DB How can I get rid of the transition that I added in and the Black thing around the footage?

I added a transition between videos but how can I delete it and there's a black thing around the footage? It is really brothering me when doing cuts.

DB Error while calling IdcService: COLLECTION_ADD_LINK


I am trying to add a link to a document inside a folder using COLLECTION_ADD_LINK service but getting the following error response of service call.

@Properties LocalData
StatusMessage=Error receiving response from server. (Unable to add shortcut. Unable to execute service method 'addLink'. (System Error: Runtime error: java.lang.NumberFormatException: null\nat java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Integer.java:415)\nat java.lang.Integer.valueOf(Integer.java:553)\nat collections.CollectionUserHandler.addLink(CollectionUserHandler.java:328)\nat sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)\nat sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:39)\nat sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)\nat java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:585)\nat intradoc.common.IdcMethodHolder.invokeMethod(ClassHelperUtils.java:461)\nat intradoc.common.ClassHelperUtils.executeMethodReportStatus(ClassHelperUtils.java:142)\nat intradoc.server.ServiceHandler.executeAction(ServiceHandler.java:75)\nat intradoc.server.Service.doCodeEx(Service.java:488)\nat intradoc.server.Service.doCode(Service.java:470)\nat intradoc.server.ServiceRequestImplementor.doAction(ServiceRequestImplementor.java:1350)\nat intradoc.server.Service.doAction(Service.java:450)\nat intradoc.server.ServiceRequestImplementor.doActions(ServiceRequestImplementor.java:1191)\nat intradoc.server.Service.doActions(Service.java:445)\nat intradoc.server.ServiceRequestImplementor.executeActions(ServiceRequestImplementor.java:1111)\nat intradoc.server.Service.executeActions(Service.java:431)\nat intradoc.server.ServiceRequestImplementor.doRequest(ServiceRequestImplementor.java:632)\nat intradoc.server.Service.doRequest(Service.java:1709)\nat intradoc.server.ServiceManager.processCommand(ServiceManager.java:357)\nat intradoc.server.IdcServerThread.run(IdcServerThread.java:195)))

To call this service I am using the following code:

Please suggest me some or let me know if I am mistaken somewhere in the service call parameters.


DB Problema enlzar cuenta psn con la de facebook

Pues quiero enlazar mi cuenta de psn con la de facebook y no hay manera, no existe la opcion, es mas en administracion de cuenta no aparece ni lo de facebook y quiero saber porque.

En otras cuentas si aparece la opción pero en la mia no xD

Un saludo.

DB Can an older version of Microsoft Publisher be loaded on to a new computer that has Windows 7

My parents just bought a refurb laptop and want to continue using their desktop with it. Their desktop has Publisher version 2007 (which it came with). Before that time, they had purchased version 2003 so they have a disk for it. Their idea was to install
2003 on to the laptop (which has Windows 7) and then buy an upgrade to 2007. I wasn't sure if this is a good idea. Will there be issues when they attempt to use the program?

DB ATV on more than 1 TV

Does anyone have any interesting ways to view an ATV on more than one television (in other words in addition to the one that it is physically connected to)?

Any types of wireless adapters or something like that --- I know I'm stretching it here.

DB Problem in displaying Arabic Character in Paper Layout

I am facing problem while displaying arabic characters.
In Web layout i am able to get it by changing the character set to ISO-8259-6.
I had changed the NLS parameters in registry as suggested in the help. But still i am unable to get. Please can anyone send the brief steps to fix this.

Thanks in Advance


So excited Im closing sooner that I thought..I was going to close at the end of next week, but I was told I can close friday.....GREAT..That means I dont have to worry about creditor pulling my credit when I go get furniture on Memorial Day....

Anyways, I want to have my paper filled out so I can drop in mail...What form do I need? Where do I print it out online.....I have already filled taxes and gotten my tax rebate back in March.....So Im hoping this is not an issue..I really dont want to wait until next tax season to get the 8000 back if possible,....

Fico TU 655--need to rid 1 paid med collection-no updated score since, closing on house and adding 2 credit card accountsFico EX 720- when I last pulled itFico EQ 667- closed on house, and added 2 credit card accountsGoal- Get my credit card accounts paid down completly within 3 months----And remove the last paid med collections of of my TU

DB How do I clear off all my files?

I need to take my iPod Touch Gen 5 into the Apple Store where they probably will wipe it.I am trying to clear all my stuff off starting with my photos.I imported them all into Aperture and checked for them to be deleted which they seemed to do.My Camera Rolls show empty in Photos on the iPod but when I look at the iPod in iTunes 11.1.2 there are still 1000 photos occupying 1.4Gb.I'm also concerned about several custom books I have on the iPod but have lost from hard drive. Is there a way to get those back?

DB Disco de datos como Sistema?

Hola, tengo un problema. No se si es problema pero es algo que me hace dudar. Resulta que me compre un nuevo disco de 500GB (previamente tenia uno de 250GB particionado en uno de 170 sistema (C) y otro de 80 datos (D). Al tener el nuevo disco instalado, lo inicialize y luego hice una particion que ocupara todo su espacio y luego lo formatie (H). Luego de eso el disco ya aparecia en Equipo y podia acceder a el por lo tanto prosegui y respalde los datos que estaban en (D) a (H) ya que luego iba a formatear las dos particiones del disco de 250GB y volver a instalar Windows 7 limpio. Y lo hice: desde la instalacion de Windows 7 elimine las particiones (C) y (D) y luego hice las particiones: 160GB (C) y 70GB (D) e instale Windows 7 limpio nuevamente en (C). Cuando se termino de instalar el disco (H) ya no aparecia en Equipo pero en el administrador de discos si (pense que habia perdido mis datos respaldados) pero cuando vi que no tenia la letra asignada (no se porque razon) se la volvi a asignar (H) y aparece. Mi gran duda final o quiza problema es que en el administrador de discos el nuevo disco duro aparece como Sistema y activo y (C) como arranque y activo, cuando el sistema esta en (C) y no en (H). Aqui tienen una imagen para orientarse: http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/1865/sinttulore.jpg Espero que me puedan ayudar o aclararme porque se muestra como Sistema. Cabe decir que el nuevo disco me anda bien pero quiza me de futuros problemas.

DB how to enable a page to be sent by email

Hi, I just got windows 7. On the top right of screen where it says page, I used to be able to click down arrow, and 'send page by email' and 'send link by email' was enabled. Now it's not and I can't send an internet page. does someone know how to enable
those two? I've tried but can't find it.
Also, does anyone know steps to back up favorites? I've lost all of mine. thank you so much.

DB Your security settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions. Administrator

Vista Home Premium 64, I am administrator, yet am prevented from doing some basic things like downloading and running setup/install programs. Error messages "Your security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" "Windows cannot access the specified
device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
Am runningNorton Internet Security with all modules activated.

DB XPERIA MINI PRO SK17i not found when connected via usb

Hi there,

I have bought a XPERIA MINI PRO SK17i withouth the instalation cd.

The phone works fine but when connected to my comp. (windows xp) via usb it is not seen / picked up by PC Suite for Sony Ericsson.

I connect in media transfer mode.

The phone is detected by my computer as a cmera SK17.

I would like to make it work with the PC suite though. (and set up tethering also)

I think I need the Driver installed. s there anywhere I could downloade it from? I googled but no luck at all .

Thank you for your help.

DB comment regler cet code 0x80040154 suite linstallation de outlook 2010

suite à l'installation doutlook 2010, même si j'ai debranche la anti virus.


DB i messed up

i recently purchased a used laptop (compaq armada) which had an existing version of windows xp ( not sure which one) but it was running slow. i borrowed a reinstalation disk of windows xp pro (but it's for a dell) and there is no activation code with
the disk. if i uninstall the current windows will my laptop go back to the version of xp that it came with? if so, will i still need an activation key?

DB RE: Automatic E-mail upon a JSP submit

I would like to create an option for one of my JSP pages that when submitted, an email is automatically generated and sent to the person selected in the JSP.

I have read about using JavaScript to do this and also using the Java Mail API.

Could someone suggest to me which is best? Which is easier to use?

The e-mail that I am looking to send is generic and includes a URL in the body of the mail.

Please post some code if you can.

Thanks in advance!

DB Cannot update iOS 6 on iPhone 4S

I have iPhone 4S. Yesterday, I need to update iOS 6 on iPhone 4S. But it failed. What can I do?

DB HT3819 Home sharing with iPad

So I just clicked the home sharing on my computer does that mean I can transfer my songs from the computer to my iPad 2?

DB Intel MCA Platform Driver - MEI Panasonic

I am working with Panasonic CF-H1 Tablet PC (MCA) that uses Intel Platform Driver - MEI Panasonic Beta. Operating System is Microsoft Windows XP Sec. Edition. The RFID reader of the CF-H1 MCA scans iCODE RFID Tag(Philips) sucessfully. But it is not able to scan type of RFID Tag -it HF-I. How can I scan type of Tag-it HF-I? Are there any restrictions on RFID tag standarts for Panasonic CF-H1? How can I solve this problem?

DB crashed laptop

I am a small business owner and recently, my laptop crashed. I have no idea what happened to it, or what the causes of the crash were, etc.

DB How to get coordinates of QuadArray?

If I get QuadArray through picking,
how do I get the coordinates of the QuadArray?
Is there any method like (QuadArray.getCoordinates doubles[])
so I can get the Coordinate of the QuadArray?
Thanks in advances!

The code is as follows.

Point3d[] ps=new Point3d[4];

ps[0]=new Point3d(0.0,24.0,0.0);
ps[1]=new Point3d(48,24.0,0.0);
ps[2]=new Point3d(48,24.0,12.0);
ps[3]=new Point3d(0,24.0,12.0);

QuadArray qa=new QuadArray(4,QuadArray.COORDINATES|QuadArray.QuadArray.COLOR_3);

Shape3D s3d=new Shape3D();

TransformGroup TG=new TransformGroup();
BranchGroup BG=new BranchGroup();

DB right Mouse click again

I post my problem again, cause i haven't found any solution yet. i want my button to react different on a right MouseClick or left MouseClick. The problem is that an ActionListener only reacts on a left left MouseClick. Otherwise you can't add a MouseListener to a JButton. when i add a MouseListener to the Container that contains my Button the MouseListener only reacts if the Cursor is over the container and not over the Button.

So, what's th solution?

DB RMAN backups and Flash Recovery Area

I have Oracle database running on red hat 4.5 box. We are using a recovery catalog.A backup script runs everyday with option keep forever logs and retention policy is set to redendency 2.
We have Flash recovery area.

What will be criteria for Flash recovery area files to become obsolete?


DB Dock/UnDock issues after Windows 8.1 Upgrade

After upgrading 2 machines to Windows 8.1 (HP Revolve 810 upgraded in undocked mode and Lenovo W530 upgraded while docked) I began getting prompts to enter my bitlocker key after changing modes between docked/undocked. On the HP I wiped the hard drive and
did a clean install and it has been working for a couple of days. On the Lenovo, I removed bitlocker from the drive and now cannot get the machine to boot to a login screen docked or undocked. Any suggestions on how to recover this machine without a wipe of
the hard drive?


Hello Please send me (if there is such a possibility) drivers for windows 7 for HP Pavilion dv 5180ea or there may windows 7 recovery disk for pavilion dv 5000 series. I use this computer 6 years, it is very high quality, for which a special thanks. Thank you in advance.

DB JSP Problem

Hello,when I try to load a jsp page that is included in a war file that I have deployed on JBoss with Tomcat, I get the following error:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/tools/javac/MainDoes anybody know what is required in order to solve thisproblem?Thanks in advance,Spyros Halkidis

DB Incoming Calls

Should incoming calls be answerable through the TU Go app?

Go to Solution.

DB Norton has detected inoperable hardware devices

My Computer keeps crashing every week and now Norton gives me this alert, that I have a inoperable hardware device, what does that mean, how can I resolve this issue.

DB Material valuation IFRS

Hello experts, We are working on an ECC 6.0 implementation for IAS/IFRS. Therefore, it is necessary to have two accounting ledgers (IFRS ledger and Legal ledger for the country - Chile) in order to support two different kind of material valuation (one of the ledger must have a special valuation procedure for material). Is it possible to manage a parallel valuation of material without material ledger?Thanks in advance for your help Regards,Ricardo

DB Deploy jBPM5 engine to an existing app server


We have a web application deployed to JBoss server ( an ear and a war ), we would like to deploy jBPM5 engine to the same app server, what we need are the jBPM BPM engine and the web based editor, what files that I need to deploye to the app server and are there any steps that I should follow?

Thanks a lot in advance.

DB Credit Issues

When I turned 18 I went and signed up for 2 credit cards right away. I first opened a Chase credit card in August 2006 and kept it in good standing until May 2010 then went 30 days late, paid what I owed then went 30, 60 then collections in October 2010.

I also opened a Capital One Platinum MasterCard in November 2006 which to this day I've only been late 30 days once.

Opened a Credit One Bank CC in October 2007 and went 30 days late twice and 60 once.

I've also had a slew of store cards like Belden Jewelers(11/07), Kay Jewelers(10/07), Macy's, ect. Kay card was kept in good standing, Belden was late 30 days once. Both were closed by lenders. Macy's card I was very late with because I made a purchase on there that I had no way of affording and since I was only working PT for just over minimum wage I couldn't keep up. For some reason Macy's doesn't show on any credit history of mine, which is probably a very good thing for me.

I went to go apply in 11/2011 for an used auto loan with Capital One and got approved for $7,000 I believe but I ended up going to a dealership and trying for a new car. At first I was declined for a $21,000 loan but was offered a first time buyer or second chance auto loan (forget what it was called) with Capital One. In 10/2013 I refinanced the auto loan with my credit union and got a lot better rate. Also opened a new CC in 03/2013 which is in good standing.

My current Experian FICO score is currently 656 (641 CK score) which surprises me I guess because I'm sure my credit score was like 630 when I got the first auto loan. It doesn't seem to be going up very much. I haven't missed a payment in 3 years, 6 months. I have been using at least 75% of my available revolving credit until recently I've paid them down to around 40%. I only have 2 revolving cards open and the auto loan. I've had a total of 8 accounts open according to my credit history.

I'm really looking into getting a motorcycle loan. All my buddies have them and they keep asking when I'm getting one but I'm worried that I'll get declined and have a useless inquiry on my history. I've worked at my same job for 4 years, lived at my current address for 20 years and make $37,752/yr. I get that 656 is less than average but would it be worth it for me to try?

Starting Score: EX 656 Current Score: EX 656 4/18/14 Goal Score: 720 by 1/1/15Take the myFICO Fitness ChallengeCAP1 QUICKSILVER MASTERCARD: $4,000 | CAP1 CLASSIC PLATINUM MASTERCARD: $2,000 | KAY JEWELERS: $7,600

DB Problem in printing data row by row in c#

Hello everyone,
I want to print row by row data from the datatable. Number of print depends on the value of the last column.
Here is my code,


i = 0; i printtable.Rows.Count; i)


number =




j = 1; j = number; j)


Document = new


Document.PrintPage =



//This is where you set the printer name

Document.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = printerName;

Everytime I am trying to print, I am getting data from the first row only. Everytime loop rotate number of print gets value from the second row but it prints data from the first row only.
Can anyone help me out.Rushabh

DB Drill down from Cash Management to SAP Treasury


I am setting up SAP CM for a client running SAP ERP 6.0 release 603. We want to update SAP Treasury into SAP CM and have succeded in getting some expected cash flows into the cash position report from Treasury. The issue is however that when we want to drill down on the amount and expect to see the Treasury document (for documents where the posting did not reach due date yet), I get this error:

Planning level belongs to Treasury - no matching line items found - Message RQ147.

I can see that this was an issue years back and that SAP Notes corrected it at that time - but we are on the newest version so I cannot use those notes - but I still have the problem

Would be really grateful for an answer


Lone Kejser

DB testo in una colonna ma titolo e note in due

suddividere il foglio in due colonne è facile, basta andare in layot di pagina...
ma il punto è che dopo TUTTO il testo è in due colonne, se volessi scrivere invece il titolo e le note a piè di pagina per intero?

DB how to create new nav buttons in nav bar

I am trying to design a new site in iWeb. I want to add a row of navigation buttons to go to 8 different pages. All I have in the first page is a button called "welcome" and I cannot add anymore. It won't even let me select rollover colors or anything in that area.

I only have a single page so far. If I add new pages does it automatically create new buttons in the nav bar, and how can I name them?


DB Load HTML webpage into flash

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to flash and am currently using CS3. I want to
load a html webpage which contains a calendar into my swf file. The
html file does not contain tags that flash does not recognise but
im unsure on how to get flash to display the webpage, if this is
possible at all. I have attached the code within my html file.
Basically all I want to do is load "calendar.html" into my flash
movie and keep its format. Any help or a demo on how to do this
would be really appreciated.

- that is all I need to get displayed within my flash movie. I hope
someone is able to reply.

Many thanks,


DB Problemas de desconexion en red inalambrica

Tengo un problema con la red inalambrica de mi vaio VGN-FW31ZJ Windows Vista® Home Premium Original (64 bits). A lo largo del mes que lo tengo, había tenido algunos problemas ocasionales de desconexion de la red, pero llevo dos días que estoy conectado 5 minutos y se me desconecta. Por más que cambio direcciones de IP, reparo,detecto redes,reinicio ruters, reinicio ordenador..etc, no hay manera, y lo más gracioso es después de algunos intentos se vuelve a conectar, estoy un rato trabajado y se vuelve a perder la conexión. Es como si fuese a su bola.Alguien me puede ayudar e indicarme alguna solución.GRACIAS.