DB canvas screen

i'm using the palm os emulator and can't seem to get the whole screen when i want to paint a canvas.
i use getWidth and getHeight to get the size of the canvas and paints the entire thing but for some reason, there is always an area below that can't be painted. it's the area where all the commands would normally appear. how do i paint the entire screen?

DB Did anyone else recieve this email I think its a scam

I did not click on this but I recieved this in my email box today but I was wondering if anyone else got this?? I think it is a scam

Dear PayPal account holder,

Due to our last days online problems, many phishing attempts and identity-theft, we need to verify our members accounts information. This security method is intended to help you protect yourself and your accounts from internet fraud. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by our online servers, but we require you to update your profile as soon as possible by clicking on the following link:
Click here to validate your account

By completing our online form your are in accordance with our Terms of Agreement and your online access will be continued as normal. Thank you for taking your time!

DB Enable Solid Core - Client Task is In Progress for more than 12 Hours

Hi all,

We have installed Solid Core 6.0.0 extension package successfully by ePO 4.6 console.

Licensed Integrity control for solidcore as per the procedure.

Installation proceure says

1. need to enable solidcore by "Client tasks". So we have created the client task and clicked "Run Task Now"

2. After running client task for the particualr client station should show the solidcore information on the product tab of the ePO console.

But we didn't have any information regarding the solidifcation for that client.

So we verified the "Server Task Log" , shows "In progess " for the "Run Task For: Enable Solidcore on Client Station".

we have waited for more than 12 hours, but still this task is showing as "In progress"

Any body faced this kind of problem before??

DB Help accessing an existing webservice...

Hello everyone,
I am currently building a Win Forms application for a fellow team at work. What the application does - in a nutshell - is pull saved shopping cart data and display it in a web browser control. I have the form and validation completed for the controls on the form and have used WSDL.exe to create the auto-generated code for the web services (they are existing web services so, the file is 3700+ lines long, yikes). Lastly, I have added references to both the service and the 'web'.
So, my question is, I am not sure how to invoke the service since it doesn't just use a simple type to pull the data, as in, I can't just pass in the email address, phone number or first name as my form suggests. Does anyone out there have a suggestion? Do I need more information?
My back is up against the wall on this one and time is a factor so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a code snippet of the class I think I need to use to do a search via the email address:

[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute(wsdl, 2.0.50727.3038)]
public partial class SearchCommonCartCompletedEventArgs : System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs

private object[] results;

internal SearchCommonCartCompletedEventArgs(object[] results, System.Exception exception, bool cancelled, object userState) :
base(exception, cancelled, userState)
this.results = results;

/// remarks/
public SearchCommonCartResponse Result
return ((SearchCommonCartResponse)(this.results[0]));

Thanks so much in advance, everyone!


DB Trace log for workflow on 64 bits

Hi everyone,
I'm currently testing a workflow that should be triggered automatically. The thing is that the CRM seems to be able to get the trigerring event but it doesn't launch the workflow.
So I'm trying to enable the trace log function directly on the server (2008 R2, 64 bits) with the following procedure -- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907490#top
The thing is that is doesn't seem to work... Do I have to create QWord instead of the Dword since I'm on 64 bits ?

DB Battery Percentage Reading Incorrect

Please help me, I got a battery change like 4 months ago and recently my battery reading is wrong. It shuts down between 20% and 30% and only charges to 88% and stays there. Is there like a software that accurately tells me my real battery percentage? Or do I need to calibrate it(but how will I do that when it only goes up to 88%)?

DB Personal Profile specification is now available.

Sorry if this is old news


DB Can multiple AI tasks be started on the same 6229 DAQ card

I am establishing DAQmx read tasks to run in 2 independent loops. One is

Continious samples and the other is Hardware Timed Single Point. Run

independently both tasks run and perform as expected. Running both in the


VI or 2 independent VI's give me a resource conflict (-50103). Are


tasks / or timing methods allowed on the same 6229 card? If not, what is


alternate solution.

DB doubt on dates

Ver : 10g R2

I have a column Settle_date the datatype is varchar2(255 BYTE)

Sample Data

Expected output


I tried with to_char and tried to cast it too a number and then try to put in to_char, but it is gives invalid format model.

Can any one help me out to get the desired output. Thanks in advance.


Dear Folks,

Kindly guide me in searching the below mentioned archive criteria points for archiving object QM_CONTROL. in there respected document and in Inspection lot.

1. If the last change to the usage decision was made befor the retention duration.

2. Transfer requirement item without a delivery completed indicator.

Thank u n advance.


DB Cannot open Internet Options using Windown XP SP3

Everything seems to be working properly except Internet Opions...flashes but will not open...I need to reset the tools button

DB WSS 3.0 or Sharepoint 2007??


I'm installing TFS 2010 on a clean machine. I wondered is there any preference / advantage in using Sharepoint 2007 over WSS 3.0?
I would like to use Sharepoint 2010 but it's not RTM yet :(

DB Web access to ASA 5505

I am configuring a Cisco ASA 5505 I still have access to the firewall through my pre installed ASDM, but if I try and web broswe I get page cannot be displayed and the following entry in my firewall

6Sep 06 201013:57:5210.0.1.775304810.0.1.90443Teardown TCP connection 498 for outsideDynamic: to identity: duration 0:00:00 bytes 7 TCP Reset-I

I have configured the firewall to allow management from this IP address.


DB Setting multiple session and retrieving values

I have a WCF service call that retrieves a list collection and then get save into a WCF SESSION variables.
How do I go about looping on the list collection and save the SESSION values?
Here's how my SessionHandler_WCFDataService
public class SessionHandler_WCFDataService
public void SetUserId(string value)
// Add your operation implementation here
HttpContext.Current.Session[_userid] = value;
public string GetUserId()
return (string)HttpContext.Current.Session[_userid];
public void SetUserName(string value)
// Add your operation implementation here
HttpContext.Current.Session[_username] = value;
public string GetUserName()
return (string)HttpContext.Current.Session[_username];
And here's the code snippet when I try to append the multiple values
void bindResults()
foreach(user_info _userinfo in list)
_eventsession.SetUserRightsCompleted = new EventHandlerSystem.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs(_eventSession_SetUserRightsCompleted);
NOTE: this does not work !!!!
_eventsession.SetUserNameCompleted = new EventHandlerSystem.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs(_eventSession_SetUserRightsCompleted);
NOTE: this does not work !!!

On my foreach statement, I need to append the username as well. How do you go about setting this up? Do I need to create another processes for each of the values I return from the
list collection, i.e. if list.username, then setSessionUserName(), if list.userrights then setSessionUserRights(), etc...
And I'm doing the same thing trying to retrieve the session values.
Thanks for your input and help.

DB Brand new remote - can't program, constantly blinks

I bought a new RC64 to replace an old broken one, but I can't program it. As soon as I put the batteries in, the green mode light blinks 4 times really fast. Then there's a 1 second delay and it starts the 4 blink cycle again; constantly blinking 4 times then off for 1 second.

No matter how long I hold down the MUTE and SELECT keys, the remote doesn't respond. I've tried several different sets of batteries, including brand new batteries right out of the pack.

Is there something I'm missing? Or did I buy a defective remote?

Thanks in advance.

DB Jar Problems

I have a main Class calles Chat.class with all the other classes.
The source code for Chat.java has a button that is supposed to display a picture.This is not a packaged project.

private JButton cmdSend;
private ImageIcon ButtonIcon = new ImageIcon("res/icon.gif");
cmdSend = new JButton(ButtonIcon);

I have a folder called "res" in the same level with Chat.class and all its other classes.

Now, i do this. jar cmf manifest.mf Chat.jar *.class res //

The jar runs but it doesn't how the ButtonIcon image on the cmdSend button.


When i just run the class like this from command line: java Chat
It runs and hows the Button image

When i extract my jar, it has:
*.class //other classes


Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.4.1-rc (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Main-Class: Chat

yep.. seems right but it dont work when i jar it. Work if i just run the class with out jaring.

i gues i can use teh "-c xxx . " to put every thing in the jar on top level but i dont want it like that.

I thing there is a way the code images where it looks for the images where ever it is or something so you dont have to specify the directory...

i want to put my the pictures in a "res" folder to make it neater so if i extract the jar the pictures are not all over the place.


DB Pets Page

What wrong with pets page, I can't buy pets...

DB ATDT is not working with NOKIA 6303i

HI All!

Im using my Telephone as a Modem. My Software on the PC is using At commands.

It Says:


Handy: OK


Handy OK

PC: ATDT0676……

Handy: ERROR (This Error appears immediately, the telephone does not even try to dial!)

Has anyone a clue what I can Do?

I have installed everything drivers.....

TheDial upworks with my Old Nokia! I have also tested it with Sony Ericsson and my old Siemens!

It is not the Problem of my PC Software which is used in many many cases!

See a screenshot in the Attachment!


nokiat-mobile.pdf ‏33 KB

DB DGN2200v3 Port Problem


Eventho i forwarded the ports together with my regional netgear support, the router just doesnt want to open the ports. First ive done it on my own, with the help of portforward.com (though, that site doesnt have the v3 guide, only the 2200) Then after i couldnt open them, i have contacted the regional support and they tried to help me with the remotecontrol tool. According to them my ports should be open but thats not true. I cant enter steam, nor can i enter league of legends. Also when i test my ports on

DB bundle Lightroom 5 from samsung


I have just bought samsung nx300m bundled with LR5.

But I have no means to install LR5 on my macbook pro retina 10.9.5.

Samsung says that I should contact adobe korea 02-530-8000.

Whenever I call adobe/kr does not answer my phone call.

Anyway I have download LR but may code from Samsung nx300m didn't work out.

Please let me know how to.

DB Touchpad functions except scrolling not working; S206

Hi,I upgraded to Windows 8.1 pro (from Windows 8 previously) and now the touchpad doesn't work as it should.Problems: No 2finger tap, no swipe, no 3finger flick, no 4finger flickWhat does work: normal pointing, 2finger scrolling, 1finger tapI downloaded the latest drivers for the touchpad (Synaptics ClickPad V8.1) but that hasn't solved it.Help anyone?

DB ratpoison

i used xmonad for the past few months (the archlinux forum, was really helpfull! - im a lurker), but recently i felt tired with the auto-tiling stuff and spend some time just trying to make xmonad dont do it, messing with layouts (tabbed, combo, etc) and stuff. i just wanted windows maximized inside non-overlapping frames (each one containing more than one window) that i could create, remove and resize by hand.so im trying ratpoison, and im liking it a lot. but...

1 - is there a way to make mplayer and feh float?2 - im still quite confused with the way that new windows are placed, i mean, sometimes is like ratpoison choose the wrong frame to put the window. is there a way to move one window from one frame to another? (i dont want to swap frames, just transfer a window, since sometimes its not created in the frame i want)

or, any advice about other wms??before xmonad i was using awesome, and im thinking about trying ion3, and maybe a non-tiling-that-works-like-a-tiling wm (something like evilwm -- my first wm! -- or pekwm).

im quite glad with the ratpoison simplicity, with the not-automatic way it works, and the way configuration is done (i was tired of all the haskell stuff i didnt got time to learn), but question 1 is specially anoying to me.


DB Rebate calculation on monthly Scale Basis

Dear All,

My scenario is based on rebate agreement for 5 years.e.g 01-03-2012 to 01-03-2017.

I have configured condition type for calculation in below sequence for Scale basis

Calculation type == Percentage

Scale Basis == Quantity Scale

Scale type == TO-Scale.


to Amount Accrual

upto 50 Pieces 1% Accrual 3 %

100 Pieces 2%

200 Pieces 3%

If a customer places order for 20 Pieces on 01-03-2012 and 20 Pieces on 15-03-2012 and run partial settlement for the month of march 2012 through "vb(7" it is working fine giving 1% rebate value for 40 pieces.

later on when new order is placed for 20 Pieces on 01-04-2012 and run partial settlement for the month of April 2012 it is not providing results as required.

It is also considering previous month pieces and accrual amount giving 2 % rebate value for 20 pieces only.

My requirement is to consider month based accrual rate and Value for agreement.

Thank you,


DB iPod Touch 2G - Attached accessory is not supported ???

I just brought (2) TWO 32GB iPod Touch 2G, which I upgraded from the 1G version and now my new iPod's dont work with anything!!! First I tried my APPLE Hi-Fi, NOTHING Next I have a Pioneer Elite receiver with the iPod dock OEM and it says (attached accessory is not supported. Finally I have a 2008 Infiniti with the OEM iPod connection and I keep getting the same results. Does anyone know when or if an update will happen soon???

DB Is DFS the right solution

I have been assigned a task to implement DFS in our current infrastructure. We have three sites, one head office and two branch office. The head office has one physical server installed server 2012 standard and exchange 2013 on the same server. The two branch
offices also have server 2012 standard and they both are domain controllers. We are now planning to implement DFS and in relation to that I have few queries listed below. If anyone can share their experience with me will be really helpful

Can we have DC, Exchange and DFS installed on the same physical server?Can we install DFS along with Exchange server?Is there any file size limit in DFS?Can DFS work along with Read only domain controller?Is there a alternative to DFS which works on multiplatform mixture of SBS and standard edition e.g box.com?Do we need extra space on the DFS server to store cache files?

DB fico

Please give one best business senario with regard to finance in SAP. my e-mail ID [Email removed by moderator]


We ecnourage open discussions in the SDN forums and ask not to request documents per email. Other people also want to profit from the solution.

Please also read the rules of engagement.



DB Browsing Datastore Takes Too Long For A Specific VM

Hi !

As Said in topic title, browsing data store for one of my vms takes too long

i mean when i click on browse datastore (where this vm and some others are located) the folders are shown fast

clicking on every vm folder it shows the vmdk files and .. very quick

but when i click on this specific vm folder, it says searching datastore ...... and takes about 10-15 seconds to show the files

the vm is thin (as many others) and it is a win2008 r2 which is used as our terminal server

and i should note that storage view for this vm also too longs to be displayed

the servers are HP DL380 G7 and storage is p2000 g3 (Fibre)

Thanks for any guide

DB Percent IF

I am trying to calculate the percentage if two conditions are met.
=IF(AND($D4:$D7=A4,$F4:$F7="Yes"),Calculate Percent,"N/A").
F4:F7 could be blank or "No".
Not sure the best way to get the percentage

DB is there an option for current customers?

is there an option for current customers to keep their current plan when upgrading device after june 28? currently i have a family share plan with no data. when i upgrade, can i keep my current plan and add the $30 data or will i be forced into the hideous shared plan?

someone from another post said this:

You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone

can anyone confirm? the catch is i don't have data in my current plan. wonder if verizon will force to the new craptastic tiered data plan?

DB Using video on Kopete?

Hi,I realize this is a REDICULASLY stuipid question but here goes: My Kopete recognises my camera. However I cant find the button to start a video chat with someone with MSN. How does one start a video chat? As in where to click? I feel like I shouldve found it but I cant...

DB wrong password stored

when logging in to my hotmail account, they tell me it's been blocked. they give explinations why it might be blocked, then tell me to continue. the next page asks me what e-mail address i want my code sent to. in the e-mail address box
there is an address that has not been used in over 10 years, it isn't even active anymore. there's an arrow down, but when i use it, the same address appears and it does not give me an option to change it. then my options are send code, or i already
have a code. i'm not sure what code they want??
i've been working on trying to figure this out since 8 this morning. i am not computer savvy and only use it for my own personal needs. this is my home computer and is used to emailng, word processing, facebook, news, etc.

DB Do I need prosafe client?

I'm using a DG834G v3 to VPN into my office using L2TP and IPSec. I can authenticate ok, but I'm not able to browse my network or access any of my network resources. In order to sucessfully VPN from my DG834G to my workplace, do I need to be using the prosafe client software? Should I open any specific ports on the router?

I am able to dial up to the internet and vpn in to my office and access things normally (but slowly!) so the VPN setup at the destination seems ok. Because of this, I'm convinced that the problem is either with the router or the ISP, buy my ISP claims they don't block VPN traffic at all. Any thoughts at all?

Many thanks in advance.

DB How to add parameters to the SOAP Header of the SOAP Request

Hi,I'm using the SOAPClient class to prepare a SOAP message to call an external webservice. Off course, based on the examples, I am able to specify the applicable parameters of the SOAP Body using the 'option 2' of the SOAP Request Message Construction.But now I also need to add an element with a value to the SOAP Header (so the soapenv:Header) from my 'MyRequestAction'. And off course the value of this element changes with every request.I really need some help here. Because all the examples only cover the SOAP Body part. Thanx!!Gerbrand

DB CATS0011 - Customer functions


This enhancement add 6 menu entries and 1 function exit to CATS application.

When I'm trying to type a text and icon for SAPLCATS +CU6 button, I just can see icon text, not icon! Anyone of you knows why??



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DB HT1420 How do you deauthorize a computer that no longer exist?

How do I deauthorize a computer that no longer exist?

DB How do I insert a subject line into an email How do I forward a message from my inbox

When I compose a message and click send , The window alerts me that I have no subject . So where do I put the subject ?
There is no " Forward at the top tool bar to allow me to forward an inbox message?

DB Time.deltatime inside if?

Hey Rukey2, have you considered using a coroutine to accomplish this?

function Update()
if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) canClick == true)
canClick = false;
sanityScript.currentSanity -= regenSanity;

function CoolDown()
// Wait 3 seconds...
yield WaitForSeconds (3);
canClick = true;

DB chang OWA de https vers http

il y a un problème avec https au niveau de notrepro-vider(port 443), donc je voudraimomentanémentutiliséhttp avec owa pas https,
quel configuration je doit faire au niveau d'xchange 2007 et tmg2010 ?

Merci d'avance