DB Find specific item based on itemproperty

Trying to loop through some items in the registry to find the one that contains an itemproperty with a specific value (VMware Tools). I was thinking this would work:
Get-Item -Path HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\* | Where-Object {(Get-ItemProperty -Path $_ -Name DisplayName) -match VMware Tools}

But it just loops through with an error for each item saying
Get-ItemProperty : Cannot find path 'C:\_scripts\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{ED98ABF5-B6BF-47ED-92AB-1CDCAB964447}'
because it does not exist.

At line:1 char:95
... Where-Object {(Get-ItemProperty -Path $_ -Name DisplayName) -match VMware Too ...
CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (C:\_scripts\HKE...B-1CDCAB964447}:String) [Get-ItemProperty], ItemNotFoundException
FullyQualifiedErrorId : PathNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetItemPropertyCommand

The guid changes for each error. What am I missing here?

DB install sql server 2008 on vista

Hi,I am trying to install sql server 2008 developer edition on vista with sp 2. Get the error Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 failed. SQL Server 2008 Setup requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed. The .Net Framework 3.5 is installed (full version not the compact) along with the sp1 for it. Appreciate any help.Thanks in advanve.MB

DB Touble with Pop Up Menu

I am having trouble getting a pop-up menu to behave the way I want it to. I change the settings in the pop-up editor dialog and save the file. When I export the file to view my html/images click thru the the pop up menu remains unchanged.The changes appear in the editor but don't seem to "stick". Specifically the background color of the cells in the submenu items will not change from black to the gray color I want.

You can view the file here:


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here/ Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks!

DB mse is off

At night mse is on protecting my computer, but in the am, it says it turned off , I turn it on scan it to get it on

DB UK Resident - should I open a $US paypal account

Hi Folks,

I already have a GBP (pounds sterling paypal account), and I receive money to that account.

Someone has paid me in US$, so I am now wondering whether toconvert this payment into GBP, or perhaps open a US$ account.

My questions are:

1) I get quite a few payments from the US, sowould ithelp me/my customersby havinga US$ account?

2) When I get the paypal option to hold the payment as US$ (as opposed to convert to GBP), does this enable me to open a paypal account in US$, and (more significantly)will there be a detrimental side to this? Like exchange rates/fees etc..

3) IfI accept the US$ payment, and open a US$ paypal account, do I have to go through the hassle of registering my personal details again, or will this just be picked up from my existing GBP sterling account?

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for any help offered.

Kind regards,


DB Outlook wont connect to Internet

I open Outlook and there is a Red X that says "working off line".

I cannot remove it and in contrast, I am getting email into Outlook

However, if I try to transfer an email to a folder in Outlook, I get
an error message that says it cannot transfer as Outlook is off line
and needs to connect to the internet.

I really need to figure out how to resolve this as it is driving me crazy


Frank K

DB ItAssistant & Printing

Does anybody know why in ItAssistant when you print an inventory you get the "Cannot Find Server" in the upper left hand corner?

Message Edited by jasw452 on 04-14-2004 12:03 PM

DB Connection Dropping

For tha last couple of weeks my connection has been dropping when watching say Utube via the internet my laptop keep "re buffering" I've also noticed that sometimes I can't connect wirelessly have to unplug my wirless router.. wait a minute then plug back in. I can usually connect then.

I've been onto sky we've changed the channel settings on the router.. they've checked everything ..line, setup etc all's fine.

They've finally come up with the excuse that there is a general connection problem in my area, Cheshire North Wales, and that they are trying to deal with it.

Is this just a fob off... and would my problems indicate there's something wrong with the router. We've had the router for 3 yrs (SKY netgear) and up to now it's been fine.

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DB Infinite loop error causing blue screens.

about 4mo ago i was given a beastly intel core2 quad core computer that ran smoothly. soon after getting it, windows automatically downloaded service pack 3 for XP. Immediately after i began to encounter the infinite loop error. I assumed that the service
pack was the root cause and attempted to roll it back with no avail. Two days ago i purchased and installed 7 hoping to reach a solution. The computer seemed to work well for an hour or so then the Blue screen started to occur again. I believe now that the
loop is somehow caused by an interaction with the slr connected Gforce 9800Pro graphic cards because of the way the screen bugs out just before going blue. Right now i'm running safe mode with networking and it seems to be fine but this is only a limited fix.
IF you have an suggestions that might be helpful, or have encountered the same problem and solved it, I'd love to hear about it. So far I've tried disabling slrso only the master graphic card is running and i've tried updating the drivers.
Thankyou for any help or ideas.

DB Share Contents from one phone to another Within Same Network?

Hi All,
I need to share the contents of one windows phone(8/8.1) to another windows phone(8/8.1) which are in the same Wifi network.

Any Suggestion would be of great help.


DB Download iTunes 6 Error

Upgraded iTunes on my PC no problem but on my laptop major problems. Tried to uninstall iTunes and all its files but tried to uninstall quiktime would not let me. Tried several times to do it and still get error most frustrating thing!!

DB Start/Pause Display buttons within videos/movies removeable for beamer-use?

Hi erverybody!
Im new here and I think this "problem" is also new to you guys.
I want to use the iPod as a source for beamer-projections within our shows on stage.
It works quite good, the only problem (killing argument if I dont find a solution) is that I don not know how to disable the "buttons" blended in the movie whenever you press a command on the iPod...
Any ideas? Solutions? I would be so happy!!!
Thanx in advance for YOUR support!

DB Sincronizar banco de dados do pocket pc com base de dados no desktop

Pessoal, estou desenvolvendo uma ferramenta móvel para coleta de dados de produção. A aplicação está funcionando corretamente, mas eu gostaria de implementar uma outra funcionalidade. Eu preciso que os dados coletados no PDA sejam inseridos em um banco de dados presente no computador que ele for conectado por cabo USB, além de o banco de dados do dispositivo móvel receber atualizações de dados do banco do desktop. Gostaria de saber se isso é possível e onde posso conseguir começar a desenvolver. Grato. Abraços

DB Execution speed improvements of FGV over locals

This my first post. I am new to LabVIEW and am currently writing my first significant application. I am actually modifying an existing application, but am adding additional functionality.

I have read this VI Execution Speed article but still have questions http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361H-01/lvconcepts/vi_execution_speed/

As an example, I am populating an xy plot with severalsets of data, such as saved data points and a curve fit. I am currently using a case structure to decide when to write various elements. As an example, I only write the curve fit one time and it remains static asother pieces of data are added to the graph.In an attempt to make things faster I did not want to redo and redrawthe fit each time. Iam using locals within the case to populate the graph. In the default case nothing if written to these locals (and I assume the graph is not redrawn)?

I now realize that instead using a case in which nothing is written, I could use a feedback node (to write the previous case).The in addition, in place of using a local, I could use a Functional Global Variable.

Would it be better to have several cases which write locals to populate the plot and one case which writes nothing OR Have the several cases write to a FGV and then a default case which writes the last data to the FGV via a feedback node?

The first seems like less load as nothing is written in the default case, but the other cases do write to a local which has a front panel object that I don't need or want.

Iis there any benefit to hiding unused front panel objects?

Is there a way to create a local without front panel object?

Finally, with a tabbed UI, are objects on the non active tabs being redrawn and slowing the process?

DB loading image into picture box

how do i assign an image or bitmap  to a picture box from a filestream. this is for mobile application development.i m getting an exception Exception. no other details are provided with that Exception when exception  is caught

DB Scripting-Need Loop Help

Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a script to create a sales order (t-code VA01) with multiple line items.

My script code is using counter i to go down each row in excel to pull in the data (for each sales order),

but to create each line item within each sales order, i need it to read across a few columns so that i can make multiple line items.

Any ideas?

DB New Number?

How do I go about getting my number changed? ...or block a number? I want to stop recieving texts and phone calls from a certain number. If thats not possible then I will just get my number changed. Is there a fee for changing a number for the first time?

DB RMI-IIOP over OC4J standalone

I'm a beginner of J2EE technology, with specific regard to EJB programming. I'm thoroughly reading "Mastering EJB II e." and the Oracle PDF A95879 (OC4J Service Guide):
I'm having some strange behaviors when I try to run the examples about RMI-IIOP/JNDI located in the appendixes of the first book. I'm using OC4J standalone

Namely, the following code runs smoothly:

import java.util.*;
import javax.naming.*;

public class Startup {
public static void main (String args[]) {
try {

// LDAP-JNDI parameters setting - COMMON PART
PKGenerator generator = new PKGenerator();
Hashtable env = new Hashtable(4);

// EJB binding - SERVER PART
Context ctx = new InitialContext(env);
ctx.rebind("PKGenerator", generator);
Object obj = ctx.lookup("PKGenerator");

// EJB invoking - CLIENT PART
ctx = new InitialContext(env);
Object remoteObject = ctx.lookup("PKGenerator");
IPKGenerator gen = (IPKGenerator) javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject.narrow(remoteObject,IPKGenerator.class);

catch (Exception e){

When I separate the "SERVER PART" and the "CLIENT PART" in two distinct classes (of course including the identical "COMMON PART" in both), the client returns the folowing error:

Exception in thread "main" javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: PKGenerator not found
at com.evermind.server.rmi.RMIContext.lookup(RMIContext.java:125)
at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(Unknown Source)at Client.main(Client.java:19)

Any ideas? I've foud it quite inexplicable.


N.B.: by the way, another weird thing: if I don't include the "System.exit(0)" statement, the program remains pending...

DB Paying for Blast, never get above 6mbps down and 5 up

I have been paying for Blast with my highspeed internet since day one. I recently started watching streamed movies and the rebuffer or digitize frequently. I started doing speed tests, using xfinity and other test supporters. I have never logged greater than 6mbps on the download nor greater that 5 on the upload. I spoke to the local provider and she verified I had an appropriate modem. It gets power cycled regularly out or frustration. She comped me Showtime for my aggrevation, but I use the computer more than I watch Showtime. I really would like to have my money refunded for the last year of non-service. If Trinidad had any other option than Comcast, I would already have switched.

DB charging for playstation store is it true

Heard ps3 network is going to charge for the playstation store part of online gaming is this true and is it just this that were to be charged for is playing online still free,just wondered,suppose they were always going to charge sooner rather than later!

DB Shelvesets and Code Review

I don't really understand how this works. I'm a developer, I change some code, instead of checking it in I shelve it so that it can be reviewed by a team leader. So the team leader reviews it and then what? How can the team leader mark this code as acceptable for checking in?Thank you,Sammy

DB Active Directory Load Issue

Dear Experts,

I am trying to access the list of active directory users by below code.

Though its working perfectly I have two questions.

1.Why it shows the script error as "OLEDB read failed"?

2.Why it is loading only 1000 Users details only?

Load *,SubField(distinguishedName, ',') As Properties;











FROM 'LDAP://mydomain.local'



DB R15 limits on To Do list

I was busy programming my DVR to record all the series I watch when it informed me there is a limit to how much I can program at one time. It really was not all that much before it cut me off. I never had that problem with Tivo. Has this problem been fixed in recent updates?My old Tivo machine was showing signs of age, but I am about ready to go back to it.

DB program wont run on 64 bit

have installed a program from the net, but cant open it cause it says it doesnt support 64-bit. how do I amend it , to be able to open the program and run it?

It is spotshield.

DB gostaria muito de voltar para o ios 6. é possivel ? detestei o ios 7 é lento é colorido e trava direto

alguem por favor me ajude eu odiei o ios 7 lento colorido de mais estou mutio arrependid0 e nem mecho mais tanto como antes. o apple libera ai pra voltar para o ios 6 por favor......

DB Active directory replication events

Hi all
kinldy share the active directory replicationsuccess and failure events ids for 2003R2 and 2008R2 Domain Controller
provide the solution for failure events.

DB Aborting a defrag proccess?

While defragging my HD, does it do harm to my computer if I abort the proccess? How often should I defrag ??

DB como puedo crear un video con las fotos de mi compu con musica y vrlo en la tele con el dvd

hola no puedo crear un video con las fotos que tengo en la compu y ponerle musica y verlo en la televicion con un dvd por favor nesecito que me ayuden ya no se a quien preguntar gracias

DB How do I exclude some processes

Hi everybodyOn one windows server 2003 we are use a blackberry server. question: How I can exclude some blackberry processes trough mcafee av 8.0 ?Thanks,pEst

DB Can a PDF be an app?

1. Can you offer fillable pdf forms as an iphone or an ipad app? Can you store the PDF on the phone?

2.. If you store a PDF in the cloud...can somone access and display the PDF on their phone?

3. Does Adobe have a ist of third party developers we can contract with to create fillable pdf forms?

If we set up the signature field as just a field on the form, the user can touch this field and electronically sign the form.

So we get the power of electronic signatures on a PDF form.



DB Socom: Fireteam Bravo 3

Nueva entrega de esta saga para PSP. Se espera que salga para invierno. Más info aquí.

DB ESS W4 Filing Status Dropdown

Hi Experts,

In the ESS W4, the first entry in the 'Filing Status' dropdown is a blank value then followed by 'Single','Married' etc. If the user selects the blank value from the dropdown, then in the Review screen '00' will be updated across the Filing Status. The client wants us to get rid of the blank value from the dropdown (which is a Dropdown by Key). Please advice.

Thank you in advance.



DB N8 Can't Update To Belle

If anyone can help please do...

I have a nokia n8-00 with the product code of 059B663 and I have the latest nokia suite (3.6)

Nokia Suite says everything is updated, i livein the philippines, they say nokia belle refresh is the latest here... hoping anybody could help, been months of waiting ((

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DB Extend core-identity code - correct approach?

Hi,We have a requirement to create users in a third part tool that we are integrating with. The user needs to be created as soon as a new JBoss portal user is created and is assigned a certain role. In order to do this, I am extending the core-identity class org.jboss.portal.core.identity.ui.actions.CreateUserAction.register(). I am calling my custom class that creates a user in the third party tool just after the registrationService.registerUser statement.Just wanted to make sure if this is the correct approach and if it is ok to extend CreateUserAction in the above way? Please advise.

DB I cant get Age of Empires 2 to lan via windows 7 to windows 7

I've been trying to get a LAN happening of the great game known as Age of Empires. The problem is None of the computers will find each other inside the game. I have done ping tests, which were all successful. I have turned off all firewalls, add exceptions
done all the occurring issues which happens with most games. I have even tired using a LANOIP. I believe it could be something to do with different protocols which were in windows XP.

DB Help ! Paypal addr name to SMP not SAME !!!!

Ebay please check my sales record # 477, one of my customers informed me the the shipping name and addr is not correct. I check and can't believe me eyes the name address is completely different.

Whats worst is I edited to correct name and address then check back at a later time it changes to another name addr. edited again save check in an hour later it change to another name and address again... thats 2x

This sales record 477 should belong to mellissa zip code 88310 go check and you will see its not the same. Cutomer paid with e-check.

Please look into this! I hope i don't find others like this!

DB Undo Sync

bold textI used Sync to migrate an extensive store of Firefox bookmarks from family PC to my new Mac. Worked perfectly; however, I notice that now it is still syncing, and I see my husband's search history each time I click '+' for a blank tab.
I only wanted the bookmarks, etc. to sync ONCE to get them to the new machine. How do I STOP / SEVER the syncing of the two machines now? It seems to be doing it automatically without my clicking "Sync Now" (ToolsSync Now). We have our own machines now I don't want his bookmarks or history on my Firefox.
His machine: Windows7 Professional, Firefox 15.0.1
My machine: Mac OS X 10.8, Firefox 15.0.1

DB TROPHIES coming to Pure?

got pure yesterday and was wondering if there is gonna be any trophies for it.

ive checked www.allps3trophies.com and it doesnt say there so if anybody could

be of any help it would be great!

Top 3 Games:3) Grand Theft Auto IV2) Resistance 21) Killzone 2For Trophy maniacs like myself: http://www.ps3trophies.co.uk/

DB Footage speed altered upon ingestion

I just shot a day of performances at a children's music festival. 4 disparate cameras were employed: my panny HPX250, a borrowed panny 170, my 7D and a GoPro Hero3. I'm now ingesting the footage nto FCPX and something crazy has happened that I've never seen nor heard of:All footage was shot 720. (the 250: 24pN, the 170: 24p; the 7D: 720 60i; the GoPro: 720 60i) All footage was ingested into FCPX with the same settings. Despite the different cameras used everything plays well together on a timeline, and I never got one of those warnings about miss-matched footage when dropping one onto a timeline. The problem?: all the clips on from the 170 play back at about half speed. In fact, when I dropped a clip into a timeline and altered the speed 250% looked to be about right but the motion was choppy as tho frames were missing. This would mean, what? In the unaltered clips something like two out of three frames were removed and the remaining clips multiplied? Kind of like putting a strobe effect on proper footage. In addition, the audio is normal speed and it generally ends before the video does on each clip.This problem exists to the very QT files that were created in the Events folder. Play one in the QT player and it too plays slow so something happened on the was from the camera to the hard drive. Any ideas???alan bBTW: only last week I did a clean erinstall of my system upgrading to OS 10.8.3, I did a clean install of FCPX with a new download fro the AppStore. In the middle of these troubles I describe above I also trashed preferences. So...?PS--also, I went back to the 170 and played the footage from the card itself within the camera and it plays back normally and properly.

DB Connecting remote office to DMZ - HELP!!!

We have several remote offices that connect back to corporate via VPN tunnel using 3002 hardware client at remote sites that connects up to 3005. The ip space at remote offices is 10.6.x.x. The IP space at corporate is 10.5.4.x. Users at remote sites can get to everything here and at other remote sites.

We installed a DMZ here at corporate in the 192.168.1.x space and place web servers, etc. in it. Here at corp. we can get to the DMZ devices from our workstations, however the remote sites cannot. Also if I come in from home via software VPN client I cannot get to the DMZ devices.

I am hoping that this is something that can be fixed?

Can anyone help a poor windows 2000 admin pretending to be a cisco admin :)