DB Where are webcam drivers stored? I want to delete them.

My iChat and Skype accounts are pulling up a Vega USB 2.0 webcam driver when in fact I am using a Macally webcam that does not require a driver.Consequently, the video does not work and only the mic on the web cam does.This driver is associated with a DLink webcam (probably model DSB C320) made by Vimicro.However, there is no uninstall app and I can not even find a Mac driver for it...nor do I want one.I simply want to know how does the operating system pull up the available webcam driver options so that I can go to that location and delete them so that my Macally webcam will work.Any high tech advice out there...?Please advise.Thanks,Lou

DB IMediaSeeking:SetPositions hangs in subsequent calls.


IMediaSeeking is popular today :) This type of question has been here before, but without solution. So here we go again:
In short, I'm using AVI-video sources with CTransformFilter-derived custom classes (C), which are all rendered layered by the VMR9. In particular, I may have:

// Source - AVI Splitter - [C1] - Inf Pin Tee --- [C2] -\
// \- [C3] --- VMR9

Here the actual seeking is implemented by AVI Splitter, and the user front seeking by seek bar following Win API documentation and vmrplayer. It currently looks like this (in WinProc):

// names are self evident: IMediaControl *m_MediaControl, IMediaSeeking *m_MediaSeeking, etc.
switch ( code ){
int newPos = SendMessage(m_hSlider, TBM_GETPOS, 0, 0 );
if ( !m_bScrolling ) {
m_bScrolling = TRUE;
m_MediaControl-GetState( INFINITE, (OAFilterState*)m_sScrolling );
if ( m_sScrolling == State_Running )
m_prevPos = newPos;
}else if ( m_prevPos == newPos ){
return 0;
int max = SendMessage(m_hSlider, TBM_GETRANGEMAX, 0, 0 );
SendMessage(m_hSlider, TBM_SETSEL, (WPARAM)TRUE, (LPARAM)MAKELONG(0, newPos ) );
m_sliderPercentage = (double)newPos/(double)max;
newTime = (REFERENCE_TIME)( m_sliderPercentage * (double)m_currentDuration );
hr = m_MediaSeeking-SetPositions( newTime, AM_SEEKING_AbsolutePositioning, NULL, AM_SEEKING_NoPositioning);

// updates the position if stopped
if ( m_sScrolling == State_Stopped ){
hr = m_MediaControl-Pause();
hr = m_MediaControl-GetState(INFINITE, (OAFilterState*)state);
hr = m_MediaControl-Stop();
m_bScrolling = FALSE;
if ( m_sScrolling == State_Running ){

DB Using Zune on Xbox Live in Japan

I currently in the United States Military stationed in Okinawa Japan. I have a Xbox that i have downloaded the Zune app for so that i can stay current with movies and tv series back home in the states. I have found that when i try to purchase shows or movies
it will always give me a error message "This item isn't for sale in your region.C101A3EE" I have talk to one of the reps at zune to see if there was a way to fix this, he told me it was because the program was picking up a IIP address from Japan. Now i can
understand if your services aren't steamed to Japan because of some agreement with the country, but i believe it is wrong to deny service members of this right just because we are stationed here. Maybe if there is some way that you can set indivuduals up with
access to download content even if it is picking up the Japan IIP. Kinda of like a registrations progam of some kind. I also mentioned this to the rep and he opened a case number for me "1146236793" so he could work it on his side. Maybe there is already a
way around this problem out here and i dont know it yet. Any help would help.
Thank you
Cpl Wendt USMC

DB wysiwyg NOT


I am developing an application that will be drawing on devices other than display devices. The resolutions of the target devices will vary from 300 dpi to 600 dpi.

My problem is that I can't seem to get the correctly sized output, even when rendering to the standard display.

I have found that when I attempt to render an object to the display, such as a 1" square in the attached example, I do not get the expected results. The square that is rendered to the display is slightly larger than 1" (~1.1).

I have run this application on three different systems, each with different display hardware, and I always get the same wrong result.

In the example, I have also drawn a second square and the default resolution fo 72 DPI, but in this case the square is too small. I am using SDK 1.4.2

Any help would be appreciated!

package com.your.name.here;

import java.awt.geom.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

class SquareTest
public static void main(String[] args)
GUI guiObj = new GUI();

class GUI extends Frame
double res = 0.0;
res = (double)Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenResolution();
System.out.println( res + " pixels per inch");
// make a 3" frame
int z = 3 * (int)res;
setSize( z, z);
addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter()
public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e)

public void paint(Graphics g)
Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D)g;

double ds = res;
//draw a 1" square
g2.draw(new Rectangle2D.Double( 50, 50, 1.0 * ds, 1.0 * ds));

ds = 72;
//draw a square at default res.
g2.draw(new Rectangle2D.Double( 150, 150, 1.0 * ds, 1.0 * ds));

DB Get the ITS Server name and WEB Dynpro Application URL to a variable

Hi Experts,

I hope my question is very simple for you to answer. I need the name of the used ITS Server and the used URL of a Web Dynpro Application to save them in variables. Where (in which table?) can I find these two values?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


DB Printing to a HP 6840

Do you need a special driver to be installed to be able to print wirelessly to a HP 6840?

DB STP question

I'm taking the CCNA exam, again, tomorrow. Last time I got hung up on a question asking which switch is the root bridge. I was able to find the MAC of the root bridge, but don't know which switch in the diagram that MAC corresponds to. They all had generic names like SW1 and SW2. Also, I can't tell what port each switch is on.

Any suggestions?

DB How to add Microsoft Sync Framework to Prerequisites Dialog Box

Hello everyone. I created a setup project in Visual Studio 2008 and I need to add microsoft sync framework as a prerequisite. But microsoft sync framework option is not in the Prerequisites Dialog Box. How can I add microsoft sync framework as a prerequisite to my project?

DB Generate Deployment Scripts for SSRS 2008 R2

I am trying to use RS Scripter to generate deployment scripts for SSRS 2008 R2 but it doesn't script out the shared datasets and any linked reports.
I am using the label: SQL Server 2008 and it uses
I have tried various options and even though the RS Scripter says it can script out linked reports I am unable to script them. I can only see two options related to linked reports in the tool -
a. OverwriteLinkedReport
b. TransferLinkedReportSize
Both these options are set to true.
I am using version of RS Scripter.
The only option that seems to work for shared datasets is to use
http://localhost/ReportServer/ReportService2010.asmx and programatically add the shared datasets to the report server. But this is very time consuming as I have too many objects that I have to deploy.
I will really appreciate any help/suggestion.

DB faulty broadband

fault number 11990739.......................it says on my eircom page fault fixed ...NO IT IS NOT .....

​ this has been going on for weeks , i was told someone would phone me ... they texed asking if the problem was resolved .. i text back NO IT IS NOT FIXED .... we will phone you in 24 hours was the reply ...

​ 24 hours later another text ..has your problem been resolved ,, NO IT HAS NOT i reply

​ they text back we will phone you in 24 hours ...........NO THEY NEVER

​ 3 mb broadband i pay for ....1.5 TODAY ..TONIGHT 0.25 I GUESS SAME AS EVERY NIGHT


DB Connection au Seveur Microsoft exchange via Outlook 2010

Lors de certaines connections , impossible de se connecter et le massage suivant s'affiche:
09:31:44 Synchronisateur Version 14.0.4760
09:31:44 Synchronisation de la boîte à lettres 'pendaries Michel' en cours
09:31:44 Terminé avec une erreur
09:31:44Echec de l'opération du client.
09:31:44Banque d'informations de Microsoft Exchange
09:31:44Pour plus d'informations sur ce problème, cliquez sur l'URL ci-dessous:
A vous lire Merci

DB Can't find event although it is on MobileMe

I can see an event on MobileMe Gallery, but when I click with right mouse on a picture and ask for "show event" the event is empty. I also can't see the pictures of this particular event in the photo library.
Where is it?
Please help.
Thank you

DB WD Black 500AALS passes WD DLG Tools, errors on HD Tune Pro v4.01

All of my WD drives, 2x WD2500KKS 250G, 3x WD 500AALS 500G drives pass WD's own DLG tools Extended test several times but one of my 500 drives so far has an isolated sector error under that of HD Tune Pro's "Error Scan" app, should I be concerned at all here? Thanks everyone.

DB Common Administrative Tasks

duplicate - locking - https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/779007

ref="http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=8180"Microsoft Product Support Services/a and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 404./li

Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr),
and search for topics titled Web Site Setup, Common Administrative Tasks, and About Custom Error Messages.


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 23:50:47 GMT
Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
Content-Length: 2382
Content-Type: text/html
Cache-control: private

DB Ayuda con Query

Jovenes expertos, necesito de su ayuda con un query les detallo, tengo seis campos de usuario en los cuales son fechas en las oportunidades de venta, me solicitaron crear alertas al depto de ventas para que pueda realizar los cobros en las fecha que estan en estos seis campos, he realizado pruebas sin que me de los datos espero me puedan ayudar al respecto el query es el siguiente:

SELECT T1.[U_Casa], T0.[CardName], T0.[OpprId],

Case When T0.[Territory]= '1' Then 'Civica'

When T0.[Territory]= '2' Then 'Rosales Castro'

When T0.[Territory]= '3' Then 'Novaterra'

When T0.[Territory]= '4' Then 'Otros' end [Empresa Vendedora],

Case When T0.[SlpCode] = '2' Then 'Lesbia Rubio' Else 'Ana Hernandez' end [Encargado del Depto],

T0.U_Fechaofre1, T0.U_Fechaofrece2, T0.U_Fechaofrece3, T0.U_Fechaofrece4,

T0.U_Fechaofrece5, T0.U_Fechaofrece6


WHERE T0.[OpprId] = '[%0]' --and GETDATE() = T0.U_Fechaofrece2

GROUP BY T1.[U_Casa], T0.[CardName], T0.[OpprId], T0.[Territory], T0.[SlpCode],

T0.U_Fechaofre1, T0.U_Fechaofrece2, T0.U_Fechaofrece3, T0.U_Fechaofrece4,

T0.U_Fechaofrece5, T0.U_Fechaofrece6

Espero me pueda ayuda

De antemano muy agradecido


DB Aurors Department HQ!

Okay I know that there is a Ministry of Magic, but those Aurors help remind people of the rules while the Aurors that meet here actually roleplay. Join up and make your profile. Please make up your own character don't be one from the book. Obey the rules, be nice, and have fun.To imagination and beyond...|-|anks

To imagination and beyond...|-|anks/|(ynosis

DB IP Security Policy blocking

Hello there,

We are using the Windows 2008 R2 IP Security policy to filter some ports on our server. We created a security rule to block all ports to/from all ip addresses and then we create rules to allow access to specific ports. Everything works except it is also
blocking connection attempts to the ports from localhost. For example, we create a security rule in order to allow connections to the port 80 from all ip addresses and it works for every external ip address but if I attempt to connect from the local server
(whether using the browser or using the telnet client to connect to the 80 port) the connection fails.

If I turn off the blocking all rule, I can connect to the 80 port locally on server. So it is blocking local connections. I am wonder why the allow blocking rule works to block localhost connection but the allow rules don't work.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


DB New OCS Deployment, 2 quick questions (Standard vs Enterprise and Group Chat)

We are looking to roll out OCS 2007 Release (not doing R2 due to incompatibility with Blackberrys). We are not looking for much more than IM and presence. This is about 4000-4500 users. Can Standard scale to that level or is Enterprise recommended? I am reading about a Group Chat server (in R2). That appears to be more of a chat room feature, which we wouldn't be looking for. We would, however, like the ability to Invite Others i.e. User A and User B start an IM conversation, and User A invites User C to that conversation. Is this possible or does it require the entire separate Group Chat server? Thanks much

DB First Timer

Hey there have a few questions, i am a first timer on paypal i sold an item that i need to ship out, the buyer said he has sent the funds to my paypal account, but when i look in there i dont see anything. He has said i have to go get a tracking number from wherever i send it out from and get back on to paypal to give them the tracking number so the funds could be released. Is this true? Ok so if it is than that how it goes can the buyer take his money out after i give the tracking number and ship it off. and how do i take the funds out of paypal and put in my own account.

Go to Solution.

DB HDMI, Component Premium Channels

Lightning struck my tv so I had to buy a new one. My premium channels do not work because of the new piracy changes. I've unhooked the hdmi and just have it on component and they still don't work, but all my other channels do. No channels work on hdmi inputs. I'm not sure what to do now. Is anyone else having this problem? If so could you help please

DB Aus der MSDN Hotline: Versenden von Outlook-Terminen

Hallo zusammen,
heute wurde uns bei der MSDN Hotline unter anderem folgende Frage gestellt:

Ich mchte gerne einem Kollegen mittels Code einen Outlook-Termin zusenden. Wie mache ich das?

Unsere Antwort bzw. unser Lsungsvorschlag darauf war:
Um Outlook-Termine zu versenden, muss man eine .ics-Datei erstellen, welche den Termin beschreibt. Der RFC dazu befindet sich unter [1]. Anschlieend muss die Datei als Anhang einer E-mail versendet werden. Die Dokumentation zur Klasse SmtpClient, ber
die die E-Mail versendet werden kann, befindet sich unter [2]. Ein Beispiel finden Sie unter [3].
[1] http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt

Wir hoffen, vielen Besuchern der
MSDN Foren durch das Posten dieses Problems und einer mglichen Lsung weiterhelfen zu knnen.

Viele Gre,
Torsten Hanke
MSDN Hotline fr MSDN Online Deutschland

Bitte haben Sie Verstndnis dafr, dass wir hier auf Rckfragen gar nicht oder nur sehr zeitverzgert antworten knnen.

Bitte nutzen Sie fr Rckfragen oder neue Fragen den telefonischen Weg ber die MSDN Hotline:

Es gelten fr die MSDN Hotline und dieses Posting diese
Nutzungsbedingungen, Hinweise zu
Markenzeichen sowie die allgemein gltigen
Informationen zur Datensicherheit sowie die gesonderten
Nutzungsbedingungen fr die MSDN Hotline.

DB Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 11 when logging in

I just installed SQL Server 2005 with SP2 on Vista. When I try to login from SQL Server Management Studio, I get the following error message in the log:
2007-09-15 18:58:02.23 Logon       Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 11.2007-09-15 18:58:02.23 Logon       Login failed for user 'computer name\user account'.[CLIENT: local machine]
Since I can't login, I can't try some of the stuff I have seen here, such as creating new logins etc.
I installed Analysis Server and Integration Services at the same time. Logging in to them both works fine.
I use windows authentication. I don't know if changing that helps, as I don't know how to change it without logging in in the first place...

DB editing .AVI files in FCEHD?

So, I'm a newbie to video, and my question may be not be answerable, but I'd appreciate any help I can get.

I have some video clips (from a vacation) that were taken with a still digital camera, and are in an .AVI format. When I import them into Final Cut Express HD, they don't play in the timeline (I get a blue "unrendered" screen). This makes them pretty much impossible to edit.

I've been told that the item properties of the clips need to match my settings on my sequence. I've done a lot of experimentation, and I've discovered that if I use QuickTime Pro to convert them to DV-NTSC, 29.97fps, with my audio at 48Khz and 32-bit floating point (most of this is unintelligible to me), they work. I can play them in the canvas and edit them.

BUT, the video quality looks much worse than the original clips were. FCE claims that it supports .AVI formats. Is there an easier and better way to get it to work?

My original clips have the following settings: vid rate 10fps, frame size 640x480, compressor (blank), pixel aspect square.

I'm running Final Cut Express HD 3.0.1 on an iMac G5 with Tiger 10.4.4


DB CS5 / Pro 2- compatability?

I have trouble opening projects in the CS5 demo with projects originating from Premiere Pro 2. I have just updated my OS from 32 bit to Windows 7in 64 bit. When I reloaded Adobe Pro 2, the old projects and edits work, so I know the new OS is working. I am afraid to buy the new Premiere CS5 and lose all my old edits. Is it a problem of the demo versions or an unavoidable flaw of upward compatability? I had to manually load all the elements and the search didn't even work, then after that, it crashed in 30 seconds.

DB Problema con recursos

Hola, tengo una red NT con 600 clientes XPpro. Algunos clientes tienen impresoras instaladas en local que han sido compartidas para ser usadas por otros equipos, todo funciona correctamente y las impresoras se conectan sin problemas.
El otro día en el PDC eliminé (en la pestaña protocolos de red) el protocolo NETBEUI y reinicié la máquina. Cual fue mi sorpresa cuando ningún equipo podía imprimir (no localizaba las impresoras). Había ping, pero no podía conectarme a los recuros vía \\equipo\recurso.
Al volver a instalar NETBEUI en el PDC todo volvió a la normalidad.
¿Por qué ha pasado esto?¿Se supone que NETBEUI no es necesario no?¿Por qué afectan los cambios en un server si estoy compartiendo recursos entre dos clientes (XPpro)?

DB SMS tone

BB Curve 8520.Please please someone help, I received my BB Curve 8520, October last year, I love it, everything was fine until a week ago, when I noticed I was receiving texts, but no tone? So thinking I could sort it I went onto profiles, advanced, to reset the SMS alert, clicked save etc, but still nothing!!! Can anyone tell me what is wrong? As its getting very frustrating!!

DB How do I sideload to an SD card in my Samsung Nook Tablet?

I see many people talking about it but no actual steps on what to do. I have no idea how to do this to have covers and books to show in the Nook app on the tablet (which I bought from BN). Can someone please help?

I have an SD card in my Nook and see I have to create some folder, but I'm not sure where or what this is. I'm afraid of screwing up my Nook if I fiddle around to much with it. If someone could give me a basic outline of what to do, it would help GREATLY.

Thank you!

DB HELP! Need to get rid of ciceroulwndframe....

I'd appreciate any help getting rid of this stinking spyware! It's really malicious! My scan is below....thanks so much in advance! - Paul

DB New to XI

HI experts...

IM mahe....Im new to xi...i want to learn XI..so, anyone can

send some good materials....



DB Feature suggestion consider disabling the javascript protocol handler in address bar

This isn't really a question but more a security feature suggestion for the product managers.

DB Active Directory issues demoting Domain Controllers

Hi, i have a Forest with 1 root Domain and several child Domains.
I administer 2 of the child Domains and i can't demote any DC on this Domains.
When i try to demote them i got the error:

Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard

The operation failed because:

Active Directory Domain Services could not transfer the remaining data in directory partition DC=ForestDNSZones,DC=ROOTDOMAIN,DC=COM to Active Directory Domain Controller\\Server3.ChildDoMAIN.ROOTDOMAIN.COM.

“The directory service is missing mandatory configuration information, and is unable to determine the ownership of floating single-master operation roles.

From my research i found out that there is a problem with the infrastructure master attribute on this DC as seen on:


So i logon to the Server that holds the infrastructure role open ADSIEdit connect to

Default Naming Context and go to the attribute value of the domain

Check the fsMORoleOwner and copy the value (which is correct)CN=NTDS Settings,CN=Server2,CN=Servers,CN=London,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=ROOTDOMAIN,DC=com

Connect to the DC=DomainDNSZones,DC=ChildDomain,DC=ROOTDOMAIN,DC=COM of the DC i want to Demote

And edit the Infrastructure value which has the wrong settings but when i try to save it it gives me an error


Operation failed. Error code: 0x20ae
The role owner attribute could not be read.

000020AE: SvcErr: DSID-03152965, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 0

If i try to connect to theDC=ForestDNSZones,DC=ROOTDOMAIN,DC=COM the Infrastructure fsMORoleOwner is empty and if i try to edit it
with the correct value i also get the same error

I can see other people with the same error, they say in order to get rid of this error is to do it from the server that holds the infrastructure role , but
that is what i am doing right now, so i don't know how to proceed.


Please help.

Many Thanks


Hi gurus,

Have you noticed this FM/BAPI. Actually I am looking for a BAPI that can change cost elements master data. I've find this one but the problem is, it does not have a code.

Can anyone suggest what is this or is there any FM/BAPI that I can use for changing the cost elements?

I am also planning to use this FM RK_COSTELEMENT_UPDATE but this is a direct update to the database.



DB how to use nested for-each in XSLT

Hi all,

This is my sample input xml.

Filter operand="AND"
Filter operand="OR"
Condition Class="a" Object="b"
Condition Class="Advanced" Object="%"

Condition Class="a" Object="b"
Filter operand="OR"
Condition Class="Advanced" Object="%"

I want my output as

sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:logical" op="and"
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:logical" op="or"
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:special" op="prompted"
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:sqlExpression""a"."b"/sawx:expr/sawx:expr
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:special" op="prompted"
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:sqlExpression""Advanced"."%"/sawx:expr/sawx:expr/sawx:expr

sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:logical" op="or"
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:special" op="prompted"
sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:sqlExpression""a"."b"/sawx:expr

Can someone tell me how to get this output through xslt?

DB mi lync 2013 no inicia

no puedo iniciar la aplicacionLync dice que no esta conectado microsoft excanger

DB How do I make pivots?

I am familiar with the concept, I just don't know how to apply it in the Windows Phone App Studio. I add multiple pages under a section, but the app won't finish for some reason.
Any help is appreciated.

DB keyboard input help!?

What is the easiest way to get keyboard input into my application?

DB What's wrong with this?

The following snippet of code freezes when I run it. When I comment out the
myTextField.setText(nextField); line it runs fine. Does anyone know why the code is freezing at that line (by the way in the test case I'm running there are only 21 tokens so that shouldn't freeze it).

String myData = SQLFunctions.szTableData(mySet); StringTokenizer myTokens = new StringTokenizer (myData);
JTextField[] myTextField = new JTextField[myTokens.countTokens()-1];
int i=0;
String nextField = "";
while (myTokens.hasMoreTokens()){
nextField = myTokens.nextToken();

Thanks for helping out!!!