DB How to get patch 120955-01

I am using Portal Server 7, and the installation guide says to install patch 120955-01. I can't locate this patch on the Sun site. I have a support contract for Solaris x86. If I do a find for this patch number, I don't get any hits.


DB rich:fileUpload contentType

how i know "contentType" in the component "rich:fileUpload" ?thank's, very much!

DB SharePoint 2013 online v16 webtemplates problem

Trying to create the custom web template through visual studio for the sharepoint 2013 online portal. The template is not appearing in Avaliable templates. The current version of sharepoint online is 16, so, what should i define in onet.xml UIVersion attribute?
(for 15 it was UIVersion=15 and changing to 16 does not help)

The webtemplate works on premisses in v15.


DB Payment sent to secondary email - hasn't been credited to me - Please help

I have an etsy shop andsomeone sent payment to an email address that was not added to my paypal account so the money was unclaimed. I followed the instructions I rec'd from Paypal to add my secondary email address to my account and then I would be credited with the payment. I did do it and I also confirmed the secondary email address. But, I haven't been credited with the payment. How long does that usually take and is there anything else I need to do? I can't mail the item until I have the payment in my account. Apparently it's in limbo somewhere. Thanks.

DB PropertyGrid Invalid Property Value

Hi All,
In my custom form designer, I have a property grid.  I am having a problem while selecting multiple (1) controls to change their common property.  For example, if I select 2 labels at the same time, and change the size of them, I will get an error message saying Invalid Property Value, and the details show Specified cast is not valid.  The property then got changed.  But when I select only one control to change its property, it's fine.  I can't debug where the error occurs.  Really frustrated.
Any idea?  Thanks a lot.

DB email

I couldn't able to forward some mails which contains attachment


BEEREAL ESTATE Excellent Service and Land parcels since 2007.

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-Or is it because of our endless desire to answer the same questions tenants do?

Ooh?..Must be because we allow tenants to use it before they get it?

Or because we always updated?

-Because we never lie? And there are NO small letters in our deals?


I got to be honest!


... I really can't find other reasons!!

Please! Please, please!

Find me a reason!

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Always your beet.

DB Mapping Issue

Hi Gurus,

we have a following requirement;

input xml;



















As per the above source file having one duplicate record with ID = "AAA" . One of this record have a negative value (-10), so here my requirement is need to update at receiver side as below.












We just need to delete both record lines with same ID when one of the value is negative.

Thanks in advance,


DB iMac will not load - blue screens and application crashes

I turned off my iMac this afternoon and returned to it half an hour later, turning it back on. I left the room as it powered up and came back thirty minutes later to find a blue screen and a bunch of error messages saying 'this application unexpectedly quit' for a host of different random applications. I couldn't click on any of the dialogs so I simply hard reset and tried again. No luck. The messages didn't come up this time but I simply got a blue screen which never went away and finished booting. I boot into safe mode but when trying to log into my user account this way, I simply got the background picture but nothing loads. I then tried guest in safe mode and it did load but when I tried to run an application - disk utility, system preferences or any other - nothing ever started and eventually the system froze and I had to restart. I have also gone into target disk mode from my laptop and deleted the common error of applicationenhancer.bundle.
I have since reset the PRAM and tried again. Still no luck. I have also inserted the OSX CD and tried to boot from CD but I end up with the blue screen and application crash messages again.
I seem to be in a sticky spot here but for no apparent reason as I was using it fine just mere hours ago and shut it down properly.
I am hoping to get it working ready for a day's work tomorrow but am out of luck as my premium apple support is only available until 7.45pm so my hopes turn to you guys. Any ideas?

DB Pureness of intrinsic specific functions

Responding to this, I got a little surprise.  With the following

  SUBROUTINE sub(proc)
      PURE FUNCTION proc(x)
        REAL, INTENT(IN) :: x
        REAL :: proc
      END FUNCTION proc
    PRINT *, proc(0.0)
  USE m
  INTRINSIC :: sin
  CALL sub(sin)       ! -- Why "argument must be pure"?

the compiler complains about the purity of sin.  Why?

ifort /check:all /warn:all /standard-semantics passing-intrinsic.f90 passing-intrinsic.exe
Intel(R) Visual Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20130728
Copyright (C) 1985-2013 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.
passing-intrinsic.f90(20): error #7892: Procedure argument must be PURE   [SIN]
  CALL sub(sin)       ! -- Why "argument must be pure"?

This is unfamiliar territory for me, and ifort isn't alone in its complaint (gfortran complains too), so that makes me wonder what I've missed.

- "All standard intrinsic functions are pure" - F2008 13.1 p2.

- "If the interface of a dummy proceure is explicit, its characteristics as a procedure shall be the same as those of its effective argument, except... an elemental intrinsic actual procedure may be associated with a dummy procedure (which cannot be elemental)." - F2008 p1

- In F2008 13.6 the specific `sin` doesn't have a dot, so it can be an actual arg (F2008 C1235 and p4).

DB note to Terence vis-a-vis corrupted library

Hi Terence,

I created a new library. I'm dragging my photos from the 'originals' folder into the new library. I'm getting a pop up message saying 'Unreadable Files'. Almost a thousand files from the original library are now 'unreadable'.

"The following files could not be imported (they may be an unrecognized file type or the files may not contain valid data)."

And yet, all those files look just fine, were in yesterday's iPhoto Library before it got corrupted, and all open easily into Preview or Photoshop. Nothing wrong with them.

What might this be, do you think? Anything to do with the originals being on an external drive? Or do you see another problem here?


DB Va interest rates

I have a question, we are closing on a va loan in June. Have va rates gone down any? Right now we were quoted 5.5, we were told they are holding steady. Haven't locked in yet.



DB Error on export - edit - checkout documents: java.net.MalformedURLException

Hello there,We have a problem when trying to edit - checkout - export documents from DA or WEBTOP. We get the following exception:invokeMethod() failed while calling: onReturnFromProgressOperation failed : com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException: An unknown error has occurred. Additional information: com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException: java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: c - com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException : Operation failed : com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException: An unknown error has occurred. Additional information: com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException: java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: c - com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException: An unknown error has occurred. Additional information: com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException: java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: c - com.documentum.ucf.common.contentregistry.RegistryException We thought it was a problem about the checkout path, as we have no c:\ directory on our clients system, but after changing it on client preferences, we still get the same error.Does anyone know what this could be about?Thanks in advanced,

DB SNMP at CSS 11506...


I have a CSS 11506 (v7.10 Build3).

How to get CPU, MEM Usage of CSS 11506 Switch using SNMP?

DB checkpoint question


probably a stupid question but..

from my understanding when a checkpoint occurs the DBWR writtes the dirty buffers from the buffer cache to the data files. One of the things that makes a checkpoint occur is a log switch.. However, lets say i update some data in a table, and then perform a log switch, which should result in a checkpoint where the datafile is updated, why isnt the physical file's last-modified-time changing on the OS? (w2k).

it updates the data file, then i should be able to see a change in modified time on the file, yes/no?

please enlight me.

DB Inbound Delivery without reference

Hi All,

I have a intra company stock transfer scenario between 2 plants. I need to create inbound delivery document to plan my shipment activities.For a shipment document I should have inbound delivery document.

But standard system does not allow to create Inbound delivery becuase in the PO there is no vendor, it is only supplying plant and receiving plant.

Is there anyway I can create Inbound delivery without reference?


E Shankar

DB Instalando WAIK via linha de comando.

Bom dia pessoal,
Estou querendo automatizar a instalação do WAIK via linha de comando porém não estou conseguindo.
será que alguém poderia me ajudar?
·         Windows Automated Installation Kit – WAIK -http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c7d4bc6d-15f3-4284-9123-679830d629f2DisplayLang=en ;
já tentei os seguintes comandos:
msiexec/i waikx86.msi /passive
msiexec/i waikx86.msi /quiet
msiexec/i waikx86.msi /qn
quando dou o comando msiexec/i waikx86.msi  ele começa a instalar mas não instala sozinho...
alguem sabe o que pode ser?

DB Walking Dead S3

I got home too late to see the start of Walking Dead tonight. I want to know how long i'll have to wait to watch it on Sky GO.

DB Finding unused ID's/Classes in a stylesheet

Is there an extension for this, or is it built in to
Dreamweaver 8?
I know if attempt to insert a new ID it will show you the
list of unused ones. I searched this forum, with no luck.

I would like to strip a CSS file down to only the used
Classes/IDs in a corresponding HTML file.

DB Saving pics on SD Card or Phone?

I noticed in my gallery that there are different categories for the pictures like saved on SD card downloads etc. I thought everything I was taking a picture of was being saved on card but seems like maybe only the ones I downloaded off PC are on card which means if phone crashes I could lose what I took pics with phone, am I correct? if so how do you get everything to be saved on card.

DB hal.dll and Blue Screen in Windows XP Home

Hello Microsoft Support,
Starting from Feb. 4, 2009 I have been having Blue Screen from time to time, about once or twice a month and sometimes none in a month. They were 0x50 and 0x8E.

I replaced the video card on Feb. 17, 09 because I recall the 0x8E blue screen referred to video card. Since then I only have 0x50 left to deal with.
I learned to use Verifier.exe. However, it causes a new blue screen 0xD6. This blue screen is consistent. It happens all the time unlike 0x50 that happens from time to time.

I set up Verifier.exe to verify all but Deadlock detection (because I have Norton Antivirus) and I select ALL and ONLY Microsoft drivers. Then I enable Boot Logging upon restart. I compare the log with a log produced by a successful start and
found that the logging stops at hal.dll. The only entry in the log file upon this Blue Screen is ntoskrnl.exe.
As a cross reference, I set up Verifier.exe the same way but to select ALL BUT Microsoft drivers. Then I enable Boot Logging upon restart. There's no blue screen!

So I conclude that one of the Microsoft drivers causes Blue Screen 0xD6. Most likely hal.dll because that’s where the logging stops. Without 0xD6 being fixed, I cannot investigate 0x50. In fact, 0x50 may be caused by 0xD6.
Ihave been getting regular Windows Update.
So some Microsoft Support gurus, please take this information and fix it for me.
Thank you.

DB Unable to Log into Mesh viewer

hey peeps

ive been looking forward to test mesh beta viewer, but i have one big problem

i cant even log in on startup, as soon as i log it waits a few seconds then the terms and conditions box comes up but i am unable to tick the checkbox as its greyed out.

as requested by Rhett here is the build details

Second Life 2.6.0 (218701) Jan 11 2011 08:43:57 (Project Viewer - Mesh)Release NotesCPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor (2800.08 MHz)Memory: 3840 MBOS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (Build 7600)Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA CorporationGraphics Card: GeForce 9200/PCI/SSE2Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0012.6099OpenGL Version: 3.3.0libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3 c-ares/1.7.1J2C Decoder Version: KDU v6.4.1Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.750000Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded)Voice Server Version: Not ConnectedBuilt with MSVC version 1400

DB CRM does not open due to error, i need to export client to csv, how is this done

CRM does not open due to error, i need to export client to csv, how is this done?

DB Cloning an XServ Drive

I tried backing up my Xserv Drive and even though I tried both Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner, neither clone will boot. I noticed that the System folder did not have the OS X icon which tells me it hasn't been blessed.
I also tried booting from a separate G4 with the two (Dual G4 1 ghz) XServs connected as Target mode Fire Wire drives so that the source disk was NOT booted at the time. I'm really stuck.

DB Install Java on HP-UX

Does someone know wjere to find a J2SE version which can be installed on a HP-UX machine? In the download section I just found Linux, Solaris and Windows versions...
I need at least a JRE running on that machine!

DB Views refresh time

Dear all,
Is it possible to set Auto-Refresh for Incident Views. We have a lot of Calls and it is quite difficult to press Refresh link everytime.
Thank you for help

DB Compatibility of CS6 and CC

I really hope this question is technical enough to not get thrown into the VideoLounge moshpit!

Let's just assume I went for the cloued. Not gonna happen but let's just imagine I did.

Let's further assume I do some projects with the new version. Then let's assume Adobe does something really crazy like doubling prices, change to 128bit or anything else that would make it impossible for me to continue this madness so I cancel my subscription. Then WHAT??? Would this mean being stuck with lots of projects I can't access anymore? Will there be a "back to your last real AE version" export? Anybody else having security concerns in that matter?


Hello. I bought 4 WD TV LIVE STREAMING Players, 2 for my home and 2 for my workand all of them every one or 2 days say that they can't play any video, music or photo file they played before from 320gb usb hard disk. I reset, upgrade to the latest firmware, but nothing. The only thing that work is to clear media library (does not matter if it's on or off) and shutdown and remove from power plug. When I restart it's ok and after 1-3 days the same. How can I fix this? Thank you.

DB Customer Service

I am very dissastisfied with the costomer service aspect of Verizon. The wait time for phone assistance is usually 45-50 minutes, only to be disconnected when transferred, my emails are unanswered and if one can imagine, the costumer service with the "chat now" was short in providing resolutions needed. Yes, I have tried to contact thru the "contact us" which I am promptly provided with an auto email stating my message has been received. As a last resort in trying to inform Verizon of their lacking in customer assistance, I am reaching out by posting here. Although I do enjoy my bundle of land line, FiosTV Internet (Which is why I stay with Verizon) I dread at the thought that I must contact costumer service for further assistance.

DB bold 9700

after i upgraded my os bundel to 6.0 bundle from the regular 5.0 bundle, my radio has been off...and any attemt to turn it on just reboots teh phone

DB Windows Couldnt remove your computer from the home group.

I want to exit home group and disable it as well. It cases real issues with some of my other network components.But first things first... I would just like to get past thi: When I select Leave the homegroup I get the *Windows couldn't remove your computer
from the homegroup.... i change all the networks I am attached to to public and tried again. same result. I tried unsharing printers.. deleting printers ... same result. At this point I think I will try and rename it homelockup.

DB Bt vision - not the greatest of starts

So i subscribed to BT vision and the viewing card and box arrive as scheduled. I get a text later on to say my service has been activated and its all ready to go. All good so far. Then i turned on the box.

I get a C03 error message saying i need to wait until my activation date. Well i klnow im activated BT have told me i am. So i venture into the worl of BT technical support.

Once the call centre person had stopped apologising (i counted at least 7 apologies in a one minute period she looked into my account. As it turns out her "help" is to tell me there is nothing that can be done by phone and i have to wait for the technical people to fix things at their end. She has no idea when this is however but should be within the next couple of days!!!

Less than impressed is an understatement. I have tried the reboots etc but keep hitting this error message. Does anyone have any ideas as frankly i cant say i believe the helpsdesk that my call is a top priority but there is no need to call back they will just fix it remotely when they can.

DB VM Cluster with iscsi storage

can vm cluster with iscsi storage in scsi controller mode shared ?


DB iPhoto for movies

It seems that the app to organize and play movies in MAc is iTunes. But this app is oriented to comercial movies, video podcasts, and series. It's tagging systems apply to this kind of movies.
I just have family movies. The ideal app to organize this is iPhoto, with its system of adding tags that you create (no actors, director, episode, season and so on), but this program lacks video capabilities. It just stores the files and open Quicktime to play a movie. The movies stored in its library are not seem by Front Row as the ones in iTunes are.

Is there an aplication that works as iPhoto but oriented to movies?

I have tried Footrack, and iDive, yFlycker, Movieorganizer and many others but none of them work like iPhoto. Only yFlycker was really good in the task, but it seems to have continuous aleatory and small bugs, that made it very frustating to use.