladen, and I want to make some interface circuit for I/O pins protection.Does anybody know that HCS12 I/O pins are already protected by diodes (connected to GND and VCC) for protection against overvoltage?Thanks for any answer,

DB plesk ftp and subdomain is not able to view in client domain control panel


I have created a domain in Plesk 9.2 with 1 Gb plan, If we login in to client domain control panel, not able to view ftp accounts, and subdomain. I have given 10 ftp accounts, and 10 subdomain, In client domain control panel i can able to view resources usage (limits) but while on creating a new ftp account or subdomain, there i cant find to add new ftp account or add new subdomain.

Please help out of this issue.


DB XML Merge

I have the following structure of 2 XML documents:

Code Snippet

DB Question about Ratchet and clank trilogy

Its says that Ratchet and Clank trilogy is full HD 1080p but when i boot it up it switches to 720p.

I have 576p/720p/1080i/1080p selected in display options so why doesn't it load up in 1080p.

Other games that support 1080p do even MW3 does and that just upscales. If i deselect 720p from options it boots into 1080p but shouldn't it do that anyway.

Is it a case that its not full HD and just upscales to 1080p or is it a bug in the Pal version?

From previous experience If i leave 720p deselected some games will only boot into 576p. Help!

DB How to trigger custom created rman script from avamar management console

Hi there,

Do you know how can I trigger customer created rman script from management console. We would like to use that script for scheduled rman backups.


DB termination char

I have to communicate with a microcontroller, and I used the VISA SERIAL PORT.

The problem I runn into isthat On the VISA Configure I set the termination char enable to false (NO TERMINATION CHAR); but it doesnt seem to work, when the termination char byte arrives attheportthe reception is ended.

Idebug the application and found out that thevalue of the VI_ATTR_ASRL_END_IN attrivute is not changed to 0 as it should be when I set the termination char enabled to false.

I had tohardwire this attribute to 0 manually to make it work.

My question is; Is this a LabView Bug or am I doingsomething wrong ? Has it happendto any of you ?

Thankyouvery much


DB Lumia 925 - Touch guasto

Ciao a tutti, sono Ciro e purtroppo scrivo per un guasto al mio splendido Lumia 925 che ho amato per 2 mesi senza problemi, finchè...

Il touch del mio Lumia 925 ha deciso di emanciparsi in un processo graduale durato 24h ore, inizialmente era un po' "più duro" nella ricezione input, mi ricordava un po' i vecchi resistivi; finchè non ha iniziato a ricevere dei "tap" nella parte centrale dello schermo, senza che nessuno toccasse niente, rendendo così inutilizzabile il dispositivo. Per puro miracolo sono riuscito ad effettuare un hard reset, per i primi 30 secondi sembrava funzionare, dopodichè ha ripreso esattamente come prima del reset. L'ultima cosa che ho fatto prima che iniziasse a creare problemi, è stato utilizzare Here Drive per circa 3 ore consecutive, finchè lo smartphone non siè spento da solo per aver esaurito la batteria. Questo può avere a che fare con il guasto? Ditemi che non ho cremato io qualche circuito al suo interno a causa di Here Drive (che si sa scalda parecchio)

Il dispositivo comunque è in assistenza da ormai 2 settimane, al centro assistenza mi avevano detto che secondo loro sarebbe stato pronto entro la settimana scorsa, ma non era ancora rientrato quando ho chiamato. E' possibile avere maggiori informazioni a riguardo?

Grazie e buona giornata.

Andare alla soluzione.

DB creating custom dashboards in OM2012

What is the best way of creating custom dashboards? Actually I found Web View Widget Management Pack (code4ward.net) several days ago and then I created a web page and simply added it to SCOM console by using this MP. So when I can use this simple way, why
should I use the approach which introduced in this sample: Creating a Widget for Operations Manager Dashboard - Walkthrough #1 - Custom UI Controlor other samples like this?

DB regarding the selection screen

can someone please tell me is it possible to make a block on the selection screen inactive at start, and then after doing some validations i display an informative message and return to my selection screen and then make that block active.

eg. i want to display the lta status of an employee for the last year and present year .

and then based on his status of taxed and non taxed i want to select a radio button initialy i want to make this selection of radio button group as inactive then after display of the mssage i want to activate this block for my selection.

how to do this?

DB Problem creating new domain

I have som problem when i creating new domain, when i click Ok then i get the page this page can not be displayed.

On the time wher i chose hosting type then i cant get anny where, the windows explore errorer page is displayed and if get out of Plesk and log in agin then the hostin type is not chosen.

I have from controlpane add remove programs Tryet to repair Plesk, ant the problem is still ther.

Reguards Bengt

DB Hp Touchpad Charger

I ordered an HP touchpad charger from here multiple times each time they only last abput a week an I'm getting tired of buying new ones fix the problem I have spent nearly over $30 on these.

DB Cisco Call Manager 7.1.3 Intercom Directory


I want to list Intercom Directory Numbers as part of the directorys which are available under directory on the phone, can this be done?

How do I enable this ?

When I go to

Device Device settingsIP Phone Services and do I search I am seeing  Intercom Calls Listed however the enterprise subscription is set to false?

How do i change this?

DB IE 9 free download to make email more secure

I just found a notice on my email page. It says IE 9 free download, to make my mail more secure,when I clicked on it , I get a blank page, address atdmt.com ! What is it ? Is it safe ? what do I do with it ? Thank You Ooops do I need it , get a lot of
blank pages, BB doesn't always work , Whats Up ?

DB Lightroom trial won't install on Macbook


I've downloaded the file but when I click on it, it opens in a window that saids the disk image could not be opened and that the reason is not recognised.


DB The webpage cannot be found HTTP 400

Original title: The webpage cannot be found __ HTTP 400 __https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/authorize?scope=emailclient_id=150922561605833type=web_serverredirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fdigicombat.com%2Fusers%2Foauth%2Ffacebook%

The webpage cannot be found

HTTP 400

Most likely causes:

There might be a typing error in the address. If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

What you can try:

Retype the address.

Go back to the previous page.noscript id="goBack"/noscript

Go to noscript id="mainSite2"/noscriptand look for the information you want.

More information

I can sign in on any computer, to the site, but after i downloaded windows 7 to my computer i can no longer log in. I believe it has something to do with the settings, because i can log in on any other computer. Someone help please

DB fatal system error stopc00021a.

I have a dell inspiron b130. I am getting a a fatal system error stop:c00021a. The windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000135 (0x00000000 0x00000000). The system has been shut down. . How do I fix this?

DB iMac Won't Boot

I have a iMac that had windows installed on it with boot camp. I couldn't get the Mac partion to work so I went to target disk mode. The hard drive showed up and I was formatting it to Mac OS and then it crashed the computer that was sending disk utilty. Now the iMac will not boot with DVD, Netboot, and or Target boot. I have tried to use a Windows Disc , a Linux Disk and a iBoot loader from Hackintosh. Nothing will boot this Mac. I think the Bios or EFI has been delted and now it can't boot. IT keeps giving me the restriction symbol when I Netboot it.Any help would be great.

DB Material para estudos.

Ol a todos!
Postarei aqui alguns links com o intuito de complementar como material de estudo para aqueles que querem aderir a esta tecnologia.
Eles esto muito bem feitos e abordam muitas dvidas postadas aqui.

Eder Costa - LATAM Forum Support Engineer
Microsoft Corporation

DB How to make Access close the current form ONLY

I have a formthat opens for users so that they can keep the work they are doing at it's current stage (i.e adding a new record)and use the new form as a "telephone enqury" form (it's just a duplicate of the original form with the fields locked).
I can get the form to open (in front of the main form). The problem is that as soon as the user clients the button to "Close the current form", Access closes all active forms including the original that they are working on.
My code is quite simple - but how to make Access close just the current from and not all of them is bugging me. Can anyone help please?

Private Sub Command687_Click()
DoCmd.Close acForm, "CCRTelEnquiry", acSavePrompt
End Sub

DB inset a image(gif) to the document content in VSTO SE

Hi,I am developing a VSTO SE addin to office word.I want to add a image dynamically (through code) to a document content may be to a spesic place user needs.Please give us away to handle this problem.Thanks.Tharindu

DB iMac G3 upgrade to panther?

Hi there,

I am a relative newbie to the world of Mac. I spent most of my life lost n the world of the clones, building computer after computer, only to have my hard drives fried. It did not matter how many anti-virus programs I put on them. It did not matter how many spam guard programs I put on them. Each and every computer would eventually succumb to the massive tidal wave of stupid ads and spam and then they would die.

I came across this really neat little tangerine iMac running OS 9.2. I bought it and it has really changed my life. I've been running it for about a month on the Time Warner internet and have not yet encountered so much as a popup ad.

The questions I have are:

Is it possible to upgrade this iMac to OS X Panther? Aso, is it possible to have both Panther and OS 9 installed so that you can boot from one OS to the other, depending on which software application you would like to run?

On my old clones, I used to run Caldera Linux in a separate partition of its very own and it was the most peaceful time of my life with a clone. I would very much like to know if I can do the same thing with this machine or if I should consider buying a newer iMac and networking the two?

(Most people who have Windows do not even realize what a horrible operating system it is. For example, I point out the huge chunks of empty white space when the screen redraw routine simply goes on vacation, and most of them think that is just the way it is supposed to be. It never occurs to them that they should even expect more. And spool32 errors have killed more computers on the Houston Police Department network than any virus ever did. Best thing to do with that is to disable print spooling altogether so the computer sends the print directly to the printer. Because with Windows, every single time you have to hard boot your computer, you are risking the hard drive going to hard drive heaven. But I digress.)

Anyway, here are the specs on this wonderful little machine.

Serial number XA011097JBA
Finder 9.2
System 9.2.2
Active enabler: MAC OS ROM 9.0.1
Disk cache: 6144K
Virtual memory: 193 MB
Built-in memory: 192 MB
Video memory: 8 MB
Backside L2 cache: 512K
Processor info: PowerPC G3
Machine speed: 400 MHZ

Oh, I also happen to have a 160 gig external firewire hard drive to backup whatever is on my 10 gig internal hard drive.


Linda Bastida
Houston Police Department
Technology Services Helpdesk

iMac G3 PowerPC Mac OS 9.2.x

iMac G3 PowerPC Mac OS 9.2.x

iMac G3 PowerPC Mac OS 9.2.x

iMac G3 PowerPC Mac OS 9.2.x

iMac G3 PowerPC Mac OS 9.2.x

DB Windows 7 Multiple Language Deployment

Hi! I'm having a slight problem on a Windows 7 deployment.. I'm looking for a solution to a question very look-a-likehttp://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrosd/thread/3d4c18f6-d1c8-4fe6-a208-776b8e84e878this thread..

DB [SOLVED] How to configure XModMap?

Hello everyone,

I dont know why, but Im having huge problems trying to understand how xkeymap works. Ive read some explanations but it didnt make anything clearer.It seems to me that the syntax is something like:
keycode X = Unshifted Shifted AltGraph AltGraph-Shifted

DB Entity Relationships question

May i know setup primary entity and related entity to same entity is allowed in CRM 2011?(1:N relationship)

because I just found some problem when upgrade to use Connector for NAV V3

Some entity mapping will crash the services.

When i delete the self relationship field on that entity, the services not crash anymore.

Using Odata services to get the data also error on that relation.

How can i fix this problem?

Thank You.

DB Am I the only one confused over ANytime Call Plan ...

I recently recevied Broadband Talk and Surf Plus package, subscribed to online.

I beleived the "Plus" part of the package provided Anytime landline calls, based on the details provided on the web site, which under the "Phone" section of the related link, states "Unlimited Anytime Calling Plan" - with the details shown being the same as those shown in the section related to phone packages.

After enquiring why my recent usage was showing charges for UK calls, it turns out the calling plan does not apply to the landline, but to the internet phone line only!

Anyone else been caught out this way?

Go to Solution.

DB Smartforms and field ID

HI experts ,

Please i have a problem

When i create a field in WEB UI as a drop down list and then call it from the smartform i can't see the value of the field in the smartform but only the IDHow can i do to display the value not the ID in the smart forms

Thank you


DB Creating efficient nested XML documents


I'm looking for an efficient way to create nested XML documents. For example a collection of customers and within each customer a collection of orders and with an order a collection of orderlines.

This would involve queries on three database tables: CUSTOMERS, ORDERS and ORDERLINES.

Let's say I want to create a XML document with ALL customers, all their orders and all their orderlines.

I don't want to loop all customers and perform a query on ORDERS for each customer, then loop orders and perform a query on ORDERLINES for each order.

I'm looking for a way that would only perform a single Full Table Scan on CUSTOMERS, a single FTS on Orders and a single FTS on Orderlines. Otherwise it would not be efficient enough.

DB TS1363 iPod classic no longer recognised in iTunes (v11)

I have an 80gb iPod classic that, since I upgraded iTunes to the latest version in December 2012, no longer gets recognised within iTunes, so I cannot sync it anymore.I am running a PC on windows 7, with iTunes v11 (the latest version as I have removed and replaced it several times in the last 24 hours).My PC does recognise the iPod in "My Computer".I have spent hours trying all sorts of Apple Troubleshooting guides, to no avail.First I tried the reset: http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/five_rs/classic/Then I went through each of these steps: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1363I've also tried various different apple USB cables, and different USB ports on my PC.My iPhone 4 connects no problem. My iPod Classic used to connect no problem until I downloaded the latest / current version of iTunes.Other than not being able to sync my ipod with itunes, the ipod works and behaves totally normal...VERY frustrating. PLEASE help.Thanks.