DB KDF-42A12U Blue spots on screen, getting worse

I have an issue with a 42 inch DLP television that has blue spots on the screen. The visibility of the blue spots is increasing on a weekly basis. An internet search has identified that the optical block may be the cause.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem and what was the solution?

DB Using internal tables in mvc based bsp application

Hello all,

Is it not possible to declare a internal table type structure(not declared in ddic) and display the data in the view in a mvc based bsp application?If possible then how??



DB HT1657 My film rental is not showing on my ipad

Have rented film it downloaded but now it's not showing on my videos

DB Notification failure for concurrent requests


Here, we have a situation where there are concurrent requests which are completing normal for a user, but no notification is being sent to that user after completing the request. Checked both user and mail ID and both are fine. What could be the reasons for this failure. Please advice ASAP

DB Adding RAM

I'm adding RAM to my iMac G4. I downloaded the directions from the Apple site, and it looks pretty straight forward. Anyone done it? Easy as it seems?

DB Remove Collapse/expand icons from the tray for all user except administrato


My requirement is to remove the expand/collapse icons from the overview page for all the user but administrator can have those available.

I have set the show tray property to NO , this has made the complete tray invisible for all including the administartor as well.

I want the only icons to be inviisble and not for administrator.

Please provide your valuable inputs.



DB Auto Format

How do I get rid off the Automatic Formatting? I checked on the Autoformat - Autoformat and review each change is tickedfor all documents. The settings are default setting.
Every time I change formatting - whole documents changes and I have to go to Edit to undo the Auto Format.
There must be some place where I can uncheck the Auto Format provision.
Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

DB Airport Express: Works better on PC?

I have a brand new Airport Express (2.0) that works OK with PC, but not with my wife's MacBook Air. With PC: Airport Utility cannot discover Airport Express. I connect anyway using known IP address obtained from router's list of connected devices. Audio dropouts are frequent, but unpredictable. Can be resolved easily by leaving the Airport Utility advanced window open and clicking 'update', which allows the device to reappear within Airport Utility, and within iTunes. With Mac: No go at all. Airport Utility completely useless. Wont even update using known IP address using same procedure as on PC. Airport Express is working fine and connects to router as set up, and as indicated by green status light. If I reset the router, the Airport Express reobtains its IP address accordingly without any trouble. I can always see the Airport Express as a connected device if I log into my router. As far as I'm concerned, the hardware is 100% working as it should. Narrowing it down: (1) OSX networking is rubbish; (2) AirPort Utility is rubbish, although slightly less of an abomination on PC; (3) Mac products work better on Windows 7? Concerning (1): Creating a new network profile changes things slightly. 'Sometimes' a new profile will allow me to manually access the Airport Express, but wont allow me to update it. So it 'half works'. Which tells me part of the problem (a big part) is with OSX networking. Anyway, I don't expect to get an answer here. Every post on this topic I have read gives the same advice: with resetting the Airport Express being the peak of technical sophistication. Mind you, Apple don't have an answer either - they said it 'could be the router'. I don't think so. I have white-listed the AirPort Express and it always connects to the router. The Airport Utility software is rubbish. I guess I'll have to wait for an update.....[End of rant]

DB message and add friend

why i cant send friend resquet to people and cant send message pls fix this i cant use profil like this

DB Command line preview on Network Assistant

Does the Network Assistant show any more command line previews other than under "port settings"?  I would like to learn more commands and don't see where there is a CLI preview under VLANS for example.




Boa tarde a todos, gostaria de saber se alguém tem esse conhecimento e possa compartilhar.Cenário: Uma aplicação web com UI em .net e codigos em c# rodando no IIS 6.0Exemplo da dúvida: Nessa aplicação há um formulário e um botão Gravar que gera um post para efetuar a gravação dos dados no banco.Essa operação gera um log no IIS mostrando o metodo, IP e uma série de dados, como também mostra o dados que o usuário colocou nos componentes do formulário. Isso é possível de se controlar?ObrigadoFlávio

DB Shared disk array


i am using VMWARE 5 workstation andi have installed windows 2000 professional addition on a virtual machine on my hot OS. can i try a virtual cluster using VMWARE?

mean to say that can i have two guues OS installed and then can i configure them as cluster? if yes then first step is top have shared disks which can be viewed from every node...can i configure the sahred disk sub system which could be viewd by the second node(second node is the second OS i installed using VMWARE)


DB Docking and Stacking

I have five buttons on a user control which I wish to specify dock bottom or dock top depending on which button is pressed. (Sounds like an attempt at an Outlook bar control to me). When I dock bottom more than one Item is there a way to specify which Item will be on top of the other? Button 5 is getting the top billing when stacked on the others. Then 4, 3, 2, 1 after it. I want them to stack in the proper order.

DB how to get my ipad to print to my hp desk jet 3050 wireless printer

How do I get my iPad to print to my wireless printer. My printer is an HP Deskjet 3050

DB When I plug my iPhone 4 running ios 7 into my windows 8 pc with the latest version of iTunes, nothing happens. What do I do?

When I plug my iPhone 4 running ios 7 into my windows 8 pc with the latest version of iTunes, nothing happens. What do I do?

DB iphone sync with exchange 2007

Hi All,
I have exchange server 2007 with latest patches and upgrades. Today, I realized that I am unable to sync my iphone with exchange over the wifi or 3G. Same happens with other users as well. They have following symptoms,
* They have received email on iphone but same email doesn't show on outlook 2007
* Emails deleted from outlook can still be seen on iphone
* I can still receive the new emails to iphone and on delete they get deleted from outlook as well (normal behavior)
* But, having this issue with some emails.
I have tried deleting account from iphone and adding it again but it doesn't works. Any solutions or ideas will be highly appreciated.

DB install on different path

Every thing that you can do with the command line install can be accomplished using the UI install as well. During the install using UI, when you get to the Components to Install dialog, there is an Advanced button at the bottom. Click this and it will bring up more install options, including browsing to the location where you want to install the specific components.


Sam Lester (MSFT)

if i follow these instructions and use for example P: will any sql files be installed on my C:? thank you for any response.

DB static IP removed (without talking to me), shifts blame, has multiple stories....

I'd really like some help here. Firstly, if you go here :


(and make sure on Details tab), what is one thing you see ? Oh yes, it's "Static IP capable"

SURE! If you can change the activation key (silly thought there). Problem: it is LOCKED.

So, stupid me rings up ATT tech. And I specifically mention static IP (legacy account). What does this "tech support" do but queue ATT tier 2 support about it WITHOUT TALKING TO ME? And then what does this level 2 "tech" do ? He changes my account to PPPoE! I refuse to believe he did not realize the implications. Oh, but he did it anyway without even telling me.

I've been on the same IP for years. Their excuses:

- The database says "dynamic".
Reason: it says that because they THREE times had a tech remove it from the redback and I had them put it back but it wasn't fixed in the database. So, some times I hear "your dynamic IP was deactivated in" 2001, 2006, 2010. Excuse me? How is that possible? Exactly. It isn't.
- Another one I heard today: it's because they're moving uverse in. Yeah, I would believe that EXCEPT I'm over 19k feet from the CO and over 16k feet from the RT. Also, the fact the tech level one told me AFTER the fact AND reason 1 ... means this excuse is complete nonsense. In other words: I'm grandfathered in.

I've talked to tier 2, tier 1, sales/orders.

What do they all suggest ? Oh, you can spend an additional $15 a month for a block. Can I now? No. It's called a concessions/employee discount account, and guess what they don't support? Static IPs. Even then, it was not my doing or fault. No order was in place. Nothing.

So now, because of this inexcusable decision, I have 7 domains wasted. I have an ssl certificate wasted (because, after all, no domain to be reached). Dynamic dns is not even an option.The best part: I have a PTR record in ATT's dns server (for the time being), so that's also wasted. Even more so: the IP is in which block?

Let's see...

NetRange: -
NetName: SBCIS-SIS80
NetHandle: NET-64-160-0-0-1
Parent: NET-64-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation

In short: the IP is now wasted (of course, they tell me it isn't. Right. Then what does direct allocation and non portable address mean in their mind? I'd be very curious to know [though I can guess]).

So tell me, how can I get this fixed ? I wouldn't even mind paying a fee as long as it isn't a monthly fee.

The sad thing is, I am still a fairly decent advocate of ATT for many things. But then things like this happen, where it is not the customers fault at all and they shift blame, and then it makes me think differently. Why would a company do that? What do they gain? Nothing positive.

DB Final....

so does anyone know if I have a 97 lesson average and if I failed the final-pretty sure, I didn't know know 1/4 of the materials - Should have focused on birds and reptiles) , will I pass the course????

DB Source Control Binding Error...I think

Hi,I have a solution that contains number of C# projects.  The solution is checked into Team Foundation Source Control.  When I open this solution with Visual Studio 2008 I always get a dialog box saying:The project 'xxx' is under source control.  This version of Visual Studio .NET does not support source controlled projects.  Any changes that you make to this project will be propagated to source control.After I click [OK] button the dialog goes away and the solution will be opened but the project 'xxx' in the solution is not bound to the source control.  I verified this by going to [File]-[Source Control]-[Change Solution Control...].  So I bound the project to Team Foundation Server Source Control and after that I see key lock next to the file icons in the Solution Explorer.  I believe this signifies that the files are now bound to the file that are checked in the source control.Then I close Visual Studio and open the solution again.  Then to my surprise that bound information is gone and I get the original message back again.Has anyone experienced something similar?  Or have you seen this message before?  Please let me know if you've fixed this in the past because I've been struggling for couple hours unable to find anything.  I'll be grateful for any information.Thanks!

DB Why can I no longer tether my ipad to my 3gs phone, it worked before the OS upgrade to 5.

I have a 3gs Iphone that I was using to tether my Ipad to. Worked well until I upgrade to the new operating system on both devices. Now when I try and pair them I get an message saying the device is not supported. I can still tether my phone to my laptop with no problems.

DB Please help !!!! Firmware erased !!!

I was cleaning up anf formatttig the memory in my visio w 60gb and by mistake i erase the firmware, i donwload the recovery system, but the computer did not recognize the device and i get an error cannot install this hardware? An error show below is this a service installation section in this inf is invalid
please let me know if there is any way that this problem can be fixed.
Everytime that connect the mp3 to the computer there is and error in the system and three fast beep sound,
i open the device manager and and the portable device show and error on creative zen vision w, then i double-chick to reinstall driver and start the process but when is strating tranfer files inmediately appear the message that i wrote above.
This is the situation if anybody can help me i will appreciate.

DB Pixelation on recordings while Live TV is okay.

Live TV on U-verse is working fine. Getting a lot of pixelation during playback of recordings. I have rebooted the DVR but the problem persists. Suggestions? I am on a CAT6 network, so COAX is not a variable.

Go to Solution.


I have lost my oratab file.

Is it possible to reconstruct it easily and without reinstalling Oracle8i ?

Cecotti Cidric from Belgium

DB Im no longer able to use Windows anytime upgrade to go from Vista Basic to Vista Ultimate so how am I supposed to do this, Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

I have an upgrade copy of Vista Ultimate that I'm trying to install on my computer and it just refuses to install. I don't know how to temporarily disable my Virus protection and don't know if this is causing a problem. Do you have any suggestions?
I'll be looking for your answer. Thank You

DB List class in iOS (C#)

You can use List just fine on iOS, in both c# and js.

You need using System.Collections.Generic; for c# and import System.Collections.Generic; for js, at the top of the file.

For js, you'll need to use List. instead of List like c#

DB i need to find out the part number and type of part i need to fix a laptop screen

i need to replace a screen in a aspire 7741z-5731 but cannot find specs for laptop to or where to order them from!



I want to write a BDC code for the transaction ' CA01 '. But, i think in this the bdc-table control concept, i need to incorporate.

Plz help me in this regard. If possible, plz drop a piece of code.

Thanks in advance...


DB status of support case

Security Essentials blocked me from using my email. Contacted MS, got a case #, they went into my computer with STPP yesterday, today I had nothing but a blank screen. Finally managed to get access again but want to know what they did and what I should
do now--unprotected? I don't know, can't get thru to ask because their 'enter phrase' keeps coming back 'error'. What do I do now?

DB Can't record

It makes me feel better when I realize that others having the same problems with the R15. I have reset numerous times this week because of freezing programs, etc... It didn't record any shows the other night on the to do list, although it shows up in the history as not recorded. Then, yesterday nothing would record longer than a minute. I was told on the phone that an update to help the problem would be sent. I have only had the DVR for two months. The problems started happening about a week ago. Reseting helps to not freeze again but not the recording issue.

DB Read CLOB and parse out records

I have a table that features an XMLTYPE column containing CLOB data with XML and HTML content in it. I'm not quite sure how I can parse out the [CDATA] section and create a unique list of IDs contained within the javascript:openLink() string. Any ideas? I've tried searching the forums for how to read a CLOB and parse out each line, but didn't find the results I was looking for.

I've provided a sample of some of the content in this column:

font face="Arial" SIZE="3"
span style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial"Recruiting/span
A CLASS="divHyperLink" href="javascript:openLink(1010)"2008 Newsletters/A
A CLASS="divHyperLink" href="javascript:openLink(1009)"2007 Newsletters/A
A CLASS="divHyperLink" href="javascript:openLink(1008)"2006 Newsletters/A

I basically need to output a list of IDs:


DB Date problem

Hi All,

I have some problem i am new in qlikview and when i load my data it comes in 40512 some thing like that but in the excel sheet it is in date format.

How to handle this please some one provide help.


DB Hello! I am having trouble branching my TX-8050 Onkyo Receiver with my AppleTV 2, through a toslink cable. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Hello! I am having trouble branching my TX-8050 Onkyo Receiver with my AppleTV 2, through a toslink cable. Can anyone help me? Thanks.