DB 5.5AP with mixed 5.5 and 4.01 clients (5.8GHz)

I have checked this out and it seems to work fine. My questions are:(1) Is there a disadvantage to the network to mix the clients on one 5.5 AP?(2) I have one Rocket M5 AP and the 4.01 clients in its beam do not see it at all. I do not understand why. By "see it" I mean that when you click the select button to select an AP, The rocket does not show up on the list. I have other Rocket M5's and the mixed clients in their beam see them fine.Thanks,Gary

GaryRetired from building communication satellites.Now splitting my time building my WISP business and building my Photography skills and web sites.

DB Download App from iTunes

Hi, I have tried to buy and download an app from Itunes with my Iphone and I get a message saying to try later. This operation is not available...???Help pleasethanksGabmeyer

DB TS4148 i update my 3gs to 6.1 from 4.1 after installation of software it shows connect to itunes or connect  to wi-fi when i connect it to itunes it shows the iphone tab in itunes bt after some times it say we are unable to complete your request please help me

i update my 3gs to 6.1 from 4.1 after installation of software it shows connect to itunes or connect to wi-fi when i connect it to itunes it shows the iphone tab in itunes bt after some times it say we are unable to complete your request please help me

DB BAPI Material Avalibility Check


I want to check material availability ...

i am using bapi_material_availability....

But i want to get all details.......

like Damaged material ...material blocked by Sales order


Open material....

How to get these details using this bapi... or any other bapi to get these details



DB Create a batch file that runs a Stored Procedure with input parameters


I want to create a batch file that prompts the user to enter an input parameter that will run against the stored procedure. Does anybody know how I would do this?


DB Does Windows 7 support multiple terminal emulation session

Previously when using Windows XP Professional I could used multiple terminal emulation session using telnet to unix
After upgrading to Windows 7 Professional unable to do that, is there any workaround.

DB Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe

Ich habe mir einen neuen Computer zugelegt mit Windows 7 (x64). Jetzt kann ich meinen Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (Prof. - Edition und Acceleration Pack) nicht mehr installieren. Es erscheint jedesmal die Fehlernummer: 0x80040702 --- Beschreibung: DLL konnte
nicht geladen werden GameuxlnstallHelper.
Das Setup wird dann beendet. Auf der Kompatibilitäts-Seite wird diese Version des Flusis als "Deluxe" bezeichnet und sei nicht kompatibel mit Win 7. Gibt es hierfür eine Lösung (Patch etc.) oder wie bringe ich sonst meinen FSX auf den Rechner?
Besten Dank

DB Database defragmentation

Hi everybody,
I do have a question regarding defragmentation of sql-server-databasese.
Already having a defragmented database, is it a good idea to:
1. backup the defragmented db on another drive 2. delete the backuped db on the fragmented drive and free up as much as additional space as possible 3. defragment the drive with an appropriate windows defrag-tool 4. restore the database on the defragmented drive from the backup with an initial size big enough to avoid further growing
Especially I want to know if the restore of the database also re-creates the internal defragmentation as it was originally in the backuped database?
If yes, there seems to be no gain.
Any help highly appreciated.

DB IPv6 Address management


we are at the stage where we are now looking to begin implementing IPv6 in the network. Not wanting to rush into this and end up with something unmanageable, our initial consideration is address management. Due to the large number of address' we are looking for advice on address management software, which seems to be a little thin on the ground.

So the question is, how are those people who are already using v6 managing their address allocations and what software is the most useable and popular? Value for money is also a consideration, any advice most welcome,



DB DVD Slow Read Speed on i8500

I own a lot of DVDs and I move a lot (still in school) I also have a external 250GB drive, so I like to rip my DVD's to disk so that I can take them with me on my external drive and not have to lug around 50+ dvd's or stuff my already full CD wallet with them.

When I received my i8500 from Dell this past summer i was able to quickly (15min) copy the DVD data to my system. Since then I have had to reinstall my OS (XP-Pro-SP1). Since then I have not been able to copy a DVD to my system in less than an hour.

I have reloaded all the dell patches i can think of, and even tried reinstalling and setting everything i had to factory versions for when i recieved my laptop but nothing seems to help. There must just be something simple i'm missing, perhaps someone here has run into this as well?

for those of you in the know i'm using DVD Decrypter 3.1.7 and also tried 3.1.9. It reports read speds of 1.2x when i used to peak near 9.0x before. I 'think' it may be due to an ASPI driver? but unfortunetly I'm not very up on this sort of thing, all i know is it was very nice and fast before, and now it's slow and takes half an hour to rip 2GB off the DVDs.

Message Edited by The Eamonator on 02-17-2004 01:54 AM

DB Reports of SAP

Dear All

I have two questions.

1- How can i get the built in report of SAP? It means export a report from SAP, not in excel/word format. in crystal or anyother format which is compatible with SAP???

2- Can i make the report which shows me the parallel data in report. Not in a row form. It should be in column form. e.g, If there are 3 zones and i do want to see the report of three zones in parallel form likewise;

Zone1 Zone2 Zone3

It should not b like this;




If yes, then which tool will be used for this report?? Please help me out.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks!

DB How do I start bar chart data below background image header

The background image I am using has a header, so the field names (Y axis)and values (I am using horizontal bar chart), for the first couple of rows - run right across the header - and blocks the info.

Is there anyway that I can start my data set below the header information so that the header information remains visible - and stil see my data?

DB how do i get a wifi connection on my blackberry through sky at my flat

i have recently changed my contract on my phone and wish to use sky as my messenger provider, can u help

DB Freetype2 installation

I think this is now in the right place. I have an old G4 mac mini, before intel and boot camp. I was searching the internet, and found Darwine, this allows me to run .exe and most windows file types. But it requests a copy of freetype higher than 2.0.5 to be installed. I was wondering if anyone could give me a very simple step by step guide to installing freetype, as from what I gather it involves compiling and using some complicated coding in the terminal, and this is slightly too much to work out for myself, Ive searched high and low and there are no straight forward guides that tell a OS X user what to do. I would really appreciate the help, thanks.

DB Photosmart a526

I have tries connecting my I phone via the USB port to print photos but it comes up with error message: disconnect device. Refer to printer docs to troubleshoot. I've tried but can't find anything. Please advise. Many thanks


hi my names chris i was born in Boston Massachusets and moved to georgia when i was 10 now I'm 16

DB wireless in power plant controls

Hello Sir,

I want know from A to Z the details regarding planning and implementing wireless solution and technologies in power plant controls. (I will install a WLAN in a power plant).

I want know all the different wireless technologies with all the details.

Any help wold be appreciated.


Simona Rossetti

DB how and where to suggest feature improvements to Address Book?

I've been spending all my time in Address Book lately entering lots of data. Although Leopard improved Address Book somewhat (what, all of two features?) I've cooked up a short list of some improvements I wish I could see happen in whatever follows Snow Leopard.

So simply put, how and where can I suggest feature improvements to Address Book?

DB I have bought teh GTA 4 U GUYZ.

From: GAME Customer Services
Sent: 20 February 2008 16:58
To: ---------@aol.com
Subject: Your Order : 0*******/P

Dear ************

Thanks for shopping with GAME. We have the pleasure of acknowledging receipt
of your order.

Order Number(s):

ORDER NUMBER: 0********/P Available:

Qty MediaID Description Price Total
1 330659 Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3) 36.99 GBP 36.99 GBP

TOTAL: 36.99 GBP


Total Cost of order(s) is as follows:

Goods: 36.99 GBP (Inc VAT)
Delivery: 0.00 GBP

Total: 36.99 GBP


You can track your orders by using the link below:

To track Order Number 0********/P:


Remember that you will receive points on all your purchases and Double Points
on software Preorders if you are a Reward Member.

You can sign up for a Reward Card by clicking on the link below:

Please note that we do not offer Double Points on software bundled with
preorder consoles.


Your credit / debit card will be charged upon despatch of your order. If you
are a Reward Member your points will be added to your account at this time.

Payment Methods:
******* Card: 36.99 GBP


Delivery Address:

West Midlands
United Kingdom


Contact Us:
Customer Services: http://www.game.co.uk/Help/CustServices.aspx
Telephone: +44 (0)871 200 1221
Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm.


Thank you for shopping with GAME!


DB bookmarks LIST does not load during startup.

Until recent Firefox update, my BOOKMARKS list would automatically load during Firefox start up. Now when starting up, I must every time manually select "View", "Sidebar" "Bookmarks" to populate Bookmarks list. How do I reestablish the automatic Bookmark list during start up? Thx, Gerald

DB Reflect whole objects


I need to recreate this as a script:

- Select all

- Object Transform Reflect

I have tried this:

if ( app.documents.length 0 ) {

// here's the "flip horizontal" magic:
var totalMatrix = app.getScaleMatrix(-100,100);

// apply the transformation to all art in the document
var doc = app.activeDocument;
for ( i = 0; i doc.pageItems.length; i++ ) {
doc.pageItems[i].transform( totalMatrix );

But it reflects every object in its position, not the whole selection.

So i tried to add all objects to a group, and aply transformation to a group:

var totalMatrix = app.getScaleMatrix(-100,100);
newGroup = app.activeDocument.groupItems.add();

for ( a = 0; a app.activeDocument.pageItems.length; a++ )


Now all objects are reflecteds as a group, but for some reason, compound paths are lost. All paths appear as a normal paths. (I loose the holes inside pahts)

How can I solve this?

I am using old CS3. ThankYou.

DB Blackberry Protect - Dealing with theft

My question is - If I block my phone, will I still be able to use blackberry protect to locate it?

My phone was lost yesterday, and thanks to Blackberry Protect I have managed to watch my phone travel around Joburg in the pocket of a thief. The tricky part now is catching this guy. My neighbourhood watch are willing to help me, however, they are not allowed to process with action until the phone has been reported stolen. I cannot report my phone as stolen until it has been blocked. If my phone is blocked will I still be able to locate it?

I know I can send a message to the person using my phone using blackberry protect, but I am worried they will abondon it when they find out I have this ability.

Please respond with any suggestions on how to deal with this conundrum

DB Spotlight drags and makes my iMac a joke

I used to boast to my friends just how fast my MAC was but those days are long gone. Spotlight takes up all the processor speed and it is almost 30 minutes before the MAC is useable. I have tried every trick, forum, suggestion and prayer that can be done.... but it always returns to the reindexing once I restart and the MAC is unworkable for at least 30 minutes.I am tempted to wipe the MAC and start again but use my MAC professionally and it has many video programs and design programs installed and it would take a couple of days to redo and I have read about people wiping and reinstalling and the issue just returns.....It has got that bad that I am thinking of going back to the horrors of the PC.... Is there anything new out there or has Apple even acknowledged that there is a problem?

DB Lightswitch data visualization charting

Icreated a custom control chart base on system.window.controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit. The chart worked fine.
1. How I am going to display legend at bottom of the chart in stead of right side. I don't see something like chart.legend.location = bottom.
2. I would like to display IndependentValue and Dependentvalue at each datapoint on the series when mouse hover over. Any way we can do that?

Thanks .

DB Visual Studio UserVoice voting limitations vs. using Microsoft Connect

I would like to be able to provide additional suggestions and feedback to Microsoft on their products, however, with the new implementation of Visual Studio User Voice, I am no longer able to provide more than 10 suggestions across all of their products!!
At least while using Microsoft Connect, I could provide as many suggestions as I wished with no such limitations! As a bare minimum, Visual Studio User Voice should provide around 50 votes to individual users rather than simply 10. Since you can only apply
a maximum of 3 votes to a particular suggestion, what difference does it make to Microsoft? With just 10 votes, people are restricted from sharing additional ideas and also voting on other ideas which they also like, simply because they do not have enough
votes. This seems like a terrible model for Microsoft since it effectively stifles the creative ideas and suggestions from end-users and customers that was previously very open to new suggestions while still hosted on Microsoft Connect.

DB Burning a disc to iMac

I have an iMac with a cd/dvd drive. I would like to burn a disc to my computer to make a copy and share on facebook. Can someone please help me do this?

DB Expert Help Needed: Barely able to scan with Windows 7 x64

Help me HP Experts, you're my only hope...

I've had an OfficeJet J4680 for about a year now, and I've never got the wireless scanning fully working.

I've had some luck with WIA, but just barely enough to get a basic scan.

I've tried several revisions of drivers, and I'm currently on Rel 13.

The HP scan diagnostic utility makes scanning sound on the HP twain test, but never completes or fails.

Adobe Acrobat can scan multiple pages, but fails to return the scanned data to the program. Both the hpiscnapp.exe and the acrobat tasks remain frozen until killed.

Using twain in Photoshop CS3 I am able to do a preview scan, but if adjustments are made (crop, dpi, etc) an error is generated when the final scan is attempted: An error occurred while communicating with the hp imaging device.

The 'Windows 7 Critical Update to enhance reliability of network connection' did not improve the problem either...

Please help... I've tried everything.

DB Why issue with XmlSerializer and IDictionary?

I don't know much about XML, but because it is fairly human readable and plain text it seems a good idea to store data this way. For some really strange reason XmlSerializer won't work IDictionary:s. If XML was somehow dictionary hostile, I could under stand it, but it's quite the other way around: http://www.casbah.org/Scarab/xml-serialization.html(dictionary tag)

DB if i have stuff on my phone and i connect to itunes and hit set up as new iphone instead of restoring from backup, will i lose everything i have on my phone

i need to know what i should hit on itunes for my phone, it says set up as new phone or restore with backup, i dont want to lose what i have on my phone right now, i just want to put the music i have on itunes on my phone.... what should i do?!?!

DB Additional handsets for my KXTG6324T

Where/How can I get additional handsets for my KXTG6324T Panasonic DECT phone system?http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0665000FS10099208catid=24736logon=langid=EN

DB Is it possible to install Ipad apps on Mountain lion?

I wonder if the new os allow users to download ipad apps on the mac?thx

DB SSRS 2008 Column Chart

In SSRS Column Chart X Axis i want to show
0-10000, 10001-20000,20001-30000 Like this.
based on the data set value.
0-10000 means it should display like 0-10000,
10001-20000 means it should display like 10001-20000,
Indata set value have 7000,8000,12000
for 7000,8000 showing different column in the chart
I want to show both 7000,8000 in one column in the chart.
Can u pls anyone tel me the solution.
Kindly help me . Thanks in advance.
Thanks Regards,

DB Sorting alert message

Hello everyone!

I am a very new user. I get alert message and logs when someone try to browse a blocked website. In the logs there are lots of data which is difficult to go through. Is there any way to sort all these datas so that I can find information on a particular IP. Like if I want to see the whole day uses of IP, what should I do.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Gopal, Dhaka, Bangladesh

DB operating system not found

when I turn on my laptop- it says operating system not found...... what do I do next?